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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jason Marsden
Why? "I love his voice and c'mon... he IS Max, Goofy's son!!"
Why? "She's an awesome actress, a great under-looked young role model/Disney star and she has a beautiful and unique singing voice!"
Why? "He's Goofy for pete's sake (Not that Pete though)!"
Why? "He voices a lot of cool Disney characters"
Why? "A Jonas!!!"
Why? "Gotta love Sugar Mama!"
Why? "Plobnrg!"
Why? "I loved some of the shows she was in!"
Why? "She's been doing Jasmine all these years, and she loves it! I love that!"
Why? "One of the best VAs, ever!"
Why? "So talented as a musician, who cares if he's only had one VA role."
Why? "He was so cool! I love his voice."
Why? "She's been in so many things...you can't not love her!"
Why? "How many creators voice their own characters? And who has created the most entertainment memories? I wouldn't be on the site without him!"
Why? "Really funny actress and VA!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Goofy Goof
Why? "One of the funniest cartoon characters ever! And he's goofy! Ever heard his holler?"
Why? "The Beastliest Boy around!"
Why? "He was emo before it was popular!"
Why? "He's country accent and false wiseness makes you want to listen to whatever he says, no matter how crazy it may be."
Why? ""My leg!""
Why? "One smart kid."
Why? "He's Goofy's son! C'mon!"
Why? "One of the greatest cartoon characters ever!"
Why? "She's awesome and not a force to be reckoned with!"
Why? "Once there was an ugly barnacle..."
Why? "One of the best Disney villains."
Why? "He's so peppy!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Disney's House of Mouse
Why? "The best show ever for the Ultimate Disney fan. It was very entertaining!"
Why? "I love this show because it first aired 2 months before I was born and I watched it when I was little. I absolutely love the theme song too!"
Why? "One of the best Nicktoons shows."
Why? "So funny!"
Why? "This show was so entertaining and had some of the best pop culture references and humor!"
Why? "I remember and liked this show!"
Why? "This was a great and unique show that was a victim of cancel-good-shows-to-make-way-for-new-ones syndrome."
Why? "Genius show with great sense of humor, great stories and characters and not to forget, songs!!"
Why? "I've been watching as long as i can remember and still watch! Now i'm realizing the first seasons where much better though."
Why? "This was a great and unique show that was a victim of cancel-good-shows-to-make-way-for-new-ones syndrome."
Why? "To C&P my comment: I liked this show because i liked the movies! I truly wish they'd still show it. It was very funny and entertaining."
Why? "Uniquely funny show! Glad it's still on."
Why? "An amazing show that other shows should follow the lead of."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Great movie!"
Why? "Wonderful, beautiful movie with a lot of meaning!"
Why? "Great movie with a great story! Kinda tearjerky, at the end mostly though."
Why? "Love it!"
Why? "Without this film or Walt Disney we wouldn't have animated full length movies or Disney movies period!"
Why? "Epicness, hilarity, awesome animation, great story and awesome music, all in one! A new classic for me."
Why? ""Everybody Wants to Be a Cat" is my favorite Disney song ever and actually a personal favorite song, too!"
Why? "One of the funniest and satirical Disney movies ever!"
Why? "An awesome sequel"
Why? "Three words: AH-MAZ-ING!!!! Part of my childhood and life forever!"
Why? "I loved the show and movie."
Why? "Sooooo funny and epic."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? ""I love me some Goofy! So I love his voice compare!""
Why? "It's Mojo, the one and only Jojo!"
Why? "My favorite Disney villain! One of the evilest, just think...he killed his own brother just to be a stinkin' king!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "my favorite game series!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Mickey's PhilharMagic
Why? "I've seen this."
Why? "I remember going on this in 2001, when I was 4."
Why? "I remember going on this in 2001, when I was 4. The only time I've been there, so far :("