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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Veronica Taylor
Why? "She is one of the most famous actresses that all the 90's kids know she also played one of most the iconic characters of the late 90's"
Why? "Scrooge McDuck"
Why? "She knows how to convey emotion real well I love how she voiced Nausicca"
Why? "Her voice is so cute!"
Why? "Her take on Nurse Joy is awesome Her voice is very fitting for the role"
Why? "She's so lively in everything she plays in"
Why? "Her voice gives Betty Cooper a realistic personality, also she puts Jane Webb to shame."
Why? "she is adorable!"
Why? "Amy was an excellent Max voice Kayzie can never try to replace her"
Why? "Her voice is perfect for Jessica Rabbit's singing voice"
Why? "She did an awesome job voicing Cassidy"
Why? "Emmy from Dragon Tales"
Why? "Archie Andrews! DUH!"
Why? "She is beautiful and I've seen many of her movies she is a remarkable actress"
Why? "While Greg Warner is a bitchy character, Anthony Clark portrayed him quite well"
Why? "She seems to have a thing for voicing brutal women or women who are loud mouths"
Why? "She is a remarkable actress First Cornchip Girl then Ducky I wonder if she'd voice Anne Marie"
Why? "Awesome actor first saw him in Mary Poppins"
Why? "She's the voice of my childhood Gretchen Grundler from Recess"
Why? "R.I.P Nanny :("
Why? "She gave Thumbelina's mother her gentle, kind-hearted nature and her beautiful singing voice"
Why? "She is good in what she does but when it comes to Kiki's Mom I go with Kath Soucie"
Why? "She had a lot of potential but June Foray will always be Granny and Hazel"
Why? "She's a good actress/singer"
Why? "Overall very good voice actor You can hear some David Kaufman in his voice in Ultimate Alliance 2"
Why? "Her work in Beaches, Oliver & Company and Hocus Pocus is tremendous"
Why? "PATRICK STAR!!!!!!"
Why? "Snoopy and Woodstock R.I.P Bill"
Why? "I definitely do not like the direction he took Brock in but his Maddie Blaustien and all other Eric Stuart impressions are spot-on"
Why? "One of the best voice actors from TPCi's Pokemon dub"
Why? "Fry would be nothing if it weren't for Billy West!"
Why? "Awesome actor my all time favorite role he did was Cal Hockley in Titanic also he has a knack for making his characters sound suave and sexy"
Why? "Worthy successor to Bobby Discroll"
Why? "He's Gilligan Shame he passed he played such an iconic character IT'S NOT FAIR WHY BOB?!"
Why? "sounds almost like Sebastian Cabot"
Why? "Pretty good singer she did a nice job replacing Lea Salonga she is just as good as Liz Callaway"
Why? "Everybody Loves Raymond but everybody loves Brad Garrett too"
Why? "Bunny Bravo Need I say more?"
Why? "Chopper!"
Why? "She was so pretty anyone remember her in Summer Catch?"
Why? "Mary Test sounds better when Brittney voices her"
Why? "She's Anne of Green Gables"
Why? "When it comes to voicing independent women i.e. Princess Vivi Caitlin's the best"
Why? "Awesome Matthew Broderick impression"
Why? "SEXY!"
Why? "Her voice suits Veronica Lodge's seductive and sexy personality."
Why? "She's a good actress if only she stuck with Chuckie"
Why? "She usually plays the beautiful/seductive characters. Definitely one of 4Kids' best voice actresses"
Why? "One of the well known voice actors of my time"
Why? "It's remarkable that he doesn't let his age keep him from doing what he does best Playing Big Bird & Oscar the Grouch"
Why? "FUNNY! Love her work as Sandy"
Why? "She has done some pretty nice work my fave is Sally from Nightmare she does the role like she's actually a restless rag-doll"
Why? "Where would we be without Blossom, so glad she was allowed to voice her"
Why? "She's funny I swear if she could put a nasally sound into her voice, she'd be a great sound-a-like for Fran Drescher"
Why? "Wonderful singer I love her song The Prayer"
Why? "She's Gem Stone"
Why? "She's great at playing young boys"
Why? "Hello she is Angelica Pickles"
Why? "I've been a Kratt brothers fanboy since 1998"
Why? "What a vocal range. He gives a goofy voice to Jughead Jones, and a realistic voice to James on Liberty's Kids."
Why? "No one else can voice Stitch like Chris Sanders Sorry Ben but you fail"
Why? "He's Jack Skellington"
Why? "He's just amazing with everything he does I wish he had more roles in shows"
Why? "Loved her as Kelly Bundy"
Why? "I love how she plays the voice of Izumi Curtis!"
Why? "Was the original voice of Chuckie and Dexter how can you not fave her?"
Why? "Eric!"
Why? "I have heard all her dubbing roles She is an excellet singer/actress"
Why? "Mr. Krabs and Pangborn oh and Undertow he did awesome playing these three"
Why? "Luffy is her best role she's done"
Why? "He can flawless imitate any male actor i.e. Tony Jay"
Why? "One of TPCi better voice Actors. So sad he left thg franchise."
Why? "His voice didn't fit Owl but it was workable"
Why? "It's Susie how can you go wrong?"
Why? "Quite motherly in the role of Bellemere"
Why? "Excellent work in Coraline and Totoro"
Why? "He's perfect as Homer Genie? Ehh not so much!"
Why? "I love his Pokemon voices"
Why? "He bring Jack Skellington to life when he sings as Jack"
Why? "One of the better voice actors of the Advanced Generation Pokemon series"
Why? "It's Chris from Dan vs."
Why? "Aloha!"
Why? "This guy voiced my favorite Nicktoon Long live Danny Phantom!"
Why? "Has been a Disney veteran since 1992 the role he has played the most is Jumba Jookiba"
Why? "The way he plays Scooter and Janice is very similar to Richard Hunt He's also a good Cookie Monster"
Why? "She's so sweet I always pictured her and Bob Denver as the show's couple"
Why? "She voices LaBarbara Conrad :)"
Why? "She is the ultimate grandmother voice"
Why? "She has to read her script with her hands She doesn't let her disability get her down WAY TO GO DIONNE!"
Why? "Have you seen her in 9 to 5?!"
Why? "Probably the best voice actor for Scooby-Doo"
Why? "HILARIOUS! Have you seen her on Everybody Loves Raymond?!"
Why? "Phenomenal actress loved her work in The Little Mermaid 1 & 2 and Kiki's Delivery Service"
Why? "The guy was Spyro!"
Why? "She has voiced some of my favorite cartoon characters"
Why? "Loved her portrayal of Mrs. Brisby"
Why? "One of the better TPCi voice actors"
Why? "He does uncanny impressions of Frank Oz's Muppet/Sesame Street voices"
Why? "Brock, Butch, James and Dexter His acting is incredible the English dub went downhill after he and the rest of the 4Kids cast left"
Why? "Screw David Moo Eric Vale is Sanji!"
Why? "She's a good VA but she has done some terrible voices like Luffy and the obnoxious little boys in Kappa Mikey"
Why? "Her Nazz voice sounds sexy!"
Why? ""Oh Mr. Sheffield!""
Why? "Well I think he's been overused in everything His Kermit, Skeeter and Nibbler voices are good"
Why? "He's the Tank in the Left 4 Dead series!"
Why? "Harvey Birdman and Dr. Jonathon Possible"
Why? "If it wasn't for George O'Hanlon we never would have had George Jetson"
Why? "Poor guy Shame he passed in 2008 He did the best Daffy voice on TTA"
Why? "I like the way he voiced Hunter in the Spyro trilogy"
Why? "She's awesome my favorite role she does is Daphne Blake"
Why? "He does a good impression of Frank Oz's Miss Piggy and Animal voices, as well as Dave Goelz's Gonzo"
Why? "Bartok!"
Why? "Awesome singer!"
Why? "FONZ!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Her portrayals on Maude, The Happiest Millionaire and Mary Poppins were hilarious"
Why? "Dr. House!"
Why? "She's the current voice of Alice and Wendy Darling"
Why? "Pikachu!"
Why? "Eneru!"
Why? "He can imitate anybody from Johnny Depp to Nathan Lane to David Spade"
Why? "Not a bad actor my favorite role he's done outside of animation is Lon Hammod in The Notebook"
Why? "He's Perry from Still Standing :)"
Why? "Unlike Dat Phan James Sie was able to give Kwan a personality and he also sounded more believable."
Why? "I could frickin' care less about the Family Guy version (Sucky) I prefer Hades!"
Why? "Amazing voice actress Her Miss Valentine is phenomenal"
Why? "His Giovanni voice was amazing. He sounded like a gentleman but also badass. Great voice actor would love to see him as a Disney villain."
Why? "She is hilarious"
Why? "I love the voices she gave Sarah, Lee and Baby Melissa"
Why? "His Usopp voice sucked, but his Pokemon roles are awesome!"
Why? "He's Max Goof"
Why? "Dear Jean Loved by all as Edith Bunker R.I.P 1923-2013"
Why? "I love how she voiced Huey in Quack Pack"
Why? "His voice fits fathers and it's a nice voice for Tramp, Jock & Trusty"
Why? "George Sr. from Arrested Development"
Why? "Sexy!"
Why? "She is your go to actress when you need a sexy seductive voice"
Why? "She has a nice sexy voice"
Why? "I like her Hina voice"
Why? "He makes Scar sound just as suave as George Sanders and Tony Jay did with Shere Khan"
Why? "Very awesome singer and voice actor I loved his voice for Merry in One Piece"
Why? "He was a big fixture of everyone's childhood"
Why? "Wakko, Crash, Fatso and Buster? This guy truly is the perfect Beatles sound-a-like"
Why? "What an amazing vocal range"
Why? "why?! - Have you heard his Winnie-the-Pooh voice?!"
Why? "Definitely a good stand-in for his brother Tom"
Why? "Where would we be without the man who originated Kermit the Frog and Ernie?"
Why? "I can't imagine Jessie without her"
Why? "I love her Bettina Beakley voice"
Why? "She is the voice of Ariel the princess who convinced Disney to make more independent princesses/heroines"
Why? "John has the funniest lines in Futurama"
Why? "They Might Be Giants ROCKS!"
Why? "Truly a great actor, 8 Simple Rules didn't feel the same after he died"
Why? "Amazing actor when it comes to Ichigo his voice sounds almost like Masakazu"
Why? "HELLO! Two and a Half Men?! REMEMBER?!"
Why? "Hercules, Spider-Man and Spyro he is awesome!"
Why? "Remarkable child actress Damn you József Barsi HOPE YOU FOREVER BURN IN HELL!"
Why? "I love her work as Kira Watanabe-Finster"
Why? ""Marge Simpson at your service!""
Why? "A worthy successor to Paige O'Hara"
Why? "America's cartoon grandmother"
Why? "She is cute She's been Brandy, a Bratz girl and even played on 8 Simple Rules I have to say she's talented I love her work as Penny funny"
Why? "I think it's unique that she can do a little girl's voice and even young boys as well I loved her as Rika in One Piece"
Why? "BEAUTIFUL! Still love her as Rose in Titanic"
Why? "Can't imagine anyone else as Leela"
Why? "In the 90's Kath had tons of roles she has a knack for playing motherly characters she also does a spot on impression of Catherine O'Hara"
Why? "It's sad that she passed away she had a recognizable voice and they had to kill off her As Told by Ginger character due to her death R.I.P"
Why? "She's a funny actress she cracked me up in Sister Act"
Why? "Radical!"
Why? "Though most of her voices are weird she does an awesome job!"
Why? "Bloo and Owen Wilson's voice double? This guy is truly amazing"
Why? "He's Rabbit!"
Why? "Have you watched Still Standing? She's always cast as the annoying character and she does it so well"
Why? "You'd have to be an idiot not to like Kevin James or The King of Queens :)"
Why? "I like his work as Pleakley"
Why? "She voiced Kiki in Kiki's Delivery Service the very first film that introduce me to anime"
Why? "She's an okay Excel, but she can't generate the personality Jessica Calvello gave her"
Why? "Very funny comedian It's like the role of Mater was made just for him"
Why? "Can play sexy, evil or young characters She's pretty much the Jennifer Hale of anime"
Why? "Amy Wong, Minh and Connie, Numbah Three, Susan Long Wow she does get around in cartoons"
Why? ""Baby Piggy!" what more can I say?!"
Why? "She fits Alvida the Mace to a tee, but as sexy Alvida she isn't as good"
Why? "Pretty good singer"
Why? "Sexy voice as Miss Doublefinger"
Why? "She has the sweetest voice"
Why? "Definitely one of the better voice actors from Pokemon's Hoenn-Battle Frontier seasons"
Why? "Anastasia is my all-time favorite role she's done"
Why? "Original voice of Dukey but the whole Trevor Devall take over didn't bug me"
Why? "She's one of my favorite voice actresses for FUNimation I'm glad Oda picked her to voice Nami she starts to be believable in the Arlong arc"
Why? "I love when she would say "Meowth That's Right!""
Why? "Awesome actress I love her work as Olive, Betty and her Popeye voice was impressive"
Why? "Elizabeth Hoover, Helen Lovejoy and Maude Flanders"
Why? "Mandy is an awesome actress she really brought Rapunzel to life in Disney's Tangled"
Why? "Edna Krabbappel!"
Why? "She is on Happy Days and SpongeBob"
Why? "I've been a huge Kratts fan since Zoboomafoo"
Why? "I love how she voiced Laverne and her voice suits the character who's the voice of wisdom"
Why? "Susan Test and Bubbles from PPGZ"
Why? "One of the better 4Kids voice actors. A shame he didn't work with Pokémon for long."
Why? "He does uncanny impressions of Carroll Spinney and Jerry Nelson"
Why? "Ferris Bueller, Simba Broderick has had some very good roles Hope he stays Simba he's the best"
Why? "I like his work in Kiki's Delivery Service I wish he appeared in movies/media more often"
Why? "Awesome Voice Actor"
Why? "Even if she doesn't do many animation roles She is a wonderful actress"
Why? "Nurse Joy, Rangiku, Cassidy, Whitney and Claire Hollingshead was a phenomenal 4Kids actress"
Why? "Awesome voice actress, nice vocal range. My heart goes out to her she's battled three types of cancer and one killed her career."
Why? "She's the perfect actress for Muffy Crosswire She gives her that snobbish, but caring personality"
Why? "She gives a believable performance in As Told By Ginger"
Why? "Her show Melissa & Joey is hilarious Also Sabrina FTW!"
Why? "He was a hell of a lot better than that ******* Tom Wayland. Either bring him back or Darren Dunstan."
Why? "Kappa Mikey and Seviper"
Why? "She brought Odette to life I especially love the she sang in the second and third films"
Why? "STAGE ON!"
Why? "He did a fabulous job voicing the Narrator in 4Kids' Pokemon after Rodger Parsons left"
Why? "Worthy replacement for Nicole Jaffe"
Why? "I can't imagine anyone else as Mulan"
Why? "He was an okay Meowth but far better than James Carter Cathcart"
Why? "I can stomach his Scooby voice better than Frank's"
Why? "It's Salem how can you go wrong?"
Why? "I grew up hearing her as Velma"
Why? "From what I have heard he's experienced especially when he voices the villains"
Why? "Lightning McQueen and also I like him in Marley & Me"
Why? "What a shame she die She had such a distinctive voice"
Why? "Paige is the voice of Belle my all time favorite Disney Princess"
Why? "She voices one of the most hilarious Disney villains"
Why? "Definitely sounded like Nicole Jaffe's portrayal of Velma before Mindy Cohn took over"
Why? "Very funny I love her as Debra Barone"
Why? "She's always be Sue Ellen and Catherine to me"
Why? "He's hilarious especially in Enchanted"
Why? "Franky!"
Why? "No one can do a better Lock voice than him Way to go Paul! :)"
Why? "He has the right tone for Reggie Mantle's arrogance."
Why? "Hilarious as hell!"
Why? "He certainly captures Eeyore's gloomy personality real well"
Why? "Hilarious He never should have threaten his wife with divorce then maybe he would still be alive if only she had let him live & she jst died"
Why? "Love his work on Futurama, Justice League, Static Shock and Ozzy & Drix"
Why? "I loved her as Motormouth Maybelle Stubs in Hairspray"
Why? "My all time favorite Pokemon voice actress. My favorite role she does is Torchic it's so cutesy and high-pitched"
Why? "Ray Barone!"
Why? "I have always enjoyed her songs, and I never get tired watching her show Reba on ABC Family :)"
Why? "He is the voice of a paranoid chef in The Little Mermaid"
Why? "She did a good job replacing Cameron Diaz as Fiona for the Far Far Away Idol duet she did with Shrek"
Why? "Shawn "FRICKIN" Hunter"
Why? "Paulsen has a wide vocal range"
Why? "He is the voice of the Beast! DUH! NEED I SAY MORE?!"
Why? "Squidward, and the Anchovies?!"
Why? "She is an amazing voice actress if only she stayed with Pokemon after Season 5"
Why? "Good ol' Professor Despite him being a highschool teacher"
Why? "She is so adorable especially when she is Minnie Mouse"
Why? "He's Dash Baxter I'm pretty sure it hurts to do a voice that scratchy"
Why? "She's Gidget!"
Why? "She is an awesome voice actress"
Why? "She was sexy in Cruel Intentions"
Why? "Aladdin :)"
Why? "So many good roles in Pokemon"
Why? "Gol D. Roger"
Why? "While I find two of his shows offensive, American Dad! is actually whitty also his singing voice is awesome!"
Why? "At first I didn't like how Pal sounded British, but it grew on me I could swear without the accent he could mimic Seth MacFarlane as Stewie"
Why? "He voices freaking Usopp and if you don't like it then screw you! Because Oda picked him!"
Why? "Sorry but he is Professor Oak Take a hike Zoppi!"
Why? "OH MY GOSH! Flo so cute!"
Why? "If you need a sexy sophisticated voice go with Stephanie Young"
Why? "It's TOM how can you go wrong?!"
Why? "He's keeping Jim Henson's spirit alive by preforming Kermit and Ernie"
Why? "She is quite good at voicing Miss Clavel and Genevieve in Madeline"
Why? "She's perfect for maniacal villains i.e. Maleficent"
Why? "Her voice is perfect for Sandi Crocker in "Being Ian""
Why? "I love her Bulbasuar, Larvitar and Phanpy voices Lisa Ortiz is good at Larvitar but Michele Knotz is no Bulbasaur but she is Phanpy"
Why? "From Angel to Timmy she is very talented"
Why? "I can't picture anyone else than Tate Donovan as Hercules. His distinct tone represents the struggling but kind hearted Hercules."
Why? "Next to Eric Stuart he is the best Pokemon voice actor"
Why? "I'm your Other Mother Silly"
Why? "He can play perverted characters or he can play good characters either way Jonesy FTW!"
Why? "No one else can do Nani like her"
Why? "Universal's decision to switch Janet Waldo with her was idiotic but boy could she sing and "You and Me" was her best song in the film"
Why? "He's amazing when he has to be a villainous character"
Why? "Cracks me up as Keroro"
Why? "His acting in Forrest Gump, Apollo 13, Philadelphia, Big and Cast Away were amazing also who else can voice Woody in the Toy Story franchise"
Why? "There's no other actor with as much vocal range as Tom not to mention he was the ultimate Spyro voice"
Why? "Best voice actor when it comes to villains who have British accents Also re-invented Shere Khan when he replaced the deceased George Sanders"
Why? "Pretty good at sounding like a dog"
Why? "Awesome Voice Actor favorite role: Ace from One Piece"
Why? "She's everywhere And she is even Wilma Flintstone"
Why? "Despite the negative comments on YouTube Trevor's Dukey voice isn't that bad it's just a little lower"
Why? "His voice suited Ord's playful and friendly personality"
Why? "Love his Onix voice"
Why? "EDWARD ELRIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Truly a man of God He's my total inspiration for trying to be an animator"
Why? "One of the better Pokemon voices"
Why? "Best voice of Ms. Merry Christmas and Envy"
Why? "She is hilarious if you don't believe me see Sister Act and it's sequel"
Why? "He's Gob from Arrested Development!"
Why? "He does a spot-on impression of Numbah One from KND"
Why? "Very Experienced You could say she resembles her character"
#1 All Time Favorite
Ash Ketchum
Why? "Ash inspires everyone He never gives up and he and his Pokemon have a great relationship"
Why? "She's voiced by my all time favorite voice actress, Veronica Taylor."
Why? "Everyone loves Aladdin"
Why? "She's beautiful!"
Why? "She is so cute and I'm glad she got to be with the family she always wanted"
Why? "Fairly intelligent and has that charisma most women look for in a man."
Why? "Classic! If you hate the Fonz you aren't an American!"
Why? "He is an idiot and a douchebag Typical stereotype of the jock!"
Why? "He's just a funny character, I love how he's always getting injured"
Why? "Another Pokemon with a cutesy high-pitched voice supplied by Rachael Lillis"
Why? "One of my favorite characters except I like him better in the original film"
Why? "My all time favorite Disney princess"
Why? "Screw Jake the Yellow Dog! JOHN DIMAGGIO IS WELL KNWON FOR BENDER (flips off CN)"
Why? "She's so damn sexy"
Why? "Brad Garrett's first role in an animated film :)"
Why? "She is frickin' hilarious I love how is she is so masculine and a woman at the same time"
Why? "He's one of the best Sesame Street characters I often think of him first when thinking about Sesame Street"
Why? "Funniest character in the Foster's franchise"
Why? "for once DTS did something right, making a stoner"
Why? "I love the way Danny Elfman voiced Bonejangles It's like Jack Skellington with a much more deeper voice"
Why? "It's so cute and it really tests Bill Rogers' vocal range"
Why? "HOT!"
Why? "Too memorable to be gone from Ash's traveling group Cilan sucks"
Why? "So adorable I love how it hugs James when sent into battle"
Why? "I love Gantu I love how he always fails and Stitch humiliates him he's definitely comedic relief"
Why? "I feel so sorry for this poor dog His master died, and his home was destroyed by Mohji the douche-bag"
Why? "Gullible, funny, dim-witted, gluttonous and adorable :)"
Why? "He speaks with a British accent, and it gives him a little sex appeal"
Why? "I love her as a gossip"
Why? "Crazy!"
Why? "One of my favorite Pokémon voiced by Bill Rogers. Rogers actually sounded like a fighting chicken."
Why? "He's the original cookie lover"
Why? "She is an interesting character Dakota Fanning really captured her real well"
Why? "I think he was great character of the day. He had a real struggle like most people do."
Why? "Whether it's Blaustein or Rogers Corphish is an awesome Pokemon."
Why? "Definitely the most peppy sounding character voiced by Kayzie Rogers."
Why? "D.W. inspires the brat inside us all"
Why? "I draw him constantly, he's my damn favorite all right!"
Why? "He's an homage to Flash Thompson, and I think Bash from Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja is based off him"
Why? "Dawn is Emily Jenness' best roles in Pokémon."
Why? "Beatnik, sexy and smart"
Why? "very underrated, his indecipherable speaking is funny"
Why? "YUCKY!"
Why? "CUTE! Just listen to those barks!"
Why? "You'd have to be stupid not to love her My most favorite portrayal is Aileen Quinn's in the 1982 anime adaptation :)"
Why? "Creepiest character David Ogden Steirs has played"
Why? "Jessie: Dustox Poison Sting Dustox: DUSTOX DU-DU-DU-DU-DU!"
Why? "Possibly the inspiration for dysfunctional fathers"
Why? ""GRAVY!""
Why? "Sarcastic, Greedy, Selfish, Vain and very Funny"
Why? "I love Eduardo and the episode where he's under anesthesia is hilarious"
Why? "I liked Elmo before he took over the show"
Why? "He inspires the child inside all of us"
Why? "He's like Sanji, he loves women"
Why? "She's always the voice of reason and always has a calm attitude"
Why? "He's not like the other princes he is an entirely different character he's more daring"
Why? "It's funny how he needs cola to power up"
Why? "One of Tony Jay's best roles. A very villainous and corrupted character and also he did an awesome job singing "Hellfire""
Why? "Along with Sandy the only sane one on the show"
Why? "Bumbling but he's got the right idea The show would have been bland without Gilligan"
Why? "He's alright in the main series but the Origins Giovanni was a badass villain."
Why? "Chris Sabat!"
Why? "Giselle is just a cutie!"
Why? "Rachael Lillis NEED I SAY MORE!"
Why? "Weirdo I love him in Muppet Babies such a flirt with Baby Piggy"
Why? "I love SpongeBob's Grandma"
Why? "I love this old lady she is so iconic in her own special way"
Why? "Bad-ass, threatening and hilarious"
Why? "She cracks me up with how she replaces words and her own body-parts with the word kajigger"
Why? "sexy hippie chick"
Why? "He inspires the inner hero in all of us"
Why? "Everyone loves a fat guy."
Why? "He's sadistic but deep down he is a nice guy and plays the piano"
Why? "He's one of Pixar's darker villains"
Why? "He's the Cheetah you don't wanna mess with"
Why? "He is voiced by Patrick Seitz :)"
Why? "My all time favorite protagonist from the works of Tim Burton/Henry Sellick"
Why? "Probably th most memorable character from the Mind of Tim Burton also I hope I get to voice Jack once Chris and Danny retire"
Why? "She's just got that groovy hippie thing going on"
Why? "A womanizer jst like Brock"
Why? "SEXY!"
Why? "My favorite anime chick she ties with Lust"
Why? "Jigglypuff was a real test of Rachael Lillis' vocal range"
Why? "Pessimistic and Cynical Phil Hartman stole the show as this cat"
Why? "Billy Zane did a wonderful job in this role Smart, and sexy sounding when needed"
Why? "I love the main character(s) and Johnny is no exception"
Why? "such a pervert"
Why? "What's a cartoon without a glutton?"
Why? "He is the funniest character in The Jungle Book not to mention the cutest one in Jungle Cubs"
Why? "Love his square nose!"
Why? "Kanga is the bomb! Also Kath Soucie's motherly voice fits her nicely"
Why? "Kanga is one of my favorites and Kath Soucie suits her mother-like role not to mention Soucie also adds a little bit of a British accent"
Why? "I love how they got Pat Carroll to voice her"
Why? "He's a jerk but he's very funny I love narcissistic characters"
Why? "HI-HO Kermit the Frog here"
Why? "CUTE!"
Why? "Shes like the female Tommy of the group"
Why? "Just the kind of mother Chuckie deserves loving, caring and very friendly"
Why? "Foxy Lady!"
Why? "I love Lady and I love that Jodi Benson now voices her She puts more emotion into the role Barbara Luddy just sounds ditzy"
Why? "OH MY GOD! Do I need a reason I love this dim-witted, sexy Irish duck!"
Why? "Another villainous role that Jay did really well"
Why? "She's so adorable especially in Rugrats Royal Ransom Lil: (gasps) Prettiful jewelries"
Why? "Lilo taught us all that there's nothing we can't do I mean look at her she turned an evil alien into an adorable friend"
Why? "She's one hell of a mom Understanding, fair, and strict when needed"
Why? "Hilarious! I love her personality and the fact that Debbie Reynolds voiced the character makes me love her even more"
Why? "This is one role I loved hearing Vanessa in she's so motherly"
Why? "Marge Simpson is one of the funniest TV moms out there"
Why? "He is voiced by Larry the Cable Guy and personally I think he shares Larry's redneck personality"
Why? "He's hilarious he replaced Misty as Brock's foil to flirting and even had some funny smart-aleck lines in both 4K and TPCi's dub's."
Why? "Next to Ash and Delia she is one of my favorites that Veronica voiced"
Why? "Dim-witted, funny and sweet a female Ed"
Why? "She is sarcastic, can be a bitch (when necessary), but deep down she cares for Hercules and she's a great Disney heroine"
Why? "He sure has a big mouth but most of the time he is funny"
Why? "The cuteness factor strikes again."
Why? "It all started with a mouse"
Why? "What a dork!"
Why? "Muffy's fair and lenient mother I swear she's the only one who isn't concerned with money"
Why? "Mime mime mime mime!"
Why? "She's such a sweetheart She can also bounce back when she is put in a situation due to Daisy's stupidity"
Why? "An excellent example of Kayzie Rogers' versatile vocal range."
Why? "One of Jennifer Hale's best roles next to Sedusa"
Why? "Adorable"
Why? "Don't mess with this pig!"
Why? "I miss her! Bring her back Japan!"
Why? "Arrogant and bullyish, but she has her moments of niceness"
Why? "He's obnoxious, selfish and very good-hearted I love when he screams "I slept so great!""
Why? "She is a honest woman and deserves Strong Wind."
Why? "Bitchy, selfish, vain and melodrmatic She's a hilarious Disney villainess"
Why? "She's a nanny with spunk"
Why? "I love the motherly characters"
Why? "I love how behind the sweetness there's someone who despises SpongeBob more than Squidward"
Why? "The scapegoat of the show Recess She's hilarious she reminds me of an old math teacher always out to get the kids"
Why? "Fearsome warrior"
Why? "She's like D.W.'s intelligence she knows most things D.W. doesn't"
Why? "Smart, sexy and sneaky!"
Why? "Hottest character of the franchise! :)"
Why? ""Hi Kids" "Hi Nanny""
Why? "ditzy but waht a sweetheart she is"
Why? "My favorite character voiced by Caitlin Glass :)"
Why? "Hey! A Nibbler I'm gonna collect all of them!"
Why? "Nurse Joy is one of my favorite recurring characters She's always friendly and helpful when needed"
Why? "She's so overrated and her family's favorite I like her personality as well"
Why? "He's the best"
Why? "I grew up on Ozzy & Drix although I didn't like Chris Rock's portrayal too much of his personality"
Why? "My favorite Disney character of all time"
Why? "I've always loved motherly characters and Perdita is no exception and the current actress Kath Soucie does a wonderful job"
Why? "Such a goofball character and a sweetheart I love his relationship with Leela"
Why? "Pikachu's fandom will never die!"
Why? "Normally I see Piplup as a cute Pokemon but this one was hilarious"
Why? "I love how Pluto's voice is basically Goofy just barking"
Why? "Without Ariel there would have been no Belle, Esmeralda, Mulan, Tiana and Rapunzel"
Why? "First Disney princess/heroine to be independent and smart"
Why? "Best leading lady in a Pixar film"
Why? "Love her operatic singing voice"
Why? "She is my favorite non-Disney and non-Don Bluth princess I was devastated when I read Michelle Nicastro died in 2010"
Why? "Hello she's cute! :)"
Why? "One of Sally Struthers' best performances"
Why? "While often portrayed as a jerkass, Reggie shows that he does have a heart of gold."
Why? "He's always serious, but give him booze and he becomes a fun guy"
Why? "Hottest character of the franchise"
Why? "She is Danny Phantom's girlfriend and also one of Grey DeLisle's best roles"
Why? "I think Sanji is one of the best anime characters except I didn't approve of David Moo's Sanji voice"
Why? "Always been one of my favorite Simpsons characters"
Why? "Who doesn't love Scooby although I don't approve of Frank Welker vocing Scooby. He is just one of several roles Welker can't do perfectly"
Why? "I love when this guy laughs"
Why? "I miss him Why did HB decide to retire his character?!"
Why? "Hottest character in The Powerpuff Girls franchise"
Why? "Favorite Pokemon from Jessie"
Why? "Shaggy's the original coward"
Why? "This episode was funny and her demise was hilarious"
Why? "AHAHAHAHA! Aw nuts!"
Why? "He is a Bengal tiger my favorite animal Also his deep Baritone voice is very seductive suave and sexy"
Why? "She sings so beautifully and she resembles Cinderella"
Why? "Cutest character Frank Welker has ever voiced She needs a voice comparison"
Why? "So sarcastic yet so sweet"
Why? "Spyro ROCKS! I love how he sounded in the second third and fourth games Tom Kenny never should have quit"
Why? "America's favorite cartoon cynic"
Why? "Stitch is hilarious especially when he insults Jumba's mother"
Why? "Oh my gosh! She's adorable."
Why? "Definitely a likeable character but he could use an attitude adjustment"
Why? "She has an awesome personality"
Why? "Hello he is voiced by the epic Brad Garrett!"
Why? "Tantor is hilarious and both Wayne Knight and Jim Cummings are perfect for the role"
Why? "My favorite character that Cathy Cavadini has voiced"
Why? "One of my favorite roles from April Wnchell"
Why? "She is cute!"
Why? "He is the most energetic character in the whole franchise"
Why? "I love characters who are smart-mouths and headstrong"
Why? "SO CUTE!"
Why? "Torchic was so cute I'm glad May chose it It just makes you wanna hug it"
Why? "It jumped into the ocean to find Spoink's pearl and almost died. Torkoal is hilarious."
Why? "Very interesting character from Disney I even love that in the sequel he's a father-figure"
Why? "She's one sexy cyclops and she'll take you down if she has to"
Why? "Shakesperian-esque villain also she is such a bitch at the end of the movie I love bitchy Disney villains"
Why? "voiced by Rachael Lillis do I need to say more"
Why? "I think that after her mother passed on she and Pepper Ann became good friends And it seems like she understands Pepper Ann more than anyone"
Why? "The sexy vixen of Archie comics"
Why? "Funny character Often stereotyped as a hot-head However deep down he's a gentle giant"
Why? "CUTE! He never should have gave it back"
Why? "She's hilarious I love her"
Why? "For a bear of very little brain he's adorable"
Why? "She is voiced by my favorite anime voice actress and she has spunk"
Why? "It's not Toy Story without Woody"
Why? "He's very short-tempered but in The Looney Tunes Show he's hilarious"
Why? "Hilarious villain! Candi Milo is a nice replacement"
Why? "A straight up parody of Troy McClure"
Why? "I love how she guides you through the game and after that she'd only appear to zap you also Carolyn Lawrence fit her personality better"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "I hate 4Kids for what they did to One Piece and Sonic X but I will give them props for this dub This is their best dub by far!"
Why? "A very underrated show, that needed more love"
Why? "This show is perfect for kids so many issues addressed Death, Asperger syndrome, Alzheimer's Disease Arthur deserves a Parent's Choice Award"
Why? "A very good series, dealt with coming of age issues Children need to see this show before entering teenhood"
Why? "better than today's sh*tty shows like Adventure Time"
Why? "This show had the hyoe of Pokémon it even had Veronica Taylor voicing a boy similar to Ash Ketchum."
Why? "F*ckin' hilarious I love how it looked like a child's show but has adult subject matter"
Why? "Next to Doug this was my favorite OSM show"
Why? "This is one of my favorite shows I upload it on YouTube"
Why? "I love this show I watched it til PBS' license to it expired"
Why? "Longest running Cartoon Cartoons show"
Why? "Quirky, yet at the same time suitable Excel Saga is one of the better anime's from the 2000's"
Why? "An amazing show it took the place of Powerpuff after CN axed it"
Why? "I'd rather watch John DiMaggio as a foul-mouth robot instead of a stupid fat yellow dog Jake sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Finally a cartoon that doesn't try to attract teen audiences (cough) Adventure Time!"
Why? "To quote "Liberty's Kids is guilty... of making learning fun!""
Why? "Although they failed with continuity they got almost everyone from the first film This is far better than Stitch!"
Why? "All time favorite show from the 80's"
Why? "One of my favorites, to hell with the US people who hate it! The FUNimation dub is the definitive way to watch it"
Why? "One of 4Kids Entertainment best localizations."
Why? "Proof TPCi can do a good dubbing though I think it may be a bicoastal dub. It's better than the main animé."
Why? "My all time favorite NickToon"
Why? "The series that I grew up on The current series is just a bunch of filth with me"
Why? "Weird and hilarious anime"
Why? "Good show but making Witch Hazel black was an idiotic idea!"
Why? "Nostalgia!"
Why? "Good re-vamp of the first This was the one Toon Disney aired alot"
Why? "Without The Simpsons Matt Groening wouldn't have conceived Futurama"
Why? "It's a pretty good show, a damn good spoof of Survivor Hopefully it has more seasons than 6Teen"
Why? "Educational and at the same time entertaining"
#1 All Time Favorite
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs
Why? "The first ever full-length animated motion picture from the Disney canon"
Why? "A truly creepy as hell film 9 is one of the best stop-motion films I have ever seen"
Why? "First Computer Animated film to be shot in CinemaScope"
Why? "One of my faves If only it was given more appreciation by the Disney company"
Why? "A milestone in Animation :)"
Why? "It's so vivid, colorful it has everything that a Disney film has but it's Don Bluth"
Why? "Love Love LOVE THE CGI in the Ballroom Sequence Beauty and the Beast is the most romantic feature from Walt Disney Studios"
Why? "Not a bad sequel but the animation made it look more like a Nickelodeon Animation Studios series"
Why? "Pretty good, the visuals were top-notch and the stop-motion looked amazing"
Why? "It's satire and the jokes/innuendo are pretty damn funny. 9.5/10 from me!"
Why? "Some may call it a ox-office flop But I say it's a load of fun"
Why? "The first ever anime film I saw"
Why? "Wonderful film just wish Disney hadn't waited til 2003 to release it to the public"
Why? "This one had the best English dub out of all the Advanced Generation films."
Why? "the songs used in the film helped keep the movie consistent"
Why? "This was the first DWA film I ever saw It was witty and very life-like"
Why? "It's a beautiful film and should only be watched in it's true CinemaScope55 ratio"
Why? "It kinda reminded me of Mary Poppins"
Why? "Best CGI Disney film ever made most expensive too"
Why? "While it's not as faithful to the novel it's sourced from I think they did a good job on the film it's as close to Hugo's novel as they got"
Why? "A wonderful film The characters are enjoyable A star studded cast and a good story"
Why? "Disney's triumph in the 80's When hand-drawn started to decline TLM put it back on the right track"
Why? "My all time favorite Halloween film"
Why? "This film was a big risk for Dreamworks because of it's Religious Thematic Material"
Why? "Disney's 49th film and the first animated one since 2004 A musical adventure you'll never forget"
Why? "Awesome story, adaptation, awesoem protagonists and antagonists"
Why? "Don Bluth's first and his best up til Anastasia Plus I love how dark it is"
Why? "What a phenomenal movie!"
Why? "A total box-office flop but TLM fans should love it"
Why? "It may not be like Mary Poppins But nevertheless it's a wonderful blend of animation and live-action"
Why? "I fell in love with this film, it's so awesome What a nod to video-game lovers everywhere!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Jessie is one of my favorite anime characters next to Lust"
Why? "I love Arthur"
Why? "It doesn't matter if its Holloway or Cummings doing Kaa both are magnificent"
Why? "Just as suave as Shere Khan they even share some traits"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Spyro: Year of the Dragon
Why? "My all-time favorite Spyro game"
Why? "The only game to have the FUNimation actors in it"
Why? "Never got to the end but I enjoyed playing it"