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Voice Actor
Brad Swaile
Why? "I've met Brad, and he was such a fun guy to hang with. Plus he voices so many characters I love! Wish I could meet him again!"
Why? "Cam was a nice guy, helped me a lot with a research project too. Plus who couldn't love the characters he's played!"
Why? "I don't think I can remember a cartoon as a kid without Chalks voice!"
Why? "Wow, he has been the voice for so many childhood classics. This man is a legend!"
Why? "Long John Baldry was amazing, for both his music and his characters. His Robotnik is still a classic! (goes and listens to his Baldry CD)"
Why? "Matts got a great voice on him, and hair! Plus if not for him, I wouldn't have known about BTVA and AYVO!"
Why? "Omg the Colonel was Perception?? Who can not love the Colonel or Preceptor??"