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Voice Actor
Jay Goede
Why? "One of the most under appreciated voice actors of all time, had a remarkable and unique performance as Mewtwo that everyone should see."
Why? "A very good voice for King Cold."
Why? "He has a really unique, deep, raspy, menacing voice that gave me the creeps as Baby when I was little. He's fantastic as Kite as well."
Why? "Sauron."
Why? "Tarantulas, need I say more?"
Why? "Leslie Knope!"
Why? "Reeeeeeeeepo Maaaaaaaaan!"
Why? "April Ludgate!"
Why? "Spooky Boogie!"
Why? "That amazing, rich deep voice..."
Why? "There's just something so likable about him, his acting is corny for the most part but that's exactly why I love it."
Why? "Responsible for all the iconic and recognizable sound effects in Star Wars, this man is a genius. He was also WALL-E!"
Why? "He's Phoenix Wright, what's not to like?"
Why? "Her best role is Seattle Montoya, it's amazing how she even looks like her character as well. A great performance from a great actress!"
Why? "Its Davy Jones."
Why? "Diablo."
Why? "She had an awesome performance as the evil snake Messina, a shame she's not acting anymore but oh well. She was hilarious in Hot Fuzz too."
Why? "Bob Bergen has had quite a wide array of roles and I always find him really entertaining! I quite like him and I'm glad he still gets work."
Why? "Not really into Crash Bandicoot at all, never really got into it, but he's a good actor with a lot of range, seems like a nice guy too."
Why? "He IS Vegeta!"
Why? "BABU!"
Why? "Bruce Boxleitner is literally the embodiment, heart and soul of Tron! I literally cannot imagine anyone else doing justice to the character."
Why? "The entire Spider-man trilogy, their video game tie-ins, but most importantly...Ash Williams in Evil Dead and Army of Darkness!"
Why? "He was downright perfect for Rez, providing a deep menacing voice. He also gave him a downright iconic evil laugh that I'll never forget."
Why? "I prefer his live action work over his voice work, but he's a huge badass and there's no denying that."
Why? "He was awesome in both Breaking Bad AND the remake of Total Recall, his acting can get really intense at times. He IS Walter White."
Why? "The King"
Why? "I really like the punk tone he brought to Kaneda, but I also really liked him as Liquid Snake. Clarke's got quite a lot of range."
Why? "Excellent voice for Rampage"
Why? "Carl Macek gets a lot of flak, but it's thanks to him that anime was brought to America in the first place. I can't praise this guy enough."
Why? "She's very versatile, she's also Marino! That's pretty much all I needed."
Why? "He's Shang Tsung, the movie was my introduction to Mortal Kombat and I still think he was the best at portraying the character."
Why? "He was great and fitting for the dimwitted Buckfire and his Dhaos voice is so hilariously bad that it's downright legendary."
Why? "I love life in Paaaaaddy's puuuuuuub!"
Why? "Pierce you're a B!"
Why? "HEEEEE IS, THE GREAT, MIGHTY POO! Its too bad his voice was altered so horribly in the remake, proof you just can't beat the original game!"
Why? "He imitates Jack Mercer downright flawlessly he was also pretty good on his own as Grumper."
Why? "ANDY!"
Why? "Your mother's wrong kid, being afraid of the dark is what keeps most of us alive..."
Why? "Do I need a reason?"
Why? "Doc Brown, Judge Doom, Rasputin...just a great quirky actor with a lot of range."
Why? "Such a fantastic actor, has an excellent classy yet sinister performance as the Grand Duke of Owls, he really made that character his own."
Why? "This un****ING believable."
Why? "One of the funniest guys from Whose Line, his "Scene to Rap" parts are always the best and he has great chemistry with Ryan."
Why? "Oh, hello Ryo!"
Why? "This guy has voiced so many awesome characters and does a great job on every one of them."
Why? "A very good voice for Megatron and Galvatron, or as he's known in the Japanese version, Gigatron and Devil Gigatron."
Why? "Its Abed."
Why? "Pegasus, Splinter...and a great singing voice for Giovanni in Pokemon Live! This guy has a lot of talent and it shows."
Why? "Had very few roles, but has a great voice nonetheless."
Why? "A great voice actor with tons of range, you'd never guess that Gary from Gungrave and the Anti-Spiral were the same guy."
Why? "He is the mighty EPSILON! He has such an awesome deep and charismatic voice."
Why? "Hey waiter, how bout some beer down here?"
Why? "He was magnificent as Tatsumaru!"
Why? "A poor man doomed to repeat the same words over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over an"
Why? "David Kaye has always been my favourite Megatron, he brought a cunning calculating personality to one of the greatest villains ever."
Why? "Another great serious Shredder performance, it's difficult for me to decide whether I like him or Ray more. Both did very good work on him."
Why? "He's Sark."
Why? "Heavens to Murgatroyd, my favourite role of his is Snagglepuss, but he's had tons of other great roles! Yogi Bear, even!"
Why? "His voice in Melee just brings back so many memories, he also had the best evil laugh for both Master Hand and Crazy Hand."
Why? "A beautiful singing voice for Angel, her duet with Robin Zander is the stuff of absolute perfection, it's so memorable!"
Why? "Baker's a versatile voice actor, my favourite performances of his are probably Letz Shake and Carnage."
Why? "A cunning and devious voice for Dr. Eggman, one of my favourite voices for him for sure."
Why? "The best voice for Death."
Why? "His work as the Narrator from Dragonball Z is absolutely classic!"
Why? "The first Boba Fett, the first Sabretooth, and the smooth raspy yet charismatic and creepy Mok Swagger, his best role. Impressive stuff!"
Why? "Made, and then after so many years, finally released some of the best songs I've ever heard. "Who is the Boss" and "Face to the Wind""
Why? "TURK!"
Why? "He voiced one of my favourite Predacons Terrorsaur, who was the first Beast Wars toy I ever had, how could I not love him?"
Why? "DOOM."
Why? "Not only did he voice Scorpion for 17 years since 2010, he created one of the most iconic fighting games of all time. "GET OVER HERE!""
Why? "Edwyn Tiong has such a smooth, cool voice. With a wide variety of roles to his name, he's guaranteed to make anyone sound smug and awesome."
Why? "Contributed to the E Nomine song Morgane Le Fay"
Why? "He was a part of Monty Python, and he always seems to have a blast even in weaker films."
Why? "Ren is Fuku-san and Fuku-san is Ren, that was REALLY surprising. Eric has quite a bit of range, he was great as Cpt Falcon, Aeolus and Chen."
Why? "Makes for an awesome Meta Knight voice!"
Why? "Has played some great roles and is very versatile, its a shame he retired, but I wish him luck in his singing career nonetheless."
Why? "Don't mess with her funky flow!"
Why? "She was my instructor at Voiceworx, she's professional, friendly and encouraging overall definitely knows her stuff when it comes to acting."
Why? "So...many...roles...he's awesome. A master at what he does, what more needs to be said?"
Why? "Optimus Primal, Grounder, Captain Rescue...from heroes to comedic dopes to heroic comedic dopes, Garry Chalk has a lot of range."
Why? "He introduced me to Thanos, his powerful intimidating voice always comes to mind when I see Thanos...he simply IS the embodiment of Thanos!"
Why? "I find his performance as Kuro to be very underrated, personally."
Why? "An awesome live-action actor, the only memorable and hilarious performance as Ruber in Quest for Camelot and a decrepit voice for Marley."
Why? "I'd kill to have a voice as cool as his, my favourite role of his has to be Bronze Tiger but I didn't know he was the Phantom Ghost, cool!"
Why? "Was a great choice to play Red, that performance alone made him one of my favourite Non Disney villains, he was the best part about ADGTH2."
Why? "He is the very model of a modern major general."
Why? "One of my favourite actors, he was badass as Leonidas in 300 and he was awesome as the Phantom in The Phantom of the Opera"
Why? "His Scarab voice sounded so calm and yet so menacing. He really needs to voice act more."
Why? "He contributed to the E Nomine song Laetitia. And wow, Broly AND Tetsuo."
Why? "Gus from Breaking Bad and Gilbert from Community."
Why? "I mostly know this guy from the Red Green Show, he's also a fellow Canadian and he shares my last name, we might be related."
Why? "Really stood out as Mujika in Mushi-Shi"
Why? "Played a great Cyborg Ninja and was pretty cool as Onikage. Seems to be a great actor overall."
Why? "The youthful sound and attitude he brought to Omar perfectly embodied the character. Gregory Salata IS Omar! I cannot accept anyone else."
Why? "Hearing Isaac talk was surprising at first, but I got used to it and he quickly grew into the role. He just sounds so cool as Isaac Clarke."
Why? "Was one of the few Half Life actors to be in ALL of the games, that is a pretty great task to accomplish...and such a memorable voice, too!"
Why? " YAO! KING OF THE ROCK...and there's nothin' you little girls can do about it."
Why? "He contributed to the E Nomine songs Das Böse and Schwarze Sonne, he's Samuel L. Jackson's dub over and voiced Grievous, Darkseid & Shredde"
Why? "Oh my goodness LEVI, MAN! MY MAIN MAN! He brings Captain Levi's stern no-nonsense badass personality to life with his performance!"
Why? "Sunday Monday Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Thursday Friday Saturday, Sunday comes again!"
Why? "One of my favourite Gokus, my favourite Bob voice and a great Cheetor too, this guy has a youthful, energetic and heroic voice."
Why? "At this point, who doesn't love her as Elsa? She has an absolutely beautiful, phenomenal singing voice."
Why? "He sang during the exact moment where Mok summoned a demon, that is hardcore! He's also a great singer too."
Why? "Odion, Zodd, Bason and Magnum Tutor, this guy just has an awesome deep bellowing and commanding voice."
Why? "The End AND Death Metal? WOAH!"
Why? "His voice for Astaroth simply cannot be matched."
Why? "Brought a distinct classy voice to Leon which made him my favourite Star Fox character, he has a memorable voice, lots of talent and range."
Why? "Jack Black fought against Satan in a rock off and won, he also looks for octagons in his spare time. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN...TENACIOUS...D!"
Why? "Even though I'm not a huge fan of his voice as Felix, I absolutely LOVED his outrageously entertaining and angry voice as the Professor!"
Why? "Had an amazing and thoroughly menacing performance as Master Albert in ZX Advent, bringing what is now one of my favourite villains to life."
Why? "I felt he was actually pretty good as Chromedome for the most part. Plus he had some hilarious moments as both Domey and Scorponok."
Why? "While Ryan was the Sonic of my teenage years, Jaleel White was Sonic's voice during my childhood and he sounded so cocky that he was great!"
Why? "Fantastic comedic performance for Shredder. Bonus points for being Uncle Phill."
Why? "Made Galactus so omnipotent sounding, his powerful performance sent chills down my spine!"
Why? "He's awesome for his roles as Darth Vader and the Emperor of the Night."
Why? "Jackie Chan and Shendu had the same actor?! Damn, that's awesome. This guy is talented!"
Why? "He was cold and chilling as Siarnaq, a perfect robotic voice for him. I still prefer the Japanese laugh but he still did a fantastic job."
Why? "He essentially defined Tetsuo during his psychotic moments and his cries of agony in the mutation scene were powerful and chilling."
Why? "JENNA!"
Why? "George Costanza."
Why? "Blade of the Phantom Master introduced me to him and I've been a fan ever since. Such a smooth, relaxed voice that makes anyone sound cool."
Why? "I would've never expected Randy to voice so many villains. Comedic AND versatile, who knew?"
Why? "Farmer is my hero and I strive to be like him every day, Jason Statham rocks!"
Why? "Here's something for you to chew on!"
Why? "Jeff's voices in the Digimon dubs were good but his Nicholas D. Wolfwood is absolute perfection. The best voice for the character by far!"
Why? "He had a great deep quiet and menacing voice sounding like Illidan, he looks hilarious in this picture, its just tragic that he died so soon"
Why? "GREAT! I'll grab my stuff!"
Why? "Jennifer Hale has tons of range, playing so many different kinds of characters! Black Cat/Felicia Hardy has to be my favourite role of hers."
Why? "One reason: Scar. That is all."
Why? "To say this guy is a versatile voice actor would be an understatement. Truly one of the best in the business."
Why? "So insane yet so likeable and intense as Father Grigori, and he was great and quotable as Bill too. I also liked his Fisherman. So talented!"
Why? "It's the Dean!"
Why? "He contributed to the E Nomine songs Die 10 Gebote, Die Sintflut, Per l'Eternita and Das Tier in mir (Wolfen)"
Why? "Dr. Cox"
Why? "He connects to the internet with his mind, he also has a shiny metal ass that everyone bites. Not to mention he was General Grievous."
Why? "His performance as the Horned King was so creepy and badass."
Why? "We never saw Gabriel again."
Why? "I'm not really a huge fan of his performances as General Pepper and ROB 64 but he hit the nail right on the head as General Scales."
Why? "I really enjoyed his performance as Vash, he was absolutely perfect in the role. He's also hilarious as Kaneda! So witty and likable."
Why? "He's pretty much THE go-to-guy for playing awesome anti hero characters, my favourite roles of his are Protoman and Spider."
Why? "A great scheming voice for Marik and an even better voice for the deep demonic insane voice that Yami Marik had, he's his most iconic voice."
Why? "Made for a great Cobra Commander in the film, he just had one of those deep scratchy threatening voices that was just awesome for a villain."
Why? "Of all the Odex actors, I feel he shows the most promise."
Why? "On one hand, he's the heroic Tai, yet on the opposite end of the spectrum he's both Young Knives AND Tetsuo. WHOA! He seems like a nice guy."
Why? "Has one of the coolest voices ever. Really stood out in The Apple as the Hippie Leader and Mr. Topps."
Why? "Elaine Elaine, it's me-me-George! Elaine Elaine, it's me-me-George!"
Why? "He contributed to the E Nomine songs Seit Anbeginn der Zeit and Der Prophet."
Why? "The ONLY voice for Arthas Menethil as far as I'm concerned! He also was a great voice for Ryu Hayabusa, he needs more roles."
Why? "Larzuk from Diablo 2, the creepiest Imhotep voice, he's a great actor. He even responded to my comment which was REALLY cool!"
Why? "Did phenomenal work as his version of Beta Ray Bill, very well acted and made him a very tragic character. He's also the president of ACTRA."
Why? "LimePopsicle's Wife."
Why? "He voices some great villains like Venom, Mr. Freeze and Trigon and he also voiced Dr. Kyne from Dead Space who I really liked."
Why? "The Best Friends Gang"
Why? "He's the Boogie man."
Why? "Most of his roles sound the same but not only are there times where it works, he actually can show off his range when given the chance."
Why? "Another great voice for Goku, but he REALLY fit Miroku and had a really calm and cool voice for Elecman. Has an awesome laid back tone."
Why? "His performance as Knives was incredibly intense. A shame he isn't doing anymore voice work."
Why? ""Demons have overrun my spire." Knute Horwitz was awesome and unique sounding as Shinnok."
Why? "I've heard her Launch before and while I remember she sounded good there, her best role will always be Ferham. Such an emotional character!"
Why? "Can you see, he's the man, let me hear you applaud he is more than a man, he's a shiny golden God."
Why? "I love him in literally every role I've seen him in, he's absolutely perfect for badass villains and anti-heroes on screen or otherwise."
Why? "Since she's had so many roles and shows quite a lot of range, I often consider her to be the female equivalent of Jim Cummings."
Why? "He was great as Thrax with his slick cool delivery, it was by far my favourite vocal performance of his. Also great as Morpheus."
Why? "The iconic narrator of Seaman, his most well known role."
Why? "My personal favourite out of all the Gex voices, he was the one I grew up with, making his suave tone the iconic voice for the character."
Why? "I know her mostly from her work as Milly Thompson, but MAN that was a good role for her. She was really likable and a lot of fun to watch."
Why? "A worthy successor for Illidan and a fantastic War voice as well, he just has one of those deep voices that are always awesome to listen to."
Why? "I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG! He had such a brilliant performance as Robotnik and was actually a great singer too."
Why? "My name is Mok, thanks a lot!"
Why? "ZERO!"
Why? "Magnitude."
Why? "The sheer emotion it brings into all of its roles is absolutely astounding...but seriously MacInTalk was actually fitting and cool as AUTO."
Why? "Her two main voices I grew up with were Meowth and Solomon Muto, but she's done plenty of other great roles as well and had a lot of range."
Why? "He clearly had a lot of fun voicing Aku and that made him incredibly fun to listen to, he was just as hammy as he was threatening. R.I.P"
Why? "His voice is pretty classy, hammy, cool and I love most of his roles. Special mention goes to his Lord Maliss and Mad Mod performances!"
Why? "His voice as Dr. Gerald Robotnik was just downright haunting, much better than Pollocks. His Vector voice is pretty good too."
Why? "His performance as Julius Drive was perfect, he just has one of those voices that is just always awesome to listen to no matter what."
Why? "Oh, the laughs you have given me."
Why? "He really had the best X voice, a shame he retired. But in the end it's his decision and I respect it, still, hope you come back someday."
Why? "The Joker, the Spectre and tons of other great roles. Mark Hamill has proven time and time again that he has amazing range."
Why? "The voice of one of my favourite Star Wars villains Desann, I just wish the character appeared more and that he would reprise his role."
Why? "Bilbo and Tim of course!"
Why? "He contributed to the E Nomine songs Himmel & Hölle, Ave Maria, Aus dem Jenseits, Carpe Noctem and Opus Magnum, he's also Kain & Soldier 76"
Why? "Not only was she Daphne in my favourite Scooby-Doo movie, she was also Lady Kagami, one of the most well developed characters in Tenchu!"
Why? "He's Anakin AND his last name is Lucas! WHOA! But he's not related to George Lucas. Still a pretty cool coincidence though!"
Why? "Love his voice for Illidan, it set the bar for the monologuing badass!"
Why? "You can't touch this der ner ner ner, ner ner, ner ner"
Why? ""Holaaaaa..." This guy has such amazing range, he's fantastic as Nappa, Magnetman.EXE, and my personal favourite role of his, Goth."
Why? "A great voice actor, my personal favourite role of his being Frank Horrigan."
Why? "The Lich King, Big Daddy, Seth...this guy has loads of good roles, those just happen to be my favourites."
Why? "They FOOLED me Jerry!"
Why? "You went around and around in circles, until you wound up in Malaysia like some DRUNK WHO LOST HIS WAY!"
Why? "I love him mostly for his creepy otherworldly G-man and Nihilanth performances, his Barney voice was very good too! He is very versatile."
Why? "His voice as Fox was downright iconic. His voice as his father wasn't bad either."
Why? "Baal"
Why? "The only tolerable thing about Skelter Heaven were her songs in the opening and ending credits. She has a beautiful singing voice!"
Why? "His voice as Dr. Challus Mercer was haunting and chilling, really sadistic sounding and well acted. I love his accent too. He just rocks."
Why? "It's the Janitor."
Why? "Ron Swanson and Metalbeard, this guy rocks!"
Why? "Oliver Becker brought a deep emotional complexity to Adam Warlock, he wasn't too bad as Absorbing Man either, wish he stuck with VAing."
Why? "She's great as Marceline, her voice fits the character perfectly and she's fantastic and singing. Here's hoping she gets even more roles!"
Why? "I've heard her Launch before and while I remember she sounded good there, her best role will always be Ferham. Such an emotional character!"
Why? "Raoul! "She may not remember me, but I remember her.""
Why? "While he was rather lacking and forced in SCIII he MORE than made up for it in SCIV, he's now my favourite Nightmare voice. So demonic!"
Why? "He's done some great villain roles such as Naraku, Dr. Wily, Sideways and much much more, he is a very diverse and distinct voice actor."
Why? "Paul Eiding has such a cool voice, I always associate his voice with Colonel Roy Campbell from Metal Gear but I also liked his Shiunsai too!"
Why? "The most iconic voice for the Silver Surfer"
Why? "A very fantastic, smug, haughty sounding voice for Raphael, very memorable and fitting overall! Really wish he had more roles."
Why? "Made for a great voice for the honourable Rikimaru and on the other end of the spectrum, a threatening voice for Lan Di."
Why? "He had such a deep and demonic voice, a shame he didn't have anymore roles, he could have gone far."
Why? "He was the Merchant which was one of the coolest voices ever...oh yeah and some guy named Leon, he was pretty cool too...uh...MERCHANT! YEAH"
Why? "This probably has nothing to do with voice acting, but I absolutely LOVED his performance in Road to Perdition, R.I.P Paul Newman."
Why? "He played my favourite evil character in Repo! The Genetic Opera, Rotti Largo. He's a magnificent actor and a fantastic singer as well."
Why? "OH LOOK WHAT CLEVER CHILLLDRENNN! Peter Berkrot did a fantastic job in voicing I.M.Meen, he has such a great villain song."
Why? "A pretty good actor, its just a shame he got kicked down a hole by Gerard Butler. I hope he's doing well."
Why? "My favourite role of his has to be the Duke of Zill, of course! His voice made the character incredibly memorable and entertaining."
Why? "Abruzzi was such an awesome character, he needed to last longer!"
Why? "Hi, I'm Troy Mcclure, you may remember me from such films as..."
Why? "Who told you to put the balm on? I didn't tell you to put the balm on! Do you even know what a balm is?"
Why? "My favourite role of his is probably Xion from Bloody Roar."
Why? "Makes for a good voice for Dr. Wheelo."
Why? "Really distinct in all of her roles in Pokemon, very talented! I'm glad she seems to still be getting roles."
Why? "Daniel-san!"
Why? "Randall Wiebe is not only perfect for the role of Dr. Light, he even sort of looks like him. He was great as Earthrock Trilobyte and Gaudile"
Why? "It's a jungle out there."
Why? "Provided Alejandro's voice, that's the only reason I need."
Why? "LEGATO. BLUESUMMERS. That is all."
Why? "General Grievous is great, Dr. Peace is great, everything about him is just great."
Why? "I love his voicework as M. Bison, Rhinox, Ginyu and Porunga. He can sound really authoritative, wise and downright comedic at the same time."
Why? "A brilliant animator who put so much love and detail into his work, he truly knew his craft...and I for one, loved Thief and the Cobbler!"
Why? "An underrated voice actor who has many diverse roles in SF64 which he was fantastic in and has a wide vocal range, he deserves more roles."
Why? "He's given me a lot of laughs."
Why? "Has the rare distinction of playing both Batman AND Spider-man."
Why? "2wo"
Why? "I thought I'd hate him as Cobra Commander but he was actually really great! A believable transition from JGL. Destro, you're out of the band"
Why? "He was great as Breen, its just tragic that he died. I'll always remember you as Breen, R.I.P."
Why? "Mostly for Freddy Krueger but he made for a surprisingly good Riddler as well. Give the man any role and he's bound to make it awesome."
Why? "Both Rafiki AND Eli Vance, he did a good job with both of them!"
Why? "Robin was awesome as Travis Touchdown, he's had some other great roles too."
Why? "He was my favourite actor as a kid, he always had this certain charm and infectious energy that was unique to him and him alone."
Why? "He brought his awesome raspy vocals to Omar and as a result was an awesome singing voice for the character. Robin Zander rocks!"
Why? "The iconic voice for Vile!"
Why? "Contributed to the E Nomine songs Die Schwarzen Reiter and Hexenjagd."
Why? "He was great as both the Lord of the Dead from King's Quest VI and as Terrax, I loved his deep threatening voice in both those roles."
Why? "Provided Ben's iconic voice, words cannot describe how awesome his performance was. R.I.P."
Why? "I grew up with his version of Sonic, I really like the energy he brought to the character, as well as the menace he brought to Metal Sonic."
Why? "A very underrated actor who needs more roles, I really enjoyed his work as Shadow."
Why? "He's so confused all the time. So clueless, gotta love him."
Why? "The best voice for Knuckles."
Why? "WOW his range!"
Why? "He's Scott Mcneil, he was a huge part of my childhood and has so many roles that I still love, what more needs to be said?"
Why? "Uh Oh!"
Why? "His portrayal of Shredder was downright fantastic, a very good serious performance for such a great villain."
Why? "Most people know him as Boromir from Lord of the Rings but while he was great there, I personally recognize him as Ulric from Black Death."
Why? "He's had so many great roles and his manner of speaking is just so memorable and iconic. His Scottish accent probably helps. He's so great!"
Why? "He was the best as Onikage, he sounded insane, unique, menacing and VERY entertaining to listen to. So over the top, but he made it work."
Why? "How about...NO, Scott, okay?"
Why? "Penis hair."
Why? "I love the way she sings, and I always thought her voice was unique and could lend itself well to voice acting."
Why? "He had a lot of energy and passion in his Fox voice in Smash Bros. I wonder why he isn't acting anymore."
Why? "She's the main character of one of my favourite horror series, how do you not go for that?"
Why? "HAIL THE DARK EMPEROR! MY NAME IS SIXSHOT, NOW YOU KNOW WHO I AM, LOOK OUT! He has a surprisingly cool voice, I'm glad we know who he is."
Why? "Along with other comic book greats like Jack Kirby, he's the heart and soul of Marvel."
Why? "Right, time to sleep!"
Why? "He has such a cool voice and so much energy to boot, I love it!"
Why? "His singing is ridiculously good, especially for a big ape like Donkey Kong. He makes every song he sings incredibly passionate and catchy."
Why? "This guy is a master at what he does. He has so many roles that I like, it's hard to pick a favourite."
Why? "His voice for Gargoyle is one of the most passionate and unique villain voices I've ever heard, but I also like his voice for Midvalley!"
Why? "An underrated VA, while I don't approve of the changes the studio made to the movie, Lively is the best guy they could have gotten for Tack."
Why? "He's hilarious and a lot of people compare me to him, I guess we do have a similar sense of humor, we're both pretty wacky guys!"
Why? "If the women don't find you handsome, they should at least find you handy."
Why? ""NOT ENOUGH SCARABS" Definitely one of the standouts from Star Fox Adventures, and played one of the more memorable, interesting characters."
Why? "Susan Roman has definitely played some great characters in her career, but Angel is hands down my favourite. She was perfect in the role!"
Why? "From heroes to villains and being just as good at both, Sakurai has a lot of range, my favourite role of his is definitely Makishima."
Why? "I loved him as Nightmare from Soul Calibur 2, this man definitely needs more roles!"
Why? "Oh man no kidding, its Stottlemeyer!"
Why? "Giovanni, Yami Bakura, King Dedede and Escargoon, this guy has a diverse range voicing cunning schemers to comedic villains."
Why? "Contributed to the Enomine songs Bibelworte des Allmächtigen, Im Zeichen des Zodiak and Nebelpfade. He's also both Sly AND Schwarzenegger!"
Why? "He has just had so many great roles that its not even funny."
Why? "He has a fantastic deep voice that was absolutely perfect for Cortez, it was awesome while still being funny. Very action hero-like."
Why? "Well the important thing is family and friendship honesty values and no one got arrested!"
Why? "Mammoth and Leverage"
Why? "Tom got to showcase some incredible range and did his best to stay true to every character's mannerisms and subtle nuances."
Why? "Played the sophisticated older Harry MacDowel to perfection, and was a believable transition from Tony Oliver's younger Harry MacDowel."
Why? "Perfect as Shinya Kogami."
Why? "I could listen to his voice all day and never get tired of it. He had lots of good roles, too. It helps that I love villains."
Why? "He sounded so cocky as Harry MacDowel, you could tell he had a lot of fun with the role and it worked, his acting was just incredible."
Why? "He had quite his fair share of roles in the original dub of Akira all of which I enjoyed in different ways. Pope had a lot of range."
Why? "Monk"
Why? "Decent as Yamcha, FANTASTIC as Illumi!"
Why? "Riddick, Xander Cage, The Iron Giant and Groot"
Why? "Vincent Price has such a charismatic voice, he's the master of horror and I love his role as Zigzag."
Why? "He's evil."
Why? "It's Bellick"
Why? "A legend who created one of the largest and most successful animation studios. He may be gone but his legacy will forever live on..."
Why? "Dr. Wheelo, Turles, Desertman, Stoneman, Big Blue...the list of iconic and awesome performances this guy has had goes on and on."
Why? "He's the best Cervantes!"
Why? "I admittedly am not very familiar with most of his work, but oh my GOD his laugh as Siarnaq is so psychotic, it sends chills down my spine."
Why? "22 SKIDOO! What will you do with your traaaaaaaaash?"
Why? "NEWMAN!"
Why? "Lots of range, lots of roles. Sometimes I can't even recognize her! My favourite roles of her have to be Kei and Nadia but they're all cool."
Why? "Gob!"
Why? "Coolest voice for the Green Goblin"
Why? "An excellent actor whether he was on screen or voicing a character. He always brought a lot of personality to all the characters he played."
Why? "He's okay in my book!"
Why? "So endearing as DuBois, he made him the best character in Deep Fear. Seems like he'd be a cool guy to hang out with, thank you Winston Kirk."
Why? "The fact that she doesn't have many more roles to her name is a crime! She's PERFECT as Mikasa!"
Why? "He made Eren Jaeger the awesome complex character that he is!"
Why? "Zorky's stalker."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of my favourite villains by far, I love Seiichi Hirai's over the top performance, it sounds so strange yet so insane and it fits."
Why? "Have to admit, I think I preferred this design for Lord Dominator. Reminded me a lot of Sauron, but more of a lava powered alien version."
Why? "Cool, cool cool cool."
Why? "Oh my God"
Why? "I didn't care much for Soul Calibur 3 itself but Abyss was a pretty awesome final boss, even if he was a little easy."
Why? "Shut...up."
Why? "NEXT TIME I BETTER NOT CATCH YOU SNEAKING BEHIND ME! My hideout is for members only! *ERRRRH*"
Why? "A likable and relatable main character that receives a tremendous amount of development throughout the course of the series."
Why? "Aku is a great character and Mako is at his best in this role. This is definitely my favourite performance of his."
Why? "A leader with a mechanical arm, what's not to like?"
Why? "My favourite fan fiction author. Bruce X Selina FTW!"
Why? "Hate...let me tell you how much I've come to HATE you since I began to live."
Why? "Sadistic Christopher Lambert, that is all."
Why? "Greatest redneck stereotype I've ever seen! Phillip Wilburn was great as Android 13 and it sounded like he had a lot of fun playing him."
Why? "Angel is a strong, passionate character who sticks by her friends despite what she goes through. Gotta admire that."
Why? "Anubarak is a great unit with a monstrous voice in Warcraft 3, I wish I knew who voiced him since it was so much better than his WoW voice."
Why? "She a poor, concerned overprotective mother that just really cares about her son, and it's so heartwarming seeing them reunite."
Why? "He trained Rikimaru to be the honourable guy he is today, who knew? He also has such a cool voice provided by Paul Eiding!"
Why? "Lord of the Rings: Extended Edition"
Why? "This guy's crazy!"
Why? "Just look at his face and his blades, what other reason do you need?"
Why? "Just a likable guy."
Why? "My favourite Barry Gjerde role, he's downright iconic in how cheesy and hilarious his voice is. The lines he says are downright legendary."
Why? "Whether it's his classic or EXE incarnation, Bass is always a badass anti hero and one of the most awesome characters from the series."
Why? "I've just always liked their design, even if they're merely weak lackeys at best."
Why? "Loved this guy as a kid, although yeah he is dark for a children's movie. Still, Robin Williams plays this hilarious character brilliantly."
Why? "He's a professional with a cool voice, but he's also tragic."
Why? "Perfect representation of the audience."
Why? "He's the Renegade, he's also Frodo and Ryan, so don't mess with him."
Why? "Perhaps the most powerful and unique Dragonball Z villain ever, he's ruthless yet quirky and hilarious. What a joke maker! He's great."
Why? "The epitome of badass!"
Why? "Big Daddy don't like that."
Why? "FLICKY!"
Why? "Beardo. A beard like that MUST be respected. Beardo."
Why? "A character that two of my favourite actors voiced, excellent stuff!"
Why? "A badass character, even though he was given no personality in the movie, the comics and games expanded on him, though."
Why? "The most iconic of the puppets, also happens to be the coolest and creepiest looking one."
Why? "He's a complete badass and he shares my first name."
Why? "Before going in to the movie I thought he'd just be a mindless brute, but oh how wrong I was! This guy was ruthless and had tons of depth."
Why? "His voice is just too cool for school."
Why? "He's really charismatic and amusing and I love his beautiful singing. Ian Sinclair's voice actually reminds me a lot of Jack Skellington."
Why? "He's pretty unlikable at first but by the end of the series he gets to redeem himself during some intense moments, and Richard Newman rocks!"
Why? "He's a roughneck by chance, his name is Roughneck Chance! But he's also Bunji Kugashira, what a badass this guy is."
Why? "Kinda cool but not as cool as Blood War. Still cool though!"
Why? "Mostly for Krobo's youtube poops, but also because Garry Chalk is hilarious on his own as Captain Rescue."
Why? "He looks like he just smelled something really bad."
Why? "I freaking love how insane he is, Dee Bradley Baker gets that personality down perfectly which is why I love his voice for the character."
Why? "He's a hero to us all."
Why? "He's my best character in Soul Calibur along with Nightmare. Warren Rodgerson was downright iconic as Cervantes!"
Why? "Hilarious character with a badass voice, I didn't know Tony Jay would fit such a character but he did."
Why? "The coolest character in Xiaolin Showdown and one of the few who I can actually take seriously, I was surprised Jason Marsden voiced him."
Why? "Jet-Li would be awesome as this guy."
Why? "He's a jerk, but at least he tries to owe up to it."
Why? "An admirable Autobot hero that in my opinion is equal to that of the great Optimus Prime himself. ESPECIALLY showcases this in Headmasters."
Why? "Remember this..."
Why? "Style-wise he looked so out of place in Trigun and yet he has a really nice mustache and pipe. I LIKE HIM!"
Why? "Loved his Rise of the Cobra incarnation, he just had this awesome deep scratchy voice that's perfect for a menacing villain."
Why? "He's no Christopher Lambert, that's for sure. But he's an okay guy in his own way. He sounds so hilariously forced, it's great!"
Why? "The real brains behind Hater's plans. He has a lot of patience to deal with the stuff he did. Love this little nerd. COMMANDER PEEPERRRRRRS!"
Why? "Sleep well?"
Why? "I love the character as well as the idea behind him and his powers, but I confess I think his movies could've been a lot better."
Why? "He's desert."
Why? "The first Jeff Winkless role I've ever heard, I thought he sounded really cool and menacing and that got me interested in looking him up."
Why? "Such an interesting new take on the character and he's quite tough and fun to play as."
Why? "Cyrax has always been my favourite of the robotic ninja characters. His name, design, backstory and personality are all just so awesome."
Why? "How could I not love him, really?"
Why? "He showed up a LOT! Yeah he did get pretty annoying at times but you just have to give him credit for being persistent."
Why? "*awkward spastic movements* *cries out poop*"
Why? "My favourite boss in X8 his stage was pretty darn fun and his voice was cool and he was a weapons manufacturer, pretty cool stuff!"
Why? " my castle. He had a short but interesting role, with great voice work from Steve Blum."
Why? "The only good and interesting thing about that awful boring movie."
Why? "Do you fear death?"
Why? "He looks like he wants to kill me."
Why? "Mr. Deeds. He was the first problem everyone ever had, eff this guy!"
Why? "HERE!"
Why? "One of the more underrated Star Wars villains with his deep bellowing yet wise and calm voice and a commanding reptilian tone."
Why? "fatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfatfafa-"
Why? "Crotch laser. That is all."
Why? "He's a hilarious parody of Sherlock Holmes and Kevin Michael Richardson actually sounds distinct and unique in the role."
Why? "Give me one good raisin why I shouldn't favourite him!"
Why? "A warrior who may seem treacherous and is imperfect at times but when all is said an done he is heroic, honourable and completely badass."
Why? "What's your favourite flower? Mine's chocolate!"
Why? "Not only is he the funniest character in Xiaolin Showdown, he's also Newman and Zurg! But seriously Wayne Knight is a great actor."
Why? "She had a super cool ability and was pretty lethal, especially impressive considering she was up against Vash the Stampede!"
Why? "He just has this great commanding presence to him, but with that said he's also quite friendly. A kind and respectable authority figure."
Why? "My favourite character in Dead Space by far, with Navid Negahban providing his awesome voice that gave him his sadistic personality."
Why? "He's a nice guy."
Why? "He's definitely always been my favourite character in Nightmare Before Christmas, William Hickey's voice is just so sneering and sinister."
Why? ""We dreamed of creating the world's strongest Pokemon...and we succeeded..." Truly one of the most memorable opening sequences of any movie."
Why? "This isn't quite the Dark Emperor, but he's the next best thing. Guy Kazama foiled every one of his ambitions! *turns into a cyborg*"
Why? "It was cool that this Bergetian design carried over from Half Life 1, same with his voice. It was neat!"
Why? "Dr. Peace was my favourite boss, he had a great singing voice and awesome golden revolvers. I was sad when he died."
Why? "Weird Al is just perfect here."
Why? "Keith Szarabajka is amazing as the insane yet sympathetic and calm Dr. Terrence Kyne and I felt really bad for him by the end of the game."
Why? "It's Dr. Ting! What a guy, boy howdy!"
Why? "Haaaaaaaail foooooooort Breeeeeeeeeeen!"
Why? "An underrated Dragonball Z villain who had an awesome voice whether you're watching Ocean's or Funimation's version."
Why? "She's kind of a deus ex machina at times but she grew on me, mostly because of the hilarious and great voice Kathleen Barr provides her."
Why? "The best ever."
Why? "My name is Duffy, I'm a talking cat."
Why? "SPIKES!"
Why? "He's a cool, neat and funny character with many great moments and interesting effects are added to Cusse Mankuma's excellent voice."
Why? "That poor, stupid clueless."
Why? "He's over the top and fun to watch Brian Blessed did a great job as El Supremo and its a good example of his work, I could quote him all day"
Why? "So cocky and full of himself, he's such a lewd, obscene show off, but I can't help but love him. LET'S GET AWESOME!"
Why? "One of the evilest animated villains ever. The fact that he's voiced by James Earl Jones just makes him more awesome and badass!"
Why? "One of my favourite villains of all time voiced brilliantly by Dave Pettitt, it's the reason why Dave is one of my favourite VAs."
Why? "He's the man with many plans, also he HATES Batman. Wow."
Why? "A fantastic main character that goes through many surprising twists and turns throughout the show, he also has very unique powers."
Why? "It's cool how even though he started as a hoax, he ended up becoming an actual character and quite a mysterious and powerful one at that."
Why? "Oddly enough he was my favourite villain from Digimon, he's so ridiculous yet so awesome."
Why? "Creepy and intense, John DiMaggio rocked as this character!"
Why? "You remind me of a cat."
Why? "He's insane, but lovable. With a great eccentric accented and unhinged voice from Jim French!"
Why? "He was just so cool, clever and snarky in Twisted Tales whereas I find him ungodly annoying in everything else aside from the silent shorts."
Why? "FERGY!"
Why? "He's cool just like his father."
Why? "You've gotten a lot farther than you should have...but then you haven't met Frank Horrigan either."
Why? "She's a good leader who looks out for her people, Pam Hyatt was great in the role!"
Why? "By far my favourite villain in DBZ, he was so ruthless and cunning. I loved Pauline Newstone in the role and Chris Ayres seems good too."
Why? "One of Tony Jay's most well known roles and by far the most realistic Disney villains ever, not to mention he has a great villain song."
Why? "The immense power, the echoy voice, the awesome design...HHHHNNNNGGGGGGGGGG!"
Why? "The future version of the deep and complex Zamasu, not to mention he succeeded in his plans two times over, how can I not go for that?"
Why? "G-man is so creepy and enigmatic...and so awesome because of it. Mike Shapiro's unsettling constantly changing tone brings him to life!"
Why? "I can hardly see anymore."
Why? "She's just too cool, definitely my favourite of the Crystal Gems."
Why? "He's sleazy but he's also a nice guy."
Why? "*honk honk, honk honk* SMELLS GOOD, SMELLS GOOD!"
Why? "Grievous was awesome in the Clone Wars, he took on so many Jedi and lived to tell the tale. Such a shame he was dumbed down in the prequels"
Why? "HUGE missed opportunity on Rare's part for an awesome boss fight, although he's still a decent character overall."
Why? "He's voiced by Lance Henriksen, that alone makes him the epitome of badass! His powers are pretty awesome too though."
Why? "One of my favourite underrated video game heroes. This guy WAS my childhood and he really needs more video games."
Why? "I know I'm in the minority here, but I've always liked his design and character in the American movie and the series. Though now he's Zilla"
Why? "Ohshi-"
Why? "No one can beat the original four armed menace that is Goro, and no one ever will...*jump kicks him until he dies*"
Why? "The most interesting character of Silverwing, he's surprisingly charismatic for a cannibal bat and Michael Dobson sounds so smooth as Goth."
Why? "A sophisticated menacing villain, definitely Rock-A-Doodle's strongest character, with amazing voice work by Christopher Plummer."
Why? "His powers of controlling gravity made him practically unbeatable, He was crazy! Fred Tatasciore did an excellent job voicing him."
Why? "Well, the important thing is you told the truth."
Why? "A former criminal turned hero, Grifter is definitely the most badass member of the WildCATS."
Why? "As soon as I heard Lance Henriksen's voice coming out of this badass, I knew he was perfectly cast in the role. He really got me into EMH!"
Why? "It's pretty sad what happened to him, but he also has a nice mustache!"
Why? "Go home and be a family man."
Why? "Gus Bonner is an old veteran with many morals to teach and countless bad guys to beat. This is hands down Dale Wilson's best performance."
Why? "It's like if you combined Kenshiro and Rambo, you'd get Guy Kazama, there you have it! The biggest badass in the tri-state area."
Why? "He's such an a-hole, yet he has so much personality that I can't help but love him...well, more like love to hate him but still, he's great."
Why? "She's CRAZY! But I think she means well, so I can't hold it against her too much. She's very eccentric and fun to watch on screen."
Why? "He smells the same as I do."
Why? "He's gonna make it to the top some day."
Why? "He is a great magician...YOUR CLOTHES ARE BLUE!"
Why? "He's a hilarious character and David Matranga's voice just sounds way too cool. It turned him into a complete badass I'd say."
Why? "She was REALLY hard to defeat, but the character's cool and her design is interesting. I'd like a missile launching leg."
Why? "Big (tits) teacher."
Why? "He was in one of the best episodes and his voice was a strange combination between weird and unfitting, yet creepy and badass, but it works!"
Why? "He is the most powerful magician in the world and we're just little smarties. But seriously, this guy is such a fun villain."
Why? "Illidan is just awesome, does anything else need to be said?"
Why? "You're not fooling me Big Daddy, I know that's you. Still that's quite the snazzy outfit you got there, nice beard too."
Why? "He pretty much had me sold with his first scene alone. So badass and over the top, just like the series itself."
Why? "A fantastic protagonist from one of my favourite game series of all time! Really was pleasantly surprised with Gunner Wright's performance."
Why? "25 SECONDS? I GOTTA GET THE HELL OUTTA HERE! Maybe the front of the ship will be safe..."
Why? "The name's JACK SPICER, boy genius!"
Why? "Check it out, I downloaded a little dance!"
Why? "Walking trouble!"
Why? "You always gotta be prepared, be-buh-be-buh-be prepared! A chi bop biddle budda numa nop bop prepaaaaaared!"
Why? "Two mechanical arms that make him super strong, what more could you ask for?"
Why? "A very sympathetic and awesome character, with skills that can only be matched by Afro. This is definitely Yuri Lowenthal's best role."
Why? "He looks like a baby face John Mayor he's a Mayor but not an actual Mayor just John Mayor the clueless badass with how much he Mayors Mayors"
Why? "Every other course."
Why? "This guy has crazy hair, like me. INSTANT RESPECT!"
Why? "By far my favourite Ron Perlman role."
Why? "Love his design, love his character, love the actors who portrayed him, I just love him!"
Why? "So emotionless, yet so...emotional? How does that work? Oh well, Emily Neves made it work. Either way she's great! So many neat weapons too."
Why? "Probably not the strongest Mortal Kombat character, but he's always been awesome to me. It's really cool how the movie still influences him."
Why? "This guy's eyes are like BWOO and I'm like WHOA!"
Why? "I love the way he punishes his enemies, brutal but ever so satisfying. Plus, who could forget his iconic quotes? "You're already dead!""
Why? "With my rice I like to have some cow cow cow"
Why? "A really fun and entertaining tribute to Ed Wynn. Not only that, but Wash from Firefly voices him! Now THAT is cool."
Why? "She's the Princess of Outworld, daughter of Shao Kahn and Sindel, she's always been a very interesting character."
Why? "The start of where everything went wrong...and I mean that in the best way possible, Joshua Seth was incredible as Knives!"
Why? "A hilariously awesome character with some great voicework from Pat Fraley, he's definitely my favourite character from the 80's series."
Why? "Krieger vs. Breen! Krieger vs. Breen! Krieger vs. Krieger vs. Krieger vs. Breen!"
Why? "His. Hat. That is all...well, his personality is great too, but I mean come on, his hat can decapitate people. Now that's just awesome!"
Why? "She's in every episode of Trigun...and what the heck I thought she was voiced by a girl, that is so weird. AMAZING!"
Why? "WHAT A DYICK! I hate this guy! *adds him to my favourites anyways because he's from Gungrave*"
Why? "At first I thought she was cold and heartless, but she got so much development in Tatsumaru's story and became so likable."
Why? "THIS guy is BONKERS! HOLY COW! Get outta here Laguna, you crazy mofo, you!"
Why? "Get up, I'll allow you to die like a warrior."
Why? "Poor girl."
Why? "I love his design, I love his personality, I love his voice, and his theme song is the epitome of creepy and unsettling. What a villain."
Why? "A cold calculating classy calm chameleon with a slight sadistic streak too, my favourite character, a shame he was butchered in the sequels."
Why? "A punk rocker with a german accent, how could I not love it? Too bad I didn't get to fight him."
Why? "I thought he was a jerk at first, but he grew on me and the way he fights against the Titans has to be seen to be believed. Pure badass!"
Why? "That question is irrelevant to the unity!"
Why? "While Robin Shou is my preferred take on the character, I remember Tom Choi being pretty good too, all in all Liu Kang is a great main hero."
Why? "It's nothing's just business, LORD Business!"
Why? "She was pretty intense but also pretty funny at the same time with how casual she was."
Why? "I've heard tons of complaints about how he's not Shredder, but frankly I don't care since it's the late great Tony Jay voicing him!"
Why? "A dynamic villain that's badass, likable, sympathetic, hammy, charismatic, pathetic and hilarious all in one. HATE'S GREAT, BEST VILLAIN!"
Why? "An entertaining and unique villain in an otherwise lame and forgettable movie, with great voice work from Malcolm McDowell."
Why? "My favourite Ron Feinberg role, he sounds so deep, raspy and authoritative and he has the creepiest and most atmospheric moment in the game."
Why? "He's pretty dangerous, and makes friends with Goth. You guys better watch out! Lee Tockar was really good here."
Why? "Scott McNeil freakin' made the character! I found it kind of distracting that it's his Piccolo voice, but even still, it fits perfectly."
Why? "OH, HARRY~"
Why? "He's such a chill hippie, but can still be pretty menacing at times. Kinda hard not to like that."
Why? "Before I saw him in the movie I didn't care for him but after he became my favourite Lee Tockar role."
Why? "A fun character with a great singing voice and a surprising amount of depth, she's definitely my favourite character in Adventure Time."
Why? "OUGH *dies* MARIA..."
Why? "My favourite villain, but he was even better and far more villainous when he became Yami Marik. Still, the original Marik is pretty cool."
Why? "She's spunky, sticks up for her friends, and is a huge smart alec. One of my favourite Sharon Alexander roles, she was fantastic as Marina!"
Why? "An awesome thief character voiced brilliantly by Carol Anne Day, definitely my favourite role of hers for multiple reasons."
Why? "No, that's the accelerator!"
Why? "Fuku-saaaaaaan!"
Why? "I am The Master...I do not have to answer to you."
Why? "My favourite performance from Jack Merluzzi, he sounded so menacing and cunning as Master Albert, absolutely perfect in every way."
Why? "Master Bai-Luan? MORE LIKE MASTER BAI-KANG! No but seriously, Ken Kramer was great in the role. Very mischievous and cunning."
Why? "Who is McBarker?"
Why? "Tony Jay rocks as Megabyte, he made the character what he is!"
Why? "Whuddya buyin'?"
Why? "She has so much development going on that I don't know what's what, pretty much the only sane one in a band of silly main characters."
Why? "One of my favourite animated villains, Billie Whitelaw was great as the threatening snake Messina and Grace Jones sang a great villain song."
Why? "My favourite Sonic character."
Why? "Such a deep and complex character voiced brilliantly by Phillip Bartlett."
Why? "Mia rocks!"
Why? "He's one of the coolest villains in Trigun yet all he uses is a saxophone, now that is quite an accomplishment. Bulen's voice helps too."
Why? "Her motivation to protect her family as well as her highly trained skills on the battlefield make her a fantastic and compelling character."
Why? "She's freaky, but she's also really cool."
Why? "He's pretty much Vash gone wrong and that's what makes him so awesome, him and Vash are also responsible for my favourite final fight scene."
Why? "She's so cheerful and while she can be a bit clumsy at times, that's exactly what makes her such a joy to watch. I just love Milly!"
Why? "Get a brain moran because Minkey is da bomb!"
Why? "He's awesome as usual, I admit I sort of would have preferred it if Lucas Gilbertson reprised his role, but Jamie did a pretty good job too."
Why? "Such a smooth, egotistical yet creepy villain, Don Francks fit him perfectly. Whenever he was around, the animation became surreal."
Why? "I wish his voice sounded more mechanical, still his design is definitely awesome and unique and the character was great and menacing."
Why? "I played as this guy, loved his voice in 1, although it was pretty good in 2 as well!"
Why? "Go on..."
Why? "I love her design."
Why? "He's puh-rack-tick-ally ad-DIC-tingggg!"
Why? "R.I.P. a perfectly good bag of chips, never opened, never enjoyed."
Why? "The Music Meister sings the songs that the world wants to hear."
Why? "S.T.A.R.S...."
Why? "Nermal Nermal"
Why? "I started out not thinking much of this guy, but he ended up becoming one of the most emotional and likable characters of the series."
Why? "Nightmare always stands out from the rest of the characters as a complete badass. I liked him in II, but he was downright PERFECT in IV!"
Why? "He has an awesome design. One of the greatest Native American characters I've ever seen, with impressive powers as well."
Why? "YO AFRO!"
Why? "He's pretty likable and relatable, probably my favourite Michael Adamthwaite role since Dr. Hikari, I didn't even recognize the guy!"
Why? "He REALLY hates jokes!"
Why? "That halberd, man..."
Why? "He only added to Sub-Zero's amazing story mode in Mortal Kombat, Jamieson Price was outstanding in the role of this menacing shadowy ninja."
Why? "His attitude makes him one of the best anti heroes I've seen, Gregory Salata brings Omar to life and Robin Zander's singing fits perfectly!"
Why? "The anime hair is weird and he's kinda wimpy, but he's a good kid at heart who grew on me as the series went on."
Why? "Pretty much the voice of reason amongst the Tlak'kahn, at times I think that he should be the main villain instead of Da'Kyll."
Why? "Paige had a phenomenal character arc, great chemistry with Beck, and so much depth. Emmanuelle Chiriqui's performance worked perfectly."
Why? "What a jerk!"
Why? "Freeze police? Don't do that, they'll get cold!"
Why? "Weird Al as a D&D villain, what's not to love?"
Why? ""I CAN TURN DIAMONDS...INTO...JELLYBEANS!" Jack Mercer had such a great voice for the Professor and Chris Phillips imitates him flawlessly."
Why? "Probably one of the few evil sidekick characters who happens to be just as cool and menacing as the main villain."
Why? "A pretty dang interesting character from an otherwise meh movie."
Why? "He's such a jerk that he becomes funny and he learns many lessons alongside everyone else. Mark Hildreth's voice gives him personality."
Why? "I'm just going to say it right now, I loved Christopher Lambert in the role of the mighty thunder god. Epcar was good too."
Why? "His Beast Wars incarnation was badass, with excellent voice work from Campbell Lane."
Why? "A creepy looking-EXPERT NEGOTIATOR!"
Why? "My favourite heroic character from Mummies Alive, Scott McNeil does an exceptional job as always."
Why? "His hilarious sarcastic attitude and his memorable distinct voice provided by Scott McNeil makes Rattrap my favourite Maximal hands down."
Why? "One of my favourite Non Disney villains, his song is awesome and George Hearn did an excellent job playing him. He was definitely the best."
Why? "My second favourite Barry Gjerde role, sounds just as cheesy as he did as Barry Burton but that's why I love it."
Why? "Rem is such an important and upbeat character, yet what happens to her is so tragic that I...I...I...REM, NO!"
Why? "He's so petty and sleazy that he's funny. Hi Inuyasha!"
Why? "Definitely my best character in the game, I also love his personality and backstory. He's very underrated and compelling."
Why? "The original secret Mortal Kombat ninja, he might have gone through the most redesigns but I think it was for the better, he stands out now."
Why? "One of the scariest and greatest villains from my childhood. I requested for him to be added to the site, I'm glad he was. Thanks guys!"
Why? "One of the best ninja heroes I've seen in a while, with a cool voice and a great honourable personality he's the perfect rival to Onikage."
Why? "Hands down the best character in The Snow Queen due to his attitude as well as Rik Mayall's entertaining performance, I could relate ho him."
Why? "I feel bad for him."
Why? "The funniest character in that movie, Gary Oldman completely stole the show!"
Why? "I wish I could say why, but I can't without spoiling it."
Why? "I love thase!"
Why? "CREEPS ME THE HECK OUT! Also quite the nice change of pace for Lisa Ortiz."
Why? "A silent but honourable character, he's also gotta get back, back to the past, Samurai Jack! W-w-watchout! Some of Phil LaMarr's best work."
Why? "I wish I could say why, but I can't without spoiling it."
Why? "Hands down the funniest character from Pinocchio and the Emperor of the Night, Ed Asner was phenomenal as Scalawag."
Why? "One of the best Disney villains."
Why? "A cold calculating villain with a subdued and old sounding yet menacing voice from Gerard Plunkett."
Why? "He's a cultist leader, and a pretty interesting antagonist. Quite a different role for Ian James Corlett too, he did really well!"
Why? "Perhaps the most iconic character in the Mortal Kombat franchise and for good reason. Both Boon and Seitz were amazing voices for Scorpion."
Why? "Scotto."
Why? "SLEAZY SELL OUT! Might as well call him Locoma. I, Locoma, like getting my money."
Why? "Scottie, this isn't Greece! *Bunji Kugashira beats him up*"
Why? "Well don't you fret, Seaman is your friend!"
Why? "Seattle was a very interesting character...and wouldn't you know it? Her voice actress Bettina Bush even sort of LOOKS like her! She's great"
Why? "Badass personified. Makes me want a Sega Saturn!"
Why? "Pretty cool."
Why? "A fantastic character in Dark of the Moon, words cannot describe how awesome Leonard Nimoy was in the role, he truly was the best part of it"
Why? "A nice guy who didn't deserve what happened to him in Dead Space."
Why? "Really enjoyed seeing him hone his abilities and grow as a character, and the fact that Chaud voiced him is just crazy."
Why? "The only good thing to come out of Xiaolin Chronicles. It makes me wish she was in a better show. At least Jennifer Hale rocked in the role."
Why? "Your soul is mine...Cary Tagawa was iconic as Shang Tsung, I'm so glad he's returning to the role! Cummings and Kishino were good too."
Why? "So many awesome actors to portray the badass emperor of Outworld. My favourites would have to be Nigel Casey, Steve Ritchie and Bob Carter."
Why? "Shendu, was a rebel...he roamed through the land"
Why? ":("
Why? "What a soothing voice he has."
Why? "Not my favourite Mortal Kombat character, but he's pretty great and threatening in his own way. Horwitz's voice is imposing and unique."
Why? "He's just awesome and I love Tomokazu Seki's performance, his deep, stoic voice is perfect for Kogami."
Why? "Her avatar has one of the best names for an anime character I've ever seen!"
Why? "Doesn't need powers to be a complete and total badass."
Why? "Makes for a great serious character in the 03 cartoon and movies and a great comedic character in the old cartoon, can't go wrong either way"
Why? "I really like the robotic tone Jamie West brought to this guy, on the other hand Wataru Hatano's laugh is so psychotic that I just love it."
Why? "Oh GOD that poor man, one of the most tragic fates in all of Gungrave. He started out so happy and ended up so sad...poor guy."
Why? "She's definitely my favourite female Mortal Kombat character. Admittedly I prefer her old design, but I do like all the voices she's had."
Why? "He's a gentleman and a scholar."
Why? "Has the cool voice of the Dark Emperor, many modes along with a badass personality all of which merge together to make for a cool character."
Why? "He was so cheap in Deception alongside Noob, but I still really like his character as well as his redesign in MK9."
Why? "Heavens to Murgatroyd, he's a great Hanna Barbera character, my favourite even!"
Why? "She's a pretty cool tough girl. I think I liked Christine Rios in the role the most, though Dana Baron and Bridgette Wilson were both great."
Why? "Am I Blanchin'? Girl, we're Blanchin', I live up in a mansion!"
Why? "When I first saw this guy in Brave and the Bold I could not get enough of him! Truly one of the most haunting and sinister villains ever."
Why? "It's Notch!"
Why? "He's so cool, and Jonathan Love fits him perfectly. I just wish that stupid plot twist didn't happen..."
Why? "You can't go through this way, don't force me to resort to violence! You can't go through this way, don't force me to resort to violence!"
Why? "Such a tragic character, made all the more tragic by Jamieson Price's performance. Jim Miller also was fantastic at portraying his brother."
Why? "The only good character from that awful, annoying movie. Dan Haggerty was pretty loud, boisterous and awesome in the role too."
Why? "I love her aggressive attitude and how likable she is, she's also really sensitive deep down and cares for Wander a lot. Gotta admire that."
Why? "A very endearing silent least until the studio executives got to him. But for what it's worth I do like Steve Lively!"
Why? " pencil. HE ATE MY PENCIL!"
Why? "He's gonna take over the school some day."
Why? "Call him Christ."
Why? "So creepy and insane, I love this guy. Alec Willows brought a fantastic, unhinged sound to Tarantulas and brought him to life."
Why? "He had one of the best stories in the Tenchu series and he was given tons of depth when you played as him, his fate was tragic but honorable"
Why? "My first Transformers toy ever, he was a great character in Beast Wars, just a shame they killed him off so soon."
Why? "Tetsuo is just as badass as he is tragic. His fate is one of the most disturbing things I've ever seen on film and I love him for it!"
Why? "Gary Krawford is downright AMAZING as Thanos, his chilling performance introduced me to the character and made me a fan!"
Why? "One of my favourite movie creatures of all time, downright iconic in how horrifying it is!"
Why? "He's just a funny joe, he's a prankster now ya know! He's got a friend who's leaving."
Why? "Who is the boss? The Duke of Zill of course!"
Why? "Your two worlds will be crushed...Britannia first, then EAARRRTH!"
Why? "John Hurt's voice just made this character so badass. That alone makes him one of my favourite Disney villains."
Why? "Elsa specifically, in the 2D movies she was just a one dimensional villain with nothing to her, but in Frozen she had tons of depth."
Why? "Yeah, he's pretty funny."
Why? "A pretty cool character."
Why? "Definitely one of the most powerful Maximals, a shame he wasn't around for long..."
Why? "Let's chimprovise."
Why? "He's not quite Dr. Butler, nor is he Dr. Ting. He's not even the Dark Emperor or Master Alfred! But he's the next best thing, nice monocle!"
Why? "*dances by a hotdog stand for the whole day*"
Why? "My favourite of the next Avengers, she's so hammy and determined that she's great!"
Why? "Pretty freaky looking, but actually a really tragic character too!"
Why? "One of the most badass main heroes ever."
Why? "A badass demon with an iconic demonic voice."
Why? "Tron goes through so much character development in everything he's been in, he's like an old grizzled war veteran who won't back down."
Why? "He was badass and a great rival to Leonardo, I quite like him."
Why? "She gets some nice development and gets pretty compelling. I can't believe Candus' has only two roles, she was really good here!"
Why? "Has one of the most unique origin stories, his personality is not what I expected at all yet he became so badass and was always fun to watch"
Why? "My top favourite Spider-man villain alongside Carnage, the two make for such great adversaries and Daran Norris was amazing in the role."
Why? "I absolutely love this guy in Maverick Hunter X, he's a rebel with a wide variety of weapons to choose and the awesome voice of Roger Rhodes"
Why? "He's a wild and dangerous but surprisingly noble character, I love Hiyama in the role and Riegel matches him perfectly in English."
Why? "He had only one briefly funny moment in the movie, but considering it made me laugh at all I at least have to give him credit for that."
Why? "They were awesome in Half Life 1 and Episode 2, with great vocal effects and a great voice by Tony Todd!"
Why? "He's so CYOOT!"
Why? "What does it do? WHAT DOES IT DOOOO?"
Why? "Pretty nice guy, I like him! Damn shame what happened to him though."
Why? "Not as young as he used to be, but still awesome either way. R. Lee Ermey brings Wildcat to life!"
Why? "The evil version of Fuku-san "Shut uuuup!""
Why? "My favourite character in the Bloody Roar series, he's a total badass, and his unborn form is all kinds of awesome."
Why? "Yamcha is awesome he likes girls and money like the rest of us."
Why? "Holy hot damn this guy is evil, I love Jonathan's sinister and demonic sounding voice."
Why? "One of the deepest and most complex antagonists in the Dragon Ball franchise that I've seen in a long time, he's actually pretty relatable."
Why? "It's the Digimon Emperor, it was so weird hearing that voice coming out of this kid. But hey he gave Wolfwood some development, cool!"
Why? "He taught Shade some interesting abilities as well as some great morals. Would've loved to see him more, Richard Newman was seamlessly good."
Why? "Such an unusual, quirky and unique character voiced by Vincent Price. He's a blue sorcerer that rhymes all the time, so what's not to love?"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "It's an excellent, moving and dramatic series with very compelling characters and a well written story, it's one of the best shows there is."
Why? "A fun creative show with memorable and surprisingly well developed characters and hilarious moments. The adventures they have are whimsical."
Why? "When I was little I loved it for how cool Sonic was, but now I love it for how over the top, hammy and enjoyable Robotnik is to watch."
Why? "It's short, but it has a really awesome compelling story, great acting and over the top violence. Justice is hands down the coolest villain."
Why? "I wasn't sure if I'd like it at first, but it turned out to be a hilarious and surprisingly emotional series with tons of great characters."
Why? "**** you, baby!"
Why? "I simply cannot praise this show enough, heck even my praise does no justice to this show! It has to be seen to be believed."
Why? "The best Batman series by far."
Why? "This show is a LOT better than I originally thought it would be, it has some hilarious moments alongside really awesome moments."
Why? "Wow."
Why? "I can relate to so many characters in this show. It has genuinely clever and hilarious writing, along with some depressing dramatic moments."
Why? "This show is absolutely nuts and I love it! My only gripe is that the episodes feel a bit too short. It's still fantastic overall though."
Why? "One of my favourite shows when I was younger, that said there were some silly moments that were fun to poke fun at."
Why? "Yes the show is corny and the CGI is incredibly outdated, but there's something so charming about it all that I can't help but love it."
Why? "A mixed bag, the retellings are a mess, but when the show does its own thing it's really fun and interesting. I actually love the filler!"
Why? "I don't remember this show lasting very long, but I do remember really enjoying the little of it that I saw!"
Why? "The animation is stylish, fluid and smooth, and the voice acting is wonderful from everyone involved. Great soundtrack too!"
Why? "While I loved the American Godzilla movie, this series really was needed to give Zilla's character and design the respect he deserves."
Why? "Very humorous, with charming characters and a mysterious undertone, it can get surprisingly intense at times!"
Why? "I've only seen the shorts so far, it shows a lot of promise. Will definitely keep my eye on this."
Why? "It has a unique style, and a relaxing, haunting atmosphere. The music is fantastic and the dub, while flawed, has quite a few standouts."
Why? "A great series with fast paced adventure, an unpredictable plot and distinct, well developed, memorable characters that stick with you."
Why? "So over the top, so intense, so good. They explain the obvious a little too much, but it's still a fantastic series. GOODBYE JOJOOOOOOOOOOO!"
Why? "I didn't think I'd like it but I gave it a chance and I ended up loving it, the plot was compelling and the action was over the top."
Why? "Loved watching this show as a kid, it could get a little cheesy at times but the character interactions and monster designs were really good"
Why? "I spent my teen years watching it, had good visuals and voice acting, though the dialogue could be cheesy at times I loved it all the same."
Why? "A good OVA with great acting and a compelling redone story, I just wish they continued it in later remakes but alas those remakes never came"
Why? "I have fond memories watching this as a kid, and it seems really underrated and overlooked these days. Plus awesome performances from Ocean."
Why? "A fairly underrated show that I watched everyday before I went to school as a child, Wrath and Scarab were great characters."
Why? "It's a very mellow relaxing series to watch, yet with all the creepy ominous things that happen in it you'd never be able to explain why."
Why? "It's a fun, likable series with great main characters. The battles are pretty one sided but that's what makes them so funny."
Why? "The 4kids dub IS my childhood!"
Why? "So intense and compelling with such brilliant themes, incredibly well developed characters and a well-rounded plot. Such an amazing series."
Why? "One of the best shows to come out of the 90's. Tony Jay stole the show as Megabyte, it's just a shame it never reached a proper conclusion."
Why? "The art style didn't entirely appeal to me at first, but I gave it a chance and I'm really glad I did. The writing and humor are fantastic."
Why? "I went into it not expecting much, I ended up loving it. It has three great main characters that play off each other INCREDIBLY well."
Why? "Stylized animation, fantastic fight scenes, a great story and with Jack and Aku to tie it all together. It all makes for an awesome show."
Why? "My top favourite comedy show of all time, so many memorable characters, great acting and relatable moments."
Why? "This show was absolutely hilarious, one of my favourite shows growing up and it still holds up."
Why? "A great series with excellent voice work and a compelling story that was cut way too short, thankfully unaired episode scripts are around."
Why? "A fun, entertaining series with some cheesy moments. It gets surprisingly dark and intense at times too, this was supposed to be for kids?!"
Why? "SO much better than the new Clone Wars series, it has good animation, a solid voice cast and is great to watch on DVD. Grievous was badass."
Why? "Such an underrated show with a fantastic cast of characters, excellent voice acting from everyone at Ocean, and a catchy theme song."
Why? "A unique and hilarious show, I've never seen anything like it before! I also love the development that all the Crystal Gems are getting."
Why? "It was really well written, the characters were distinct, the animation was stylish. It was a fantastic show all in all."
Why? "My personal favourite incarnation of the TMNT, The Turtles, Splinter, Shredder, Karai...they were all awesome and the stories were great!"
Why? "Wow this show was awesome, in many ways it reminded me of the Silver Surfer series. It had tons of likable heroes and amazing villains too."
Why? "Hilarious and witty in it's earlier seasons, nowadays it's gone downhill but I can't deny that this was once absolutely classic."
Why? "I love the great performances and how character driven the show is. I watch the new seasons with my family every year around Christmas."
Why? "A show with a hilariously bad dub but with a few good voices here and there. (mainly Chromedome and Sixshot come to mind.)"
Why? "One of the best Transformers series out there with great and well developed characters, if you haven't seen it yet you're missing out!"
Why? "An underrated Transformers series"
Why? "An outstanding series with quirky well designed characters. It starts out goofy and over the top, but ends up being dark and complex."
Why? "Probably the most atmospheric aspect of the Tron franchise out there, it expands on so many things from the movies. I hope it continues!"
Why? "A fun, feel-good show that gets very emotional at times. I love the memorable characters, the wacky animation and the great voice acting."
Why? "So deep, profound and complex. It has so many clever moments that connect to the themes and story in interesting ways."
Why? "It's fun to laugh at the various animation errors and the awful catchphrases they spew out, plus at least it actually has an ending."
Why? "Loved this show when I was younger, Dojo and Jack Spicer were absolutely hilarious and Chase Young was one of the best villains I've seen."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "The story, the characters, the acting, there are not enough words I can use to describe how amazing it all is. A truly groundbreaking film."
Why? "Gerard Butler as King Leonidas, it's too good to be true. I already liked him a lot as the Phantom, this was just the icing on the cake."
Why? "This is honestly one of my favourite movies from my childhood, the character development is astounding and the songs are incredibly catchy."
Why? "A TALKING CAT!?! HOLY ****!"
Why? "Not as good as the show, but it was still very interesting to see the story continue."
Why? "I actually liked it WAY more than the first one! William Shatner also had a great memorable part in it."
Why? "A frightening movie that will never get old."
Why? "Even though it's not QUITE as good as the first movie, it's definitely one of the better Disney sequels out there. Surprisingly well done!"
Why? "Oh my GOD I did not know this was even on this site I GOTTA ADD IT RIGHT NOW HNNNNNNNNNNNNNG!"
Why? "Every one of these movies are just so charming and witty in so many ways! Definitely my absolute favourite movie trilogy of all time."
Why? "A great, underrated movie."
Why? "Loved the chemistry between the characters and the humour was really clever. Second half wasn't as good but it's still solid throughout."
Why? "I actually like this one more than the original. It gave Candyman an interesting and compelling backstory."
Why? "The 2D animation certainly improved from its predecessor, but the 3D animation...looked pretty bad, still it had an interesting story."
Why? "The animation itself could've been better but if you're a fan of Dead Space, I'd suggest checking this out, a worthy addition to the series."
Why? "The first piece of Dragonball Z media I've ever seen entirely in Japanese...and I loved it!"
Why? "The movie that introduced Broly! It's really fun, intense, and surprisingly deep!"
Why? "Really glad to see Frieza back in the spotlight, what a comeback. Such a hilarious, action packed movie. Chris Ayres killed it as Frieza!"
Why? "This movie was a lot of fun, I loved the writing as well as Android 13's over the top Texan accent! His fighting style was really brutal."
Why? "Really inaccurate to Dragon Ball, but it has this charm to it. That and its much more faithful to the source material than Evolution was."
Why? "Yes it's heavily flawed, but it's so creative and unique that I can't help but like it. The music is some of the best I've heard in a movie."
Why? "It's preachy, but Tim Curry, Robin Williams and Tone Loc steal the show. It also has beautiful animation and really catchy songs as well."
Why? "This movie is unique, quirky, odd and has two great villains, El Supremo as a comedic ham, and Messina as a threatening snake."
Why? "Such an emotional movie that tugs at your heartstrings, it's so tragic yet so heartwarming and hilarious. Loved the songs and the twist too!"
Why? "They call it waterboarding, but I never get bored!"
Why? "It's definitely Video Brinquedo's best movie, although that may not be saying much. I actually like it more than the Bayformers movies!"
Why? "The Godzilla movie I grew up with, I know its not that well liked amongst Godzilla fans but I personally love it."
Why? "A fun, hilarious movie with great chemistry between all of the main characters, my favourite live action Marvel movie since the Avengers."
Why? "I liked it a LOT more than I thought I would, it had some neat plot twists, funny moments, and it's a huge improvement over the first movie."
Why? "While it did drag on at times and not all the performances are great, it had some pretty interesting visuals and an intense atmosphere."
Why? "...What a trip."
Why? "While the new Dredd movie is definitely better, I still think this movie is a fun little romp. Plus Stallone is perfectly cast as Dredd."
Why? "Wow this movie was dark and intense, it was also really interesting to see an alternate take on all these different characters."
Why? "Not perfect but definitely a step up from War. Matt Lanter's Aquaman, Harry Lennix's Black Manta and Sam Witwer's Orm were the standouts."
Why? "A really heartwarming slice of life story with so many charming and likable characters."
Why? "Definitely one of my favourite comedy movies of all time."
Why? "Found this hilarious back then and I watched it over and over, the gags were funny and the characters were memorable."
Why? "Definitely THE movie for anyone who loves villains! A very entertaining movie with great visuals, an awesome soundtrack and good voicework."
Why? "One of the most hilarious films I've ever seen and perhaps my second favourite comedy of all time. Truly a classic!"
Why? "The best video game-to-movie adaptation ever, though it was low on blood it made up for it by staying true to the characters and the story."
Why? "One of Disneys best movies from the 90's, all the heroes are so likable and have such great chemistry. It has really memorable songs too."
Why? "I'm not sure if I can put into words everything I like about this movie."
Why? "Really hilarious all around, and with some genuinely heartwarming moments too, it's much better than I thought it would be overall."
Why? "It is cheesy, yes. But Scalawag and The Emperor of the Night just made it totally worth watching for me."
Why? "This movie was deep, dark, creepy and surprisingly depressing for a movie about talking dogs, the uncut version had some violence in it too."
Why? "I can't think of a single thing I hated or even disliked about this movie, in fact I'd say that this is my favourite Hulk movie of all time!"
Why? "This movie IS my childhood and its still worth watching, mostly for Phillip Bartlett's outstanding performance as Mewtwo."
Why? "In many ways its even better than the first movie, although the villain is weak it makes up for that with stunning visuals and a great story"
Why? "An enjoyable, thought provoking movie with stunning visuals and deep themes, however it's loosely tied to the Alien franchise at best."
Why? "The only Puppet Master movie I've seen thus far, fortunately it's a good one filled with twists and turns, with great effects for its time."
Why? "A really fun movie that was made even better when Davy Jones-I mean Rattlesnake Jake showed up. He made the movie so memorable and awesome!"
Why? "Honestly, the more I watch it the more I like it. The characters were awesome, the music was catchy and the animation was impressive."
Why? "Kind of strange, but also kind of entertaining! The acting is bad, sure...but I got used to it after a while, I've heard worse."
Why? "Its just a dumb, fun movie with some pretty good voice talent and some pretty funny lines to boot. "Let's Chimprovise""
Why? "The greatest movie of our generation."
Why? "Sure it could've been better, but it was still the best and darkest out of all the prequels and it was great seeing Ian McDiarmid ham it up."
Why? "The darkest and greatest installment in the Star Wars franchise, all the most iconic and pivotal moments happened in this film."
Why? "The animation was just beautiful, the characters were compelling and the fight scenes were awesome, plus it's another great dub from Ocean."
Why? "A great, classic movie that I've watched multiple times. It's aged really well and the animatronics are still surprisingly impressive!"
Why? "In many ways it lived up to the hype, but all in all it's just fun seeing the chemistry between Marvel's greatest heroes on the big screen."
Why? "Christopher Lee in a freaking fight scene, that man is how old now? Man, what a trooper he is. Also cheesy deep voiced Thorin."
Why? "It's really long, but the development the characters went through really worked for me. I liked this more than the first one. Smaug rocks!"
Why? "EVERYTHING is awesome!"
Why? "Probably my favourite 90's Disney movie with an awesome villain, a good story and amazing visuals how could you go wrong with the Lion King?"
Why? "Definitely my favourite movie in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, mostly for Sauron's badass introduction. His design inspired me so much."
Why? "I highly prefer the extended edition of this movie, and even then I still have some problems with it, but most of it was done well."
Why? "A great introduction to Gollum, not to mention some great fight scenes as well as more screen time for Saruman!"
Why? "It's pretty much a tradition that my family and I all watch this every year around Christmas. It's held up surprisingly well!"
Why? "So classic and memorable! One of my favourite movies for sure. Everything about it is both whimsical and creepy and it just works so well."
Why? "The Recobbled Cut of this movie has the most fantastic animation I have ever seen. If you haven't watched it you're really missing out."
Why? "I prefer the dub with William Shatner as Puss, his performance is one of the most entertaining things I've ever heard! He makes this movie."
Why? "A decent movie that captures the spirit of the original series fairly well, but the recasted main characters prevent this from being great."
Why? "A groundbreaking film with mind-blowing visuals for it's time. Sark and the MCP are fantastic villains."
Why? "The visuals and the setting are unique and downright perfect in this movie, the soundtrack by Daft Punk is beyond awesome too."
Why? "It's such a simple plot, yet it's so emotional and charming!"
Why? "Not the best movie out there, but I certainly enjoyed it. Jeff Winkless and Michael McConnohie had the standout performances."
Why? "Not one of my favourite movies out there, but it is pretty creative and really emotional, it handles some pretty intense themes overall."
Why? "This movie has such a well rounded plot with likable, fun and memorable characters. They thought of everything to make this movie great."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Illidan Stormrage
Why? "Never before have I heard two voice actors who sound EXACTLY the same."
Why? "None of the voices are that bad here, that and it's one of the more underrated DBZ villains."
Why? "My childhood. Dana Gould set the bar for Gex, but Leslie Phillips perfected it and brought something new and memorable to the table."
Why? "Two very different performances highlighting the opposite aspects of the exact same character, both work surprisingly well in their own way."
Why? "A great example of both voice actors giving it their all."
Why? "The first Voice Compare I ever posted in when I got this account, I remember I had to type up the whole thing again. Patrick and Ted rock!"
Why? "This comparison is a no-brainer. Gregory Salata voiced Omar perfectly and Paul Le Mat completely missed the mark."
Why? "Sauron rocks as do all of his voice actors."
Why? "I personally feel they both work quite well in different ways and bring their own unique aspects to Kaneda. Enjoyed them both, can't choose."
Why? "Tons of great, interesting and different portrayals of the same character. I love both the serious and comedic versions just as much!"
Why? "Mark Hamill's voice only served to make The Spectre sound more ominous than ever before. However, the others didn't do too bad either."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Half-Life 2
Why? "One of my favourite games of all time, I love the story, the characters, the atmosphere and it has wonderful acting from everyone involved."
Why? "I'm just faving this for the title in all honesty."
Why? "Such a unique fighting game. Loved the animal forms."
Why? "A fun hilarious game that was ahead of its time back in the day and given that it had a watered down remake, it still is ahead of its time."
Why? "Fantastic survival horror game with an excellent story, any fan of horror games who hasn't picked this up yet should seriously consider it."
Why? "The most emotional and dramatic performances I've ever heard in a game, no seriously go listen to them right now. DuBois is the beeeeeeeest!"
Why? "Literally the first game I've ever owned as a kid along with Super Mario 64. I have tons of good memories with this game."
Why? "It gets a lot of flak but I think it set the standard for DBZ games and made a lot of interesting decisions with its game modes and secrets."
Why? "War never changes."
Why? "It's like a cheesy B movie in video game form, it also has some interesting parallels to Half-Life."
Why? "Such a fun game."
Why? "Definitely not my favourite in the Gex series, but just because it's Gex, I'm adding it anyways."
Why? "One of my favourite games from my childhood."
Why? "...NO? *doot doot*"
Why? "It's frustrating and cryptic at times, but it's so atmospheric, it has great characters, and the voice acting is surprisingly good."
Why? "One of, if not THE best Kirby game of all time, so many game modes, so much replayability..."
Why? "A pretty fun game, despite how easy it is."
Why? "It's really fun to play with some of my friends and I really like how it tells a story without the need for voice acting, it's so unique!"
Why? "The game with the best voice acting of all time, my friends. It's not going to get much better than this. Not now, not ever!"
Why? "I remember playing this game back when I was a kid, good times..."
Why? "An excellent cast of characters with awesome character designs for the most part. The story is great until Chapter 10 but I still love it."
Why? "A pretty entertaining game with a lot of interesting mechanics and fun levels. Great characters and story as well."
Why? "An awesome remake with great voice work from Blue Water Studios, its just a shame they never got to continue the redone story."
Why? "It's like an anime fan on prom night."
Why? "A legendary game that was controversial for its time, but either way it started an entire franchise with so many memorable characters."
Why? "A great reboot of the series, it had a great story and the fights were challenging. The new mechanics were nice too."
Why? "One of my top favourite Mortal Kombat games, it had a great Konquest mode and all the characters you could ask for!"
Why? "It improved upon the first game and gave us loads of new iconic characters that would influence the franchise in so many ways."
Why? "Fun levels, catchy music, unique thrilling boss fights and a clever and engaging story all make this one of my favourite games of all time."
Why? "I have such fond memories of this unique game. In some ways it really was ahead of its time."
Why? "A textbook example on how to make a good sequel, it's even better than the first one in numerous ways. A huge improvement on a great game."
Why? "A really deep, profound and strange game, WAY ahead of its time and I hope the 3DS remake comes out with the original voice cast intact."
Why? "Amazing, what more needs to be said?"
Why? "sorry"
Why? "The best voice cast, great graphics for the time, a dark story, and with fun gameplay in general this is by far the best 3D Sonic game."
Why? "My favourite 2D Sonic game, it has such a surreal, creepy and unique atmosphere, and I love the soundtrack in both versions."
Why? "Definitely my favourite of the Soul Calibur series."
Why? "A very fun fighting game whether you're playing with friends or on your own, has the best version of Nightmare yet."
Why? "Enjoyable if you want Soul Calibur IV on the go, although it lacks a story mode and the character creation isn't as good, it's still fun."
Why? "My favourite Spider-man video game back in the day."
Why? "Definitely my favourite game in the Spyro trilogy. Memorable characters and fun gameplay made this a great experience during my childhood."
Why? "One of the best N64 games, it holds the most nostalgic value for me, the acting was great, the gameplay was fun and the story was compelling"
Why? "Although I didn't care for the movie, I remember I had a lot of fun playing this game on the PC when I was little."
Why? "The first Street Fighter game I've ever played, loved playing this at the drive-in arcade as a kid. Remy is hands down my best character."
Why? "The best Mario game I've played since 64!"
Why? "My first Mario game ever, so of course it would be very nostalgic for me, it pretty much set the bar for new platformers and its very fun."
Why? "The one that started it all, I also have to admit it's definitely the most balanced game of the series. Lots of good memories with this one."
Why? "I just got the Wii-U version, so far it's great, WAY better than Brawl. I will definitely have to play more of this."
Why? "My favourite game in the Smash Bros. series, it had so much replay value and tons of new and interesting secret characters. It blew my mind."
Why? "Oh wow, I had this game! It was actually pretty fun from what I remember."
Why? "A fun multiplayer experience with a wide variety of characters to choose from."
Why? "An amazing prequel with one of the best stories I've seen in a video game, with a secret ending that leads up perfectly to the first game."
Why? "A difficult but fun stealth game with a great cast of characters and unique voice work that ranges from hilarious to awesome."
Why? "The single player campaign, the multiplayer, the map making...there is so much replay value here! All that's missing is an online mode."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "All these shorts are just really really great!"
Why? "They tell the origin surprisingly well, especially for what little time they have."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Spawned a groundbreaking manga and anime. Definitely one of my favourites of all time."
Why? "Love this series, the characters and story are so compelling, the atmosphere is unique and the games always have me coming back for more."