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BTVA Spotlight - DreamWorks


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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Jamie Marchi
Why? "My favorite VA! She gives great performances & is a very nice person. If I don't like an anime I'd probably still watch it if she was in it."
Why? "His voice is a natural fit for animation. I've enjoyed listening to many of his fun and entertaining roles."
Why? "Arguably one of the greatest living voice actors in the entire world."
Why? "Some VAs are former on-camera actors who couldn't find much success. Dameon Clarke is a talented actor who found success in both fields."
Why? "You can always expect great performances from him!"
Why? "Takamura! (Fighting Spirit)"
Why? "One of the best in the VO business! Very talented woman."
Why? "Great distinct voice and seems like a cool person too from some interviews I've watched."
Why? "Darth Vader and Mufasa!"
Why? "In pretty much everything and for a good reason. He's very talented and can play almost any type of character. Definitely one of the greats!"
Why? "Great talent with a lovely memorable voice."
Why? "Bender!!! Plus many other great roles."
Why? "He's the voice of Jafar; the greatest Disney villain of all time!"
Why? "A very talented voice actor who seems to be in everything these days. With his amazing range it's no surprise."
Why? "One of the best voices in anime! Always a pleasure to hear her in something."
Why? "Superb voice actress with great range!"
Why? "One of Funimation's best voice actresses!"
Why? "Mark Hamill is proof that if you have real talent, you can escape typecasting in the world of voice-over. Joker, Ozai and Spectre FTW!"
Why? "My favorite L.A. anime voice actress!"
Why? "Phil LaMarr has a great range and can imitate almost anybody perfectly. A veteran and true professional. He's one of the best there is!"
Why? "Lovely unique voice"
Why? "She's voiced many of my favorite characters and she's also a great singer."
Why? "Cartoons, Anime, Video Games. He's done them all and given tons of great performances over the years!"
Why? "How can you not like Tara Strong? She's voiced every kind of character there is. Great with her fans & one of the best in the VO business."
Why? "Probably the most talented female VA in the New York area, and she's also a good role model. She'll always be the best Ash Ketchum voice!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Samurai Jack
Why? "A fusion of the greatest qualities that make any character likable. One of Phil LaMarr's best roles."
Why? "My favorite Futurama character!"
Why? "My favorite Pokemon of all time!"
Why? "My favorite Star Wars character"
Why? "James Bond, Ethan Hunt, Jason Bourne. They have nothing on Golgo 13; he's 1000 times better. If a God took human form he would be Golgo 13!"
Why? "My favorite Warcraft character"
Why? "My favorite King of the Hill character!"
Why? "My favorite Naruto character"
Why? "A great underdog character!"
Why? "My favorite legendary Pokemon"
Why? "Best villain in the entire Dragon Ball franchise and Dameon Clarke is perfect in this role."
Why? "My favorite Fist of the North Star character"
Why? "Of one my favorite anime characters and my most favorite character in Death Note. Brian Drummond was fantastic! Ryuk is his best work IMO."
Why? "My favorite Marvel comics character"
Why? "How can you not like the greatest super hero of all time?"