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Voice Actor
Cree Summer
Why? "This woman's vocal work has been my inspiration since I was little. As a black female myself, I really look up to her has a voice actor. :)"
Why? "I just realized that the part in Mandark's hair is an "M"..."
Why? "Mmmm....This man's voice is so attractive that he could make an animated lion seem sexy."
Why? "This guy really inspired me as a child!! :)"
Why? "Im fart blazer, Im fart blazer, Pull my finger, Im fart blazer!"
Why? "Dat deep voice!!! :D"
Why? "This man was one cooooool cat! :)"
Why? "God! his voice is smooth as melted butter running down a mountain of creamy mashed potatoes.....mmmm i love it.."
Why? "Tara Strong is one of my favorite female role models when it comes to voice acting! I love her vocal range!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Thats my bread and butter you're f*riffing* with."
Why? "Tottallyyy had a crush on Freakazoid when i was little! hes HILARIOUS! :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "You will never get this sort of humor ever again in a cartoon."
Why? "Jeff Bennett and Phil Lamar. Nuff said"
Why? "SPOOT!!"
#1 All Time Favorite