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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Troy Baker
Why? "He's in every video game these days!"
Why? "I really love his mature voice and hope he still decides to voice act in the future."
Why? "She's Laura Bailey and Stephanie Sheh combined together."
Why? "She's amazing as Lightning."
Why? "Loved her as Yukiko."
Why? "A very talented seiyuu. Plus she was spot on voicing Yukiko and Kallen."
Why? "The Canadian version of Cherami Leigh and she was crazy as Pinkie Pie and sweet and shy as Fluttershy."
Why? "She's great as Tsubaki and Cristina. Too bad she doesn't have to much roles."
Why? "I like her as Lucy."
Why? "I just like her and the characters she plays."
Why? "She has a wide vocal range and voices almost any character with ease."
Why? "My favorites from her are Wendy, Black Star, Ikaros and Misaka. Plus she can sound creepy as Pride."
Why? "She makes a good Ayane and Sakura."
Why? "Kirito, Rin, Zidane, and Henry. The dude's amazing!"
Why? "She pulls off roles like its nothing."
Why? "I really hope that they don't change her as the voice of Lara she was perfect as her."
Why? "I loved her mature take on Mami and Maiya."
Why? "She was great as Lei-Fang and I also liked her as Aika and Kyubey."
Why? "She is the next big voice actor out there and I hope she gets to voice more video game characters and in projects outside of Funimation"
Why? "She's recent to the voice acting industry but has roles in well known anime these days."
Why? "Japan!"
Why? "It's pretty self-explanatory if you heard him as Alex Armstrong, Vegeta, Zoro and Garland."
Why? "She's Erza, Riza, Moka (Vampire Form), and Luffy. Should I say more?"
Why? "She voiced Elizabeth, one of the most likable and fascinating characters & I hope she voices and also act more characters in the future."
Why? "Man she was so good as Homura and Alisa."
Why? "One voice actor that I found to be underrated. Also she was great as Angel in Angel Beats."
Why? "America, Kimble, and Loke. He's one of my favorite male voice actors."
Why? "I would never stop listing my favorite roles from her but Azula has to be my all time favorite."
Why? "Kasumi!"
Why? "She was apart of my childhood when playing Starfire. Blackfire, Hitomi, and Talim are also my faves."
Why? "She was great as Sena and Haruna. I never expected her to play Carla and I was surprised how good she played her."
Why? "Has a unique voice and I loved her as Cana, Panty, and Liz."
Why? "She was fantastic as Ayane and I hope she gets more roles in the future."
Why? "He was psychotic but funny as Barry the Chopper and Russia, hot-tempered as Kyo and badass as Lyon. To sum it up he's awesome."
Why? "Simply one of the most recognizable and well known voices in anime."
Why? "I liked her as Sheimi, Shiro, Rana, Kobato and Angel."
Why? "I loved her as Sena and Saten."
Why? "I find her to be one of the underrated voice actors. I loved her as Kallen and Soifon."
Why? "I first knew her when I started watching Naruto and ever since she's almost everywhere."
Why? "A rising talent who I loved as Izumo!"
Why? "I don't care what people say about her as Levy she's perfect as her."
Why? "Just look at his resume and you'll know."
Why? "She has voiced many characters and did a very well job doing it. I loved her as Serah Farron, Maka, Rise, Tohru, and Chun-Li."
Why? "She has a small number of roles but they are impressive for a newcomer."
Why? "Loved her as Minami and Hummingbird."
Why? "I gotta say she has an incredible range from Nami to Honey to Medusa to Kaname and Hungary. She's fantastic."
Why? "She's one of my fave seiyuu and plus she voiced Lightning and Aerith so why not."
Why? "Great as Corrin"
Why? "Was great as Armin, Yozora and Yoko."
Why? "Great as Killua"
Why? "Really loved him as Ryuji and Saitama"
Why? "I like when she plays socially awkward character and she was great as Alphose"
Why? "The way she voices Rachel is just... Perfection!"
Why? "He's gonna be the next JYB, very talented, and plays some of my favorite characters."
Why? "I love her voice and range. She is fantastic as Rukia and Yoko."
Why? "She's Virgo, Saeko, Cammy, and Elizabeth from Persona 3 and also the other Elizabeth from Bioshock Infinite."
Why? "I love her sweet, innocent voice. Gotta give her kudos for Mirajane, May Chang, Tsubaki, and Stocking."
Why? "She voices Inner Moka like its nothing even though her characters have a soft voice. That's impressive."
Why? "It's Nathan Drake!"
Why? "He's one of the best voice actors period. Plus he can even voice black guys."
Why? "The Queen of Tsundere"
Why? "Mikoto Misaka."
Why? "She shows she has a wide range playing Ed, Naoto, Temari and Toshiro."
Why? "Asuka and Mila are her best roles."
Why? "I loved this guy as Hughes."
Why? "I'm glad to see her doing different roles instead of shy girls."
Why? "Oliver Mira Armstrong made me love her voice acting."
Why? "My all-time favorites are Rarity and Shana."
Why? "Let's just say she voices very likable characters and has a long, impressive résumé."
Why? "She sounds so cute as Happy!"
Why? "I don't know how to describe his voice but its a likable one and he voices Natsu's goofy personality very well. Impressive Todd! Impressive."
Why? "Ahhhh he's Roy Mustang and is the husband of Laura Bailey. But very awkward that he killed his wife's character in FMA."
Why? "She really needs more leading roles just by hearing her as Lan Fan and Sherry."
Why? "He's Ed after all."
Why? "She fits Yozora's sarcasm well and I really hope to see her in more anime soon."
Why? "I love her as Hitomi and Chie."
Why? "Eren, Hope, Lyon, Haruyuki, Issei and Konekomaru. He's the Troy Baker of anime."
Why? "His voice could be low pitched and high pitched and his voice still sounds great! Gotta give him credit as Yosuke, Sasuke, and Suzaku."
#1 All Time Favorite
Makoto Niijima
Why? "Hands down has the best awakening in the game"
Why? "He has a big heart and I miss Aaron voicing him."
Why? "Because he's the hero and is cute."
Why? "He's my favorite character in the series and cute. But it was sad what happened to him."
Why? "I love her brash personality and fighting style."
Why? "I just love her and Cherami's performance as her."
Why? "Pair her up with her half sister Kasumi in DOA and Ninja Gaiden series and they would make a deadly team."
Why? "Azu-nyan!"
Why? "He wants to chop everyone even Hawkeye and his all of a sudden crush was her was hilarious."
Why? "Yeah she drinks A LOT but she's a great character."
Why? "Poor Canada. Only if he was noticed more."
Why? "He's so cute I wanna explode!"
Why? "Trial of the Dragon!"
Why? "A strong character even when he's called pipsqueak"
Why? "A fascinating character that doesn't get in your way in combat and instead is a very worthy companion."
Why? "Cool-headed, serious, and brave... Wait she's scared of paranormal things but she's brave at times."
Why? "She was the star of the show and Ashley Johnson voiced her rash, impulsive, foul-mouthed, and somewhat innocent personality to perfection."
Why? "I find it weird that his Japanese voice made me like him not that I don't like his English voice."
Why? "A tough red head who is voiced by the talented Colleen Clinkenbeard!"
Why? "He's cute."
Why? "He has to be my most favorite Jerk With a Heart of Gold of all time."
Why? "He's loyal to his friends and Tia Ballard and Rie Kugimiya makes him sound cute."
Why? "She's so energetic and I wish I could make summer vacay last forever."
Why? "Because she's a genius! That's why!"
Why? "Has to be my fave out of the club."
Why? "I can relate to her and she's very notable for not looking down at Naruto."
Why? "Osu!"
Why? "Her dedication and perseverance to prevent Madoka from becoming a magical girl is admirable."
Why? "God this kid was on my nerves in the first part of the game but over time he got more likable and change for the good."
Why? "She's quiet and the way Brittney voices her is perfect."
Why? "He's adorable and I love Todd Haberkorn's performance as him."
Why? "The greatest troller ever! Even we he stomped that cell phone and I can't forget JYB voices him."
Why? "Badass. That's all."
Why? "She's a unique Tsundere to me."
Why? "He's so funny even though he's deadpan and its impressive that someone who's not Asian in anyway sound convincing as him."
Why? "A hardened survivor who lost everything even his own daughter until bonding with Ellie and it's one of the best performances of Troy Baker."
Why? "I liked how the creators didn't put her as the bratty female and instead portrays her as a strong willed person."
Why? "She's my fave in the SF series and her move set is the best."
Why? "Her love for Gray is funny."
Why? "She's one of the most badass girls in the series."
Why? "She's awesome in Ninja Gaiden 3: Razor's Edge."
Why? "Like her sis she's elegant yet bitchy."
Why? "Has to be the best Tsundere"
Why? "She was a self centered one in the beginning but soon she starts to care about the others and what she did for Sayaka was sad but forgiving."
Why? "She's capable at holding her own even with one arm!"
Why? "Her development as a scared, naive person into a skilled, ass kicking adventure was believable."
Why? "She really needs more screen time and she and Switerland is adorable together."
Why? "Don't hate her because she's "cold"! She learns how to be more kinder later on but still keeps her strong, admirable personality."
Why? "A easy to master character and she's my main. It's impossible not to like her"
Why? "Such a goofy character that can be a comic relief as well."
Why? "Boobie Lady!"
Why? "Maybe because he's voiced by Eric Vale."
Why? "A non stereotypical princess voiced by the gifted Laura Bailey!"
Why? "The badass and Tsundere version of Lucy."
Why? "The magic she uses is unique and creative and Cherami Leigh brings personality to her character."
Why? "She had it hard in the past."
Why? "The wish she made was something many others wouldn't and she will never regret it."
Why? "A devoted family man who also had a serious side. It was sad when he died."
Why? "My fave Simpsons character. She needs more screen time."
Why? "She brought a new sense of charm in 2.0."
Why? "She's a very brave and adorable character and her relationship with Scar was well done."
Why? "Her powers are awesome and Brittney Karbowski does a great job at voicing her."
Why? "I had no qualms with her english voice and IMO it fits her personality and also I love her fighting style."
Why? "He's the Yellow Flash, cool dad, and SOOOOOO AWESOME!"
Why? "She maybe unstable and a liar but I can't help myself from liking her as a character"
Why? "The mature one in the band who is easily embarrassed and shy."
Why? "She's generous and have the looks."
Why? "She's badass and I loved her voice both in the English and Japanese version"
Why? "A great sidekick to one of the best ninjas of all time."
Why? "She suffered through a lot and has been used as a tool and nothing else but she has a heart."
Why? "His "I'm never giving up" personality is contagious."
Why? "He's a coward but yet so adorable."
Why? "Mashima created a very likable and wild character who has an admirable personality."
Why? "A shrinking violet that has blazing guns."
Why? "One of those no nonsense characters you have to love and Stephanie Young did a great job voicing her."
Why? "She a dummy but a very likable and cute one"
Why? "A little vampire with a big attitude."
Why? "Jamie Marchi was fantastic as her and she can hold her own in battle."
Why? "She's bubbly, happy-go-lucky and Tara Strong voices her perfectly."
Why? "Under his roughness he has a big heart and I really hope he and Shiemi ends up together."
Why? "A perfect example of a strong female character."
Why? "She's my favorite after Misaka."
Why? "She's awesome and has Sode no Shirayuki."
Why? "HE'S A NINJAAAAA!!!!!"
Why? "She's cool."
Why? "Her backstory was tragic, made her fearful of being touched and is feared by many but deep inside she has a gentle heart."
Why? "Clickenbeard makes her sound so elegant but yet devilsh."
Why? "Shut up! Shut up! Shut up!"
Why? "She would of been a generic shy girl/ love interest but she proves she can be a kick ass Tamer."
Why? "He punched a guy so hard all his clothes came off! I respect him for life."
Why? "I really wish I could eat a lot of sweets like her."
Why? "#1 Gotta give his voice actors credit for their acting. #2 Trying his very best to stop conflict in a peaceful matter... ADMIRABLE!"
Why? "He's a little cute reindeer but don't underestime his appearance."
Why? "She has no combat skills but she's a rare example of strong female characters and she's always there for the Elric brothers and others."
Why? "He's a funny dude that also has a serious side to him."
Why? "Maybe she doesn't have the most beautiful personality but she has a beautiful name and she is herself."
Why? "Now let's see some freaking stars!"
Why? "I admire her for her fits of laughter it's so random and funny."
Why? "The best Yandere! Hands down!"
Why? "He MIGHT look like a chick but he's a he who is awesome and voiced by the so ever talented Troy Baker."
Why? "Haruhi Suzimiya + Yukiko Amagi + Brittney Karbowski = One of the best anime characters. I'm sold!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood
Why? "Even though the first 13 episode weren't all that, FMA Brotherhood is a masterpiece."
Why? "I picked up this show blindly and had a feeling I wouldn't enjoy it but it succeeded my expectations."
Why? "I was hooked on this before I even saw the show and it has a wide array of colorful characters."
Why? "A show that keeps you at the edge of your seat and to top it off if has memorable characters and plot as well as addicting."
Why? "It's random, weird, and the characters look cute."
Why? "Just all around awesome action, comedy, characters and story."
Why? "This anime is... Perfection! The best English dub I've heard, complex characters, themes, and plot."
Why? "A season of complex twists and a ending that leaves you shocked."
Why? "Even though I haven't watched Baccano it has so much similarities and the characters are unique and it has some of the most funniest moments"
Why? "It's an anime with magic!"
Why? "It's too funny!"
Why? "ADHD the Anime"
Why? "The show is just pure awesomeness with great action scenes."
Why? "The show was great throughout until the ending."
Why? "It will always be in my book for one of the first animes I watched."
Why? "An enjoyable look at the characters before the series."
Why? "A adventurous quest to find friends."
Why? "It's a rare occasion that the second season of a show can be better than its first season."
Why? "Yes it's perverted and yet it's an enjoyable anime with a great dub."
Why? "I have to say its the most unique anime out there. Each episode is 5 minutes and teaches history in its own funny way."
Why? "It was one of my faves when it was on CN and also it's anime like art style."
Why? "Anime with tons of fanservice to get me annoyed but this is an exception."
Why? "If you take out the excessive Fanservice it's a great zombie anime."
Why? "The show's weird but not at the same time. That's the thing."
Why? "I don't really watch Moe but this series is just carefree fun."
Why? "It's my guilty pleasure."
Why? "It's the very first anime I watched and I still like it to this very day."
Why? "I found this show to be very weird and awkward at first but overtime it became enjoyable and funny to watch."
Why? "It's the most raunchy anime of all time that's very creative and different."
Why? "The voice acting was top notch and I wanted more after each episode because it was that great."
Why? "The deconstruction of magical girl animes that is dark and doesn't sugarcoat anything."
Why? "The excessive panty shots did annoy me but it didn't stop it from being a really good anime."
Why? "An interesting show with interesting fantasy."
Why? "A makeup for what the slow season 2 brought us."
Why? "This got me hooked and I couldn't stop watching it. The unique animation, voice actors, and action were great!"
Why? "I loved this show... until it went downhill."
Why? "Yes it had a slow start but the second part is really something. Plus it's one of Funi's best dubs in a while and it has memorable character"
Why? "The best superhero show ever!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Has to be one of the best shonen movies."
Why? "Funny and charming like the first"
Why? "Fairy Tail really out did itself this time with a new slick artstyle and the ending sets itself out from the typical shonen."
Why? "It was entertaining throughout and it was interesting how the film focused more on Julia instead of the Elrics."
Why? "My favorite Naruto movie."
Why? "An anime movie everyone has to watch fan or not. It's has some of the best messages."
Why? "It was so good I wished they made an show as well."
Why? "It's so sad and it's very touching."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "It's too hard to pick! All the actresses find a wonderful job!"
Why? "Both actresses sounds great as Shana in a very close race but I prefer Cherami take on her more."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "A bold game that tackles serious themes. It has some tough competition for game of the year"
Why? "Improved graphics and characters have personality."
Why? "It's better than the previous one."
Why? "Every FF fan's dream came true."
Why? "I don't see what's there to hate in this game. The characters are likable, story is interesting, and gameplay is fun and addicting."
Why? "This game was really addicting and I couldn't put it down. The characters are likable, story's great and great gameplay."
Why? "The visuals are so stunning for a 2-D fighter and its characters can be deadly once mastered."
Why? "My very first SC game that made me a fan."
Why? "The story was lackluster and the gameplay is very difficult but it's a fun title."
Why? "This is my very first Tales game and to be honest it had a great first impression."
Why? "My very first Tekken game and the game that made me a Tekken fan."
Why? "This game surpassed Street Fighter X Tekken in every aspect."
Why? "It has the most human characters in video game history, an intriguing story, and a unique gameplay that's rare to find the other games today"
Why? "It has very intense combat and gameplay and Lara's character development is believable."
#1 All Time Favorite
Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood - Four-Panel Comic Theater
Why? "A much funnier look on the series."
Why? "Hilarious!"