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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Vic Mignogna
Why? "He's THE BEST voice actor on the planet!!! FACTS I tell you, FACTS!!! He has voiced most of my favorite anime characters too ^_^ GO VIC !!!"
Why? "Nina Tucker (FMA & FMA: Brotherhood) Chibitalia (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Mikoto Suou (School Rumble) Tamama (Sgt. Frog)"
Why? "Blackstar (Soul Eater) Ryou (Clannad) Pride/Selim (FMA Brotherhood)"
Why? "Masaomi Kida (Durarara!!) Hanabusa Aido [Idol] (Vampire Knight & Vampire Knight Guilty)"
Why? "Winry (FMA & FMA Brotherhood) Haruhi (Ouran High School Host Club) Yakumo (School Rumble)"
Why? "Blossom (Power Puff Girls)"
Why? "Ayano (Kaze No Stigma) Mai (Ghost Hunt) Cecily Cambell (Sacred Blacksmith) Natsumi (Sgt. Frog)"
Why? "Ayame Sohma (Fruits basket) Alex Armstrong (FMA & FMA: Brotherhood) Giroro (Sgt. Frog) Kasanoda (Ouran High School Host Club)"
Why? "Riza (FMA & FMA: Brotherhood) Kirika (Kaze No Stigma) Marie (Soul Eater)"
Why? "Nel Tu & Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck (Bleach) Jazz Fenton (Danny Phantom) Yuri (Kekkaishi) Ino Yamanaka (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)"
Why? "Hideki (Chobits) Shizuo (Durarara!!) Itachi & Ebisu Sensei (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)"
Why? "Mikado (Durarara!!)"
Why? "Kenpachi (Bleach) Nene (Blue Dragon) Jiraiya (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden) Shigemori Sumimura (Kekkaishi)"
Why? "Uryu Ishida (Bleach) Shino (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)"
Why? "Asuma Sarutobi (Naruto & Naruto: Shippuden) Fin Ichimaru (Bleach)"
Why? "King Bradley (Fullmetal Alchemist & Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood)"
Why? "Rurichiyo Kasamiouji (Bleach)"
Why? "Buttercup (Power Puff Girls)"
Why? "Kimlee (FMA & FMA Brotherhood) Yuki Sohma (Fruits Basket) Karasuma (School Rumble)"
Why? "Kaoru (Ouran High School Host Club)"
Why? "Sam Manson (Danny Phantom) Dr. Holiday (Generator Rex) Frankie Foster (Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends) Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo)"
Why? "Princess Bubblegum (Adventure Time) Starfire (Teen Titans)"
Why? "Scar (FMA: Brotherhood) Lin (Ghost Hunt) France (Hetalia: Axis Powers) Kyoya (Ouran High School Host Club) Dororo (Sgt. Frog)"
Why? "Aki Hinata [The Mother] (Sgt. Frog) Liz (Soul Eater)"
Why? "Yasutora "Chad" Sado (Bleach)"
Why? "Korra (The Legend of Korra)"
Why? "Takizawa (Eden of the East) John Brown (Ghost Hunt) Harry (School Rumble)"
Why? "Kyo (Fruits Basket) Barry the Chopper (FMA & FMA: Brotherhood) Russia (Hetalia) Lyon (Fairy Tail) Arai (Ouran High School Host Club)"
Why? "Saburo (Sgt. Frog) Jacuzzi (Baccano!) Poland (Hetalia) Toshimitsu Kubo (Baka and Test) Minato (Sekirei)"
Why? "Ichigo (Bleach) Lelouch (Code Geass) Izaya (Durarara!!) Sasori (Naruto Shippuden)"
Why? "Kallen (Code Geass) Momo/Soi Fon (Bleach)"
Why? "Celty (Durarara!!) Fuu (Samurai Champloo)"
Why? "Sakura (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden) C.C [C2] (Code Geass)"
Why? "Sango (InuYasha & InuYasha: The Final Act)"
Why? "Miroku (InuYasha & InuYasha: The Final Act)"
Why? "Maka (Soul Eater) Tohru (Fruits Basket) Lust (FMA & FMA Brotherhood) Tokine (Kekkaishi)"
Why? "Saki (Eden of the East) Eri (School Rumble) Blair (Soul Eater) Fuyuki (Sgt. Frog)"
Why? "Serena (Sailor Moon)"
Why? "Tenma (School Rumble) Honey (Ouran High School Host Club) Nagisa (Clannad) Ayumi/Mayumi (Kaze No Stigma) Koyuki (Sgt. Frog)"
Why? "Katara (Avatar: The Last Airbender) Rose (American Dragon: Jake Long) Tinker Bell (Modern Tinker Bell Movies)"
Why? "Naruto (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)"
Why? "Chrona (Soul Eater) Alphonse Elric (FMA Brotherhood)"
Why? "Rangiku/Nemu (Bleach) Villetta (Code Geass) Shizune/Tonton (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden) Nurse Joy (Pokemon)"
Why? "Yuki Cross (Vampire Knight) Erika (Durarara!!) Hiyori (Bleach)"
Why? "Soul (Soul Eater)"
Why? "Rukia (Bleach) Kluke (Blue Dragon) Anri (Durarara!!)"
Why? "Ritsu Sohma (Fruits Basket) Havoc (FMA & FMA:Brotherhood) Ranka Fujioka (Ouran High School Host Club)"
Why? "Kagome (InuYasha)"
Why? "Renge (Ouran High School Host Club) May (FMA Brotherhood) Lara (School Rumble) Momoka (Sgt. Frog) Tsubaki (Soul Eater)"
Why? "Kenpachi (Bleach) Simon (Durarara!!) Sloth (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) Germany (Hetalia) Masamori (Kekkaishi) Nekozawa (OuranHSHC)"
Why? "Naraku/Myoga/Ginta (InuYasha)"
Why? "Sakura (Tokko) Beauty (BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo)"
Why? "InuYasha (InuYasha)"
Why? "Kazuma (Kaze No Stigma) Mifune (Soul Eater)"
Why? "Jiro (Blue Dragon) Shino (Naruto)"
Why? "Koga (InuYasha)"
Why? "Maes Hughes (FMA & FMA: Brotherhood)"
Why? "Hanataro Yamada (Bleach) Takuma Ichijo (Vampire Knight)"
Why? "Olivier Mira Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood) Itoko (School Rumble) Arachne (Soul Eater)"
Why? "Toshiro Hitsugaya & Shuhei Hisagi (Bleach) Neji Hyuga (Naruto & Naruto: Shippuden)"
Why? "Pucca (Pucca)"
Why? "Sode No Shirayuki (Bleach) Temari (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden) Suzuka Kureha (Tokko)"
Why? "Bubbles (Power Puff Girls)"
Why? "Serena (Sailor Moon)"
Why? "Hikaru (Ouran High School Host Club) Death the Kid (Soul Eater) Ling (FMA Brotherhood) Kazuya (Ghost Hunt) Keroro (Sgt. Frog)"
Why? "Roy Mustang (FMA & FMA Brotherhood) Mori (Ouran High School Host Club) Free (Soul Eater) Tougou (School Rumble)"
Why? "Kikyo (InuYasha & InuYasha: The Final Act)"
Why? "Shu (Blue Dragon) Ben (Ben 10: Alien Force & Ultimate Alien) Sasuke (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden) Suzaku (Code Geass) Shinra (Durarara!!)"
Why? "I love Aang !!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "InuYasha was my very first anime. It has a special place in my heart ^_^ I even have every episode and the 4 movies on DVD :3 GO INUYASHA!!!"
Why? "She's shy and doesn't stand up for herself but, she has a secret. When Saika, her possessed blade, causes panic, confusion floods Ikebukoro."
Why? "Artemis is super cool too ^_^ He and Luna are such a cute couple ^_^"
Why? "Ashido is awesome and he's so admirable to of saved Rukia's life ^_^ Plus, Travis Willingham voices him, so extra awesome points for that :D"
Why? "Ayano is very hot headed and clearly loves Kazuma but doesn't know it herself. Later they get closer and their feelings are put on the line."
Why? "Strong yet conceited, Blackstar can get anyone's attention ^_^"
Why? "He;s funny, strong, and cute :) Go Bolin!"
Why? "Funny and sweet, Bouquet is always trying to help and tries to be useful and brave ^_^"
Why? "C.C is pretty mysterious and cool. She has a cool personality, she's smart, and is always there to help Lelouch ^_^"
Why? "Celty is cool, brave, strong, and is super nice. She makes friends with Anri and Mikado and in the end, helps them reunite with Masaomi ^_^"
Why? "Chrona might be shy but he is kind and sweet once you get to know him. He was treated awful his whole life until he makes friends with Maka."
Why? "Kid might have a perfection complex but his partners, Liz and Patty, are always there by his side as his personal therapists and friends ^_^"
Why? "She's a bit of a scare-dy cat but is very strong and tries to be brave when she has to be ^_^ Go Thompson Sisters!!! :)"
Why? "YAY!!! Germany kicks butt!!! "
Why? "She's so cool and smart. She could be pretty clueless sometimes but I can't blame her :)"
Why? "Shady Twin or not, Hikaru is awesome :D"
Why? "Not the best father at first but later on, he proves his worth as one ^_^"
Why? "He's strong, brave, cool, and caring ^_^ He can kick butt and save lives, how amazing :)"
Why? "Izaya is "that" character that makes you raise an eyebrow. "Is this guy good or bad?!" & "What a hot jerk!" is always going threw my head..."
Why? "Jaken is such a devoted servant to his Lord Sesshomaru :) He even puts up with a human girl named Rin which his master brought back to life!"
Why? "I cried so much when he died. I love him so much! Favorite Sensei Ever!"
Why? "Old, but smart, Kaede can help the group out by giving them aid or needed information. She has spiritual powers that are pretty effective :)"
Why? "Kagome is so awesome, brave, honest, and kind hearted. I wish I was more like her ^_^ Plus, her life is super cool and exciting, lucky much!"
Why? "I sure wish my mom was more like Kagome's. She's nice, helpful, thoughtful, and loving toward her family and her cooking looks amazing!!! :)"
Why? "Kallen is super brave and strong. She can really kick some enemy booty. I think she and Lelouch make a really cool couple. Go Kallen!!! :D"
Why? "I love them both but feel as if Kaoru is the more gentlemanly guy ^_^"
Why? "Kazama, cool, smart, husband (very much so), and strong. He goes crazy after seeing a copy of his dead girlfriend but Ayano calms him down."
Why? "Kikyo wasn't even near my favorite list in the first part of the series but in Final Act, she manages to grab my attention and made my list."
Why? "The adorable sidekick of Sango's, Kilala can really save the day. She is the one people go to will their problems and is a good listener ^_^"
Why? "Strong and smart, Kluke bravely follows her friend, Shu on and adventure to save the world from evil ^_^"
Why? "Koga is strong, brave and in charge ^_^ He falls in love with Kagome, causing a love triangle that includes InuYasha ^_^ Popcorn Please! :)"
Why? "Kohaku is Sango's younger brother who has been manipulated throughout the anime. It's so tragic the way they both have to fight one another."
Why? "She's strong, pretty, smart, and is an Avatar! She's awesome!"
Why? "Kyo turns into a cat if he is hugged by a girl or if his body is put under a lot of stress ^_^"
Why? "So sneaky, so smart, so hot! When he first met Tamaki, that episode was so sweet and so funny XD"
Why? "Lelouch is pretty awesome ^_^ He's smart, cool, and can get creepy at times but his looks are to die for ^_^ Fan-Girl moment!!! :3"
Why? "Luna is so cool, cute, strong, smart, and sweet. Perfect kitty status :3 She helps reunite the Sailor Scouts ^_^ GO LUNA !!! ^_^ :D :3 :) =]"
Why? "Strong, kind, and smart, Maka and Soul fight in order to keep the peace and become stronger to face new challenges and enemies ^_^"
Why? "He's super awesome and extra cute! Woo!"
Why? "The "Ladies Man" Masaomi and Mikado are good friends, but they seem to have a crush on the same girl, Anri Sonohara :O Love Triangle!!! :O"
Why? "He is shy when it comes to his feelings, mainly toward Anri, but behind his happy, average demeanor, he runs one of the gangs in Ikebukoro."
Why? "Miroku can be kind of a pervert but he's serious at times and his has mad awesome kick butt power ^_^ He and Sango are an adorable couple!!!"
Why? "SOOOOO CUTEEEE!!!!!! :3"
Why? "Naruto is amazing determine, kind heart, strong, and brave. He has had such a sad childhood because of the Nine Tails. I "
Why? "Oh my gosh, even thought he only appeared in one episode, I cried so much when he died. He's played by Vic Mignogna, talk about impressive!"
Why? "She's funny and random ^_^ "Die Giraffe!!!" Oh my gosh I almost died laughing :D"
Why? "She's pretty and kind and is also Serena's mother ^_^ GO QUEEN SERENITY!!! :D"
Why? "She's hilarious, almost every scene that she's in, I'm cracking up at her up-lifting personality. She's also really strong and smart :D"
Why? "The human girl that Sesshomaru favors ^_^ She is sweet, brave, and clearly admires the man who brought her back from the dead, TWICE!!! ^_^"
Why? "Powerful, smart, caring, brave, and awesome, Rukia break hearts and bones ^_^"
Why? "She's rough around the edges but that's what fuels her lightening abilities ^_^ She's an awesome friend and cook :) GO SAILOR JUPITER!!! ^_^"
Why? "She's awesome with her abilities over fire and spiritual occurrences ^_^ It funny when Serena and her get into fights ^_^ GO SAILOR MARS!!!"
Why? "She's smart, reliable, and is always there to help. She is kind and the brains of the team ^_^ Her ability to control water is so awesome !"
Why? "She's cute and strong ^_^ GO SAILOR MINI- MOON !!! :D ^_^ :3 =] ;) :) =)"
Why? "She's clumsy, lazy, eats a lot, not too graceful, and can sometimes acts like she's 5, but she is an amazing friend and can save the day ^_^"
Why? "Nice and pretty is my way of explaining her personality. She is amazing on the violin and is an awesome swimmer ^_^ GO SAILOR NEPTUNE!!! ^_^"
Why? "Pluto is so cool!!! She is the time keeper and helps out Rini when she travels back in time to help out the Sailor Scouts ^_^ GO PLUTO!!! :D"
Why? "She's frail and is believed to been evil but she is so cool and nice as a human ^_^"
Why? "Kick butt awesomeness should be her title ^_^"
Why? "Sailor Venus was technically the first to reawaken to her powers but was the last to rejoin the team, oh well, no big deal. GO SAILOR VENUS!"
Why? "Sakura can sometimes be a bit low tempered but when it comes down to it, she can really take the heat. She has super strength, how cool! :D"
Why? "Sango is awesome!!! She kicks butt, is smart, caring, and loving ^_^ She's one of my role models :) She's so devoted to her brother, Kohaku!"
Why? "Sasuke is awesome in the first series and I'm disappointed in him for going to the dark side :/ But, I can't stop admiring his coolness! :3"
Why? "InuYasha's good-looking older brother is very strong and brave. He has a caring side too that he shows by having a human girl companion! ^_^"
Why? "Sesshomaru is strong, brave, almost fearless, and completely attractive. He would be classified as Fan-Girl compatible ^_^ He's so awesome!"
Why? "Shigure turns into a dog if he is hugged by a girl or if his body is put under a lot of stress ^_^ He can be a bit of a perv sometimes. ^_^"
Why? "Shippo is so cute!!! He's so brave, going on dangerous adventure with his friends ^_^ He is very helpful too :) He makes the series funny :)"
Why? "Shizuo is kick butt awesomeness ^_^ He's super hot and has a hot temper so don't tick him off ^_^ GO SHIZUO!!! :D"
Why? "Shu is very brave and strong for his age. He has a friend named Kluke and they might just be the cutest coupling in the anime series ^_^"
Why? "Awesome in power and personality, Soul and Maka are a force to be reckoned with, not to mention that they make such a cute couple ^_^"
Why? "Suzaka is not only very attractive indeed, but, he is strong, brave, and very loyal. He's so awesome ^_^ Fan-Girl moment!!! :3"
Why? "A cesspool of emotion ;) I love Travis Willingham "
Why? "I love him! He's so hilarious and attractive :3"
Why? "Tohru is clumsy but she tries her best at everything she does, especially her school work, mainly cause of a promise she made to her mom ^_^"
Why? "Strong and kind, this weapon is devoted to her meister, Blackstar, who is a bit (or A LOT) full of himself ^_^"
Why? "He's a hunky masked hero that kicks butt and saves the Sailor Scouts when they are in need of help ^_^ Hero status :3 GO TUXEDO MASK!!! ^_^"
Why? "Smart and Strong, Winry is super into auto-mail and is always worrying and cheering for the Elric brothers on the sidelines."
Why? "He's super strong, sweet, and kind. He's super awesome and has a heart of gold :)"
Why? "Yuki turns into a mouse if he is hugged by a girl or if his body is put under a lot of stress ^_^"
Why? "Zola is brave, strong, smart, and is a really good leader and without her, the rest of the grab would surely be lost. Zola has skill!!! ^_^"
Why? "Evil at first, but good guy in the end, go Zuzu!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "First & Favorite Anime of All Time "
Why? "I love this show!!! It's so cool with all these awesome elemental powers and pulse, all the characters are drawn so great with such detail."
Why? "It started out very confusing but, then I started to get the hang of it. It's action filled and has it's sweet moments. Life of a Gangster!"
Why? "Very funny and up-lifting anime. Sad moments made me cry, that's how I know an anime series is good :D"
Why? "Awesome anime with action, romance, and drama ^_^"
Why? "This anime is funny, action filled, and has a great background story ^_^"
Why? "Action filled adventure of strategy and odds, holy cow!!! XD I love action and strategy!!! ^_^"
Why? "Super cool show with a really interesting group of characters. This show totally sucked me in, I couldn't take my eyes off the screen! :D"
Why? "AWESOME!!! I love this show, it's a bit confusing, but I like a challenge ^_^ Masaomi is so cute !!! Celty is super cool and kicks butt ! :D"
Why? "It's hilarious, action-filled, suspenseful, emotional, and can make you do a double take. Love the VAs involved in this anime. :)"
Why? "It's AWESOME!!! Do I even have to explain? The show speaks for itself!"
Why? "Hilarious !"
Why? "Amazingly hilarious and educational, my type of anime :D"
Why? "Hilarious and somewhat Educational!!! Amazing art work and some of the world's best voice actors are involved in the making!!! Woo!!! :D"
Why? "Awesome!!! Romantic!!! Funny!!! Action Filled!!!"
Why? "It's an awesome show with tons of action, humor, heart-warming moments, and bits of romance. Love the story-line and the art in this anime."
Why? "I just love this show so much! I remember watching it when I was very young. Diana is played by Kelly Sheridan who plays Sango in InuYasha!"
Why? "Ninjas :3 That is all..."
Why? "It's such an amazingly beautiful and interesting show! It's got me hooked, I love the action, the comedy, and romance aspects of this show."
Why? "Funny and Sweet, Romantic and Cute, Awesomeness rolled into one ^_^"
Why? "Funny & Awesome in every way, I'm glad I was recommended this anime by someone dear to me ^_^"
Why? "This has to be my favorite show of my childhood! It's just so awesome and has an amazing plot! I think it's on the level of anime! "
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I cried, it was such a good movie. The ending was not what I expected but I loved the emotion. The Chibi Party OVA was hilarious :)"
Why? "Romantic and Action filled awesomeness ^_^"
Why? "Awesome fighting scenes, a mystical island, little kids that never age, WHOA!!!"
Why? "Inuyasha and his older brother, Sesshomaru join forces to beat a new villain who has taken control of their father's evil sword!!! ^_^"
Why? "InuYasha and Kagome's first kiss was in this movie ^_^"