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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Scott McNeil
Why? "I wanna go to Australia"
Why? "Great voice for Argit"
Why? "Blossom and Poppy"
Why? "Voice of Doremi/Dorie"
Why? "Voice of Freddi Fish"
Why? "Cute little girl."
Why? "Cute"
Why? "A better Lloyd voice"
Why? "Great singer"
Why? "He voices Noah and Kid Ruthless"
Why? "I like how he voiced Chip, Ace, and Specter."
Why? "Nice voice with Chris"
Why? "Voice of Talking Tom"
Why? "Mr. Garcia is great at voicing Torn and Jinx."
Why? "I might like to be friends with her someday."
Why? "He does a great Shadow."
Why? "Voice of Dimitri Lousteau"
Why? "Pretty"
Why? "Nazz voice"
Why? "Interesting name"
Why? "Nice Iago voice"
Why? "Nice hair"
Why? "He has a great voice for voice acting."
Why? "Kung Fu and acting"
Why? "Great JoJo voice"
Why? "Kyla Rae Kowalewski is a very adorable voice actress"
Why? "A good voice of Sana"
Why? "He looks HOT!"
Why? "Remy voice"
Why? "He voiced Wilt."
Why? "Nice voice"
Why? "He's a great Vin voice actor."
Why? "I like how he voiced Genie, Fender, and Batty"
Why? "Interesting voice for Bowser"
#1 All Time Favorite
Dorie Goodwyn/Doremi Harukaze
Why? "She deserves love and respect."
Why? "Ace is cool and leads the pack. He's a handsome rabbit."
Why? "Cute"
Why? "He's cute. I love the sound of his voice."
Why? "He's cute."
Why? "Adorable lookin' short chickenhawk"
Why? "Brutter is a nice lurker and helps Jak and Daxter."
Why? "Nice voice."
Why? "He's funny and cute."
Why? "He's a gentalman. Even though, he's not nice to Jak or Daxter."
Why? "Crane is my favorite "Kung Fu Panda" bird."
Why? "Charming with his clothes and wig on. On the good side now too."
Why? "Funny, I say, funny rooster."
Why? "She's foxy"
Why? "Looks like a cutie"
Why? "I love birds. He's a cute wind master."
Why? "I find him cute and cool, even though he smokes."
Why? "I like Vampire Jurgen"
Why? "Justin's a hunk."
Why? "Knuckles is tough and funny."
Why? "My favorite kangaroo."
Why? "I love birds, even though Nigel is a mean bird"
Why? "I want to fly just like NiGHTS."
Why? "Noah's cute and smart."
Why? "Pecker is my favorite moncaw. I wish to have him as my own."
Why? "A cute french skunk"
Why? "I like pandas. He's funny."
Why? "Hot! :D Let me kiss him!"
Why? "He's cute, and handsome"
Why? "Rabbit's voice is cute."
Why? "He has a cute voice. I love birds"
Why? "I remember watching her when I was a kid."
Why? "A pretty and cute singer. :)"
Why? "He's interesting. I didn't know Ice King's real name was Simon Petrikov."
Why? "I think Skunk needs more respect."
Why? "Cute little mouse"
Why? "He maybe an evil monkey, but I think he's really cute."
Why? "He's fast, cute, and a SWEETHEART!!! <3"
Why? "Torn is tough and has a cool voice."
Why? "A cute and handsome monkey."
Why? "His round body is cute."
Why? "Vector is strong, cool lookin', and funny."
Why? "I love Vin's voice. Vin is funny when he's paranoid."
Why? "Love her streaks"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Sonic Boom
Why? "I love Ace."
Why? "My big sis and I use to watch it together."
Why? "Two Glitter characters that have the same name as me and my sister."
Why? "My fav characters."
Why? "Interesting"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "They're cute. Including Walter."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Sonic the Hedgehog
Why? "I wish I had the same speed as Sonic. He's cool."
Why? "A cute dog"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Sonic Generations
Why? "Same as Super Smash Bros. But a bit different"