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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jim Cummings
Why? "One of the greatest in the business and the voice of so many childhood favorites. If you need the voice, he can do it."
Why? "He has a finger in almost every kid's childhood characters. He is one of the kings of Saturday morning cartoons."
Why? "One of the queens of Saturday morning cartoons. She has a great range and has provided many great, under-appreciated roles."
Why? "The man who re-invented the Joker."
Why? "The Man of A Thousand Voices. It says something when one man can carry an entire cast of characters."
Why? "He's Yakko, Pinky, Raphael, and so many others of my favorite childhood characters."
Why? "One of the greats of old Disney. His was a memorable and warm voice."
Why? "She has a great range and she is very sympathetic to her audience and fans."
#1 All Time Favorite
King Candy
Why? "Fun to listen to and fun to quote. He's an antagonist you just love to hate."
Why? ""Just stay Narf!""
Why? "Fun and sympathetic. His journey is heart-touching and his voice is great."
Why? "It's Animaniacs. What other reason is there?"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Star Trek: The Next Generation
Why? "I grew up on this series. It's one of the centerpieces of si-fi."
Why? "What can be said about it that hasn't already been said? It's fun, funny, and takes no guff from nobody."
Why? "It's the longest running Si-fi series for a reason."
Why? ""Good" has no demographic. This show is fun, imaginative, entertaining, clean, and quintessentially good."
Why? "Clever and inventive. A great re-imagining of the classic stories."
Why? "It's rightly called the "Firefly of Saturday morning cartoons." A great adaptation that had a short but glorious run."
Why? "Fun and funny. Not many shows of its day could hold a candle to it."
#1 All Time Favorite
Wreck-It Ralph
Why? "Wonderful story, characters, and execution. One of the best that Disney has put out."
Why? "It's a great up-date to the classic Disney formula. A solid story, great characters, something Walt himself could be proud of."
Why? "A great overall film, with great characters, an engaging story and lots of super-hero action. It's a great mix of the best things."
Why? "A childhood favorite that is strong and well-made. I liked it as a kid and I like it as an adult."
Why? "A breakthrough in so many ways with a timeless appeal. The story and characters never get old."
Why? "It's Toy Story and it's a "2 movie" that lives up to its predecessor. It might not be quite as good as Toy Story, but it's still great."
Why? "A fitting wrap-up to Toy Story. Plus, this film faces death in the most emotional and powerful way. One of the few films to jerk my tears."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess
Why? "It's the Ocarina of Time formula given a massive update. It takes all I loved about the old games and improved them."
Why? "This game never gets old. It's fun, it's funny, it's innovative, it's great to play. A childhood favorite."
Why? "It's like hyper chess with a great story."
Why? "Simple to learn, hard to master. Fun and Funny."
Why? "It's Mario Kart. Enough said."
Why? "Fun, fast, and innovative. This is the best Mario Kart of the bunch."
Why? "A great game to play with a friend. Plus, it's Mario Kart."
Why? "The voices are a bit annoying, but it's a good game and it is Pokemon."
Why? "Where do you start? One of the best games there is, not to mention the characters are unforgettable."
Why? "Not the greatest, but it had some memorable moments and had sympathetic character arcs."
Why? "The 3D Sonic game they finally got right. The humor and story is a bit tongue-in-cheek, but the game-play is what's important."
Why? "A fitting 20th Anniversary game. They learned what worked yet still experimented."
Why? "Who doesn't know this game? It's a cultural icon!"
Why? "The Mario game that set the new standard. One of the greatest games ever made."
Why? "Fun, funny, thinks outside the box. Plus, the story is great."
Why? "It's Super Smash Brothers! What else is there to say? It's one of the greatest fighting games ever made."
Why? "It's Super Smash Brothers. It departs from the working formula here and there, but it still is a great game."
Why? "It never gets old. It took all the elements of the original and multiplied them one-hundred-fold."
Why? "This takes the Ocarina of Time into an interesting and challenging world. Dark yet hopeful in feel, and fun to play."
Why? "One of Nintendo's crowning achievements. This game set the standard for gameplay, story, graphics, and scope. It's timeless."
Why? "Innovative and engaging. It it a crowning 25th anniversary piece. The story is great, the characters sympathetic, the experience great."