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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "It's Adam West. This manw as my introduction to Batman and I will always treasure that fact."
Why? "His voice perfectly fits the character of Storm Shadow without being over the top."
Why? "One of the first Superman cartoon voices I ever heard and still remember to this day."
Why? "Dude is like Jeff Bennett, NEVER stops working."
Why? "A fine actor and a true talent."
Why? "Loved her performance in 'All-Star Superman'!"
Why? "One of the hardest working talents in voice acting today!"
Why? "This man voice not one, but TWO of my favorite cartoon characters of the '80s: Spider-man and Bumblebee."
Why? "Best Lois Lane EVER!!"
Why? "The perfect choice for 'Brave and the Bold' Batman. He has the dry, sardonic wit necessary to play Batman just right."
Why? "Top 3 reasons why I like Frank Welker? Megatron, Megatron and Megatron."
Why? "His distinctive voice and energetic performances place him neck and neck alongside Peter Cullen as my favorite voice for Optimus Prime."
Why? "His bombastic voice had such a dominant presence that you never forget it."
Why? "She is one of the most prolific and recognizable voice actresses around."
Why? "It's hard to recall a cartoon that i watched growing up that I DID NOT hear his voice in."
Why? "The only man who I feel is the right man to pick up from where Mark Hamill leaves off as the Joker."
Why? "As Conroy is to Batman, O'Connell is to Captain Marvel."
Why? "He voiced Theodore, my favorite Chipmunk, in the movies. And he does a kick-ass Robin as well!"
Why? "He is gave voice to Bender, the funniest robot ever. And he made the Joker creepy and I mean REALLY creepy."
Why? "I just love his voice. Makes Flint sound like the bad-ass, dedicated soldier that he is."
Why? "My 2nd favorite Spidey voice actor of all time!"
Why? "Who is he? He's Batman."
Why? "His rich and instantly recognizable voice is a joy to hear and behold! Also, I liked his Joker a lot."
Why? "His voice is like a finely aged shot of whiskey, smooth and full of character."
Why? "It's Lou frikkin' Scheimer! What more reason do i need?!"
Why? "Mark Hamill was born to voice the Joker!"
Why? "I love the snark and attitude he brings to Tunnel Rat."
Why? "Dare I say, he gave voice to what Jack Kirby was thinking of when he created Darkseid."
Why? "His voice was made for cartoons."
Why? "Love this guy! His voice tends to drip with charisma!"
Why? "As much as I love BJ Ward and Grey Delisle, Natalia's take on the character is my favorite!"
Why? "Music Meister is the greatest Bat-Villain ever!"
Why? "He made Bat-Mite cool. 'Nuff said."
Why? "Wallopin' Web-Snappers! He was my first Spider-man and he is still my favorite of all time!"
Why? "His portrayal of Optimus Prime was so powerful that I still get a little choked up when i watch Transformers The Movie (1985)."
Why? "It is near impossible to hear his voice and not instantly know who it is. A real classic!"
Why? "Ratrap. Need I say any more?"
Why? "Her voice is like a lot of the characters she brings to life: sexy and alluring."
Why? "He made 'Batman Beyond' for me."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "It's a perfect blend of a Kurosawa samurai film, hip-hop music and stunning animation. It is, quite honestly, the awesome!!"
Why? "MONKEYS!!!"
Why? "The perfect mix of the old school line-up with modern day concepts!!"
Why? "Who didn't want to be a member of the Mobile Armored Strike Kommand?"