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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Mel Blanc
Why? "The legend. Anyone who has any interest in any kind of acting should know who this man is. He is the greatest voice actor to ever live."
Why? "Homer Simpson is the greatest cartoon character since Bugs Bunny. This man is the reason why."
Why? "The greatest voice actor living today. Just look at all the work he's done. Truly remarkable."
Why? "Her performance as Azula is one of the most chilling depictions of a child in animation history."
Why? "Besides being my favorite Robotnik ever, the man manages to maintain the balance of being distinct yet versatile. One of the greats."
Why? "The Joker. That's all that needs to be said, but it would be an insult to a great performer to not recognize his other roles as well."
Why? "The true voice of Frieza."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Without a doubt my favorite villain ever. Intelligent, cruel, but oddly tragic in his demise, Frieza is a character I would love to play."
Why? "Kevin Conroy. Accept no imitations."
Why? "I insist on calling him Dr. Ivo Robotnik. He's the greatest video game villain of all time."
Why? "One of my favorite video game villains, and another character that I would love to voice."
Why? "Homer just might be the most quotable character in the history of...well, history."
Why? "As played by Hamill. No character mixes hilarity and terror better."
Why? "My favorite Looney Tunes character. "Where's the kaboom? There was supposed to be an earth shattering kaboom!""
Why? "The protagonist to my favorite video game series. He's hilarious and can kick all kinds of butt."
Why? "Skeletor is one of those great cartoon villains from the 80s. Also, when he learns the true meaning of Christmas, hilarity ensues."