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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Scrooge McDuck ... nuff said"
Why? "Another up and comer that I'd love to see going more places"
Why? "A lady that really seems to be going places lately. I really like what I'm hearing from her so far"
Why? "A joy to listen to."
Why? "This man is HILARIOUS! So enjoyable to listen to"
Why? "Maybe not my hands down favorite Spidey, but he IS a great Spider-Man IMO Also ... SHOOCKEEEER!"
Why? "A master of both charismatic evil and over the top comedy."
Why? "It's mainly her Wasp that makes me like her, but she's also a good Tails too"
Why? "Another great that I grew up with. Interesting to hear he has autism."
Why? "I just love listening to Cree's voice."
Why? "This dude has some excellent range. Not only with human voices, but animal voices as well."
Why? "He's got a real unique kind of voice. I also love his performances in Brave and the Bold"
Why? "The best ghost/zombie/demon pirate ever!"
Why? "He has such a warmth and kindness to him as well as a nice villainous if needed. If you disagree ... cut it out"
Why? "Dude's been showing off his range as of late. Superb acting."
Why? "One of my all time favorites. Amazing versatility"
Why? "He's pretty good at voicing both large and loud characters as well as more pulled back, intellectual characters as well. Also, dat Hulk"
Why? "She's voiced a lot of my favorite characters; can be both kind and caring and sinister and calculating"
Why? "I love Hynden's work. Mainly as Starfire but her Harley Quinn and Madam Rouge are just as excellent"
Why? "An entertaining, versatile actor"
Why? "Capable of being both hilarious and serious on a whim. Plus he voiced a lot of enjoyable characters."
Why? "On top of being a great actress, I just love listening to her voice. I also hope she gets a chance to really voice Samus outside of grunts"
Why? "One of the greatest voices to grow up with. Darkwing Duck, Pete, Taz, just to name a few. Cummings is a classic and always will be."
Why? "A great Looney Tunes successor, and a great VO in general"
Why? "Aquaman, Jake, Joker, and many other enjoyable performances. He's just OUT-RAGEOUS!"
Why? "One of the most amazing voices I heard. Also, Macbeth"
Why? "Not only the best Scarlet Witch I've ever heard, but Kate's pretty much THE voice for Tails."
Why? "The queen of Mom VOs. Also love her other roles"
Why? "That voice ...."
Why? "A voice actor I've recently started to really appreciate. Dude got some range."
Why? "I don't care if he uses the same voice for most of his roles, it's still a great voice. Surprisingly versatile as well"
Why? "His passion and comedic timing are impecable! Also, insert obligatory "Boo-Yah!" here"
Why? "My ideal Gwen Stacey, and also a pretty good Zatana as well"
Why? "One word: Demona"
Why? "Very bombastic, with great comedic timing and intimidation"
Why? "Mel Blanc, the man of 1000 voices. Nuff said"
Why? "Beautiful voice, both when she talks and sings"
Why? "He has a great air of intelligence and authority in his voice. Also Prof X"
Why? "Dude has some great range. Not to mention he's voiced some of the most beloved characters ever like Samurai Jack and Green Lantern"
Why? "One of my childhood favorites."
Why? "A very great voice actor. And he looks like a total gentleman"
Why? "One of the most underrated and underutilized voices in the industry. His diction and delivery is impeccible"
Why? "Very versatile and enjoyable to watch. It'd be nice to hear him voice Wolverine or Dr Wily more"
Why? "On top of being THE voice of Wolverine, he's also my favorite versions of Starscream, Green Goblin, and many other characters."
Why? "Like everyone says: she's not only the best Wonder Woman voice, she IS Wonder Woman."
Why? "Tim Curry. That's all the reason I need to say he's a favorite."
Why? "From the posh Herriman to the sinister Ultron, I've been enjoying Tom's voice for quite some time."
Why? "An actor that seems to have as much fun voicing as much as we do listening to him."
Why? "Another great childhood voice over. Being both adorable and outright frightening."
Why? "One of the most pleasing voices I've heard. Also real great emotion and range"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The show that has it all!"
Why? "One of my childhood favorites. Also Jim Cummings at his finest."
Why? "In my opinion, while I can see why a lot of people are turned off by this show, this is probably the best adaptation of the F4 we ever had"
Why? "One of the best underappreciated show ever made. I bust a gut everytime I watch it"
Why? "One of the best Disney shows ever made, and another great Greg Weisman product"
Why? "Probably my favorite DC show. I really like how it shows off a lot of "lesser know" characters and portrays them quite well"
Why? "A very surreal but charming mini-series. Mad thanks to my brother for buying it for me"
Why? "Probably the most unique animated series I've seen. A perfect blend of action, humor, and drama"
Why? "In my opinion, this is the definitive Spider-Man adaptation."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "A Disney classic. RIP Robin Williams"
Why? "My favorite DCUA movie"
Why? "Love this movie. We could really use more Wondie love"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "In my opinion, still the best of the Arkham games"
Why? "While I can see why it'd turn off most standard gamers, as a Marvel fan this was a thoroughly enjoyable adventure from start to finish"
#1 All Time Favorite