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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Vic Mignogna
Why? "He does an awesome job no matter what anime he is in."
Why? ""Nobody messes with Adam We""
Why? "I'm gonna miss him. :-("
Why? "Loved her as Lilith Kishimoto on "Holy Knight", and I am looking forward to her role as Rio Rollins on "Rio: Rainbow Gate""
Why? "I love her roles as Kallen and Ryuko the most."
Why? "Out of all her roles, I like Koko Hekmatyar from "Jormungand" the most IMO."
Why? "Cooler and Scorpio!!!"
Why? "Alex Dunphy (live action) and Sofia (animated) are her best roles by far."
Why? "I love her as Sasha Braus, Mayuri Shiina, and Sakura Sakurakoji."
Why? "She has the same birthday as me."
Why? "She's a cutie! Fell in love with her when I first heard her as Kirino Kosaka in "OreImo" and she is really on the upswing with recent roles."
Why? "Fry, Zoidberg, Farnsworth, and the Red M&M."
Why? "Porky Pig. Nuff said"
Why? "He will be missed. RIP Bob Magruder. :("
Why? "His deadpan voice + His deadpan humor = AWESOMENESS!!!"
Why? "He is awesome as Eren Jaeger on Attack on Titan"
Why? "Winry Rockbell and Satellizer el Bridget are easily my 2 fave roles of hers"
Why? "Besides being a good voice actress, she is also a good singer."
Why? "Rocko, Lazlo, Mr. Crocker, etc."
Why? "IT'S A ME, MARIO!"
Why? "Axl Heck from "The Middle""
Why? "WILD THING!!!"
Why? "Lucy Heartfilia and Asuna Yuki"
Why? "That role of the Progressive Insurance Box was so like a narcissist that it fits Chris Parnell well. Not that he is one, though."
Why? "He is a very good actor (on screen and behind the booth)"
Why? "RIP. She was awesome as Chuckie, Dexter, Oblina, and Babe."
Why? "Vegeta. 'Nuff said"
Why? "She did very good as Riza Hawkeye (FMA series), Erza Scarlet (Fairy Tail), etc."
Why? "Awesome he is working in TX now (for Funimation, nonetheless)"
Why? "Besides Homer, I think that most other characters he portrayed were very good, including Hey Arnold's Grandpa Phil"
Why? "He is so awesome on "Hawaii Five-O""
Why? "Marv from "Home Alone", and also the Narrator on "The Wonder Years""
Why? "Favorite live-action role of mine: Bobby Budnick Favorite animated role of mine: Dave the Barbarian"
Why? "Awesomely funny guy :-)"
Why? "The funniest "little person" ever IMO"
Why? "I love his voice range"
Why? "Joey Gladstone on "Full House", and Peter Venkman on some of the "Ghostbusters" cartoons."
Why? "He did an awesome job as Bulat on "Akame ga Kill!". Plus, he has the same birthday as I do."
Why? "Very good actor"
Why? "Sue Heck from "the Middle""
Why? "Love her in Fairy Tail as Cana and Aquarius"
Why? "The new Flash. He is so awesome."
Why? "Beast Boy, Kevin Levin, Michelangelo, etc."
Why? "I love his very distinct voice."
Why? "That voice is very distinct. I approve."
Why? "A very good actor in live action and cartoons :)"
Why? "She can play sweet girls like Asuna Yuki and Ichika Takatsuki, yet also tough tomboys like Ranmaru Rindo and Rio Kazama."
Why? "Love his roles as Sanji, Benny, and Klein."
Why? "Sebastian and Okabe"
Why? "The original Shredder = the best Shredder. RIP James Avery"
Why? "Wonderful as Darth Vader, Mufasa, and even Maggie Simpson with this one line: "This is indeed a disturbing universe""
Why? "She has way too many roles that I like that it is hard to name just 1."
Why? "She is a very funny woman, and some of the characters she voices looks like her!!!"
Why? "This guy is hilarious, and also was born in the same state as me."
Why? "One of the NASCAR greats retired. Good thing he is still involved in the sport."
Why? "She is so versatile! :-)"
Why? "Aquarius, Moeka Kiryu, and Eren Jaeger's mother."
Why? "Basically the only reason that I would watch The Big Bang Theory."
Why? "Awesome voice actor, and he has voiced in anime before (Golgo 13 being one example)"
Why? "I remembered him as District Attorney Dan Fielding on "Night Court""
Why? "Besides voicing in anime, he was awesome in Power Rangers"
Why? "The one and only Jafar."
Why? "Chelsea and Mt. Lady are my two favorite roles by her."
Why? "Even though she is better known as Peg Bundy on Married with Children, she was excellent as Turanga Leela on Futurama."
Why? "He has an awesome deep voice."
Why? ""Ug Lee! Ug Lee! Ug Lee! Ug Lee! Ug Lee!" People who ever watched "Salute Your Shorts" in the past would get this reference."
Why? "Hard to believe that he was both Mr. Kimura (Azumanga Daioh), and Prime Minister Honest (Akame ga Kill!)"
Why? "Red Forman (plus that villian on the original RoboCop movie who I forget the name of)"
Why? "Loved her as Lust and Maka"
Why? "Besides being a voice actor, he was also a musician and composer (another awesome occupation)"
Why? "I love her Trisha Elric, Tskiumi, Yamabuki, and Shizuri Mugino the best out of all her roles."
Why? "Mustn't forget the voice for Saya Takagi, Kanako Sumiyoshi, Marielle, and, heck, even PPD's Ichijou."
Why? "Loved him as Ryoma Terasaka, Hogback, and Sairaorg Bael. BONUS FACT: Also a Packers fan like me. :-)"
Why? "My fave role of hers is easily Bitch-sensei (so far)"
Why? "Motoko Kusanagi. Nuff said"
Why? "He was "Max Headroom" :-)"
Why? "Fellow Virginia native!!! Oh, and also the one and only Cleveland Brown."
Why? "Virgo from Fairy Tail, Saeko Busujima from HOTD, and Celty Sturluson from Durarara are my favorite roles of her"
Why? "Her best roles so far IMO are Seraphim and Kaori Kanzaki."
Why? "She is one of my favorite female VAs of all-time. Definitely loved her as Bart Simpson and even Mindy on Animaniacs."
Why? "Good English dub cover singer for anime themes, and he's also found work in dubs (see "Luck & Logic" to hear him as Yoshichika Tsurugi)"
Why? "Very good actor in both animation and live-action. Also, great as both Joe Swanson and Brock Samson."
Why? "He will always be Grandpa Max to me."
Why? "Found it awesome that he was in the original TMNT and now the new TMNT."
Why? "Awesome as Robin on 'Teen Titans'"
Why? "Definitely the best Goku out of the actors that played him (English and Japanese)"
Why? "Peter, Brian, and Stewie Griffin, Stan and Roger Smith, and heck, even that vulgar teddy bear Ted. Awesome guy."
Why? "Ariel Winter's sister"
Why? "Yoko Hikasa's senpai"
Why? "A very good newcomer in acting, and also a great singer."
Why? "Very first VA to respond to me on Twitter. Also, still a good Shinji Ikari after all these years. :-)"
Why? "Besides Jamie Marchi, she does the best job out of all the other female FUNimation actors IMHO."
Why? "Perhaps one of the most awesome voice actors of all time."
Why? "Very funny actor and comedian"
Why? "Loved her as Saeko Busujima, and the fact that she is also a model is awesome. :-)"
Why? "I loved her as Akeno Himejima on "High School DxD" and "High School DxD New""
Why? "She kicks butt as Virgo :-)"
Why? "She is so adorable and cute. Plus, just as in the same case as David Wald, I share a birthday with her."
Why? "NATSU!!!"
Why? "He is a very funny guy!!!"
Why? "He was hilarious on "In Living Color" in the 90s"
Why? "He was very good as alot of characters with the British accent, and he was also in the Arnold Schwarzenegger-Danny DeVito movie "Twins""
Why? "Loved her roles on Tiny Toon Adventures, Animaniacs, The Simpsons, and Futurama the most out of all of her roles."
Why? "Awesome as Mikasa, Lan Fan, and Kurisu Makise"
Why? "Loved him as Susanoo on "Akame ga Kill", and can't wait to hear him as Nozaki-kun once I see the dub."
Why? "Very cool as the hacker on Steins;Gate"
Why? "He is so hilarious. :-)"
Why? "I love her best as Faye Valentine, Yoruichi Shihoin, Haruhi Suzumiya, Konata Izumi, Shura Kirigakure, and even Megas XLR's Kiva Andru."
Why? "Her voice for Yozora made me think "Best Girl in Haganai""
Why? "Lisa Simpson. That is all."
Why? "Shizuka Itou's kouhai"
Why? "He is so awesome."
Why? "Sakaki, Momoyo Kawakami, Leone, Itoko Osakabe, and even Megurine Luka-san."
Why? "I love the amount of range she's got in her voice."
Why? "He is a very good VA, and it is cool that he actually graduated from a college in the state where I was born/currently live in."
Why? "Tionishia!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Edward Elric
Why? "She is basically like a mentor of Momoyo Kawakami."
Why? "I think that Molly Searcy did an excellent job as her."
Why? "The tsundere half of the Kirishima Twins."
Why? "She has an awesome sadistic side."
Why? "My favorite non-Fairy Tail character voiced by Eri Kitamura"
Why? "Would definitely get into a catfight with Mikasa IMO"
Why? "Despite her being mean to Lucy, she is an excellent character"
Why? "She is so vulgar that it is hilarious! :-)"
Why? "Looks like a metallic Homer Simpson, but is skinnier and more in-your-face"
Why? "She is the most attractive person in One Piece IMHO."
Why? "My favorite character on FT besides Erza"
Why? "She is cool and strong"
Why? "I love that she has a noble side :-)"
Why? "I miss her already"
Why? "Although a bit of a b*tch, I think she is awesome. Plus, Whitney Rodgers did a decent to good job as her"
Why? "I love it that she is smart, pretty, and usually is one of the leader types other than Chiffon"
Why? "Sheer awesomeness!!!"
Why? "Titania FTW"
Why? "Even though evil, I loved the way she blushed when she sees Tatsumi. Plus, I thought Christine Auten did excellent as her."
Why? "Sean Schemmel as Goku FTW!!!"
Why? ""I sell.....propane." (I read this in his voice)"
Why? "Homer Simpson is an awesome character, even when he is a character who has about no IQ."
Why? "He is the male main character with the fewest flaws in my opinion"
Why? "He was hilarious as one of the characters on Dexter's Lab's segment 'The Justice Friends'"
Why? "Although she lives up to the nickname "Professor B*tch", I find her quite sexy."
Why? "He is an awesome character who loves blackmailing."
Why? "Misaki's mentor in Pro Wrestling."
Why? "He is so hilarious, and has an unique way of teaching. :-)"
Why? "One lucky unlucky guy. :-)"
Why? "She's cute."
Why? "I definitely love this character. So B.A. and so sexy. Fave character of the show."
Why? "She is funny and sexy. She is definitely my favorite Nyan Koi character."
Why? ""Best Girl" from the Index series IMO"
Why? "Although he claims to be a deliquent, I think he is actually a good guy."
Why? "What I like the most about him is that he is always loyal to the Monster Girls (even if it seems that they are trying to kill him)"
Why? "One crazy chick"
Why? "Hilarious!!!"
Why? "The yandere half of the Kirishima Twins"
Why? "I love that she is fun-loving, busty, and can turn into a half-human, half-lion that can rip her enemies to shreds!"
Why? "Ai Kakuma gave a very cute performance as Mage, and Sarah Wiedenheft basically equaled it."
Why? "For a cellphone strap, Matsukaze sure can crack me up :-)"
Why? ""Darling!""
Why? "Even though she is sadistic, I think she is quite sexy."
Why? "She is more of a badass than Eren IMO"
Why? "Sakura's mentor in pro wrestling."
Why? "She is no doubt the sexiest Majikoi character despite her tomboyish nature, which is her best trait IMO"
Why? "She is so powerful and sexy"
Why? "Pretty much the best girl from the anime IMO. Plus, it helped that Jamie Marchi played her in the dub."
Why? "Definitely the smartest of the Strawhats"
Why? "I love her red hair and sexy personality."
Why? "Well, let's face it, I hate her too, but I have to thank her for Sakura's entrance into pro wrestling."
Why? "The most badass non-Vegeta role Sabat has played."
Why? "I love this new character, and she is so cute when she sulks about "not having a boyfriend". Just my honest opinion."
Why? "I like her outgoing attitude, and she is very attractive"
Why? "She is so awesome!!!"
Why? "The Untouchable Queen!!!"
Why? "Best Jane Lynch character ever!!!"
Why? "He was hilarious, and his obsessive crush on Celty made him that way"
Why? "It is very funny that he hates Izaya, yet has a soft spot for his sisters."
Why? "The best villian in TMNT."
Why? "She is so funny, and she is voiced by Yu Kobayashi :-)"
Why? "THE BOOB ELEMENTAL!!! LOL!!! Seriously though, I like this character the most on D-Frag :-)"
Why? "I loved his character development with him getting stronger after each of his Night Raid teammate's deaths, especially Bulat's."
Why? "She is the most kick-ass character on the show"
Why? "She is strong, and is never afraid to show her love for Koko."
Why? "Despite his negative attitude, he is pretty much a good guy."
Why? ""Would you like to punish me?" is a favorite quote of mine from her"
Why? "My fave Wendee Lee dubbed character IMO"
Why? "She is very smart, and also quite sexy."
Why? "She is so hilarious! I can see why Autovolt loves her so much."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Samurai Jack
Why? "This was an awesome show with action and a good story."
Why? "I get why it was very flawed, but that didn't stop me from enjoying it."
Why? "A very good show that was also hilarious."
Why? "I definitely recommend this anime for people who love to laugh :-)"
Why? "My favorite anime from 2013"
Why? "For the same reason as Digifan's"
Why? "The fact that this was Jamie Marchi's Sentai debut anime made me want to buy it."
Why? "This anime caught my interest knowing that Chris Sabat is the main character in it, and it is awesome :-)"
Why? "Best anime ever!!!"
Why? "2 words: Sheer brilliance"
Why? "This anime season was alot better than the first with an emotional story and a tragic end to one of the Pandoras."
Why? "I love the women in this one (esp. Saeko, Rei, Saya, Shizuka, Rika, and even Saya's hot mother)"
Why? "This show was stupid, but it was meant to be! :-)"
Why? "There are 3 reasons why I liked this show 1. Momoyo Kawakami 2. Momoyo Kawakami 3. Momoyo Kawakami"
Why? "This show is hilarious, fun, and has several different characters with very different personalities."
Why? "Hilarious and full of adventure"
Why? "I pretty much enjoyed this anime, and I am sure Amber Lee Connors will do well as Rio."
Why? "This show was awesome and always will be awesome."
Why? "A good TV show with a good voice cast who also worked in live-action shows or movies."
Why? "I love this anime for 3 reasons: 1) Action 2) Was created by the same creator of Highschool of the Dead. 3) Sexy babes ;-)"
Why? "It is so quirky and hilarious that I find it enjoyable."
Why? "Those girls are better than the WWE Divas ;-)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Dragon Ball Z: Battle of Gods
Why? "This movie is definitely my favorite of all the movies that have to do with video games. It had good acting and storyline in it."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Nico Robin / Miss All Sunday
Why? "IMO, Stephanie Young won this by a landslide."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Batman: Arkham Knight
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "These shorts were so hilarious."
Why? "These shorts were awesome and sexy."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Even though it has waned in popularity and viewers, I am still loyal to the series."