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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Charles Martinet
Why? "Lin Yin Fang"
Why? "Riza, Erza, and Yuko."
Why? "Love him voiceing Cyborg and Zack."
Why? "Despite he voiced a lot of hate-able/annoying characters (Ex: Charles, Seth, Ermac, Kano), he's awesome at voice acting."
Why? "Scorpion"
Why? "He was perfect as the Vulture and decent as Riddler."
Why? "R.I.P."
Why? ""Okay!" -Terry Bogard"
Why? "Sir, finishing this fight."
Why? "Her voice is just so beautiful"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "He's my main in SSB series."
Why? "Despite her actions, like um, bullying? Her personality is what made like her."
Why? "Tag, you're dead."
Why? "Because of Baraka, I beat my bigger brother in the Mortal Kombat 2011 grudge match."
Why? "Fav. DC comic book hero"
Why? "Funny"
Why? "Destroy us all! Destroy us all! *And it goes on*"
Why? "Way better than Catwoman!"
Why? "Unlike most female Sonic characters, Blaze is not annoying."
Why? "His bankai pretty epic."
Why? "The Crash series is one of my childhood VG and I haven't recently played Crash games. I missed him..."
Why? "When I first saw Lord Death, he's immediately my favorite Soul Eater character!"
Why? "He's only badass in Sonic Adventure 2 Battle though."
Why? "I like his special ability."
Why? "How would you like to suck my balls?"
Why? "*Sniff*"
Why? ""Hey Einstein, I'm on your side!""
Why? "Possibly my favorite Halo villian due to his creepy voice."
Why? "Most badass Street Fighter!"
Why? "Why you little!!!!!"
Why? "Fav. Infinite Stratos character"
Why? "Sayonara!"
Why? "I like his Zanpakutō."
Why? "The best rival of Sonic that is not a hedgehog."
Why? "Stan: Oh my God, they killed Kenny! Kyle: You bastards!"
Why? "Besides Starfire, Kole is the nicest Titans so far."
Why? "Probably the most prettiest fighting game character I ever saw!"
Why? "Police brutality, coming up!"
Why? "WRONG!"
Why? "She's so adorable!"
Why? "I usually don't like characters with "big breast" traits. But Ms. Litchi is one of few exceptions."
Why? ""One love, breda""
Why? "Ta da!"
Why? "She's the main reason I watched the show."
Why? "The best main video game protagonist."
Why? "Best Halo character ever!"
Why? "HOT!"
Why? "Because he's Mesagog, one of the best Power Rangers villain."
Why? "What 9000?! There's no way that can be right!"
Why? "Mainly because I like his fight against Kenpachi."
Why? "She's a yandere goddess, that's why!!"
Why? "Driving in Liberty F@#$ing City, ehh?"
Why? ""You're becoming more like your father, Fox""
Why? "I beat Tekken 5 arcade using him."
Why? "I wish I had a older brother like him."
Why? "He's just badass!"
Why? "Cousin, let's go bowling. :D"
Why? "One of the best Anime anti-hero."
Why? "Get over here!"
Why? "Drink it in, pal! That's how failure taste!"
Why? "Those ( )( )..."
Why? "It's official! You suck!"
Why? "Hands down the best Power Rangers!"
Why? "One of the reasons why I watched Soul Eater."
Why? ""Too much pressure!""
Why? "I'm looking forward to see him in Avengers: Age of Ultron."
Why? "He has an awesome glass!"
Why? "Bunch of annoying little flies!"
Why? "Awesomee!"
Why? "The best black guy in video games."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Infinite Stratos
Why? "Although the show didn't explain the plot to well, the fight scenes are pretty awesome and the CG animations are pretty decent."
Why? "One of my childhood memories"
#1 All Time Favorite
Pacific Rim
Why? "Monsters vs. Robots. Nuff said."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Find the computer room, for the 10 F@#$ing times alreay!!!!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Smash Bros. Brawl
Why? "An awesome sequel."
Why? "Can't wait to play it!"
Why? "Just love this arcade."
#1 All Time Favorite
Team Fortress 2
#1 All Time Favorite
The Simpsons Ride
#1 All Time Favorite