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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Kent Williams
Why? "Greatest Voice Actor Ever"
Why? "Shunsui and Blackbeard"
Why? "L nuf said"
Why? "He is a good narrator"
Why? "Killer as Light, his Gohan isn't that bad either"
Why? "Ryuk and Vegeta"
Why? "Hilarious Blackstar and Menacing Pride"
Why? "Ladd Russo, Isaac McDougal, and Dragon"
Why? "Brook :)"
Why? "Greed Asura and Graham Spector"
Why? "MR Satan Arlong and Zampano"
Why? "Teresa Izumi young Sanji and young Kouta"
Why? "His Frieza is awesome. Corset and Johnny are also pretty noteworthy roles"
Why? "Shishi Japan and Lafitte"
Why? "Botan Bellemere and Paninya"
Why? "Cell and Toguro, his Scar is alright too"
Why? "Its a shame he left Viz he was awesome"
Why? "Hachi Cricket and Darius"
Why? "Nearly forgot to favorite him lol"
Why? "Underrated"
Why? "Grim and Zommari"
Why? "Obey the Law"
Why? "One of funi's best talents his voice is so graceful"
Why? "Kurama Tien Shigure and Fullbody"
Why? "Spirit Gun!"
Why? "L and Usopp"
Why? "Shame she has only had two roles."
Why? "Do i need a reason to favorite this man? He actually made me like Aizen"
Why? "Saki Coby and several others"
Why? "Reiji Mosquito Dr Hiriluk and Goose Perkings"
Why? "Her voice is too awesome, I don't know how to deal with that."
Why? "From my childhood to now she still remains awesome"
Why? "Isshin Agni Senji Sloth Germany Franky Nekozawa and Scorpion"
Why? "Gol D Roger Beckmen and Maiza"
Why? "Koenma"
Why? "She has a gorgeous voice"
Why? "That Anime show ftw"
Why? "Firo Kid Druitt Ling Italy Kohza Hikaru and many others"
Why? "Hachi Tosen Isshin. Wait Tom Cruise too?"
Why? "The Ladies love Vic and Vic loves the Ladies."
Why? "Queen of voice acting"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Very cool design"
Why? "Absolute justice"
Why? "The only man that is allowed to sparkle :)"
Why? "Amon a boat"
Why? "Despite all his flaws he is a good brother"
Why? "I disliked him in the first series but he was funny in brotherhood"
Why? "Ursus Shock"
Why? "Everytime his character develops an angel gets its wings"
Why? "Hilarious drunkard"
Why? "#1 rule in anime : Don't underestimate old guys especially if they act goofy"
Why? "Most awkward pimp ever"
Why? "He's freaking insane"
Why? "Awesome"
Why? "She may bit a coward but she kicks Major ass"
Why? "A truly despicable villain"
Why? "The new King"
Why? "A pretty super guy if I do say so myself"
Why? "Don't mess with the Fuhrer"
Why? "Dat Hotty"
Why? "Oh Ganju Where art thou"
Why? "Everything a teacher should be"
Why? "Brings great comic relief"
Why? "The Ganju of One Piece"
Why? "A true hero"
Why? "Smarter than he looks."
Why? "Vegeta wishes he was this cool."
Why? "Raizen's right hand"
Why? "Way cooler than the real Ichigo"
Why? "Ichigo is actually pretty cool when hes not being a little punk"
Why? "He is pretty crazy"
Why? "Papa Wolf"
Why? "Dereshishishi"
Why? "Loyal and powerful friend"
Why? "Just who the hell do you think I am"
Why? "He's such a jerkass but I can't get myself to hate him"
Why? "He might not be the smartest guy but he is dependable and tough as nails"
Why? "The Heroes girl"
Why? "A beast"
Why? "Sabat's most underrated role to date"
Why? "Have you ever been kicked at the speed of light"
Why? "He is so intelligent and cool"
Why? "Could hardly tell he was played by Sonny"
Why? "Ladd is the man!"
Why? "Competent, swift, tough, and cute :)"
Why? "A true father"
Why? "Great female leads are rare especially for shonen"
Why? "Zehahahaha"
Why? "She is a great mom"
Why? "Even though he is a jerk he is one of the more interesting characters in this show"
Why? "A great villain"
Why? "Alot nicer than she looks"
Why? "I hated him at first but after hearing his story I understood."
Why? "The future Pirate king"
Why? "Mugiwara potential"
Why? "Funny Guy"
Why? "Spike's Ancestor?"
Why? "Intelligent and sneaky"
Why? "Someone feed this girl!"
Why? "She has had a rough life but now she has found her friends"
Why? "Strong and beautiful"
Why? "Hilarious"
Why? "He's a good big brother."
Why? "Like that annoying neighbor from sitcoms xD"
Why? "Good Villain"
Why? "Good news everyone."
Why? "Way cooler than Bardock, Isshin, Dragon, and Minato"
Why? "She reminds me of Nemu from bleach"
Why? "Beautiful strong smart and funny"
Why? "Oh look more wasted potential, why Kubo why"
Why? "Captain Mom"
Why? "She's Adorable"
Why? "Tatum's first role in anime."
Why? "A competent female in shonen is almost unheard of, I love how she always has Roy's back. They were made for each other"
Why? "He is not afraid to give his life for the good of the crew. He is a true friend"
Why? "Roy's fights are awesome"
Why? "Just what are his motives?"
Why? "She is cool"
Why? "Call me Jack"
Why? "Mr Prince"
Why? "Cool Antihero"
Why? "A great role model"
Why? "Old man Genocide"
Why? "One of the coolest characters"
Why? "Nearly caused the apocalypse. If that's not a sign of a good villain I don't know what is"
Why? "You can never forget this guy's name"
Why? "69"
Why? "Takes dumb muscle to a new level"
Why? "The first cool marine"
Why? "Since when were you under the impression that i was trolling."
Why? "Very cool dude"
Why? "Really funny"
Why? "Don't mess with here you will regret it"
Why? "Truly intimidating antagonist"
Why? "Sexy, kindhearted, and totally reliable. I respect her for putting up with Blackstar"
Why? "A really good villain I can't help but hate him"
Why? "Wasted Potential"
Why? "Lovable coward who is not afraid to stand up for the people he believes in"
Why? "A man who just wants to redeem himself"
Why? "A father to his men and a true badass"
Why? "Kenny's shoulder monkey"
Why? "He got screwed over in the original."
Why? "Good villain great voice"
Why? "The lovely Yoruichi!"
Why? "Tozawa is a good friend to Masane"
Why? "The Spirit Detective"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Yu Yu Hakusho
Why? "Best anime ever!"
Why? "Better than DBZ"
Why? "Classic"
Why? "Crazy show"
Why? "One of the best Shonen ever"
Why? "I remember this"
Why? "One of the few shoujos i actually like"
Why? "Very awesome anime/Manga"
#1 All Time Favorite