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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Garry Chalk
Why? "He was my intro to Optimus. His voice is heroic, determined, firm but fair. Peter Cullen will always be the first. But Garry is just great!"
Why? "Love X-Brawn! One of the best Autobots on RID!"
Why? "HOT SHOT!"
Why? "Fuu, Ezra and Nia!"
Why? "Knock Out!"
Why? "Best Megatron ever. My intro to the greatest villian of all time. Cunning, dispicable, tyrannical, meglomaniac. Truely diabolical. Yeeesss!!"
Why? ""All Hail MEGATRON!" The original and the best. First voice of the greatest villain ever!"
Why? "ICHIGO! Lelouch/Zero, Bumblebee, Rossiu and of cource, Adam!"
Why? "Dita and Hikaru, Love the teen voice!"
Why? "Brilliant in Monsuno. Jinja is the best, the rest are ok. Kiyoh, Soi Fon, Momo and Sun-Sun are good too."
Why? "Great voice. Hot Shot, Cyclops, Rad, Van and Trowa are my faves!"
Why? "Quite talented, young, old, just great. Favourites: Dr Onishi, Beyal and Spellbinder!"
Why? "Great as Wasp and Kazarina. Not to bad as Serena/Sailor Moon"
Why? "Vert, Heero and Lotor, all great!"
Why? "Rau Le Creset is his best villain voice. Thundercracker, Undermine, Dredd & Garmadon are good too. King Cryos is his best protagonist!"
Why? "Excellent on Code Geass as Corneilia!"
Why? "Rangiku ans Villeta, suck sexy voices!"
Why? "Rukia, Euphemia and Yoko!"
Why? "One reason: Optimus Prime! Good as Ro-Tor, Head Catain Yamamoto and Diabolico."
Why? "Great voice. Fave characters- Landmine, Graveheart, Sideways, Folken and Obsidian!"
Why? "OPTIMUS PRIME all the way! Pter Cullen has stood the test of time, more than 20 times and still going strong! He is the king of Primes!"
Why? "Great as Orihime, Hisako & Hinata. Good as Eureka. Defiately Orihime best girl on Bleach! By far"
Why? "Great VA! Starscream, Wolverine, Zabuza, Darkscream and TOM are the best!"
Why? "Best voice actor for Serena/Sailor Moon!"
Why? "Love Asuka! She's so cool and hot. But does she have the foulest temper! Much worse than anyone ive ever seen! Poor Shinji!"
Why? "Love Grimlock, & and his change to a vehicle mode!"
Why? "Sideburn, Renji, Ant Man and Physco Blue! All great characters"
Why? "Yuroichi, Tatsuki, Shizuka and BC (Vandread), Great VA!"
Why? "Ron, Lion-O and BUMBLEBEE! All the way!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Optimus Prime
Why? "Brilliant character! Started off imature and bratty, but then grew up and matured, and even better. Then the tragety at the end so terrible!"
Why? "Rias's queen & rival, over Issei. She's so hot, Rias better watch her, or she'll take Issei. Plus that long black hair & huge chest..."
Why? "Another fave! His reunion & subsequent battles with Kira, the tragety on the island, Nicol, Tolle, Cagalli. Defecting to the Clyne faction."
Why? "A very powerful & confidant person with a deep love for Himeko. Her betrayal shocked me. Then she redeemed herself & saved the world!"
Why? "One of the best Cons in Armada! Always bumbling arount trying to serve Megatron mostly failing, Still one of fave Unicron Trilogy characters"
Why? "Always cheeful & social, unlike Heero, but still dedicated to the mission."
Why? "I was so shocked!. I cant believe she only died in the anime! It still cant come to terms with it! The saddest death in the series!"
Why? "Always on a mission to destroy something! Could never tell where Heero was! DEspite this, he always had a soft spot for Relena!"
Why? "Despite her timid & naïve nature, Himeko proved to be a powerful & determined character who overcame the Orochi & Chikane's betrayal!"
Why? "Need fo Speed!"
Why? "THE Substitute Soul Reaper! So many great fights!"
Why? "One of the best Autobots there is! Not to mentio the first who could fly, and second in command!"
Why? "Love feisty anime girls, and she is so badass, especially in the Guren, she kicked major ass. At times she showed a soft side that was nice!"
Why? "Poor woman. Always chased by Sideburn, attacked by Pedacons and Decepticons, scanned by Scourge, owning X-Brawn (the only good thing really)"
Why? "One of my faves! Never backing down from a fight, and protecting his friends. His relationshp with Flay was rocky, with Lacus it was nice!"
Why? "The mystery girl, going about her own private investigation into Monokuma & the school, I hope she gets out & kills the person responsible!"
Why? "Quite airheaded at first, but really changed to a caring individual. As a leader of the Clyne faction dedicated to stopping the war!"
Why? "Great character, Great figure! Paul Dobson was grat in Cybertron! Ward Perry was good in Energon!"
Why? "He went fron school student to resistance leader to evil emperor! So brilliant, how could you not like him "All hail Lelouch!""
Why? "Cool calm & collected. Level headed in battle, even at Taklamakan desert. Along with his hatred of terrorists. But a tragic death, very sad!"
Why? "The mightiest of all warlords! Forget Darth Vader, Sauron... Bring on Lord Megatron!"
Why? "So hot! But a real Slob! I thought Serena was bad, Misato's worse. Despite this she's still incredibly Hot! One of the best characters!"
Why? "What I sexy girl! Ide sure love to be in Yamato's place, lucky bugger! Although being her punching bag is something I could do without!"
Why? "One of the best anime pilots in the Strike or O (not as good as Kira). I really liked his & Murrue's kissing scene, but his death was sad!"
Why? "Always kind but seroius hen the situation demanded it! Her kissing scene with Mu was excellent. She was a wreck after seeing him die, sad!"
Why? "The only female member of the 4 Holy Swords, & the only survivor. Not to mention Todoh's lover."
Why? "The guardian of Cybertron! The bot who defeated Unicron... without the Matrix! Whats not to like!?"
Why? "Best girl on Bleach, innocent, beatiful, kind. It was so sad seeing her beign forced to go to Hueco Mundo!"
Why? "The MOST nefarious villain in Gundam history. One of many Char clones. Best villain in the Cosmic Era!"
Why? "Always caring for Heero, (despite him trying to kill her a couple of times), She always managed to get though her own personal trageties!"
Why? "Rias is the hottest devil! Issei's a lucky bugger being with her, id like to be in his place, she's the hottest devil, well I can dream....."
Why? "She's the one who started Ichigo's life as a Soul Reaper! One of the best characters! You could not have Bleach without Rukia, impossible!"
Why? "Courageous, Determined and Powerful!"
Why? "Fiery and Beautiful!"
Why? "Smart and Friendly!"
Why? "A real Ditz, but she's the hero... "She is the one, Sailor Moon!""
Why? "Real hot! Really bought some class to the show. But because of censorship we dident get to see the real Michelle/Michiru! "cousins" Huh!"
Why? "Mysterious and elegant!"
Why? "Great character, came in when the show was still good. Unfortunately we dident get to see the real Amara/Haruka which sucks! "cousins" huh!"
Why? "Georgeous and caring!"
Why? ""Whoes the smartest shark around, Skybyte, Skybyte!" Had pretty bad luck, but still was one of the best on RID!"
Why? "One of the best Cons ever! Always excellent! One of Megatrons few compitent followers, and with a high success rate!"
Why? "Always trying to get rid of Megatron and failing, he's the most useless traitor ever! But still great!"
Why? "Toonami's presenter! The best cartoon network host! Plus ha had a cool ship!"
Why? "Favourite character as a little kid, can still remember some of antics. But the CGI version turned him into a chanting and rhyming idiot!"
Why? "Great Autobot, loved the cowboy attitude!"
Why? "So perverted & Strategic, lucky bugger with all those girls fawning over him! But Miyako going through his porn collection is annoying!"
Why? "So timid & shy but what a wonderful person & cook, boy I wish I could eat her food!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
Why? "Excellent! Brilliant show! Faster than Wing but no less great! Pulled on the heartstrings at times, but the final battle was exceptional!"
Why? "Best anime ive watched this year! Tite Kubo is a genius! didnt really like the Bount arc! Rest of the series is great! Soul Reapers rule!"
Why? "One of the best yuri anime ive watched, bit slow at first but those final few eps made the series worthwhile, Hagino & Mari were geat!"
Why? "This is great! Bit repetative at times, but this is good anime! Compelling plot and great characters! Another enjoyable anime!"
Why? "One of the best Mecha Anime I've watched outside Gundam. This show is rough, but good world & character development. Well worth watching!"
Why? "Good anime, but a real sick & twisted plot, trapping students & forcing them kill each for other entertainment! To good to stop watching!"
Why? "So far the Yuri series I've watched. There was a pleasant mix of action & drama, the Mecha battles were good to0, but it was no Gundam!"
Why? "Another great mecha to add to the list! Lots of hard-hitting action along with great characters, plot and mecha! Go Gainax!"
Why? "Spectacular anime! Excellent story telling! Great battles, Master Cheif was so great!"
Why? "Fricking Awesome Ecchi Anime! Worth watching, good story with plenty plot, both kinds of plot..... Jamie Marchi rocks as Rias Gremory!"
Why? "Awesome Sequel, not the exact same flare as 1 & 2 but still good. Better story than other ecchi. Still has good plot & that other kind...."
Why? "Fricking awesome Sequel! Bot main arcs were good. Full of character background & of course plenty of plot! New cast members worked well!"
Why? "Who'ed of thought they would make a hot whells show this good, great characters, compelling plot, and plenty of fights, a ral epic ride!"
Why? "Real change from Wing, but no less exceptional, this really blew my mind I was never disappointed with 00 a true testament to Gundam!"
Why? "Enjoyable! Not as easy to follow at times. However 0083 never proved to be a let down. For me you cant go wrong with Gundam!"
Why? "The first Gundam ova I watched & it was great! different from other series, but no less enjoyable!"
Why? "Animation, cast, battles & story line was perfect, although confusing for people who haven't watched most of the Universal Century, 5/5"
Why? "Completly different from what i expected, this anime really blows your socks off. As my first Gundam series I an not at all dissapointed!"
Why? "A truly worthy successor to MSG! Plenty of action & drama to make this a worthwhile series. Although I wish ocean studios did the dubbing!"
Why? "Great anime with good va's, plot and characters. Would be nice to see a wider range of va's however, but still real good!"
Why? "Best Magical Girl Anime ive watched seasons one to three were the best, but season 4 wasnt real good at all, cant wait for the new series!"
Why? "Used to watch it years ago on tv then it stopped. Years later i re-discovered it, and watched the series on You Tube"
Why? "Such a great show, animation, cast and plot are perfect. Then theres the battles, which are just exceptional! But a very sad ending!"
Why? "Plot & cast very good, animation not as good, but still 1 hell of a classic anime!Shoji Kawamori is a Jenius!"
Why? ""I love been a TMNT" Grad show, dark, gritty, serious and still suitable for a saturday morning cartoon! Better that the other two shows!"
Why? "Loved thr Kang invasion arc! great show regardless, love the theme, first avengers show i watched. "Avengers Assemble"!"
Why? "Love a good fantasy anime, and whoed of thought it would work with mecha?! I was very suprised! Good on you Sunrise!"
Why? "A great classic! so many fond memories of the engines adventures and mis-adventures, Then they went CGI and ruined it! What a shame!"
Why? ""More than meets the eye" This is where it all started! What a classic! The best franchise this side of Cybetron!"
Why? "Good animation and characters! Two problems, 1 plot wasnt to bad, and 2 the big ONE, Where were the DECEPTICONS for most of the series!"
Why? "My intro to Transformers! What a great show! Love the Mini-Cons! Shame Cartoon Network didnt edit the series properly! That slagged it up!"
Why? "Loved the plot, characters and va's. The one question still remaing, How is Cybertron connected to the Unicron Trilogy?! Still great anime!"
Why? "Great sequel to Armada! Love the concept! Great that they kept the same actors! The good thing is, the editors didnt rush it like Armada!"
Why? "Good show. Bit dark for young kids. Not the best series, Botanica is the strangest, Primal is an emotional wreak. But overall good animation"
Why? "BEAST WARS! YEEEEEESSSSSS! thank you Mainframe, what a classic, grat setting, characters, plot and animation. Great sequel to the original!"
Why? "Brilliant, Exceptional, Great. Mixture of Beast Wars, Beast Machines and G1. Dark, Serious. Both finals had me on the edge of my seat!"
Why? "Very enjoyable series, interesting cocept with good characters and plot, how could you not like it!"
Why? "Best Vampire anime ive seen, intriguing plot mixed with great characters!"
Why? "Great sequel, even darker but still real compelling. The twist at the end regarding Yuki really shocked me!"
Why? "Great plot, characters, va's, anime, ships and mecha. Seperation of men and women, what a great concept! Go GONZO!"
Why? "A non anime magical girl show! Very enjoyable!"
Why? "A geat short anime, very different fron an ordinary X-Men series! Very mature & serious. The anime: spectacular, good on you Madhous!"
Why? "Best X-Men series! Great animation, cast, va's and plot! David Kaye, Kirby Morrow, Scott McNeil and Venus Terzo are so great in the series!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Compelling and Confusing. Ichigo vs Dark Rukia. A sad ending to a good movie!"
Why? "It wasnt up there withe the first three, not at all terrible however. Still compelling!"
Why? "A very nice movie. Very compelling it was sad seeing Senna Sacrifice herself."
Why? "Another compelling plot, Toshiro on the run, his history with Kusaka, ending a final and furious battle!"
Why? "A beautiful film and a great retelling of the anime. I found it darker and more daring than the series, but it was still great!"
Why? "A really enjoyable movie! Plenty of action & drama. The CGI render of the Fafners was so cool. I enjoyed the cast so much, it was so great!"
Why? "I found it confusing, but still a great movie! Decent plot!"
Why? "A good movie, not one of my top faves, still decent."
Why? "My fav of the trilogy! A very touching love story, followed by another battle to decide the fate of the world!"
Why? "My least fav, like season 4 it just wasnt good. I hpoe they make a couple good movies for the new series!"
Why? "Real good movie! The score: awsome! However the death of Optimus Prime is a real tragety! Thats one part ive never liked! How could They!"
Why? "One of my all-time favs, definately. Excellent scripting and animation. Despite the narration, we saw Optimus halfway throug the film!?"
Why? "The end of the series was perfect! But the movie spectacular! Unlike some movies this dident ruin TF Prime, it made something great, better!"
Why? "I thought it was slightly better than the first! Loved the invasion scenes! Dident particuarly like Sentinel Prime though!"
Why? "More fast paced/action packed than the first, a real good movie. I really HATE it when other people say its terrible!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "The gameplay is frustrating at times but still very good. Plus spent more time on it than any other game! More than 180 hours! Love DWG2!"