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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Liam O'Brien
Why? "Jushiro, Lloyd, Nanashi, and Gaara! "
Why? "I love his voice so much!.. Elric Alphonse, Ouri Kagami, Izuna Endo, Hiro Sohma, and Yasuchika are the 5 best roles he voices in my opinion."
Why? "I love her voice, it's so sweet and subtle.. She stars as many great characters in many different anime. :)"
Why? "She is a great voice actor for younger children. It doesn't matter if it's little boy or little girl's, she'd be perfect for that cast. :)"
Why? "Anastasia has a beautiful voice. She puts so much effort and emotion into her characters. I think Aria on The Sacred Blacksmith is her best."
Why? "1. High School Of the Dead 2. Angel Beats! 3. Clannad He's amazing, I love his voice."
Why? "Naota Nandaba, Torogai, and Granny Chiyo.. Those are her greatest roles in voice acting. (Or so they are in my opinion)."
Why? "His voice was perfect as Szayel Aporro Granz in Bleach as well as Kai Miyagusuku in Blood+ and Sai in Naruto: Shippuden... My favorites. "
Why? "Blake's a pretty good voice actor and he's in some great anime, such as: HSOTD, The Sacred Blacksmith, Ghost Hound, and even Angel Beats! :D"
Why? "Bob is excellent in Linebarrels of Iron as Jack Smith and Fullmetal Alchemist as Sig Curtis."
Why? "Death Note, InuYasha, and Dragon Ball Z! Awesome, his voice is amazing."
Why? "His voice is just so natural it flows with the characters that he voices. Like he's not even trying, but it sounds so great."
Why? "Brian Donovan has a great voice and it suits Rock Lee well. Rock Lee is very energetic and his love goes out to all as mine does for him. :3"
Why? "She has a nice selection of roles and she really has an excellent talent for young girls' voices."
Why? "Brittney is a fantastic voice actor. She's accumulated alot of roles over the years and she's young. I especially liked her in Angel Beats!."
Why? "He's a great voice actor; my greatest to least fav is: Ladd Russo, Takuro Sawatari, Isaac McDougal, Jerry, Wallace Taisa, and Nino Ferreti.."
Why? "She does an amazing job in so many roles... I do not think I've ever heard her in a role I did not love."
Why? "She has the best tone and expressions and I just love the sound of her voice. She is the best female Anime voice actor ever! :)"
Why? "Chris deserves more roles as a v/a. He was best as Kouichi Aizawa in Nabari no Ou and as Calne Kaiwal in The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes!"
Why? "My favorite roles of Chris's is in Hetalia: AP, Chrome Shelled Regios, Corpse Princess, Kaze no Stigma, and Ouran High School Host Club. :)"
Why? "He voices in very much great Anime... The characters that he voices are great as well."
Why? "He is a fantastic voice actor, much so like Greg Ayers, his brother. I hear a tiny similarity in their voices; but Greg's voice is cuter. :3"
Why? "This dude is great! He has a great voice and fits certain roles, such as... Japan, Akira K., Nicholas Wayne, Kubisaku Nagai, and Toru Shiga."
Why? "Chris voices in around 30 anime series that I have seen and some in which I have not but he is easily one of best voice actors in the world."
Why? "Chuck Huber is an example of what an actor strives for in talent.. He is awesome! My fave character of his is Dr.FrankenStein on Soul Eater."
Why? "This girl's voice is good.. She does well in Chrome Shelled Regios, Corpse Princess, Jyu Oh Sei, Kaze no Stigma, and Hetalia: Axis Powers."
Why? "Clint has great voice acting skills. I especially like Taro Komori from Ghost Hunt & Finland from Hetalia: Axis Powers! "
Why? "She has a lot of great roles and voices in a lot of Anime, most (over half) of which I've already seen."
Why? "Ino Yamanaka, Konohamaru Sarutobi, and Nelliel Tu Odelschwanck! I love them and she is the best voice actor for them.. She is amazing at it."
Why? "I love this guy's voice in High School of the Dead, Ghost Hound, Clannad After Story, and Angel Beats! He stars the characters perfectly. :)"
Why? "I grew up watching so many shows that she voiced in. She's really amazing. I love her voice."
Why? "I love him in Naruto as Itachi Uchiha, Ebisu, and Shibi Aburame. Also in Blood+ as Haji and Van Arigano. His voice is just perfect for them."
Why? "He voices in two awesome animated series: 'Avatar: The Last Airbender' as Zuko and 'The Legend Of Korra' as Zuko's son Iroh. A great V/A. :)"
Why? "Dave's an amazing voice actor, no doubt about it. He does a great job and voices my favorite.. :3 Kakashi Hatake from Naruto! "
Why? "I love David as Kenpachi and Jiraiya. You can tell he really gets into it and shows the right kind of emotion and different personalities."
Why? "His voice is laid back and calm, I "
Why? "Avatar: The Last Airbender & Legend Of Korra. It's amazing the diverse sounding creatures he can create with his voice. Also PORTAL 2! A&P"
Why? ""Uryu Ishida (Bleach) Shino (Naruto & Naruto Shippuden)" 'nuff said :)"
Why? "Konan from Naruto: Shippuden!! I love her, she is awesome! Maybe not at first.. But she really is a nice and passionate person deep down. :)"
Why? "His roles are so tremendous. Also I really admire his voice. His greatest top 2 would have to be Asuma Sarutobi and Gin Ichimaru."
Why? "She plays some of the best Anime.. 1. High School Of the Dead 2. Angel Beats! 3. Clannad ..Her voice is amazing."
Why? "Emily has a beautifully radiant voice that is very recognizable. She is best voicing in High School of the Dead, Clannad, and Angel Beats!"
Why? "Iv'e seen just about all the anime he voices in, his voice is amazing and it suits the characters well. Loke & Yuki = The best of his yet."
Why? "Frank Welker is hands-down one of the best voice actors alive. I am blown away by the staggering number of characters that he has voiced."
Why? "I just love his voice! It's so adorable and he voices all the right characters! :3"
Why? "Iroh! :D"
Why? "He takes part in a few great shows and, oh yeah, I love his voice! :) He has a great range. From Beast Boy to Kevin Levin they're all great."
Why? "She's a very talented voice actor, her greatest role, I would have to say, would be Azula in Avatar: The Last Airbender."
Why? "Yui, Fuko, Tessa, and Patty are by far the cutest most amazing little girls that she has voiced.. Also "
Why? "Ian Sinclair has a super voice! I love it!! Especially as Ryner Lute in The Legend Of The Legendary Heroes and Bardroy in Black Butler."
Why? "His voice is easily recognized by me, and others I'm sure. His best is in High School Of The Dead, Clannad, Ghost Hound, and Angel Beats! :)"
Why? "He voices in almost all the anime that I have seen!! (and I've seen alot of anime! lol) He's Great!"
Why? "My top 3 favorite roles of Jad's are: 1. Eve Genoard-Baccano!, 2. Masako Hara-Ghost Hunt, and 3. Kanon Suzuhara-Kaze no Stigma."
Why? "She's one of FUNimations best female voice actor. She has a great sense of humor and plays so many great roles in a lot of great anime. :)"
Why? "His voice is deep, but that makes it easier for him to play great characters such as in Naruto and Bleach. "
Why? "He voices Lavi from D.Gray-man for crying out loud!!! "
Why? "This guy's awesome! He has an amazing voice range. I can remember watching shows and movies that he casted in when I was younger. Excellent!"
Why? "He really gets into his roles and voices a lot of great characters such as Claire Stanfield, Kalian Loss, Lyon Bastia, Kyo Sohma, etc."
Why? "The Place Promised In Our Early Days was an unforgettable movie that will live on forever by me.. An anime she's in that's my fave is HOTD."
Why? "Franny, Nita, Chaca, Meng, and Toph Bei Fong.. She is great as all. :)"
Why? "My fav characters of him: Jacuzzi Splot, Haia Salinban Laia, Takamasa Sogi, Urey Rockbell, Hideaki Yajima, Yoite, Shin, and Kilik Rung. :)"
Why? "My top 6 favorite characters he voices are Shigure Sohma, Hajime Shibata, Jose Croce, Tetsuya Sendo, Switzerland, and Haruo Kasuga. "
Why? "John is such an undeniably talented voice actor, this guy is great. He has a role in High School of the Dead which is my favorite anime. :)"
Why? "This man's voice is, to put it simply, great, the tone and delivery of his lines is simply stunning. He amazes me with all of his greatness."
Why? "LOVE his voice, LOVE his band, LOVE him. :)"
Why? "Fred Abberline, Erigor, Prussia, and Gregor! Amazing! "
Why? "Josh Grelle almost sounds Like Steve Staley, but there is a difference in voice I can tell... Makoto, Koichi, and Kenji are my faves of his."
Why? "Karen has different personalities for every character she voices.. I think the best personality differences would be between Momo & Soi Fon."
Why? "She plays small but great roles in Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden.. Also I love her as Saya Otonashi and Diva in Blood+."
Why? "I could tell a resemblance between Sakura and Karin/Nanao/Retsu's voices.. Kate Higgins is an amazing v/a, she has a beautiful voice. :)"
Why? "I really like her voice, I think it's very unique in its own way. She was great as Misaki Kirihara on Darker Than Black and a lot of others."
Why? "I love her voice. She has an incredible range. I've watched so many shows growing up that she voiced in. One of the greatest originals! :)"
Why? "Kent's talent is immeasurable.. I truly believe that he is one of the greatest. His best is in Fruits Basket, D.Gray-man, and Hetalia: AP."
Why? "Kira's voice is beautiful. Her best voiced characters, in my opinion, are Lucy/Nyu from Elfen Lied and Ur from Fairy Tail. :)"
Why? "Kyle voices young or old and he does a great job with both! He voices a lot of great characters but Kiba is his best in my opinion. :)"
Why? "She stars in quite a bit of excellent anime along with excellent characters, her voice suits them well and no one can say different!.. :)"
Why? "Another great v/a I'm a fan of! She does a great job voicing girls and young boys. My faves: Blair-Soul Eater & Saki Morimi-Eden of the East"
Why? "He's an excellent voice actor for High School of the Dead and Angel Beats!"
Why? "Mitsukuni "Honey" Haninozuka, Rico, Kosuna, Leena Lee, little Natsu and Train. She has the best adorable voice, so very cute. :3"
Why? "Lydia, she's a good voice actor! I've seen just about all of the anime that she's stared in and she is purely awesome. Most impressive. :)"
Why? "She voiced Shanti in The Jungle Book 2 and Katara in Avatar: The Last Airbender... The greatest roles she's voiced ever."
Why? "The best anime that she has played in yet is High School of the Dead, Ghost Hound, Devil May Cry, and Clannad."
Why? "Maile Flanagan dubs over Naruto extremely well, she did a much better job than any man would be able to do for Naruto.. I'm sure of it!"
Why? "High School of the Dead and Angel Beats! Both great anime.. Both star Mark. :)"
Why? "She play some tough characters, one of my fave roles from her is Wolf's Rain Jagara and Naruto's Kurenai. :)"
Why? "Alphonse Elric, Crona, Czeslaw Mayer, Sealand, Doris, Shouta, Richard. She just has a great voice and knows exactly how to use it."
Why? "From Pokemon to Naruto/Naruto: Shippuden to Bleach. She has such a cool voice to listen to especially as Rangiku Matsumoto!! My favorite! :D"
Why? "She puts effort into her characters.. Melissa Davis is in my top 3 fave anime: 1. High School of the Dead, 2. Angle Beats!, and 3. Clannad"
Why? "She's great on FLCL (Fooly Cooly), Cowboy Bebop, and of course, let's not forget Invader Zim!"
Why? "Fullmetal Alchemist's Maria Ross, Gunslinger Girl's Patricia, and Fruits Basket's Kagura & Mai are just four of her best characters. :)"
Why? "He has a very nice voice. It does suit his characters well. His best three would have to be Soul E.E., Reve Urshela, and Hiroshige Ushijima."
Why? "Michael Lindsay has a great voice that he uses for great characters, such as: Kisuke Urahara, Shinchiro Tamaki, and Kankuro; Really awesome."
Why? "She changes her tone for every character.. She plays great as Rukia Kuchiki, Risa, Matsuri, and little Lelouch vi Britannia. Also Katherine."
Why? "This guy is amazing, he voices in awesome anime and has awesome characters to go along with it. His voice can range from calm to fierce. :)"
Why? "I love her voice when she plays as Inari, Young Haku, and Ryugan in Naruto; also as Toboe in Wolf's Rain, and as little Ichigo in Bleach. :3"
Why? "My top 3 favorite roles of her's are as Shizuka Marikawa(Highschool Of The Dead) Tsubaki Nakatsukasa(Soul Eater) Saki Amase(Corpse Princess)"
Why? "He's a great v/a for Zwei in Phantom: RFTP, and Yutaka Itazu in Eden of the East, but no one beats Gray Fullbuster"
Why? "Avatar: The Last Airbender and Blood+.. Seen them both and he voices well in them."
Why? "Love him in Bleach as Kenpachi and Isshin, and also in Naruto as Raido. My absolute most favorite of him though is Umehito Nekozawa - OHSHC."
Why? "Awesome voice actor, he's certainly made a name for himself! My 2 favorite roles of his is as Kon from Bleach and as Iruka from Naruto."
Why? "I first heard his voice as Kazuma in Kaze no Stigma, then in Soul Eater, then in Nabari no Ou, then in D.Gray-man now Fairy Tail. I love it!"
Why? "Fermi, Latvia, and little Gray Fullbuster! Aww! :3"
Why? "She voices Nana on Elfen Lied and Hatoko Kobayashi on Battle Doll Angelic Layer really well.. She has a cutesy voice."
Why? "Yeah! Love this guy.. He's England! Also he's in Fairy Tail, that's a plus. :)"
Why? "Darker than Black, Ghost Hunt, Jyu Oh Sei, Kaze No Stigma, Baccano! .. He did great in all of them."
Why? "She voices in Angel Beats!, Ghost Hound, Clannad, and 5 Centimeters Per Second and rocks the roles she takes on."
Why? "1. High School Of the Dead 2. Clannad 3.Orphen ..Need I go on? :)"
Why? "I love Naruto and Might Guy is one of the best Ninjas on it. He's so funny and seems broad minded. I really do think he's awesome. :)"
Why? "Sonny Strait excellently voiced Kotaro Fuuma in Nabari no Ou, and Maes Hughes from Fullmetal Alchemist. I cried when Maes Hughes died!! "
Why? "Her voice is so beautiful, kind, gentle, and sweet.. I love her as Hinata Hyuga, Orihime Inoue, and Mikuru Kuzuhara."
Why? "Stephanie's voice fits the characters nicely and she really gets the emotion/mood of her it just right for each of them all individually. :)"
Why? "There are many people who can do a gravelly voice, but there's something about his that simply makes it better than the rest."
Why? "Toshiro Hitsugaya! Shuhei Hisagi! Neji Hyuga! The three best characters and his voice fits them well.. I love it, it's such a calm voice. :)"
Why? "The first time I heard her was as Temari on Naruto, and she was amazing! I also love her as Akari Shinohara on 5 Centimeters Per Second."
Why? "I grew up watching her in action... She is Awesome!! She's got no limit to her voice range; voicing both boys and girls and doing fantastic!"
Why? "Taylor really rocked High School Of The Dead as Saeko Busujima... I hope she is more involved in other exciting and awesome anime later on.."
Why? "She's great in Corpse Princess, Nabari no Ou, Chrome Shelled Regios, and Fairy Tail.. Happy's got a cutesy voice and is quite funny too.. :)"
Why? "He's one of the voices I can spot out anywhere, anytime. He's a great voice actor and I love all of his characters. He's the best! :) "
Why? "Shikamaru Nara is one of the best ever! I love how he's always so laid back about almost everything and he's so calm in dire situations. :)"
Why? "Travis's voice is one of the best voices ever.. He is in Bleach and Naruto, which I love. Also he voices Roy, Yu, Houshou, and Takashi! "
Why? "She has a ranged voice.. Her best was in Baccano! as Rachel in my opinion. She also has a cute voice that she used in Desert Punk as Namiko."
Why? "Troy is quite the excellent voice actor. My favorite roles from him are as Yamato/Pain in Naruto and he does a great Jin Kariya from Bleach."
Why? ""Vic Mignogna is one of the greatest! He does a remarkable job with many of his characters.""
Why? "I have to say, Yuri is one of the best voice actors out there. His voice is sexy and it makes his characters sexy. At least I think so. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Gaara / Fifth Kazekage
Why? "If not for Liam, Gaara wouldn't be who he is. I nearly cried when he practically died... I was so ecstatic that he didn't, he's the best! :D"
Why? "Asuma was one of the best sensei's of the Leaf. When he died I was sad to the point where I was at tears.. I wanted to kill Hidan myself. :("
Why? "Chihiro is so emotionally strong, very smart, and can take care of herself. She loves her family and friends, and she doesn't back down. :)"
Why? "I really can't decide between the twins who's my favorite.. Plus they have that whole twincest thing going on, which I find completely hot!!"
Why? "Itachi may seem like he's the worst out there but he has just as much of a heart as Naruto!! He's protecting Sasuke like any brother should."
Why? "I have a lot to say about Jiraiya, all of which I cannot fit in why I think he's so amazing!! He's such a go-with-the-flow kind of guy. :)"
Why? "Kakashi has an awesome personality. He's totally focused, but also very laid back, and always reading his icha-icha paradise/tactics books."
Why? "Kankuro is awesome with his puppetry.. He makes everything seem so easy and likes to show off. He does have a soft spot for his family. :)"
Why? "I really can't decide between the twins who's my favorite.. Plus they have that whole twincest thing going on, which I find completely hot!!"
Why? "What's not to love about Kiba Inuzuka?! He's one with the dogs and really lovable! I just wanna snuggle and cuddle with his all day. :3 "
Why? "She's so blunt about a lot of things, but she's friendly too, which makes her a very nice person. Plus she's the Avatar.. Deal with it!! xD"
Why? "Kyoya's so smart and sneaky.. So evil!! I love him though, he really does have a pretty sweet side and he's a great friend to the others. :3"
Why? "L is the best!.. I so cried when he died! I wanted to reach through the screen and strangle Light for what he had done, make him pay!"
Why? "I love Might Guy! Rock Lee is so much like him in so many ways... They get along so very well and Guy is of the best and nicest sensei ever."
Why? "What's not to love about Honey?!?! He's so adorable and when he's around Mori.. He's even cuter! I don't think anyone can out cute Honey! :D"
Why? "I love Naruto!!!.. He's funny, super cute, and a great friend. Naruto Uzumaki is and also always will be a great ninja legend! Believe it!!"
Why? "Steve Staley's voice alone makes just about all of Neji super sexy. Although Neji may not show it, he truly does care about his teammates."
Why? "Rock Lee is brilliant! I just love his enthusiasm!! He's so energetic and he is a great teammate. If he were real.. He'd be my best friend."
Why? "Sai.. Oh my gosh, he's so cute!! He has a beef with Naruto at first but they warm up to eachother. I love how he uses art for attacks. :3"
Why? "Shikamaru is very strategic and has great logic skills. I felt really bad for him when Asuma died and as he cried; I cried with him. :( "
Why? "Shino Aburame.. He's so cute in his own way. It seems that he has to be the one on top of everything. He's really adorable when he gets mad!"
Why? "On the episode when Ritsu called Mori as ugly as he was.. He's reaction was priceless!! I was like, "No Mori!! You're not ugly!!!" I "
Why? "I love how Tamaki has his random spontaneous day dreams. He's very oblivious but that's what makes him so darn cute and charming. :3"
Why? "Temari is so beautiful and she's also related to Gaara which is a plus because he's my favorite in Naruto!! I love her wind style technique."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
High School of the Dead
Why? "It's an anime with friggin' zombies! Who doesn't love anything action with zombies in it?! I will love HOTD until the ends of the Earth!!!"
Why? "This Anime touched my heart! Yes, I admit, I did cry at the end. "
Why? "It has a perfect blend of gore, drama, action, and everything in between! Every single episode leaves me on the edge of my seat; I love it!!"
Why? "This provides a background story that will knock anyone off their feet. This show is epic & can't be compared.. It's unique in it's own way."
Why? "This is the most interesting and creative Anime I've seen in my entire life! I really get into the characters, especially Sokka & Zuko. :)"
Why? "There are immortals, ranging from alchemists, street gangs, thieves, FBI agents and even the mafia. What's not to love about it? It's great!"
Why? "It's a cute Anime.. Not the best, but not a bad one either."
Why? "Great Anime, great characters.. What else more does it need? I loved how it played out, I loved it over-all."
Why? "Black Butler II was just as great as the first season. Sebastian is still my favorite though! "
Why? "Just one of the ongoing series that I've been keeping up with. Bleach is awesome along with all the characters and their voice actors. :)"
Why? "Blood+ is such a great Anime! It's got demons and gore, and it's awesome. I cried when Diva killed Riku for her to have children though. :'("
Why? "Blue Exorcist is the only anime that I've watched subbed. Now that it's dubbed, I'm loving it even more! Each V.A. were perfectly chosen! :)"
Why? "Great anime! I recommend it to everyone!! Lots of action and it's never leaves you to hate a single episode. The voice actors fit the roles."
Why? "Each and every character had the perfect voice actor/actress. There was quite a bit of action. The story line was great too. I loved it!! :D"
Why? "Such an original and cute anime. Most of my love goes towards it because of Greg Ayeres voicing Youhei Sunohara. His voice is adorable."
Why? "This should have definitely be a longer series, it was amazing and I loved watching it."
Why? "I cried when Keisei Tagami died.. It was an amazing anime. I loved it!"
Why? "Amazing .. What else is there to say?! I loved it. :)"
Why? "D.Gray-man! I love this Anime series for so many reasons.. The characters, the voice actors, the main theme & plot. It's Awesome!! I "
Why? "Dance In The Vampire Bund is astounding. It's got vampires and werewolves, and it doesn't follow any other Vampire/Werewolf franchise, Yea!!"
Why? "Darker Than Black is one of the first anime that I actually got into before becoming an anime freak, it's phenomenal and I love it! :)"
Why? "AWESOME! I wanted to reach in the screen and kill Light for having Ryuk kill L! I was like, "WHYY?! L was to kill Light not N!" I cried! lol"
Why? "Kenta was definitely a desert punk! This was a pretty awesome series and funny at times too. It had action.. It was great. Action=Greatness!"
Why? "Just the name of this Anime says it all.. Devil May Cry. Lots of action and gore, lots of half-demon Dante kicking demon ass! It's great. :)"
Why? "Great anime!! I could see how much it was like Baccano just by how the anime was presented. The subtle appearance of Isaac & Miria was cool."
Why? "I love this Anime.. I got into Eden Of The East because of the main plot/theme and the cute/other characters. It was/still is fantastic. :)"
Why? "Elfen Lied is great, It's got action and romance and anything in between. I definitely recommend watching if you like anime."
Why? "Fairy Tail is beast! I love the magic users and their guilds, but most of all Fairy Tail and it's members. They are the life of this Anime!!"
Why? "One of the best Comedy Shows ever! I find it funny how every one hates Meg or doesn't care about her. Peter is funny, but Stewie is my fave."
Why? "FLCL.. Oh my goodness! This was amazing!! You have to keep up to know what's going on.. But there's anime robots and everything in between!"
Why? "This Anime is beautiful! I love the characters and how everything plays out.. It's cute and funny and lovely. :3"
Why? "I love Full Metal Panic, it truly is a phenomenal anime! It's got action, comedy, and some of the best voice actors around star in it. :)"
Why? "Fullmetal Alchemist is brilliant! It is sincerely one of the greatest anime series of all time."
Why? "^"
Why? "^^"
Why? "^^^"
Why? "One of the first anime that I started getting into. I loved it from the very beginning & I still do. I especially like it because of ghosts."
Why? "Ghost hunt is the best supernatural anime that I've ever seen. I think this is the only anime that actually had me scared at some points. A+"
Why? "Gunslinger Girl was cute and awesome. With the combination of little girls as trained killers is the most epic thing about this anime. Cool!"
Why? "It's not as great as the original Gunslinger Girl, but it was still great. The animation was different and that's mainly what got to me."
Why? "A great harem anime. Tomoki could've gone chibi a little less, but still, it's a fine anime. Cute, yet bad ass! I recommend watching. :)"
Why? "Hell girl is a crazy cool anime... It is based on reality but has fiction to it. It sorta teaches you that revenge isn't always the answer.."
Why? "This anime is so adorable and actually knowledgeable in history in a sorta fun way. My favorite Characters are Italy, Germany, and Japan! "
Why? "^.^"
Why? "The very first anime that I've ever seen and one of my favorites! It never gets tiring and there is plenty of action. I recommend to every1."
Why? "^^"
Why? "Must admit, I have a weakness for this show. Who doesn't love weird little aliens?! I have T-shirts and knee-high socks with Gir on them. :3"
Why? "Not a very long series, but a great one. It's sad how Thor's brother dies early on.. It turns out to be a really nice anime though. Awesome."
Why? "Kaze no Stigma is a funny and action-packed anime that you don't not want to watch. It's filled to the brim with amazingness and excitement."
Why? "Linebarrels of Iron is pretty sweet. There's something new and exciting on each episode."
Why? "This isn't the best anime around, but it's not horrible.. There's much worse, but there's better too."
Why? "This anime is beautiful all around, the story is moving, and the work of it is just great. All the characters have a distinct role. I "
Why? "There may only by 1 season and 6 episodes.. but Murder Princess is one of the best single hero action anime that I've seen starring a girl."
Why? "Some of the best voice actors for this anime were picked and they filled the roles nicely. It's really deep, funny and action filled. :)"
Why? "A great ongoing anime series full of action, humor, and ninja's! It is one of the best!! I will continue watching Naruto until the very end."
Why? "This anime is cute/funny/awesome/action packed/ you name it! It was great and entertaining to watch. Watch it!! It's amazing, I promise you!"
Why? "This was an amazing anime, Feng Lan was adorable. It was sad towards the end. I was really upset when Natsume died and the group split up."
Why? "I love Ouran High so much! It's funny, sweet, cute, and romantic. It's one of the best anime because it's dubbed with great voice actors. :)"
Why? "Just by the name of the anime you can tell that it's a good one. It's constant and steady. It's kinda sad, yet it's got a great story line.."
Why? "Great anime. Great voice cast. Great everything. It's a nice to watch especially if you like Todd Haberkorn, my favorite voice actor!.. :)"
Why? "A fantastic anime. I only wish Katsushiro weren't so stupid. Then again, the anime wouldn't have been how it was. It was cool and touching."
Why? "Definitely a top anime for me! Samurai Champloo was as good as it gets!! It made me laugh and it made me cry.. I couldn't ask for better. :)"
Why? "This anime was really good! I would have liked the story to be longer so there were more episodes to watch, but it's great how it is. Kuma!"
Why? "Sekirei: An amazing anime in which one cannot pass up because it is epicly known for its epicness!! Watch it and know what I'm sayin'. ;)"
Why? "I really liked this anime. It's so cute how Rin & Asa are great together.. I think Kaede over-reacted when Rin told her that he was leaving."
Why? "Soul Eater is an amazing anime! It's funny & action-filled.. It will forever be remembered by me and everyone else who loves it I'm sure! :)"
Why? "I've seen all the episodes. I really love how Kenny tries to explain that he dies all the time and no one believes him.. Them bastards! lol"
Why? "An original anime that is very touching and great in its very own way. It's not all the time that you find an anime quite like this one. :)"
Why? "^-^"
Why? "I'm sure everyone has seen Spongebob at least once. Seasons 1-3 were great and I still think it is to this day.. My dad even watches it! xD"
Why? "Fantastic anime! It was adorable and interesting at the same time. It really kept me wanting to watch. I want to watch a season two! :D"
Why? "This was a super great series! Beast Boy was / still is my favorite character.. When there's trouble you know who to call, TEEN TITANS! "
Why? "It's packed with action and comedy and it's full of new characters. Each person has their own personalities along with their voice actors."
Why? "The Legend of the Legendary Heroes is an amazing action anime that involves magic and a search for mythical objects. I give it a 10/10! :)"
Why? "Great anime! :D Great voice cast! :) It was entertaining and full of action. I think Cecily and Luke would be sooo darn cute together!! "
Why? "The Simpsons is amazing! I've seen just about every episode and I love every last bit of them. I salute to it, most impressive!"
Why? "This was beautiful anime. It's amazing how much strength that Syaoran has to be able giving up Sakuras memory of him for her to live. I"
Why? "This was an excellent anime that should've been over 24 episodes.. The voice cast was great and the story was too. Plus cute demon foxes. :3"
#1 All Time Favorite
Spirited Away