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Jamie Marchi
Why? "Queen of fanservice anime! Rias Gremory, Uzume, Rana Linchen, Mexiah, Panty, Shirley, Mikako, Ms. Nekonome, Masane Amaha, Mitsuko Kongo :)"
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    #1 All Time Favorite
    TV Show
    Manyuu Hikenchou
    Why? "Best fanservice anime of all-time! A dream come true for oppai fans. Fans will probably never see an ecchi anime this amazing ever again..."
    Why? "Likable characters, hilarious, good action & excellent English dub. Popularity also helped ecchi genre be more accepted by mainstream fans."
    Why? "Even better than season one! Love the extra scenes on DVD/Blu-ray. Gives a reason for fans to buy the show even if they saw it first online"
    Why? "The dub is garbage (Eiken dub levels of bad) when it should've been High School DxD level of good. Oh well there's still the sub and manga"
    Why? "Fun show and has a great English dub. Also helped contribute to the beginning of the ecchi anime boom in the U.S."
    Why? "After endless teasing real (0)(0) at last!"
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    #1 All Time Favorite
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    #1 All Time Favorite
    Manyuu Hikenchou
    Why? "Perfection"
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