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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Always does her roles properly"
Why? "Her personality explodes in every character, and I love her energy."
Why? "She came a long way, and her ability is unmistakable. Her personality explodes in every role."
Why? "Very underrated Actor. I would love to see him in more roles."
Why? "Very cool voice for any occasion. Trunks is probably still my favorite"
Why? "You can really tell she enjoys what she does. Easily fell in love with her voice."
Why? "Her voice is unmistakable, and she has such a way with her roles. You can't help but love her."
Why? "She can tackle a role with her own flair. Always enjoyable."
Why? "Amazing with versatility, and always a treat"
Why? "Calm, cool, and collected. I love how he approaches his roles."
Why? "An unmistakable voice that always gets the job done. I find myself imitating him without thinking about it."
Why? "From the moment I first heard him as Vash the Stampede, I knew he'd easily become a favorite of mine. Great actor, always efficient."
Why? "Mona has a very intellectual sound to her voice, and she does all of her roles so well. Never a disappointment."
Why? "Easily one of my favorites. Her versatility is amazing, and threw me for a loop the first time I heard it."
Why? "Great in the way she handled her roles, and even reading a character she didn't voice. Instant fan after meeting her."
Why? "She has a way of bringing life into her characters that draw you to them."
Why? "If ever there was a Mel Blanc of today, Scott McNeil would be it. An amazing actor."
Why? "Excellent, and legendary. Once you realize just how versatile and skilled she is, you'll probably faint."
Why? "She's a very amazing talent. Also a good deal of my childhood"
Why? "Always kept me interested in voice acting. A legend in her own right"
Why? "Yuri has a unique voice that captures you almost instantaneously. Very good at what he does."