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Why? "A WB show that isn't another adaptation of a pre-existing Hanna-Barbera or DC property? Sign me up!"
Why? "Surreal humor at its finest. With great characters and some of the best performances from Charlie Adler, this show is a classic laugh-riot!"
Why? "A fun show with great characters that I have fond memories of watching on HBO Family alongside episodes of Crashbox and Rainbow Fish."
Why? "FIGHT FOR JUSTICE! ...In all honesty, it's fun, wacky and great to look at--this show is one of my favorite Imaishi-directed productions."
Why? "While what I've seen of this show looks great so far, I really gotta give this show props for its use of the underutilized NY talent pool!"
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Video Game
Why? "Ys-lite for kids! It's a charming, little gem filled with fun action and a GREAT voice cast! If you like the Ys games, give this one a shot!"
Why? "The premise might be out there but the gameplay is where it's at! If you're a fan of SRPG's like Fire Emblem, give it a try & check it out!"
Why? "Ah, the nostalgia... Maximo was one of the first PS2 games I've played. A very fun, if not difficult, game with a great and memorable cast."
Why? "PPF holds a personal place for being getting me into the Puyo series! While it's barebones compared to later entries, it's still a fun time!"
Why? "A fun and addicting game that's great for beginners of the series to jump in! The VA here is just the icing on the cake and is amazing!"
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