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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Veronica Taylor
Why? "Truly one of the best voice actors in the business. Really brought good old Satoshi/Ash Ketchum to the forefront of the show. Heartfelt."
Why? "Very good Conan Edogawa from Case Closed (currently her most iconic role). You can tell she enjoyed doing the role!"
Why? "Amy was a superb, brilliant Max. Much like my friend MatthewC17 said before me, Kayzie can never, ever try to replicate her unique Max."
Why? "He maintains the childlike persona of Adult Gohan better than the other actors who've played him. Also a superb Light Yagami. Just superb VA"
Why? "He is an EXCELLENT voice actor. I wish we'd see more of him. His screams as Vegeta are great, and he is EPIC as Ryuk in Death Note. :)"
Why? "His Vegeta and Roronoa Zoro are amazing performances. Really makes you believe the character is who it is. Excellent and superb voice actor."
Why? "Has this badass flair to all the characters he voices. Never disappoints you: he always knows how to strike the right chords of a character."
Why? "Great Tintin from The Adventures of Tintin series. Really good casting by Nelvana, and O'Meara is just a great voice actor in general."
Why? "Just an awesome Ran Mouri/Rachel Moore (Detective Conan/Case Closed) and Monkey D. Luffy. She's also a great substitute for Stephanie!"
Why? "His roles often maintain this calm, cool, and collected behavior. His range is unparalleled: he can go from serious to joker in seconds flat"
Why? "Carlos Ramon and Ray/Rei."
Why? "Prince Zuko, General Iroh, love this guy's voice. Simply an amazing voice actor. :)"
Why? "Kai Hiwatari."
Why? "One of the best VAs we've had in Pokemon since 4Kids lost the license. She's very fitting for Iris, and her Leo and Luna voices were great."
Why? "He is one of the best voice actors in the business. Eric is the one and only Brock and James. On Toonzai DBZ Kai promos. Excellent voice."
Why? "A great Fred Jones, Megatron, the list goes on and on. Pretty much a living legend as a VA...no words can describe his talent. Our Mel Blanc"
Why? "I like him a lot as Cilan in TPCi's dub of Pokemon, and his acting has improved tenfold from where it started when he first began his work."
Why? "Fits his iconic character, Jimmy/Shinichi Kudo very well. He's a very good voice actor and puts a lot of effort forth into it!"
Why? "An amazing Kurama from Yu-Yu Hakusho, a great Tien from the Dragonball series, a very calm, stoic, and genuine voice...need I say more?"
Why? "Simply an amazing man. Really cares about his fans dearly and goes above and beyond in his work. Amazing Yusuke Urameshi among many others."
Why? "Has a very nice voice and it fits well for the many characters he voices: Android 20, Tao, the Narrator of FMA:B and Yu-Yu-Hakusho! Wow....."
Why? "A great Miroku from Inuyasha and a worthy substitute to Peter Kelamis in DBZ as Son Goku. Has a very genuine, gentle voice that's reflected."
Why? "This guy rocks at all the roles he does. Adult Gohan, Kiba from Naruto, the Narrator from DBZ, Legolas from Blue Dragon...he's amazing at it"
Why? "Iconic as Sanosuke Sagara in Rurouni Kenshin. Has a lot of range and puts his whole heart into the work he does. An excellent voice actor!"
Why? "Amazing actor. Jimmy Zoppi is just a terrible Meowth and can never, ever measure up to Maddie's charismatic and lovable Meowth."
Why? "He was a great Zoro. A spectacular standout for what is otherwise considered 4Kids' worst English dub by far."
Why? "Tyson Granger (Takao Kinomiya)'s English VA."
Why? "An amazing Matt Ishida from Digimon and is excellent at many of his other roles. His range may not be the best, but his acting is superb!"
Why? "Best Naraku, Myoga, and Zarbon ever. Love this guy's range: it's unparalleled and speaks volumes about his work."
Why? "Best Misty and Jessie actor. Knotz can never replicate her unique and lovable voice."
Why? "An amazing Kenshin Himura/Battosai the Manslayer from Rurouni Kenshin. Has a very natural voice for the role and is very versatile!"
Why? "This guy's range is beyond amazing. He can do any character and sound completely different from the others he voices. Just a superb voice."
Why? "Drake (Orange Islands); Alder (Unova); Shredder."
Why? "My favorite Krillin voice actor: he took everything good about Terry Klassen's and melded it with his own voice talent. Great Usopp as well."
Why? "Fans may remember here as the voice actor for Son Goku and Son Gohan as children. Really miss her renditions of the roles. Excellent VA."
Why? "It's amazing how Blum's voice can work for virtually any character with just a bit of tweaking here and there. One of the best voice actors."
Why? "This VA really has a lot of talent and it's a shame we don't see him around as much anymore. The best Aang ever. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Goku Son / Kakarot
Why? "The leader of the warriors who defend Earth from an assortment of villains, Son Goku is a guy with a big heart almost the size of his belly!"
Why? "He was a character who taught me that you never give up on your dreams. Veronica Taylor brought Ash to life for me and she defines him. :)"
Why? "How can you hate Brock? Hilarious character, and such a wise and mature figure. Also, hilarious pervert. Eric Stuart was brilliant here. :)"
Why? "He's brought a lot of life back into the Pokemon dub, and is always entertaining to me. :)"
Why? "She made the DP Saga for me. I honestly wouldn't have enjoyed it if it weren't for her."
Why? "Chillin' out at his mojo dojo. XD."
Why? "Awesome detective!"
Why? "Really pretty, good-hearted character who I initally hated but grew to love as time passed. Matured greatly. Veronica Taylor nailed it."
Why? "Best Pokegirl. Awesome. Rachael Lillis nailed the role. :)"
Why? "He's a badass, and a kind-hearted guy underneath his tough exterior."
Why? "Tintin's basically the definition of a badass reporter. He fights evil and crime with his trusty pal Snowy the dog by his side. Simply epic!"
Why? "Goofy, funny, and all-around fun character. Really takes the lead later on, and is the best blader in the series."
Why? "He's the Pharaoh of Egypt, for goodness' sake! He's calm, cool, and collected under fire, and he knows what to do when danger arises. Epic!"
Why? "Yugi Moto was just an average high schooler ...until one day he unlocked the Millennium Puzzle and his life changed forever!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Dragon Ball
Why? "The best Dragonball series as a whole: it showcases young Son Goku growing into a man. During his journey, he meets many friends and grows!"
Why? "Such a great show with a great plot! High school detective Jimmy Kudo becomes little Conan Edogawa and fights the BO. Hope FUNi dubs more."
Why? "My first anime series. It's my childhood. I loved the first eight seasons and I think they are the best in the dub. TPCi dub is alright. :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Pokemon: Lucario and the Mystery of Mew
Why? "Great movie. The 4Kids Pokemon dub was good, and this movie was a spectacular way to go out. 4Kids nailed Pokemon to me. Great, great movie."
Why? "Definitely one of the best dub films in a long time. Also has a pretty solid plot and is a great film. I liked it."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Mako Iwamatsu nailed the character, and Greg Baldwin was excellent as well. It's an amazing VC between two amazing voice actors, IMO."