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Title: Aspiring Voice Actor
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Voice Actor
Why? "David was a friend of mine."
Why? "He's the best Shadow the Hedgehog that Sega has ever had. Next to David H. of course!"
Why? "Best Rouge the Bat Sega has ever had."
Why? "She's best Tails Sega has ever had. I would say she's a blessing to the seires because Tails acttually sounds like a boy and not a girls."
Why? "A true legend. ANd he's one of my many idols."
Why? "Best Sonic to date. 'Nuff said."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's a true hero."
Why? "He's a clssic cartoon character!"
Why? "She's hot. 'Nuff said."
Why? "She's hot. 'Nuff said."
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TV Show
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Video Game