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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Ed Blaylock
Why? "One of -if- not the most underrated voice actor in the entire industry.Ed's performance as Wrath from Fullmetal Alchemist is truly great."
Why? "Excellent voice work in the Fullmetal Alchemist Franchise."
Why? "I really like his performance as Kaworu Nagisa. Its a shame that he doesn't do voice work anymore."
Why? "One of the more noteworthy voices in the english dub of Toriko..a fairly solid new voice talent."
Why? "Fantastic voice work in Voices of a Distant Star."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I enjoyed his voice work in Ungo and Penguindrum..Adam has a promising future in voiceover for anime."
Why? "a deep menacing voice for Professor Tomoe..Akira's insane laugh is excellent."
Why? "A great voice talent."
Why? "She has a fun and peppy voice that is a pleasure to listen to. I hope she gets more voice work in the near future."
Why? "Allison gave an outstanding performance in the end of evangelion and evangelion 2.0 its nice to see that she has returned to voice acting!"
Why? "Amy was excellent in Pokemon the movie 2000 and Pokemon the third movie..I hope that she starts to get more voice work in the near future!"
Why? "Andy's most noteworthy vocal performance to date is his fine vocal portrayal of Cooler..also was solid in his smaller roles as well."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember."
Why? "Ashly is adorable as Mayuri hopefully she will pop up in future dubs."
Why? "He has a very unique sounding voice. I look forward to hearing him in future dubs."
Why? "Cute as hell."
Why? "Kinda of cute"
Why? "Cute"
Why? "Note to self: Remember this VA for future reference."
Why? "Ben was one of the stand outs in the dub of High School DxD. He gave a fairly solid performance as the crazed priest."
Why? "VA to remember."
Why? "Ben's vocal performance as Szayel Aporro Granz from Bleach is one of my favorite vocal performances from the entire series..truly excellent."
Why? "Bill is an criminally underrated voice actor!his wise voice has given masterfully crafted vocal performances in Fullmetal Alchemist and Kai!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "One hell of a cool voice."
Why? "He gave one of the greatest english dub performances of all time as Light Yagami!"
Why? "I really enjoyed his vocal performance as Heinkel from Brotherhood..hopefully Funimation will cast him in more upcoming English Dubs soon!"
Why? "Brent is surprisingly a solid voice actor. I would like to hear him in more animation when possible in the near future."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I'm quite fond of her performance as Rei Ayanami from Eva 2.0 and I love her as Holo from Spice & Wolf a wonderfully talented voice artist."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Bruce is a new voice talent for Funimation..his small but brilliant performance as Hohenheim's master in Brotherhood was quite good."
Why? "I'm particularly fond of his vocal performance as Isaac from episode one of Brotherhood..he has a very memorable natural graspy voice."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Actor to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "The sounds that came out of Chris's mouth when he voiced the Monstrous Gluttony in the Conqueror of Shamballa was truly eerie and great!"
Why? "Chris Forbis was excellent as Dodoria its a shame that his voice acting career ended so abruptly!"
Why? "He showed a solid amount of potential as an actor in Attack on Titan he may prove to be an actor worth keeping an eye on in the future."
Why? "The definitive voice for Greed!"
Why? "Chris gave what is the best english dub performance of the last decade as Freiza!He deserves a number of awards for his efforts!"
Why? "He was great as Shishi Wakamaru from Yu Yu Hakusho especially during his insane moments!"
Why? "Chris was excellent as Judeau from the Brotherhood OVA!"
Why? "An interesting and different sounding narration voice that is refreshing to listen to."
Why? ""Christopher Obi has a great powerful voice that is simply excellent..he was one of few good things about Snow White and the Huntsman.""
Why? "A true icon in the world of voice acting!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Colleen may in fact be Funimation's most skilled voice actress..she is excellent as Hawkeye from the FMA incarnations & as Gohan from Kai!"
Why? "Connor's narration in the opening scene of Another was excellent. I would like to see Chris Ayres cast him in more of his upcoming dubs."
Why? "Corey's Zeus has such a powerful presence its simply fantastic!Corey is also quite solid in Thundercats as well!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "He was fairly memorable in Black Butler one of more noteworthy voices in the english dub of the anime."
Why? ""His voice is so good..he voices Byakuya Kuchik with a calm yet fierce tone..its great!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "David Carradine's natural voice is immediately recognizable..David gave one hell of a performance has Bill from the Kill Bill film series."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? ""Those eyes!I hate those damn eyes!and thats why you gotta die!" I love the way David says that line as Grimmjow..he is great in bleach!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Noteworthy VA."
Why? "He was quite memorable in The Legend of Korra and American Dad!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Note to self: remember this VA for future reference."
Why? "Derek has been excellent as Uryu Ishida on Bleach for years..without a doubt his most popular and finest role to date."
Why? "Doc Morgan's narration for Kai is a breath of fresh air for the Dragonball Z world..he is quite good at what he does no doubt."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "The late Douglas Blackwell had a rather cool voice its a shame he wasn't able to more voice work before his passing."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "A nice deep voice for Sailor Jupiter!"
Why? "One of the highlights of the english dub of Angel Beats!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember."
Why? "I believe she is one of the more promising Funimation voice over rookies of 2013, What little I've heard from her I like."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Genevieve holds a considerable amount of potential as a voice actress she showed this potential in action as Mikoto Urabe, Yuuko & Mahiru."
Why? "George played God in The Final Frontier & an Elder in The X Files & his only voice acting role was in Batman. That's reason enough."
Why? "A promising VA I would like to see him in more shows and possibly even in some union anime dubs in the near future if possible."
Why? "Actress/VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Greg Eagles gives Zommari Leroux such a powerful and effective voice that it could practically cut through glass..truly magnificent."
Why? "Hank played Szayel brilliantly from Episodes 145-164 then was replaced by Benjamin at episode 190 hopefully he will show up in more dubs!"
Why? "He has a very powerful voice that always stands out in any anime he has a role in..Wrath is indeed his finest role to date."
Why? "Well simply for the role of Ouko Yushima from Bleach."
Why? "Hugo is brilliant as Megatron!The voice he gives Megatron is powerful and fierce!A fitting voice for the Mechanical God Megatron!"
Why? "He has a rather unique voice that was an obvious strength in the english dub of High School of the Dead."
Why? "Tatum was quite impressive as Scar,Zarbon & Wabisuke..he has a very unique voice..I look forward to hearing more of him in future roles."
Why? "Paul was quite good in his small supporting role as Amond in the Tree of Might.I do believe I'll have to keep an eye on his future projects."
Why? "Possibly a voice talent to remember for further reasons down the road."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "James showed some solid potential as Hiei. Its a shame he wasn't able to do more voice work in anime because he had a cool sounding voice."
Why? "Jason is great as Miles from Brotherhood and truly stole every scene he was in as King Cold in Kai..easily among the best."
Why? "I enjoy his voice work in Hocus Pocus as Thackery Binx and Haku in Spirited Away..he should be in more staring roles!"
Why? "Jay has a remarkable voice that is rich sounding its filled with great presence. I love his performance as Sanetoshi Watase from Penguindrum"
Why? "I enjoyed hearing his supporting roles in The Golden Seal,Tree of Might and Corpse Princess Im hoping he will pop up in future English dubs!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I enjoy his voice work in Bleach."
Why? "The voice of the Creep from the cult classic Creep Show 2!"
Why? "Joel is an average actor at best but as an ADR Director he is truly remarkable and stands as one of the best ADR directors at Funimation."
Why? "Actor to remember for future reference.(Was a waiter in an uncredited role in Star Trek VI : The Undiscovered Country)"
Why? "I hope that one of these days the less known actors of the Hellsing dub will be able to find voice work in the dubbing field for anime again"
Why? "John had a great presence as the Great Owl its a shame he didn't do more voice work."
Why? "Great deep voice."
Why? "At the moment simply for Star Trek."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "He is great as Van Hohenheim in Brotherhood..the voice he uses is that of a wise man with a sense of regret."
Why? "John's deep voice was perfect for Lucifer!I hope that he is given more opportunities to voice act in the future!"
Why? "Johnny's work in Bleach and Akira are the millstones in his ever growing career."
Why? "Actor/voice actor to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Josh gave such a stirring vocal performance as Akasha Shishidou from Corpse Princess!I hope to discover more great performances from him!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Joshua's performance as Tetsuo from Akira was without a doubt the strongest performance from the film..I could relate to his Tetsuo."
Why? "Joshua Sheltz has this Brad Dourif thing going on with his voice. Hell yeah I can dig that. I would like to hear more of this guy."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "He was quite solid as Rinroku from Un-Go."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "One to remember for later."
Why? "The voice of Satan in the Blue Exorcist anime."
Why? "Kent is one of Fuinmation's most skilled and iconic voice actors..his narration skills are simply astounding..love him as Father from FMA."
Why? "The man has one hell of a cool voice!Kiefer's vocal delivery as the caller from the phone booth was excellent!"
Why? "I am quite impressed with Kim's work in Bleach..he played each character with a great passion..its a shame they replaced him in Bleach!!"
Why? "Kira is still fairly new to the voiceover world but she shows promise with her take on Kuroyukihime."
Why? "Kris easily gave one of if not the most impressive performance in the Hunter X Hunter Dub as Leroute."
Why? "VA to remember."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Laura is talented and beautiful..one of the best voice talents currently working today..I love her as Lust."
Why? "I like her as Gracia Hughes."
Why? "Lauren gave a fairly solid performance as Kyoko from Madoka Magica."
Why? "A stand out voice in the English dub of Deadman Wonderland I'll be keeping my eye on his future projects."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I'm not personally a fan of Star Trek but I love Leonard's voice work..He was great in The Halloween Tree,Page Master and Dark of the moon!"
Why? "Actor/VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I really enjoyed her performances from the Fullmetal Alchemist/Brotherhood and Birdy the Mighty!A solid voice talent!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I kinda of like her voice it would be interesting to see her in a bigger supporting role in future Sentai dubs."
Why? "Interesting."
Why? "A VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I discovered Mark through his small supporting role as Daiz in the Tree of Might..he has the potential to be great!"
Why? "Shogun Assassin VA."
Why? "Worthy VA."
Why? "Mark was quite memorable in both English dubs of High School of the Dead and Angel Beats!"
Why? "Martha was quite noteworthy in Guilty Crown as Haruka & Jennifer Sato from Control. I like her voice & look forward to more of her work."
Why? "Mary was excellent as Zabimaru in the Zanpakuto Rebellion Arc of Bleach and Motoko Kusanagi from Stand Alone Complex!"
Why? "I like her voice. I'm looking forward to seeing her in future Sentai dubs down the road."
Why? "Melinda is excellent as the narrator in Hell Girl..very underrated."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Zorn from episode one of Star Trek: The Next Generation."
Why? "Actor/VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA/Actor to remember for future reference. He was the bus driver/school teacher in License to Drive & the Hotel Manager in Ghostbusters."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I really enjoy Michael McConnohie's voice work on Bleach..he has a smooth yet powerful voice that is quite good at getting your attention."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Michelle is absolutely perfect as Rukia!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Mike is a solid voice actor but his true strength is being an ADR Director..he has directed Funimation's Finest English Dubs to date.""
Why? "Note to Self: VA to remember."
Why? "My favorite performances from Mike would be Tadakatsu Honda fron Horizon & Atsushi Kuga from Kamasama Dolls. A solid voice over talent."
Why? "VA to remember."
Why? "I liked her performance in Another she may hold great potential as a voice over artist only time will tell I suppose."
Why? "Monica Rial is always consistently good in whichever dub she is cast in which is a rare quality in itself. An excellent voice actress.""
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Morgan has a real presence to her voice and was great in Is this a Zombie? She shows real promise in the field of voice over."
Why? "Cute."
Why? "An excellent Japanese voice for Hiei..its deep and commanding."
Why? "Patrick Poole was excellent in The Garden of Words he stole the film he was that good. Rest assured we be seeing a lot of him in future dubs"
Why? "Peter Cullen's narration for the Toonami bumps is amazing and he voices Optimus Prime with a kind yet powerful tone."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "He stole the entire final act of Constantine with his great take on the devious Satan."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "One of the greatest film directors of all time."
Why? "Dragonslayer."
Why? "Ralph Vortrain was in everything from the 1997 OVA dub of Gatchaman, Chaplin, original Twilight Zone, Power Rangers to Kaze no Yojimbo."
Why? "I enjoyed his performance as Miiko from Shangri-la..a fairly solid voice talent for being new to voice over in anime."
Why? "Its a shame he didn't do any more voice work because his narration in the Halloween tree is one of the best things about the film."
Why? "Rebecca is outstanding as Rika Furude from When they Cry..her narration and the moments were she had to deepen her voice were excellent."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "He had one great moment as Yusuke at the end of the Poltergeist Report film. Its kinda of a shame he didn't do more voice work."
Why? "He can do a great British accent he may prove to be one to watch out for in the future when it comes to voice over in anime."
Why? "I like his voice."
Why? "Ron is great as Hellboy!I really love his vocal performance as Justice from Afro Samurai..he was a fine Slade as well!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Cute."
Why? "I enjoyed his brief performance as Clovis la Britanna from Code Geass!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Cute."
Why? "He is pitch perfect as Masakaki from Control..he was also quite solid as Sunda Granitz from Fractale as well."
Why? "The truly only voice actor in the world that can embody the Savior that is Goku!"
Why? "Well he voices some great characters Stan,Roger,Peter,Brian and Stewie also Seth has a solid singing voice!"
Why? "Cute"
Why? "Purely for Devil's Rejects."
Why? "Prison Break."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "A voice talent that may prove to be worthwhile to keep an eye on in the future..I like the voice he gave Gardner in Brotherhood."
Why? "A noteworthy VA."
Why? "Taylor gave Isaka from Corpse Princess such an uniquely original voice..he is indeed a voice talent that I will keep my eyes on."
Why? "Taylor was quite grand in High School of the Dead ..I would like to see her get more roles in the future."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I particularly like his small but memorable performance as Giovanni from the rather dark Pokemon the first movie."
Why? "Terrence is excellent as Mayuri Kurotsuchi from Bleach..he gives the character just the right amount of intelligence and unpredictability."
Why? "Terri truly was the only voice actress that gave Serena a unique and noteworthy voice in the English dub of Sailor Moon."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Tiffany Vollmer's Bulma is simply a classic voice that holds up quite well in all various forms of Dragonball!"
Why? "The voice he uses for Ulquiorra Schiffer is so unique and fitting..its complete perfection."
Why? "Todd was excellent as The Fallen in Transformers two..the deep growling tone of his voice was very appropriate for the villainous character!"
Why? "Travis gave one HELL of an performance as Mustang in Brotherhood and the original series also he was brilliant as Findorr from Bleach!"
Why? ""Trina is a remarkable voice actress I loved her in Casshern Sins,Brotherhood and Evangelion 2.0!""
Why? "Troy was excellent as Greed and from what I've heard of his Pain he will a fitting Pain as well..he has quite a range with his voice."
Why? ""A remarkable ADR Director..he crafted excellent dubs for Hell Girl & Is This a Zombie. One of the best current ADR directors at Funimation!"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "He embodies the very essence of edward elric.its painfully obvious that this man is very talented and has paid his dues to be among the best"
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "I like his voice."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Wally has been consistently superb as Renji Abarai on Bleach for years..the voice he uses for Renji is quite unique indeed."
Why? "A great deep voice a damn shame he wasn't used more often in anime dubs. A lost talent that could of went so very far."
Why? "I find her to be sort of cute."
Why? "VA to remember for future reference."
Why? "Beauty."
Why? "Cute."
Why? "Kinda of cute."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of the more noteworthy portrayals of God that I've seen in anime. It will be difficult to out match this God."
Why? "Armstrong is one of my favorite characters in Fullmetal Alchemist..he can flawlessly go from a comical to series tone in a matter of seconds"
Why? "The Iron Blood Alchemist is a greatly underrated character in the universe of Fullmetal Alchemist."
Why? "Rob Mungle gave Drei a gleefully devious tone that made him a stand out character. Rob was fairly impressive as the magician in the dub."
Why? "A true hero..a man with a big heart who kept his blood soaked promise to his dear brother..my favorite protagonist of all time."
Why? "One of the greatest Villains of all time..his thirst for knowledge is vast and his desire for perfection is limitless..all hail Father!"
Why? "A cool villain character that had some great dialogue and quite a bit of style to spare."
Why? "Well Frieza is simply one of the most iconic villains out of any storytelling medium!"
Why? "I liked the english actress who played Fue she brought a nice presence to the role of Fue I just wish I knew who the uncredited actress was."
Why? "One of the most important Characters in Dragonball Z..Gohan is intelligent and kind yet when the time calls for it he is fearless."
Why? "I Am Holo the wise wolf."
Why? "A kinda of cool minor character."
Why? "One of Jerry Jewell's more noteworthy performances in the last year or two. I just find the character to be kinda of cool I suppose."
Why? "One of Bruce Elliott's coolest roles to date."
Why? ""Itachi Did you realize that type of person you were at the moment of death? Itachi it seems I wasn't such a worthless human, after all.""
Why? "Insane and hellbent on grasping God like power overall just a cool villain character."
Why? "Once again simply a cool character mostly because of Carl Masterson's subtle but respectable performance as the book collector."
Why? "One of the more interesting characters from the world of Bantorra deserved a better send off then what she was given in the end."
Why? "Light has no equals..he is the definitive villain in the world of anime!"
Why? "One hell of a scene stealer she is one of the best things about Evagelion 2.0!"
Why? "However, you don't have to remain a wretched human being forever. Mankind has finally created an exit where by he can cheat mortality and es"
Why? "The fact that Chris Sabat won't be able to voice this character is a crime against humanity. Aniplex should burn for their transgressions!"
Why? "A memorable minor character who had some great dialogue and presence."
Why? "Monica Rial brought a nice flirtiness to Nekomi that made her performance that much more enjoyable to watch on screen."
Why? "Noteworthy just because of the kinda of cool character design. Goes with out a bang as well."
Why? ""Light a fire to the fang that cannot be reached, so that I do not have to see the star, so that I do not slit this throat.""
Why? "Rin is the most interesting character out of the world of Blue Exorcist outside of Satan himself."
Why? "Rukia is strong willed and has a beautiful heart."
Why? "The best character in Deadman Wonderland without a doubt.."Dead Center!"."
Why? "Shogo is the most interesting character in Psycho Pass."
Why? "I like the design of the character."
Why? "A brilliant mastermind who is always three steps ahead everyone else..one of my all time favorite villains!"
Why? "Insane and highly intelligent..one of Kubo's most unique and interesting characters that he has created!"
Why? ""Delete!""
Why? "Tetsuo is the only anime character to date that I've been able to relate to on a very personal level."
Why? ""A pretty straight forward villain no real depth to his character but his look is cool & Corey gets to show his range with the Time Trapper."
Why? "Uryu Ishida is very underrated in Bleach its a shame that Kubo has reduced Uryu to a side character in recent years."
Why? "Leah Clark's performance as Yu was a highlight of the Guilty Crown dub. I like the character simply because I find him to rather cool."
Why? "Bill Jenkins made the character amusing the performance was short lived but Bill made the role quite memorable indeed."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Fullmetal Alchemist
Why? "One of the greatest anime titles of all time a beautifully told story with timeless characters that will touch your heart and soul."
Why? "American Dad is easily the best animated comedy outside of King of the Hill and usually outshines Family guy a majority of the time."
Why? "My tastes when it comes to anime is usually only Shonen but Angel Beats showed me a beautiful world that I fell in love with at the end."
Why? "When the anime follows the manga's storyline it can be completely addicting and quite good..the english dub is among the best."
Why? "An excellent series that I finished in one night..hopefully the english dub matches up to the well done Japanese Dub!"
Why? "Noteworthy simply for its voice cast."
Why? "Death Note is one of the three best animes of the last decade and is without a doubt a remarkable piece of storytelling and suspense."
Why? "Its the least impressive part of the Dragonball Franchise but it still holds its sheer fare of appeal at the end of the day."
Why? "The true definitive version of the much beloved Dragonball Z."
Why? "The driving force behind my love and passion for anime today..a legendary and timeless tale!"
Why? "Family Guy is a pop culture reference frenzy machine and a majority of the time its on par with the best of the animated comedies."
Why? "The dub itself is average at best and the show inspires for greatness but never reaches it. Its a decent show that I kinda of like in a way."
Why? "The original Fullmetal Alchemist sits on God's throne while Brotherhood is the highest angel in the order..a masterpiece for the ages!"
Why? "Its severely flawed but at the end of the day I like the series its fluid animation and musical score help even out its short comings."
Why? "Heaven's Memo Pad proved to be a worthwhile watch in the end it provided a beautifully done finale and an interesting character like Alice."
Why? ""The show is kinda of entertaining but its the great dub that makes this anime far better then what it truly is..that's the truth""
Why? ""The male lead is a prev(what's new)and the story is a bit muddled down but that aside it has a solid dub from Foster and I kinda like it."
Why? "Foster's finest dub effort thus far in 2013. I became emotionally invested in the characters and their story through out 60's Japan."
Why? "One of my favorite american sitcoms..a true classic that will always have its place in Television History."
Why? "One of the very first shows I was ever obsessed with other then Pokemon and Dragonball Z as a kid!An nostalgic 90's classic!"
Why? "The questionable premise aside the show was surprisingly solid and it has a respectable dub directed by the great John Swasey."
Why? "Pokemon was the voice of my late childhood!"
Why? "Its not a perfect series but its able to pull at your heart strings when it counts. Tyler Walker crafted another excellent english dub."
Why? "A wonderful series that has such a fantastic english dub..Michael Tatum gives the performance of his career. A must see plain and simple."
Why? "The Simpsons was at its prime in the 90's!"
Why? "Voices of a distant Star was so damn GOOD! In less then 25 minutes it moved me to tears such a wonderful film and a great English dub!"
Why? "A Classic that I grew up watching as many others my age did back in the Toonami Era..its always a fun watch and the English dub is excellent"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A millstone in the world of animation and cinema..22 years later the world has yet to see anything like Akira..a true classic."
Why? "Ah that final quote from David Matranga & Hilary Haag in 5 Centimeters Per Second is delivered masterfully truly among Foster's finest work."
Why? "Now granted as an animated film its pretty average but it may be the best Bleach film to date."
Why? "A great family film with a wonderfully done musical score."
Why? "What truly is the greatest aspect of this movie is its cartoon scenes they are cool as hell."
Why? "When I first watched this film it took me forever to finish it because I simply kept rewatching scenes over and over again."
Why? "One of my all time favorite movies and simply among the greatest films ever made in the history of cinema!"
Why? "A emotionally riveting ending to the greatest animated saga of all time..truly a great English dub and beautifully made film for the ages!"
Why? "Fullmetal Alchemist -The Sacred Star of Milos is a thoroughly entertaining film that gives the fans what they want more Fullmetal Alchemist."
Why? "An excellent addition to the amazing Harry Potter Film Franchise that took the world by storm for a decade."
Why? "An underrated classic in the super hero genre simply a fun and solid film all around!"
Why? "I find the first Hellboy to be a overall better film but the second film shows us more of Hellboy's world which is never a bad thing!"
Why? "A solid film."
Why? "I use to watch this all the time on VHS during my childhood..simply a nice family film with a lot of heart at its core.""
Why? "A timeless classic from my childhood."
Why? "I surprisingly ended up enjoying the King of Thorn quite a bit the film is far more complex then I would have ever imagined it to be."
Why? "My favorite 80's fantasy film..cool stuff."
Why? "A childhood favorite of mine and still holds a close place in my heart now..my first introduction into the world of anime..truly a classic!"
Why? "The film is worth seeing purely for Aaron Krohn's excellent performance as Kaworu Nagisa."
Why? "A childhood classic that simply doesn't get the respect that it deserves!Phillip Bartlett's stirring performance as Mewtwo is truly grand!"
Why? "The mythology behind the film is the most fascinating aspect of it..its not a perfect film by any means but it dares its audience to think."
Why? "Scream is hands down Wes Craven's greatest film to date!Its a shame he can't direct films of such high standard again but it is what it is."
Why? "The best of the Slayers Franchise and while the ADV dub is flawed it sports some impressive performances from Tristan MacAvery & Phil Ross."
Why? "An wonderful film with beautifully fluid animation that has more heart and soul then a majority of what current cinema can offer."
Why? "The film itself is quite solid but its strongest strength would be the dub which surprisingly holds up quite well considering its age."
Why? "The best american animated film I've seen in 2013 thus far."
Why? "The perfect film for the Halloween season and a classic from my childhood..the musical score is wonderful!"
Why? "Lion King is among Disney's greatest accomplishments!Pixar only wishes they could make such a film..the opening is timeless!"
Why? "A another great classic from my childhood that still holds up quite well today!"
Why? "This film hit all the right notes perfectly..one of my recent favorites..a great film"Is it fear or courage that compels you, fleshling?"."
Why? "I've been waiting years for this film. To hell with the human characters all that matters is the stellar voice acting that is ahead."
Why? "Dark of the Moon had several moments of greatness..plenty of detailed blood scenes and of course Leonard Nimoy's great vocal performance!"
Why? ""Revenge Of The Fallen is a flawed but brilliant action film at its core..the blood scenes are insanely detailed and stunning.""
Why? "Van Helsing is simply an entertaining film!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Uatu the Watcher
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds
Why? "I dig the game plain & simple."
Why? "The original voice cast for the game was excellent its a shame none of them voice act anymore."
Why? "The game has an excellent and underrated voice cast that in itself makes it a worth while title to own."
Why? "A strange & ridiculous concept mixed with a great english vocal cast it also happens to be a hack & slash so yeah its my kinda of my game."
Why? "Excellent casting by whoever was the casting director and solid voice direction from Liam O' Brien."
Why? "Hard as hell game to play but I do like it."
Why? "Sabat put together an impressive cast. Well done."
Why? "An excellent game that I've spent hours playing and will continue to play for years to come!"
Why? "I like the voice cast."
Why? ""Great & unusual voice cast that you don't normally see cast in video games. I like that I dont see the usual big players in the voice cast."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "I wouldn't say its my all time favorite short but it is one of more cooler ones I've seen in recent years."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "The Toonami bumps are really the only commercials that I find myself going back to on occasion to re-watch truly an excellent batch."