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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Norio Wakamoto
Why? "All must bow down to the almighty voice of Norio Wakamoto! If you don't, then you are officially labeled as "scum". HAIL JAPAN!"
Why? "I may not heard much of his roles, but Aaron's Alphonse was pretty much his most memorable one... in my opinion."
Why? "After all these years, Barbara is still one of the greatest female VAs to ever perform young boy roles."
Why? "One of the greatest voice actors in history. He's pretty funny, also... my personal favorites of his include Stimpy, Doug, Fry, and Bugs!"
Why? "All of Martinet's voice roles are higher than satisfaction, itself! And his character voices from the Mario franchise are memorable!"
Why? "What talent from another amazing VA!"
Why? "Jaga the Wise... 'Nuff said for now."
Why? "TRUE creator of Heihachi Mishima, right here. Rest in peace, oji-sama."
Why? "A fine seiyuu, nonetheless."
Why? "Trollzama!!!"
Why? "The one man who made Hazama a sneering troll. Congrats!"
Why? "Chef: one of the most memorable characters in South Park history. Isaac: one of the most memorable VAs in South Park history. R.I.P."
Why? "One of Nintendo's finest voice actors, if I do say so myself."
Why? "Such a unique voice actress, yet at the same time, underrated... Don't let that stop you, though!"
Why? "Who doesn't know the lead singer of MSI?! In my opinion, he's just crazy, insane, and also a pretty memorable musician in the industrial."
Why? "He may be one of the most overrated and overused VAs these days, but still, JYB's an iconic voice actor in the anime industry. Adam Park FTW"
Why? "Junichi-san's definitely a keeper with his roles."
Why? "I can say that after Connor Bringas, Kate Higgins is easily a suitable VA for Tails... Rock on, girl!"
Why? "His Zangief is almost second to none."
Why? "Quite a natural talent, here. I just love her voice for some reason!"
Why? "One of the most initial voice actresses, Laura Bailey never disappoints... Except that like several others, she's overused."
Why? "One of the more interesting female seiyuu(s). That's about all I have to say here, and not much."
Why? "Other than Norio Wakamoto, Mako is another God of Japan. In other words, you don't mess with him... even if he passed away."
Why? "Not only is he an awesome voice actor, but Judge is also a near-perfect creator. He even brought us Beavis and Butt-head for cryin' out loud"
Why? "Nobutoshi is another great Japanese VA. I find his Knuckles, Hayato, and Nnoitra performances to be quite breathtaking! :)"
Why? "One of the most amazing VAs in Japan. Batsu, Bass, Siegfried, you name it!"
Why? "This man is no doubt one of the funniest voice actors/celebrities around! Pee Wee's Playhouse was amazing."
Why? "Looks like we got ourselves a Zombie on the loose!"
Why? "One of the best female seiyuus in my book."
Why? "Attention, everyone: TOM. That is all."
Why? "Nishimura's Akuma and M. Bison voices are spot-on... for the most part, anyway."
Why? "I approve of this seiyuu. He's a very suitable replacement for the late Daisuke Gori, in my book. And I like the quality in his voice, also."
Why? ""Let's see ya grit those TEETH!!""
#1 All Time Favorite
Captain Falcon
Why? "This should be Nintendo's one and only true mascot! No offense, Mario fans out there!"
Why? "The one and only mummy that all must prove their loyalty to. In fact, Anakaris is so godlike that he told me to name my Cofagrigus in Black!"
Why? "Anima: One of the biggest "WTF" moments for me, and pretty creative... Only to be trifled by the true form of Giygas!"
Why? "Imagine a more insane and rather wacky design of Little Red Robin Hood; this is the result, and Capcom made a brilliant idea!"
Why? "He may have some qualities to Naruto (that excuse of a ninja), but to give him credit, Black Star is actually an enjoyable character. YAHOO!"
Why? "Unlike Soul, I'd want Blair to literally push herself on me. {gasps} My furry intent is starting to return! I hope Felicia's not hearing it."
Why? ""WITH THE HELP OF KYOJI!!!" Seriously cheesy, yet amusing as all Hell. I miss both Toonami and Domon!"
Why? ""I'm gonna sing the Doom Song, now!""
Why? "While few find Haruhi to be equivalent to a "Mary Sue", if you will, you have to admit that at least this anime heroine has personality."
Why? "Hayato is definitely one of my mains in Marvel vs. Capcom 2. He's pretty badass in his own right, too..."
Why? "Looks like we have ourselves a REAL MAN... Does anyone think Gainax was trollin' whenever this legend had to die in episode 8?"
Why? ""Omae wa mou shindeiru..." Oops! Sorry for that brief weeaboo/weaboo moment. But that line is just so memorable and manly! OOOOOH!!!!"
Why? "Asobitai.... That is all"
Why? ""I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!""
Why? "Mai Shiranui, otherwise known as the "Queen of Fighters". Also one of the first fighting game babes to have nice... 'assets' if you will."
Why? "Mario is VERY formidable when competing with Sonic, in my honest eyes. Can you say, "Fat Italian plumbers FTW!"?"
Why? "He must be a professional gamer when it comes to Street Fighter II."
Why? ""The balls are inert.""
Why? "One of the most highly ****ed up characters in history. Truly Retro is a character made from meth, albeit, God's meth"
Why? "Was Ryu the first shoto character? If so, then he is BY FAR one of the most badass fighting game characters... if not, then he still is."
Why? ""To be a man, you must have honor and a peeenis!""
Why? "Finally! Someone who's a much more likeable protagonist than Shinji Ikari... YEAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Now I haven't heard much about Persona 4 (or any of the other titles), but I find Teddie/Kuma to be a rather amusing character. Bear puns <3"
Why? "Pretty much the only anime character to have, other than fanservice, personality... and that's not surprising because it's Gainax!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
FLCL (Fooly Cooly)
Why? "I'm actually upset viewers don't know the meaning of FLCL... But whatever, best anime Adult Swim has aired, and I acknowledge Gainax"
Why? "The Samurai Champloo vs. Afro Samurai debate is honestly annoying, and I personally like both... But AS has so much meaning to it! Anime FTW"
Why? "It's Jet Set Radio meets anime! To put it simply, Air Gear is a pretty good anime, but from what I've heard, the manga adaptation's better."
Why? "This was a pretty kickass series, even having its very own fanbase. Too bad M. Night Shamamalama-sama-kun made a horrible movie adaptation!"
Why? "Mark Hamill and nostalgia are the only two reasons why I love this show. God, do I miss Toonami!"
Why? "Bleach: a Shonen manga/anime that, like with all others, bound to be amazing at first, but as the series progresses, starts becoming stale."
Why? "Nostalgic happiness! Cowboy Bebop is rather fun and short, but sweet. Back when Adult Swim aired GOOD anime."
Why? "Originally, I remember shunning this anime. But now, for me, it's pretty good if you avoid the heinous fanservice (nothing wrong with that)"
Why? "Let's just say that I go WAAAAAAAY back with Nickelodeon's version of Doug. It was memorable, but I also feel bad for the Nostalgia Critic."
Why? "I watched a bit more of this than before, and lemme say this: Fairy Tail is certainly one of the better anime to have come out recently."
Why? "Family Guy is definitely comedy for at least the first four or five seasons. After a while, it's just retarded humor all over."
Why? "I'm pretty much agreeing to what Pokejedservo said. Hokuto no Ken is DEFINITELY one of the manliest anime shows out there. Truly savage!"
Why? "For some reason, I never got bored with the 2003 anime like I did with Brotherhood. That said, this was better than what Adult Swim has now."
Why? "One word to sum this masterpiece all up: GAINAX"
Why? "Invader Zim's a real sick and twisted cartoon... and that's why we love it! While vastly overrated (from my view), this is still nostalgia."
Why? "While the humor is subtle, I think it's a brilliant laugh every once in a while. Like with Beavis and Butt-head, this was a Judge classic!"
Why? ":3"
Why? "Two words to refresh my memories watching this on Toonami: SHINING FINGER!!!!!!"
Why? "One of the greatest anime of all-time, no doubt. Remember that this was Gainax at their prime! Granted though they're still doing well. ;)"
Why? "Contrary to popular belief, this was the only Toonami/Adult Swim anime I watched the least... but regardless, this one's still a classic! ;)"
Why? "Once again, I have one word for this: GAINAX"
Why? "This is, like, the only good animated show that Cartoon Network has... If you wanna be sentimental with Gumball or Thundercats remake, fine"
Why? "Rurouni Kenshin is, to put it simply, another classic anime that I enjoyed in my childhood. Not as much as Dragon Ball Z, but still..."
Why? "One of the most hilarious anime you will ever see out there. Akin to Bobobobo Bo-bobo, it's extremely random, yet simply entertaining!"
Why? "With tons of hilarity and Action Bastard to boot, Shin Chan is by far one of the funniest anime one will ever come across. Live on, FUNi!"
Why? "When most people thought the ending to the Soul Eater anime was heartful, I didn't... Because there are no new seasons, still! Dammit, Bones"
Why? "While sick and twisted, this is one show I proudly grew up on. What really keeps my attention is its adult humor; unreal for kids shows."
Why? "Essentially, this show was one of the greatest classics I ever watched in my childhood years... and I miss it, also."
Why? "Right now I'm torn between the reboot and the classic. Which should I watch? Hmm... I think both (this for the drama, and the 80s for funny)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Dead Leaves
Why? ""Have you seen my heliotrope?!""
Why? "This was a really groundbreaking anime movie and sophisticated experience for its own years. But too bad it failed at the Box Office :("
Why? "Hail Johnny Depp, and his twisted as all hell self... Except as Willy Wonka, because that was a bit too embarrassing."
Why? "This might have been a bad movie according to critics, but the majority of non-critics who see flicks like this say otherwise... Nostalgia!"
Why? "Heavily memorable... if not a tad bit campy."
Why? "This movie was a solid classic. Despite its corny dialogue and voice acting, the Sonic OVA is just about everything Sonic X should've been."
Why? "This was such a good movie in my childhood... Especially since it featured Michael Jordan!"
Why? "At long last, a Tekken motion picture that is truly worth the wait!"
Why? "Looking back at it now, this film was definitely a large mess. Granted, for me, it's still a nostalgic "guilty pleasure"."
Why? ""The power of Christ compels you!" To this day, I still find that quote and this film pretty entertaining."
Why? "This is a very enjoyable film. In fact, it's SO enjoyable that I have it on DVD! Ladies and gentleman, humor at its finest"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "I'm no furry, but DAMN is Felicia good-looking... Heh-heh!"
Why? "One of the freakiest video game characters in Capcom history... with a hilarious sidekick to boot."
Why? ""I wanna be the very best, like no one ever was!""
Why? "He beats nails with a hammer!"
Why? "By God, I loved Teen Titans as a kid... And I love Beast Boy (no homo)"
Why? "Target acquired"
Why? ""Yabba dabba doo!!""
Why? "Goku taught me a moral lesson: yelling makes you a helluva lot stronger and the acquirements of self-esteem are unlocked... ROCK THE DRAGON!"
Why? "Iori with Flames in KOF XIII FTW!"
Why? "Shut up, Meg..."
Why? "Who can agree that we need a Megaman X9 installment? Because the series (minus X7 and, somewhat for the difficulty, X6) is pure epicness!"
Why? "He's apparently the "black" member of the ThunderCats. What more do we have to say other than liking his character?"
Why? "One of the most broken characters in the series... That, and she gives Demitri Maximoff a run for his money. A MASSIVE ONE."
Why? ""Let me show you my real power!""
Why? "Shuma Gorath stalks anime heroines everywhere, and tries to do the old-fashioned "tentacle rape" manuever... Go, Shummy! P.S. Not loli/pedo!"
Why? "After 20 years, the 'Blue Blur' hero still puts some smiles on all of our faces... And it's pretty good to know who portrayed him throughout"
Why? "While Johnny Yong Bosch is FTW material, he is vastly overrated right now... Liked his performance as Yang, but I dunno about Sroka."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros.
Why? "This was back when the franchise used to be extremely stellar... At the time, there was no fanraging or Tiers, and this nostalgia is awesome"
Why? "This is video gaming memories right here. I even own it on my Super Nintendo, which by the way, is a pretty well-played port is you aske me."
Why? "It's like Bleach meets Dynasty Warriors... Excellent!"
Why? "The only ACTUAL 3D title in the franchise that I really played... and at the same time, this game was pure memories. Castlevania FTW!"
Why? "This was my nostalgia right here... Although I remembered playing Ultimate on Xbox. It's not as lengthy as other fighters, but still fun..."
Why? "To me, Budokai 3 is truly one of the best of the series... After Tenkaichi 3 (Wii) and Ultimate Tenkaichi, that is. I had lots of fun on it."
Why? "Pretty much, this was the last GOOD Final Fantasy title for me. It had such amazing music, a climatic story, and great mechanics! Unique..."
Why? "This game's amazing, so far for me."
Why? "This is a very fun title to play. It may not be as intriguing as the console entries, but it can come close when it wants to."
Why? "Kingdom Hearts II is something I recommend to other players out there, what with solid characters, gameplay mechanics, and a creative story!"
Why? "Faster than the speed of MAMMA MIA!"
Why? "Mario Kart is one of a series of racing games that actually don't bore me to death. Mario Kart 7 is no exception, as I see nostalgia put in."
Why? "This one was my favorite Mario Party installment for a couple of reasons I feel that are best not shared. You can blame the character limit!"
Why? "I found this to be a very fun and enjoyable game... but I wish I could say the same about the voice acting."
Why? "I'd say this is definitely better than MvC3 in some areas: nostalgia, speed, music (though jazz in a fighting game is just random), action!"
Why? "Marvel vs. Capcom 3 is an enjoyable game with less balance issues than its predecessor... Just not as fine, though, but still, a great title"
Why? "I'm no Narutard, but the games always seemed to be more tolerable than the original manga/anime... I like this game, but voices=repetitive!"
Why? "NSMB is simply a fantastic DS title. Unfortunately, the length is rather short and the difficulty is a bit easy. I prefer the Wii version..."
Why? "What a pretty stellar way to reinvent the Mario Bros. series: with an installment a vast majority of people (like myself) will enjoy."
Why? "This one's very nostalgic, indeed, along with some new content, no Mario referee (downside), and charm that will bring back a lot of fans"
Why? "Personally my favorite of the series... Only to be trifled with by Samurai Shodown V Special!"
Why? "This one here is truly another Sonic hit. The voice acting is pretty cool, the mechanics are well-executed, and the music is simply kickass!"
Why? "Although I hate titles that come remotely close to shooters, this is by far one of the most passable ones... AND IT'S ADDICTING!"
Why? "Long live Capcom for this extreme installment of the series... Now we wait for a successor that isn't Street Fighter IV."
Why? "This is quite possibly the most fun and memorable in the series we've had in a while! Tons of replay value, great bosses, and more... Bonus!"
Why? "HULK SMASH!!!"
Why? "This beats UMvC3 in a milli-second, in my opinion, as it fixes all the problems King of Fighters XII had"
Why? "Even though I'm starting to officially hate Capcom for milking franchises and cancelling two Megaman titles, this is alright... I suppose."