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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Christopher Sabat
Why? "He is not only my favorite voice actor of all time but also the first VA I've come to admire."
Why? ""T.V.'s Adam West! Where?""
Why? "The world's biggest nerd in terms of voice acting."
Why? ""Lightning Farron.""
Why? "She directed the voices of some of my favorite DC cartoons and manages to sneak her way into all of them no matter how minor her role is."
Why? "There will always be someone cooler than you."
Why? "I can't see any other reason than our favorite sympathetic sidekick to Mr. J"
Why? "She certainly knows how to make an Old anime Woman sound good and she's also quite funny in FLCL."
Why? "He's just naturally aggressive with his characters. He doesn't need to raise his voice at since I can sense the aggression in his tone."
Why? "Tama tama tama tama tama tama tama tama tama. Oh and chopper as well."
Why? "So much range for a female actress especially when one of her best known roles creeps me out which is actually really good."
Why? "Though she's not as strong as other female VAs her characters certainly are the no nonsense type of characters."
Why? "He voices one of the most badass characters of all time, oh and Arlong."
Why? "TOOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!!!!! And also he has a great ability to make some characters sound realistic even when animated."
Why? "Another actor who can be really serious or really funny plus he's a part time cowboy in his roles."
Why? "No matter who he voices he will always be very menacing and deep."
Why? "One day she'll be king of the pirates and I'm willing enough to believe her."
Why? "Attempting to escape his voice is impossible."
Why? ""Because real vampires don't sparkle.""
Why? "She's quite the motherly person in her roles."
Why? "He needs to come back as Cell in the video games."
Why? ""When you think he starts out lame he'll come out with a very deep and masculine voice.""
Why? "Who else other than making Lois Lane sound like how she should which is "Been there, done that.""
Why? "No matter how childish or flamboyant his roles are, THIS DUDE'S A BADASS."
Why? "I'll never understand why he left Viz Media but he left behind quite a legacy."
Why? ""First time I heard her as Konan I thought she was a little bland but then again so is most of her speech pattern which fits.""
Why? ""Squall Leonhart.""
Why? "He can either very dramatic or very funny which makes him a very like-able actor."
Why? ""He's everything and everyone.""
Why? ""Sephiroth.""
Why? ""I'd be lying if Beast Boy wasn't my favorite Teen Titan.""
Why? "Originally I thought he wasn't going to be able to portray Wolverine considering broadway. But I was 100% wrong, also he's badass."
Why? "She may have quite a lot of range but definitely her best voice is Starfire."
Why? "He is Nosferatu Zodd."
Why? "His voice is so deep and generic.... I love it!"
Why? "Luke, I am your father."
Why? ""He is quite the villain.""
Why? "He's my favorite version of Wally West ever. Also I think he's pretty underated for a great voice actor."
Why? "Spanish accent + Being French = awesomeness."
Why? "She can be the super tough female space marine or be somewhat funny."
Why? "Roxas and Ventus are what got me hooked on this actor/singer but Robin was just the icing on the cake."
Why? "The script writer of the best anime ever."
Why? "He wants you to bite his Pasty White Metal Ass."
Why? "By far left the most impact of Van Hohenheim on me when I watched the series."
Why? ""Firion""
Why? "He's certainly memorable for either being a bad guy or a somewhat 75% good 25% bad Anti Hero which is why I like him."
Why? ""Any time you need someone to sound hot and convincing, she's your go to girl.""
Why? ""Tails and Sakura.""
Why? "His deep, menacing voice and conflicting emotions with his characters make him awesome."
Why? "Always filled with both arrogance and wisdom in his roles which is why I think he's a really great actor."
Why? ""Because he's batman.""
Why? "I'm only gonna say this once, Booyah."
Why? "Despite some of her characters being terrible (Nina) I still think she has one of the sweetest and most gentle voices I've ever heard."
Why? ""Kirk Saix Thornton. Also he has potential as Shadow.""
Why? "The best narrator/hadoken thrower there is."
Why? "She's a mixture of a seductive tone and a powerful tone done perfectly for most of the roles she's given."
Why? "Mr. Spock and Master Xehanort."
Why? "He makes monotone actually sound cool and he also does add emotion to his consistent tones when he needs to add that to his characters."
Why? ""The man who ultimately destroyed all of time. Also he is ear candy.""
Why? "Every crew needs a navigator and with her on your side she certainly won't lead you astray."
Why? "She is the take of Naruto that I grew up with and the take that I have come to enjoy over the course of the Naruto series, Believe It!"
Why? "A true berserker."
Why? "Since Star Wars he must have gone coo coo for coco puffs but then again insanity makes characters/actors more interesting anyways."
Why? "He's the brain, need I say more?"
Why? "He was and always will be the adult versions of Barry Allen and Wally West."
Why? "He directed the Berserk dub, how do you not like him after hearing about that?"
Why? "He's got the master plan."
Why? "Do I really have to say anything other than the fact it's Morgan Freeman?"
Why? "He's a really good villain voice and he is the perfect version of Serious Tobi/Obito."
Why? "You shall now feel the love of the hyper combo. I also wouldn't be surprised if He and Deadpool actually met in person."
Why? "He's a natural sympathetic villain/monster which is why I think he is a natural with the roles that he is given like Kurama and Xemnas."
Why? "No matter what version of Optimus Prime he voices, he will always be Optimus freaking Prime!!!"
Why? "John Stewart and Samurai Jack."
Why? "He will always be known as the big tough guy with an attitude in my book."
Why? "Most of the time he just knows when to either be serious, funny or just normal sounding."
Why? "Fang and her take on Zorin Blitz actually made her character sound like a woman."
Why? "He has the almighty fist of the nose hair. How does that not make him awesome."
Why? ""Sonic, Deidara, Ezio that's all.""
Why? "Intimidation at it's finest."
Why? ""Goku and Gaston.""
Why? "He created Family Guy what more do you need to like this guy?"
Why? ""Maes Hughes death will always hold a special place in my heart.""
Why? "By far the toughest female actress I have ever heard of."
Why? ""Vincent Valentine, and Wolverine.""
Why? "I appreciate authenticity, and he is very authentic."
Why? ""My little sister who loves raven (no homo) would kill me if I didn't add her to my favorites.""
Why? "She was really good as Ultimecia and Poison Ivy and she does show quite a lot of range in her acting style."
Why? "Like Johnny Yong Bosch, he could make sense out of any anime role which most of them are hilarious."
Why? "He can make something that sounds threatening hilarious and he just seems so proper."
Why? ""All female officers will be required to wear... Tiny Miniskirts!!!""
Why? ""Snow Villiers and Pain.""
Why? "Mostly for Ash Ketchum and Cosmos but other than that she has really good range overall."
Why? "He is like the Morgan Freeman in voice acting."
Why? "The one role she is known for best is our favorite gender confused palm tree Envy."
Why? "Mostly Cecil Harvey and Pip Bernadotte as well as the Castlevania Alucard and the Prince from Prince of Persia."
#1 All Time Favorite
Squall Leonhart
Why? "He's not only my favorite Final Fantasy character but I have come to accept him as my all time favorite character due to his development."
Why? "Even if we all saw her death coming we still wanted to avenge her."
Why? ""One of the only real vampires left in the world.""
Why? ""Because he's batman.""
Why? ""What is there to say other than he is hilarious and one of the more developed characters.""
Why? "He is the evil version of Stephen Hawkings and also one of my two favorite villains in the series."
Why? "If you look up ruthless, vicious and Vic Mignogna, odds are this will be the character that pops up."
Why? "She is one of those characters who understand the repercussion of being immortal and no matter what she always has that kind demeanor."
Why? "He's basically Sephiroth, Ultimecia and Kain put together. What's there not to like about him?"
Why? "He was one of the most positive characters I have ever seen until he got slapped with the brooding emo."
Why? "Since he is basically a biological Terminator and Andrew Chandler's voice making him more like that. He's my favorite dbz movie villain."
Why? "Same reason I like Khary Payton, Booyah!"
Why? ""I do not know what this fourth wall is but it sounds disappointing.""
Why? "Ron Perlman's take on Slade made me fear him more than any other villain in the series."
Why? ""Art is after all.... AN EXPLOSION!!!!!!""
Why? "Takes the term Mad Scientist to a whole new level."
Why? "By far one of the most realistic anime characters I have ever seen."
Why? "He has the novelty of being the first famous Flash and also Sheldon loves him."
Why? "My favorite version of The Flash and one of my childhood favorites."
Why? "The biggest video game schemer ever."
Why? "Pwning noobs since 1987."
Why? "No other reason besides being badass and voiced by Chris Sabat of all people."
Why? "He is the terror that quacks in the night, nuff said."
Why? ""My favorite Street Fighter.""
Why? "His love for Casca.... Is like a truck."
Why? ""My all time favorite Disney villain.""
Why? "She truly is the tragic character that we all fell in love with in the show which is why she's in the comics."
Why? "Another one of the only good Anti Heroes in the entire Anime universe."
Why? "Despite every horrible crime he committed like paralyzing Batgirl and killing Jason he is still my favorite Batman villain."
Why? "Do I honestly need to explain myself when it comes to Kakashi? No matter what he does he will be one of the ultimate badasses."
Why? "He may be a Joker rip off but he's a good one and because of Dave Wittenberg he's earned the fan nickname Kefkashi."
Why? "Todd Haberkorn's absolute best role and also he might have learned stuff from Chuck Norris."
Why? "He was my favorite character in Young Justice and, HE WAS THE FREAKING MAN!!"
Why? ""He thought of everything until the very end.""
Why? "A great leader and admittedly my favorite Ninja Turtle."
Why? ""My favorite female protagonist.""
Why? ""The only true silent protagonist.""
Why? ""Only his game can explain him.""
Why? "She's the best Zelda sidekick and she also has the best character development over every other Zelda sidekick."
Why? "He may be a somewhat coward in the show but in the video games he is basically the best character to play as."
Why? "No matter how annoying he is he'll still be one of my favorite main protagonists."
Why? "Snake... Snake.... SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "He died for our sins."
Why? "He is by far the most well thought out villain in any series. Plus Troy Baker actually makes him sound that way without being generic."
Why? "He is the best DBZ villain mainly because he is essentially every DBZ character all put in one uber powered bad guy. Dameon Clarke rocks."
Why? "She is not only one of the two subjects of the best comic book couple ever, she is also quite interesting as well."
Why? "By far the most badass version of Roy Harper and the icing on the cake is Crispin Freeman voicing him."
Why? "She may not be as strong as Tifa but she certainly knows how to melt a cold heart."
Why? "He was and always will be my favorite Robin."
Why? "Easily one of the best swordsmen out there and Chris Sabat's voice just adds to his epicness."
Why? ""This guy seems to be a better judge of character than Sora. Even though he is Sora.""
Why? ""The most feared and beautiful bounty hunter in the galaxy.""
Why? "Three words: GET OVER HERE!!!"
Why? "Our friendly neighborhood One Winged Angel."
Why? "Her character is what I look forward to, more than her gigantic gag boobs."
Why? "His theme and personality makes him an overall badass Final Fantasy villain."
Why? "Shadow has the most development out of all the Sonic characters."
Why? ""The one character who has gone from good (Ryan Drummond) to bad (Jason Griffith) and good again (Roger Craig Smith)."
Why? "By far one of the best "Fish out of Water" type characters I know of."
Why? "She is my favorite FF villain."
Why? "And the award for anime father of the year goes to...."
Why? "Out of all the schemers in the DC Universe it had to be the 50,000 year old caveman that's the best schemer."
Why? ""He is the reason I started to like anti heroes.""
Why? "Before Roxas there was Ventus."
Why? "Insert Nostalgia Critic's review of Wolverine here. Also Hugh Jackman and Steve Blum are the best versions of Wolverine."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Dragon Ball Z
Why? ""The show that every other anime strives to be.""
Why? "I may not remember seeing much but what I do remember was awesome and of course the crude humor that makes sense now."
Why? "Many times I wish the movie didn't suck. But still this show is awesome."
Why? "This and Hbi2k got me hooked on the Berserk series."
Why? "It was a good start to the series and my only complaints are Apocalymon and "Hey Digimon" other than that a really good show even for me."
Why? ""A fantastic sitcom.""
Why? "This show has broadened my horizon in terms of my favorite VAs of all time."
Why? "This show is awesome and I'm glad BTVA finally decided to add it in after a while of only having the original show."
Why? "The show that introduced me to the other founding members of the Justice League besides Superman and Batman."
Why? "More Justice League=More awesomeness."
Why? ""Sure it's become overrated because of the manga and so much filler and supposedly the english dub is bad but, shut up internet."
Why? "One of Funimation's best works and it certainly shows."
Why? "Besides One Piece, by far the longest anime ever."
Why? "4th wall what's that!? Also Todd Haberkorn's best show."
Why? "The true Clone Wars series."
Why? ""Simply amazing.""
Why? "It's a 6.8 at best but compared to the other crap on Cartoon Network this would be it's current best show after Young Justice."
Why? "It was the original kick ass cartoon of the 80s and it's reruns certainly got me into it."
Why? "First good show in a long time."
Why? "It was a very creative show and an interesting take on demons. Also check out DTV, television for demons."
#1 All Time Favorite
The Dark Knight
Why? "Welcome to a world without rules."
Why? "James Cameron's ego has now been acknowledged as it's own sovereign nation with trading rights and war making powers, plus a digital flag."
Why? "The only movie that makes Liam Neeson look good in the ugly stache."
Why? "It has 4 different animation studios, the director of the Berserk movies, and Kevin Conroy as Batman. What's there not to like?"
Why? "The one animated movie with an awesome twist behind it. Also Mark Hamill kicked ass with Kevin Conroy."
Why? "Great adaptation and great voice cast which is in my opinion the second best versions of the Dark Knight and the Clown Prince of Crime."
Why? "It is basically an abridged version of the first 10 episodes of the anime series and it's really good, It's nice to see familiar faces."
Why? "This movie has the ability to make anyone feel strong and angry, I LOVE IT!!!!"
Why? "This was such an emotional train wreck. It basically took everything important in the berserk universe and converted it to cinematic format."
Why? "I originally was going watch just to hate it but then I grew to love it. Not only for the minions but for the other characters as well."
Why? "This was a sequel that ended up being better than the original in every way and that's saying something considering the original being good."
Why? "It was an interesting CG movie that entertained me with scenes that proved Final Fantasy can make a really good animated film."
Why? "It was nice to see a "what happened next" movie on the filler series."
Why? "It was a very good spinoff of the series and it's design of the characters were also well designed."
Why? "It was a really good Penguin movie and it had Elijah Wood."
Why? "My favorite all time Disney movie."
Why? "I initially thought this movie was going to suck but as it turns out I was 100% wrong."
Why? "It was an interesting sequel but I still don't see why people hate it so much."
Why? "Short, simple and straight to the point."
Why? "It was a really good look at Barry Allen's backstory and the harsh reality he has to live with making him a great protagonist."
Why? "It's a really nice parody to Superman and Megamind himself is entertaining as well."
Why? "It was a surprisingly good prequel to the original."
Why? "One of Dreamworks' best movies ever."
Why? "It was an interesting and original plot and the acting certainly shows the dub has improved."
Why? "Definitely the best out of all the prequel Star Wars movies."
Why? "It's more Teen Titans. Which is more of what a lot of people want."
Why? "Awesome buildup for an awesome payoff."
Why? "This was just as good as the first if not better."
Why? "This was a fantastic way to introduce the Narnia series and the voice work is awesome."
Why? "This was quite the superhero film when it first came out, now it's still very memorable."
Why? "By far a fantastic Disney classic."
Why? "This was a very well put together version of the story of Moses."
Why? "How a Transformers should be made, no unnecessary cgi, no Shia LaBeouf, no Megan Fox, no Michael Bay. It's just a Transformers cartoon movie"
Why? "The movie surprised me with it's cast and not so over the top storyline."
Why? "Disney certainly knows how to attract gamers to movies."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Squall Leonhart
Why? ""This is a very interesting comparison since one is mostly live action and the in voice acting.""
Why? ""Because it's Batman.""
Why? "I just like Beast Boy."
Why? ""Best idea ever!""
Why? "The story begins with who's going to win."
Why? "Too obvious who'll win here."
Why? "He's my personal favorite version of Wally West."
Why? "I'm going to be the odd one out and say I like Kirk Thornton the most as Shadow."
Why? "Looking forward to Roger being in Wreck it Ralph."
Why? ""Even though George Newbern is my favorite I will accept that Tim Daly won this round.""
Why? "Considering the fact Vegeta's my favorite Anti Hero and Chris Sabat is my favorite VA, Why not?"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Why? "My favorite Zelda game."
Why? "The first batman game where television nerds such as myself have a reason to nerd out."
Why? "The best Batman game ever."
Why? ""By far one of the best prequels besides birth by sleep which Zack is in.""
Why? ""It is a fighting game with Final Fantasy characters... What more is there to say?""
Why? ""One of the most memorable entries in the series.""
Why? "It has quite a bit of story that keeps you wanting more from it."
Why? "It's story is a bit mehish but it's gameplay more than makes up for it."
Why? "It was not only my first PSP game but also my first KH game and it delivers quite well in terms of storyline."
Why? "By far one of my personal favorite Mario RPG titles."
Why? "It is the best movie I've ever played."
Why? "Surprisingly my favorite Metroid game in the series."
Why? "It was a pretty awesome 2-D fighter and the story was one of the best fighting game stories I've ever played."
Why? "Honestly this was the first Sonic game I have ever played the story is bull crap to this day but the game more than makes up for it."
Why? "Basically Diddy Kong Racing but even better."
Why? "Gameplay: Awesome Voice Acting: Awesome Story: Awesome Levels: Awesome With all that said it's my favorite Sonic game of all time."
Why? ""So many characters and so much hype.""
Why? "Easy to play, difficult to master. How an average FPS should work."
Why? "It was actually a really good remake despite what everyone says about it."
Why? "The first Story derived Zelda game."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Most of the original voice cast and it's art style is really what should have been Go's art style."
Why? "Slapstick at it's finest."