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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Brad Swaile
Why? "Brad is one of my top fave guys!He my #1 favorite Canadian VA along with Tabitha from Ocean Studios.Love Light,Rock,Nightcrawler,& Setsuna."
Why? "Aaron is one of my favorite child VA's in Funimation. I like how he plays Alphonse on the first FMA. He's a cool guy."
Why? "I love Alessandro on what he does on Death Note. God Bless Him."
Why? "I love her voice as Lightning and Emma."
Why? "I love Andrea on her role as Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy."
Why? "Andrew is one of my faves.I got to have a conversation with him at EFNW and also ask him to do Shining Armor and Braeburn. God Bless Him."
Why? "I met Ashleigh at the Vera Project for Hey Ocean! Love what she does on MLP FIM."
Why? "She's done a great job as Ellie and Terra!"
Why? "Does an amazing job."
Why? "My #1 Japanese voice actress. I love her voice as Haruhi and Lucy!"
Why? "Ben done great playing nerdy characters. My top fave are:Death Gun,Numbuh 1&2,Eugene,Toxsa,Gurio,& Ban! He's the Real Deal."
Why? "A Disney Legend and a great voice actor. God Bless Farmer and I'm glad I met him."
Why? "Doug and Fry!"
Why? "My fave roles of Brian is Yumichika, Renzo Shima, and Sneech."
Why? "Ryuk!"
Why? "Love what she does on Black Butler, One Piece, and Fairy Tail. Brina Rules!"
Why? "Brittney has been one of my other favorite VA's. I love how she rough up her voice as Black Star on Soul Eater."
Why? "I'm glad I met Bryce and videoed him for Rin at Sakura Con. But Kirito is my favorite character."
Why? "I enjoy her roles as Tsugumi, Cyan, Krista, and Meldy."
Why? "My favorite characters of Caitlin Glass are: Winry,Haruhi,andYakumo."
Why? "Very great for playing older and younger characters."
Why? "I love his voice as Leonardo da Vinci."
Why? "I love Carrie's voice as Lisanna and Xiaoyu!"
Why? "I will miss the voice of Shaggy Rogers. God Bless Mr. Kasem."
Why? "Leo,Luna,Leafa and Ritsu!"
Why? "Her voice as Penelo from FFXII was amazing when I played the game. I love her voice as Lori and Amidala."
Why? "It was great meeting Cathy. Spike and Near are my favorite characters. Plus, Happy Birthday to Cathy Weseluck."
Why? "Takes me back on the many shows I watched Dragon Tales,Gundam,and MLP."
Why? "One of my top female anime VA's. I love her roles as Asuna,Lucy,Sailor Venus,Patti,& Elizabeth! God bless Cherami!"
Why? "I love Chiara's voice as Daring Do!"
Why? "Sagara,Greed,and Asura! Chris Patton is one of the best!"
Why? "I will miss the voice of Dexter and Chuckie."
Why? "I love her voice as Azusa & Silica."
Why? "He's got an excellent Hindu voice for playing Prince Sohma."
Why? "I love Bevins Japanese accent on Hetalia. Japan is my favorite character."
Why? "He has given excellent voice acting tips at Sakura Con. Plus I love his voice as Spandam, Kittan, Joker, and The Emperor."
Why? "Chris has really played a lot of tough guys. My favorites are Vegeta,Alex Louis Armstrong,Kiku,and Rome."
Why? "Chuck one my other favorite voice actors. Love what he does on Soul Eater. God Bless Him."
Why? "I love Claire! She's got such a cute voice for Sweetie Belle. Glad I met her at Everfree."
Why? "His voice is just perfect."
Why? "China is the only character I like from Clarine Harp."
Why? "She has got such an teenage and adult voice. My favorites are Luffy,Hawkeye,Marie,Erza,and Kirara."
Why? "She was great as Ino, Tails, Jazz and more."
Why? "I was glad I met Cree at ECCC. Plus, ECCC is her first con just like Nancy Cartwright. Gosh it was awesome to see her!"
Why? "Crispin got such a great voice. I like how he plays a lot of Action guys."
Why? "Her voice of Luan is just incredible!"
Why? "Mio and Alisa are my faves!"
Why? "He has a great voice for Ulquiorra,Rock,Jellal,and Italy."
Why? "Excellent performance as Sebastian, Erwin, Sinbad and more!"
Why? "Dan Castellaneta is one of my favorite voice actors on The Simpsons and Hey Arnold."
Why? "Yugi and Knuckles are my favorites of Dan Green!"
Why? "Favorite roles: Batgirl,Big Patty,and TenTen."
Why? "Grimmjow and Law!"
Why? "I like him as Raven on Tekken."
Why? "He's hilarious on Shop Till You Drop. Plus, he has good animal sounds!"
Why? "Love Dawn,Cynthia, and Sherry!"
Why? "He reminds me of Mel Blanc! Eric surprises me with his voices!"
Why? "Eric Vale is the hero on Hetalia! Love this Guy."
Why? "I just love her role as Yuuki! She's done an excellent performance as Ryuko and excellent job as Gon,Aladdin,and Sailor Uranus!"
Why? "I love her voice as Akiza and Bianca!"
Why? "He's got such a great voice. He sounds almost like Yuri Lowenthal and Spike Spencer. Plus, I love his role as Alibaba."
Why? "Chie,May,and Nazz are my faves of Erin Fitzgerald!"
Why? "Pac Man is my favorite of Erin's."
Why? "Frank Welker impresses me. I love how he makes great animal sounds. That man will always be on the front page of my VA list."
Why? "I love how Fred has great foreign language accents. Like what he does on Assassins Creed playing Mario and Jubair which is excellent."
Why? "His performance as Yusei was excellent!"
Why? "Love how Greg Pitches his voice. He's done an excellent job."
Why? "Greg Cipes is a funny guy. Beast Boy and Michelangelo are my favorites."
Why? "I love DeLisle because she is so nice and I love her enthusiasm. I met her and said that I will always pray 4 her. God Bless Her."
Why? "He was natural on The Simpsons!"
Why? "I love her performance as Rosette on Chrono Crusade."
Why? "I love Hynden. I like what she does on Adventure Time,Teen Titans,IGPX,Soulcalibur,and Gurren Lagann."
Why? "He got a great Italian and British accent for voicing Romano and Baldroy! I love this guy!"
Why? "Tatum is awesome. Love what he does on Black Butler and Ouran High School Host Club. Plus I love his French accent on Hetalia. God Bless Him"
Why? "Carla!"
Why? "Jamie has such a charming voice. I like her as Liz,Cana,and the Narrator on Hetalia."
Why? "Jamieson does a great job on Bleach!"
Why? "i always love Janice speaking Japanese on HHPAY and MLAATR. She will always be on my favorite VA list of 255 voice actors. God Bless Janice."
Why? "I love Jason's voice as Claude Faustus."
Why? "He done a great job playing Cilan and Sonic!"
Why? "He has a great voice. I enjoyed his role as Lavi, Finny, Hei, and Iceland."
Why? "I like it how he does a great job on voicing Keswick,Johnny Bravo,Dexter's Dad,and Ace! He's great!"
Why? "I love Jennifer. Glad I got to meet her. She's got such a beautiful awesome voice."
Why? "Glad to meet Shada and hear him do impressions."
Why? "Jerry is awesome. One of my favorites are Barry and Russia. The way he plays Russia's kolkol is so sinister."
Why? "Wakko,Ironhide,and Barricade!"
Why? "Roxas,Ventus,and Robin are my favorites of Jesse McCartney."
Why? "I love her voice as Hange! She was also great as Eclair and Excel."
Why? "Reason why? Because her voice of Lynn,Lucy!Yukika,Flame Princess,Olette,and Lexi were amazing!"
Why? "Love what Jim Cummings does. Tigger is my favorite character when I was a child."
Why? "He was great as Zeref and Meow."
Why? "Kurama,Fried,Tien,and Switzerland! Burgmeier rules!"
Why? "Bender and Gilgamesh are me faves of DiMaggio"
Why? "John Swasey one of my other favorite Voice Actors. I like his role as Lord Death,Hohenheim, and my favorite crazy character Undertaker."
Why? "Johnny has been my #1 favorite of all time. His voice is outstanding. Lelouch,Izaya,Ichigo,Yukio,Makoto are my favorites."
Why? "Kenichi,Lithuania,and Ox Ford!"
Why? "I love the female Mel Blanc:June Foray!"
Why? "His voice of Lee and Violet was incredible. Plus his voice of Big G on Doraemon was funny."
Why? "I love Karen's voice! My favorites are Soi Fon,Sawako,Kallen,Jinja,and Momo!"
Why? "I love Kari. She has a lot of different voices. And U know me I hear more of her voices. God Bless Her and she talk to me on Twitter."
Why? "Sakura,Talho,Nanao,and Saber! I love Higgins!"
Why? "She does an excellent job on MLP:FIM and Ed,Edd,and Eddy!"
Why? "Kazumi Evans has such awesome singing voice for Rarity. I love Kazumi. It's a good thing I met her at Everfree Northwest. God Bless Her"
Why? "Great voice for Basch and Marluxia. Plus he was excellent as Bloo."
Why? "Great voice for Sango and Starlight Glimmer."
Why? "I love KMR! He Followed me on Twitter. Plus I love what He does on TMNT. God Bless Him!"
Why? "Cyborg and Aqualad! BOOYAH!"
Why? "She was the winner of Anime Expo of 2004. She has done a heck of a job as Izumo and Kuroyukihime!"
Why? "Cyclops and Teru are my two favorite characters of Kirby Morrow."
Why? "He has such an awesome voice."
Why? "I Love his voice as Aizen,Kamina,,Gohan,and Ryu!"
Why? "Excellent performance for voicing such young girls like Juniper Lee,Lisa,Kari,Julie,Allie and more."
Why? "I love Laura on her voice as Lust, Maka, Pyhrra, Serah, and Chun-Li. God Bless Laura."
Why? "She's one of my most favorites. Her voice as Annie,Sakuya,and Sakura is Awesome!"
Why? "She has done an excellent job on many anime shows!"
Why? "My favorites are Jushiro,Gaara,Nightcrawler,and Miguel of Liam O Brien. God Bless Him!"
Why? "I just love her voice perfectly!"
Why? "I just love her voice as Sumeragi!"
Why? "I love Luci. She's got such a cute,sinister,and heroic voice. My favorites are Honey,Kaname,Nami,and Medusa."
Why? "Great Voice Actor for Pokémon!"
Why? "She does such a great job on Black Butler and FMA!"
Why? "I love Madeleine as Scootaloo. Glad I videoed her at Everfree."
Why? "Mamoru is my only favorite Japanese VA ever. Tamaki,Light,Death,Setsuna,and Riku are my favorites."
Why? "Marc has really has a lot of voices. My favorites are Kite,Axel,and Casey Jones."
Why? "I like Mark. He's such a great guy!"
Why? "She knows how to act on very mean,cute,and tough girls. She's great."
Why? "My favorite roles of Matthew are: Iron Man,Melvin,and Z.W.E.I. He's one of the best."
Why? "He has a great Orson Welles voice. He uses it for voicing The Brain and Father. I also like his voice as Big Bob!"
Why? "He has done an amazing job! So glad he got Saitama! ONE PUNNNNNCCCHHH!"
Why? "Maxey has played a lot of young boys and girls. My favorites are Crona and Alphonse. Crona makes me laugh after writing his sad poem."
Why? "I love her Adult,Pitch,and Teenage voice!"
Why? "The man with a 1000 voices. He has always been an inspiration for me ever since I watch Looney Tunes."
Why? "Micah is one my favorite VA's on my list of 270 VA's. His voice sounds just like Johnny Yong Bosch who is also my favorite."
Why? "Her performance as Jessie and other pokemon characters was excellent!"
Why? "I'll never forget Michelle when she gave me her bandanna at Everfree. She is so nice."
Why? "Rukia,Yuki,and Yoko are my favorites."
Why? "He has a great voice as Jak and Speedy!"
Why? "Jean Havoc!"
Why? "Doraemon is my favorite of Mona Marshall."
Why? "I love how Monica pitches her voice. My favorites are Tsubaki,Mey-Rin,Mirajane,and May Chang."
Why? "Nancy has been one of my favorites voice actors on the Simpsons. Don't have a cow man."
Why? "Newton rocks! I love what he does on Fairy Tail."
Why? "Celestia,Cheerilee,Zoe,and Ms. Bellum!"
Why? "Because she's Sticks and Beni."
Why? "I love Nolan North. Love what he does on Assassin's Creed and Final Fantasy. Plus I love his work on TMNT and Young Justice."
Why? "I like how Patrick improves his German and Russian accent on Hetalia and Durarara. Plus, I also like his voice as Scorpion."
Why? "Optimus Prime and Eeyore! I love Cullen!"
Why? "Big Mac and Sunil are my faves Eeyup."
Why? "He's one of my faves. I just love his voices. God Bless Phil."
Why? "Love what Quinton does on Kingdom Hearts and FFVII. Reno and Axel are my favorites."
Why? "Tanaka and Makarov are my favorites."
Why? "Outstanding voice for Noctis. He's great as Dr. Genus and Hanzo."
Why? "The great Rob Paulsen! Carl,Pinky,Donatello are the three characters that I like."
Why? "One of my favorite Native American voice actors with Noah Watts. Great voice for Tuxedo Mask and SwaySway."
Why? "Mifune and Jellal are my faves!"
Why? "Squidward!"
Why? "I love Rodger's Italian accent as Ezio Auditore da Firenze on Assassins Creed and Soulcalibur V."
Why? "He does an excellent job as Viral!"
Why? "He has an excellent teenage voice."
Why? "Sam voice is so amazing! Starkiller is my favorite character on Star Wars."
Why? "She pitches her voice very well. My only character I like is Harmony from Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi."
Why? "As an SAO fan, Lisbeth would be my favorite vote for Sarah!"
Why? "Hohenheim,Wolverine,Bat Hound,and Flam! God Bless Scott!"
Why? "Robin, the Teen Titans Guy."
Why? "Sean is the one and only Goku!"
Why? "I met Shannon at Everfree and told her that I remember her as Misa Amane from Death Note. Love what she does."
Why? "He has a great voice on Krillin,Kyuzo,Maes Hughes,Usopp,and Ragnarok!"
Why? "Stephanie has got such a cute voice. I love Stephanie on what she does on Naruto, Haruhi Suzumiya, Bleach, and Eureka Seven."
Why? "Love her performance as Nico and Olivier!"
Why? "Steven Blum's voice is awesome. I love his character Amon from Legend of Korra that he plays."
Why? "Tabitha inspires me. I love her spirit and her voices. She has done a lot of voices which almost reminds me of June Foray. God Bless Her."
Why? "Tara has been a hard worker lately. I love her voice. It so unique and heroic."
Why? "Tara has been one of my all time favorite VA's. I'll always pray 4 her. God Bless Tara. :)"
Why? "She has got a cute voice for Happy!"
Why? "I love Todd> His voice of Death the Kid sounds so sinister. Plus i'm obsessed with symmetry too! Todd Haberkorn Rules! God Bless Him!"
Why? "I love what he does on Naruto as Shikamaru."
Why? "I like Tom, his voice sounds amazing,charming,and sensational."
Why? "Tom Kenny has been one of favorites. He played Spongebob for many years. My favorites are Spongebob,Spyro,and Snake."
Why? "Travis has got such a heroic voice. I love what he does on FMA and Ouran High School Host Club."
Why? "I love her on Simpsons, Futrama, and Dot!"
Why? "She's done an amazing job as Mikasa! I also love Lan Fan, Mari, Ran-Mao, and Sherry!"
Why? "Troy has been my number one favorite of all video game voice actors. His performance on Bioshock,Uncharted,Last of Us and more were great!"
Why? "Veronica is a Voice Actress legend on Pokémon!"
Why? "Vic has always been one of my top favorite guys! Edward Elric,Tamaki,Rin,and Broly were excellent. God bless you Vic!"
Why? "Matsuda and Flash Sentry are my faves!"
Why? "I love Wendee's voice. I love Haruhi Suzumiya,Faye Valentine,Yourichi,Izumi,Tatsuki,and Xianghua!"
Why? "Great performance as Batman and Starlord!"
Why? "Has such a great voice playing young boys as Eren, Haruyuki, Alibaba, Clemont, Miwa, Knell, and Lyon."
Why? "Yuri is one my favorite VA's. He will always be on the front page of my list. Sasuke,Suzaku,and Simon are my favorites."
Why? "He's been doing a great job. So glad he's Genos."
#1 All Time Favorite
Death the Kid
Why? "Death the Kid has been one of my favorite characters on Soul Eater. I can't stop my obsession with symmetry."
Why? "My number 1 favorite female duelist on Yu-gi-oh 5DS!"
Why? "Ami has always been one of my favorite characters on Hi Hi Puffy AmiYumi. She is so pretty."
Why? "Apple Bloom rules!!!"
Why? "Starkiller is a cool character!"
Why? "Asuna is so pretty."
Why? "So Arrogant and Cocky."
Why? "Connor is one of the best Assassins ever!"
Why? "Death Gun the Darth Vader of GGO. He would probably be my best villain of SAO."
Why? "Doraemon is a very funny character 4 me."
Why? "Elizabeth is so cheerful and happy."
Why? "I love how Roger plays Ezio in Assassin's Creed."
Why? "Fluttershy is so cute."
Why? "France is one of my favorite characters on Hetalia. Tatum does such an awesome job!"
Why? "I love Frankie. She is pretty and Punk Rock."
Why? "Gray is one of my favorite characters on Fairy Tail."
Why? "One word about Italy: PASTA!!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters of Kira Buckland."
Why? "Japan, HAI!"
Why? "I love Jenny Wakeman. She's my favorite character from My Life As A Teenage Robot."
Why? "Kirito is actually my favorite in SAO. Too bad i'm gonna miss SAO this week on Toonami. But don't worry i'll watch some of it."
Why? "Kitty is one of my favorites in T.U.F.F. Puppy! She is so pretty! :)"
Why? "L has been one of my favorite characters on Death Note. So Devious."
Why? "One of my favorite characters from Black Butler."
Why? "Levi is my fave on Attack On Titan. I'm glad Mercer played Levi!"
Why? "Light and Brad is justice!"
Why? "One of my other favorite goth girls along with Raven and Yumi."
Why? "Lucy is my favorite female protagonist in Fairy Tail."
Why? "One of my favorite characters of Laura Bailey."
Why? "Patti is so funny."
Why? "It is time to make DA MAGICS!"
Why? "Pinkie Pie is sooooooo cute!"
Why? "I love Rarity on MLP FIm. Tabitha and Kazumi rules."
Why? "I love Tara Strong's voice as Raven. Such an excellent goth voice."
Why? "Red X is kicks butt!"
Why? "One of my favorite characters on Black Lagoon!"
Why? "Rock would be one of my favorite characters on Black Lagoon along with Roberta. He take things too seriously."
Why? "Love how Madeleine pitches her voice on Scootaloo."
Why? "Scorpion is one of my favorite fighters in Mortal Kombat."
Why? "I love how Tatum plays Sebastian in Black Butler. He's got such a charming voice."
Why? "Soul's gotta be one of my favorite guys on Soul Eater."
Why? "Sub Zero is cool!"
Why? "Sumeragi is one of my favorite female characters in the Gundam series!"
Why? "Sweetie Belle is so cute!!! I love Claire and Michelle."
Why? "I love Tree Hugger. She made me feel groovy. I love Nicole Oliver's roles."
Why? "The Undertaker is one crazy guy. He's one of my favorites."
Why? "I love Yumi! She is so Punk Rock and Pretty."
Why? "Let's rev it up!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Sword Art Online
Why? "Sword Art Online is one of the best anime shows ever!"
Why? "This Anime has been one of my favorites."
Why? "Black Butler is one of my favorite anime shows."
Why? "Just to see some everyday action Anime like Black Lagoon."
Why? "Death Note is such an awesome Anime. So Paranormal."
Why? "This show makes me laugh!"
Why? "Fairy Tail is awesome! My favorites are Natsu,Lucy,and Gray."
Why? "Hetalia is one of my favorite Anime shows off all time. I love Italy, Japan, and France."
Why? "I love Hey Arnold. It always makes me laugh."
Why? "HHPAY has been one of my favorite shows since I was a kid. I love this show so much!"
Why? "My favorite Gundam show of all time!"
Why? "I love watching XJ9 on MLAATR on Nicktoons. This show ROCKS!"
Why? "I love My Little Pony. So much fantasy in this show!"
Why? "Ouran High School Host Club is one of the best anime shows ever!"
Why? "I'm a fan of Sailor moon! It's a very classic anime!"
Why? "One of all time favorite Anime Shows."
Why? "No matter what, I am still a fan of this!"
Why? "Teen Titans is such ab awesome show. Raven and Red X are my favorite characters."
Why? "One of my favorite shows on CN!"
Why? "One of my top faves on Nickelodeon."
Why? "Powerpuff Girls has been one of my favorite shows since I was a child."
Why? "I've such a fan of this show ever since I was kid. As for me i'm always a Simpsons Guy."
Why? "5Ds is my number 1 favorite of the Yu-Gi-Oh series! Yusei,Jack,Akiza,Leo,Luna,and Crow are awesome!"
Why? "GX is my second favorite Yu-Gi-Oh series! Get your game on!"
#1 All Time Favorite
My Little Pony: Equestria Girls
Why? "I love Equestria Girls!"
Why? "Coraline is such a great movie!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Rarity is my #1 pony. Tabitha is a natural for voicing Rarity!"
Why? "Both Lauren and Tara are great for voicing Jinx."
Why? "I love Cassandra's voice for Leo."
Why? "Cassandra fits perfect for Luna!"
Why? "Tatum's voice of Scar is fantastic!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Assassin's Creed III
Why? "This game has such a great story!"
Why? "I love the Assassins Creed Games!"
Why? "I love following the adventures of Ezio's memories!"
Why? "Out of all the other Assassins creed games, Brotherhood is the best!"
Why? "Revelations has an amazing adventure in the game!"
Why? "Best MK Ever!"
Why? "MK VS. DC Yeah!"
Why? "MK gets better and better!"
Why? "Sly 2 and 3 are the best!"
Why? "This one is way better than any other Sly games."
Why? "Sly Cooper,one of my favorite games!"
Why? "Soul Calibur 4 is the best!"
Why? "I like playing Ezio in Soul Calibur 5."
Why? "This is one of my favorite SpongeBob games ever!"
Why? "I've always been a fan of this game!"
Why? "Tekken 6 is the best!"
Why? "I like this Tag Tournament better than the first one!"
Why? "The Simpsons game is one of my favorite video games."
Why? "Road Ragin through Springfield!"
Why? "Hit and Run and Road Rage are the best Simpson Games Ever!"