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Voice Actor
Brad Swaile
Why? "I've been a fan since hearing his fantastic performance as Light Yagami. He's great at playing a range of good and evil characters alike."
Why? "She happens to be a highly experienced actor on stage and screen, so it's no surprise that she handles voiced characters so well."
Why? "I am always amazed by her performance as Misato Katsuragi. She almost captures every aspect of her subtle personality perfectly."
Why? "I really like how this actor can play a broad range of female characters from the smart and outgoing Yukiko to the quiet and resilient Rei."
Why? "Not only does he voice a broad range of mature characters both good and evil, but he also captures their personalities very well."
Why? "She's very good at playing a broad range of characters with different personalities from the kind-hearted Alisa to the determined Cerebella."
Why? "I've been fond of this actor's talent of playing male characters of many personalities (e.g. friendly, strong, tough, etc.)"
Why? "Her incredible performance as Naomi Hunter almost drove me to tears. She truly captured her vulnerable side and reflected it beautifully."
Why? "His performances as the Scout in TF2 and Church Guy in L4D are so energetic! He must be really good at improv and ad-libbing!"
Why? "Not only is he a compassionate voice actor, but he also happens to be such a professional motion capture actor and stunt actor too!"
Why? "He is so good and portraying a wide range of personalities, it's almost unbelievable! His performance as Travis Touchdown blew my mind!"
Why? "He mainly specialises in voicing timid male characters, but sometimes succeeds in portraying different personalities (e.g. Arakune)."
Why? "I've been fond of his performance as many mature characters with slightly different personalities. He portrays the subtle differences well."