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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Corey Burton
Why? "So Many DC, Disney & Transformers Characters that he voiced. SO MANY!"
Why? "Quark"
Why? "He thinks that Mayonnaise is an instrument. So is Horseradish."
Why? "Why Not Zoidberg?"
Why? "A Childhood Favorite."
Why? "He's Data From Star Trek. As Well as Joker & Purple man."
Why? "When Captain America throws his mighty shiiiiiiield, all those who chose to oppose his shield must yiiiiiiiiield.."
Why? "Well isn't that cute, BUT IT'S WRONG!!"
Why? "Part Aussie jet, part Saiyan prince, all cool with a power level that is well over 9,000."
Why? "Batman & Wotan."
Why? "Does a Good Cyborg."
Why? "His Wolverine is the Best. Plus His Clip is full with Dirty Harry."
Why? "So Many Superheroes."
Why? "Rocko!"
Why? "He just have More Firepower."
Why? "Hello, It's Me! I.R. Baboon Big Star of Cartoon. Plus the Whole Cow & Chicken Cast. And one Hell of a Voice Director"
Why? "Spider-Man"
Why? "Chuck Norris Fact: Chuck Norris is a Favorite."
Why? "He has such a Great Voice. Plus you see him in Live Action."
Why? "Dr. Doom and The Emperor all in One."
Why? "A Great Red Arrow, but with a huge Knowledge of the DC Universe."
Why? "He appeared in alot of shows back in the 1990s. Plus he does a great Hans Conried Impression."
Why? "Such Full of Talent."
Why? "Long Hair"
Why? "Toxitron #1 Forever!"
Why? "What a Great Shockwave he is. Plus Darkseid, Lobo, Blackheart, Kingpin & Brawl. Keezy Fem!"
Why? "One of the Few, and the Best."
Why? "He's the Red Guy's Dad that wants a haircut for his son."
Why? "BATMAN!"
Why? "Crimson Dynamo & Titanium Man. He played to Russian Baddies."
Why? "War Machine!"
Why? "A Member of the A team"
Why? "J. Jonah & Perry White in one. He should voice Kup."
Why? "His voice Can let be anyone you want to be. Anything."
Why? "Sure he Satirizes Peter Cullen, He happens to be both Thunderball & Mongul."
Why? "Harvey Birdman."
Why? "Sir, that stolen lemur bit one of your prostitutes right in the face, and she says she can't go to hospital because she's, quote, "tripping "
Why? "Barry Allen of CSI."
Why? "Oh My!"
Why? "Loki"
Why? "Luke Cage B!tch!"
Why? "King of Wakanda"
Why? "The Best Voice Of Captain Hook. Plus He's Like The Insperation of The Robot Devil."
Why? "Greatest Action/Adventure Actor."
Why? "AYYY!!!!!"
Why? "He was a Great Ganthet."
Why? "Does a Good Soundwave"
Why? "Wheeljack Ryder"
Why? "Good Vocal Range."
Why? "You see him on any average Saturday Morning."
Why? "Johnny Bravo, Red Tornado, Ghostfreak, Abra Kadabra, Shocker, Soundwave, Kowalski isnt this proudful for him?"
Why? "They call him The Impossible Man cause he's Impossible. No really he is."
Why? "Even though I'm Not a Fan of his JJJ, he does some good voices Such As Mantis, Evil Star & Wade Eiling."
Why? "What a Great Iron Man He Is."
Why? "Not only he is Q from Star Trek, but Eagleton, Mr Twister & others."
Why? "He is the Cryptkeeper, Deadpoo, and a New Voice Of Stascream."
Why? "This Man was Rupert Thorne."
Why? "Winter Soldier"
Why? "Kang the Conqueror, Atroictus, Galactus & somewhat Dormammu. Wow he voiced 4 Comic Book Villians & Heroes. Lucky."
Why? "Spider-Man, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Flash, Cyclops, Human Torch, and Black Spider all in One? Damn!"
Why? "How Would You Know about his Talents? Ask Him"
Why? "Bloo. He does a Great John Vernon Impression."
Why? "He got to voice Rumble and Frenzy. He just didn't get the colors he wanted."
Why? "Mr. Laserfreeze. Is Your Daddy Home?"
Why? "The Freakin Batman."
Why? "He's Red Forman."
Why? "He's The Falcon. Plus he's part of Fringe & The Wire Fame."
Why? "This Man is Mr. Spock."
Why? "Iron Fist, Green Lantern, Barbecue & Nightwing."
Why? "The Incredible Hulk."
Why? "The Best Rick Jones Yet."
Why? "Even though His Movies Suck Now after "Lady In the Water", It does not mean you cant Say "WHAT A TWIST!"."
Why? "The Shapeshifting Master of Evil Himself. Aku."
Why? "Luke Skywalker"
Why? "Quicksilver"
Why? "Firefly"
Why? "Alfred Pennyworth"
Why? "The Greatest Leader Voice Known to man."
Why? "The Evil Midnight Bomber What Bombs at Midnight with Dr. Doom. Yeah Baby!"
Why? "He was a Cool Kilowog. R.I.P."
Why? "They call him Mister Fixit."
Why? "WEASEL!!!!!"
Why? "Best Doomsday Ever."
Why? "Darkseid."
Why? "Three Flashes Plus Smallville equals Superhero."
Why? "Dormammu and Etrigan"
Why? "Adam Strange."
Why? "A Great Actor."
Why? "I just love his Sense of Humor."
Why? "No One Arrests the Leading voice in the Video game Industry."
Why? "How Dashing is Charles Xavier? Watch TED & Find Out. There are somethings that Xavier never says."
Why? "He's Buzz Lightyear, The Tick, Kronk, Lok, Joe Swanson, Lok, Bronson Stone, and the Gay guy from ted."
Why? "Scarier than Venger and the Predator combined."
Why? "He is Freaky."
Why? "Robocop."
Why? "He's Hermes & a Fanboy."
Why? "Come on, He's Odo."
Why? "I want Banner!"
Why? "Cyclops!"
Why? "The Vision of CBS."
Why? "Versatile Creator and Voice Actor of Family Guy American Dad and the Cleveland Show."
Why? "Excelsior!"
Why? "You know Who Else likes Steven Blum? MY MOM!"
Why? "He does a Great Job at Voicing Norman Osborn & The Ultimate Green Goblin. Trapster is also part."
Why? "He's Not Dinkleberg, but Biff."
Why? "G. Gordon Godfrey, Nigel Thornberry, & Dr. Morroco all in one."
Why? "A Lot of Characters he did."
Why? "He was a Good Voice. Among with Magneto, Galactus, Chairface Chippendale, Shere-Khan, Frodo, Baron Mordo & Sul-Van."
Why? "He cause too many girls to squeal hard."
Why? "You dont go through life Expecting Superman Or Anyone else who can save him."
Why? "The Almighty Tallest Red Riddler."
Why? "He's Ben Tennyson. The ultimate alien superhero."
#1 All Time Favorite
Nemesis Enforcer
Why? "My Brother Says That's Peter Cullen scares him. But Nemesis Enforcer does'nt scare me."
Why? "He always finds a Weakspot on COBRA."
Why? "Almost Saved the Show."
Why? "Bite My Shiny Metal Ass!"
Why? "One Funky Monkey."
Why? "One Crazy Chemist."
Why? "He's Not the DC Superhero. But the GI Joe Flyboy."
Why? "Obscure...yet great."
Why? "I Sell Propane"
Why? "The Loudmouth Breakout Character of the Show."
Why? "I Am Weasel!"
Why? "Dont you Know Who He Is? HE'S THE JUGGERNAUT!!!"
Why? "Best Time Traveling Supervillian ever."
Why? "He's Like the Lamest Batman Villian Yet."
Why? "Im your Lost Cat! I'm Coming at Ya!"
Why? "He's Like Wolverine, but more Badass."
Why? "Here we Go!"
Why? "One Crazy Inhuman."
Why? "Single File, Single File!"
Why? "A Dangerous Man. Oh My!"
Why? "Bing Bong."
Why? "You know who else like Muscle Man's Brother? MY MOM!"
Why? "He's a Meme. BLAAAARGH!"
Why? "He Has a Spray Can for a Head."
Why? "Hello, It's Me!"
Why? "I was man who lost Perspective, but I'm man no longer. Only a savage destructive beast. Of such a beast who deserves to be alone."
Why? "Know that he is Serpentor. THIS I COMMAND!"
Why? "Sure it's Hamill, but as Skips it's like the Bestest role yet."
Why? "He just Like to Consume Machinery."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
I Am Weasel
Why? "Best Spin Off Ever."
Why? "It a Batman series, under the likeness of Blade Runner."
Why? "The Greatest Superhero Animated Series Ever Aired."
Why? "A show filled with amazing other DC Characters."
Why? "It's About Being Old School."
Why? "It's Freakin Cool."
Why? "Crazy, funny, creepy, surreal, Courage the Cowardly Dog did it all with a variety of characters and its own strange sense of humor."
Why? "One of the Most Iconic Shows of the 90s."
Why? "Greatest Science Fintion Series to Date."
Why? "I guess the Best G.I. Joe series yet."
Why? "Way better than Avengers."
Why? "A Pretty Nice Show. :)"
Why? "WOAH! It's Gold."
Why? "One of the Funniest of the 1990s."
Why? "So Many Overachiving Clues & Voices."
Why? "The most Scariest Anthlogy Series ever made."
Why? "The Best Hulk Show."
Why? "Good use of Satire."
Why? "One of my Favorite Shows when I was a kid."
Why? "Marvel's 1st ever cartoon to ever "Break" the 4th Wall."
Why? "Marvel's longest Running Cartoon."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "This is the most Funniest Comedy of 2012 I have ever seen. Not Only that, Seth uses Motion Capture for moving ted."
Why? "By god, It was Great."
Why? "Best Animated film with alot of fan favorite voices."
Why? "Might I Ask? Prime's Last Words is one of the Best parts of the Film.."
Why? "Greatest to date."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Optimus Prime
Why? "One Reason it's Not to be Afriad of Peter Cullen."
Why? "Red is the color of both Rage & Evil."
Why? "So many voices to chose from, so Many!"
Why? "Let's give credit to Bumper Robinson."
Why? "Quite a Crazy Chemist."
Why? "The Big Alien rips up the phony secratary Tseng and opens up, the little Alien."
Why? "The Biggest Jerk of the Green Lantern Corps. Plus he's voiced by Batman."
Why? "Remar will always be a Favorite voice of the Character."
Why? "A Pretty Mean Joe."
Why? "The Juggernaut is John DiMaggio's Breakout role of the Marvel Universe."
Why? "Never how I Seen A Compare with a Cockney Accentt in a Live Action Movie. And Yet has a nice ring to it."
Why? "No one mess with the Main Man!"
Why? "And the Role belongs to Mark Hamill."
Why? "Like Vandal Savage, Ra's Al Ghul is also Immortal. But Dee Bradley Baker is where it is."
Why? "Both North and Remar are the Black Mask and Sideswipe."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Lego Batman 2: DC Super Heroes
Why? "The first Lego Game to Ever Talk, plus It's Open World Like Arkham City."
Why? "Best Game of 2011."