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Title: Aspiring Voice Actor
Rank: AYVO S1 Finalist
Joined:Sep 10, 2011
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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Very recognizable voice. Always provides well-delivered lines."
Why? "That crazed-sounding voice he can pull off remains in my memory as an awesome one."
Why? "His work in Valkyria Chronicles and the Xenosaga trilogy."
Why? "He's got a very nice casual-sounding voice...at least from what I've heard from his roles in Darker Than Black and Eden of the East."
Why? "Somehow very soothing to listen to."
Why? "Such a nice man with a relaxingly-stalwar voice..."
Why? "THAT. VOICE. This is the sound that only mighty, supernatural deities are meant to wield."
Why? "Look at him and listen to him - the man's pretty and sounds awesome."
Why? "Role of Simon in Gurren Lagann. Moreover, his voice is, for me, the perfect "average young male hero" voice."