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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "How could I ever forget the man who voiced Goofy?"
Why? "Parn from the Lodoss OVA is one of my favorite roles from him. His Hajime in Shingu and Madarame in Genshiken are also terrific."
Why? "Very underrated VA. His Wagnard voice was awesome, as was his evil laugh."
Why? "He did an outstanding job with the Miyazaki dubs "Castle in the Sky", "Kiki's Delivery Service", and "Princess Mononoke". Kudos to this man."
Why? "I could listen to this man's voice all day long and never get tired of him."
Why? "Wonderfully talented actor taken from us. He leaves behind a wonderful legacy of performances. Live long and prosper indeed."
Why? "Her Marie was FANTASTIC. She really nailed the character and surpassed her Japanese counterpart IMO."
Why? "Whoever would've thought that Skywalker could be such an awesome VA? His Joker's great, but my fave from him is Muska from LAPUTA."
Why? "His Sanson is absolutely awesome. Why this guy hasn't done more voice acting is beyond me. I really LOVE this guy!"
Why? "Her career began with Yagi in NARUE. (Arguably my favorite role of hers.) Very talented and sweet-natured actress."
Why? "As Jean, he had a difficult task maintaining a French accent, but he did both well. The chemistry between him and Meg is fantastic."
Why? "She was fantastically chilling as Karla as LODOSS. She is sorely missed."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Jean is arguably one of the best friends/love interests everyone wishes they had: patient, loyal, caring, and selfless. He's nerdy too. :)"
Why? "Even if her role in the second half of SAO is that of someone to be rescued, she remains a capable heroine. Cherami Leigh owns this role"
Why? "A badass mother pirate and she knows it. Fabulous performance by Cloris Leachman."
Why? "Gwarsh! Who DOESN'T love this character? One of my favorite Disney stars."
Why? "A very charismatic and instantly likable character who could very well be anybody's conscience. Jiminy FTW!"
Why? "Definitely one of Ghibli's best villains, and arguably one of Mark Hamill's best roles ever (and he's better than Jeff Winkless by far)."
Why? "Very underused but still a scary, monstrous villain. That he's voiced by John Hurt doesn't hurt either."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Record of Lodoss War
Why? "Classic fantasy Anime with a solid dub from Central Park Media."
Why? "A great show overall, but very uneven. Best watched episodes 1-22, 31, & 35-39. ADV's dub is awesome though. Especially the kids."
Why? "Great characters, an engrossing story, and an interesting history behind it. The voice work's pretty good too, but the OVA dub is better."
#1 All Time Favorite
Laputa: The Castle in the Sky
Why? "Action, adventure, comedy, mystery, thrills, a deeply rich soundtrack, and a great dub from the folks at Disney. What more can you ask for?"
Why? "Goofy in a story about high school students, rock and roll concerts, and parenting teens? Sounds odd, but it's actually great fun."
Why? "Beautifully animated, melancholy, funny, and bittersweet. This really struck me in all the right ways. I highly recommend this one."
Why? "Creative and imaginative, with a fair share of spooky moments. This is an instant modern classic."
Why? "I've never really figured out why I loved this movie so much. Maybe it's the Indiana Jones vibe or the climax. Either way, Scrooge rocks."
Why? "One of the greatest movies of all time. Classical music + breathtaking animation = instant win."
Why? "This was my first Miyazaki movie, and it's as sweet and uplifting as his other films. And like NCZ, I too love the dub."
Why? "Absolutely spellbinding and haunting. Laika's best so far."
Why? "Jerry Goldsmith's rousing score, Mulan as a strong character who saves the day and the sometimes adult tone make this an underrated classic."
Why? "Of course, how could I forget this film? It's sweet, heartwarming, magical, sad, and a lovely film. Both Disney and Fox's dubs are great."
Why? "Walt Disney's 2nd animated feature is still as magical and moving today as it was back in 1940. Seriously, it's timeless."
Why? "A breathtaking, deeply rich, complex epic with great performances and spectacular animation. It's a must see."
Why? "Richly animated and packed with great characters and music from Tchaikovsky. The dragon fight and Maleficent are both highlights."
Why? "Flawed, but still noteworthy for being Disney's first venture into dark territory. The Horned King is a very underrated villain."
Why? "Staggeringly fantastic achievement in puppet fantasy. Grossly underrated classic."
Why? "Disney came out of its slump in the '80s with this instant classic. Funny, scary, heartwarming, and toe-tapping music. Sea it!"
Why? "Arguably Don Bluth's best film ever. Powerful, dramatic and richly detailed."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Tales of Symphonia