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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Angela Lansbury
Why? "An actress who has been a part of my childhood. She brings joy to my heart when I hear her voice."
Why? "His excellent performances as Anders and Shulk."
Why? "An Actor of Irreplaceable Class and Potency."
Why? "One of My Favourite Alfred Pennyworth Voices"
Why? "Her Subtle, yet Nuanced Voice Work."
Why? "Her phenomenal performance as Xion."
Why? "One of the Most Charismatic and Vivacious Actresses at the Moment."
Why? "Tea Gardner"
Why? "Her Unique Disney Princess voice."
Why? "Her Elegant and Smooth Voice."
Why? "Her Beautiful and Heartbreaking Performance as Duchess Satine."
Why? "Her Expressive Charm and Entertainingly Comedic Delivery of Lines."
Why? "Ahsoka Tano..... That is all...."
Why? "A Rising Star in Pre Lay and Anime Voice Work."
Why? "An expressive and gifted voice actress who never gives a Bad performance. One of Funamation's best performers and a lovely singer as well."
Why? "" I Fight..... FOR THE USERS!!!""
Why? "A Great Voice for Batman and Fantastic as Captain Pike in The JJ Abrams Star Trek Films."
Why? "Winry, Cammy and Miss Wednesday."
Why? "His Haunting and Powerful Martian Manhunter voice"
Why? "The One and only Casca...."
Why? "As You Wish"
Why? "A resonating, regal and majestic voice that comes from a phenominal actress."
Why? "Her great voice work in the Star Wars Franchise."
Why? "Donna Noble was My Favourite Doctor Who Companion."
Why? "A Powerful and Commanding voice that fits Amanda Waller like a glove."
Why? "One of The World's Greatest Actresses."
Why? "Her Spirited and Endearing voice for Molly/ Eva Wei."
Why? "A fantastic actor for Captain America, bringing Sincerity and Charm to an iconic character."
Why? "The Lovable Voice Behind Judeau."
Why? "One of the most powerful and dinified voices in exsistence, he could do no wrong."
Why? "A voice actor with a varied vocal range and a phenomenal acting range."
Why? "My inspiration for voice acting. This man's voice work has been a part of my childhood. A New York voice acting legend."
Why? "Her spirited and charismatic voice that adds a lot to the characters she portrays."
Why? "Lilo and Chihiro. Two fantastic child performances with depth and nuance usually unseen in child actors."
Why? "The Goblin King"
Why? "Clank, Professor Xavier and Megatron.... That is All."
Why? "Hercule Poirot"
Why? "Her Expressive and Emotional performance as Lucy Kuo."
Why? "Leornard 'Bones' McCoy"
Why? "A Lovable and Acid Tongued Presence."
Why? "The Spunky and Lovable Voice Behind Kimi"
Why? "His surprisingly strong Vocal Range."
Why? "Her deliciously 'Catty' and malevolent performance as Yzma."
Why? "His powerful, resonating voice."
Why? "His Entertaining German Accented Doc Ock and his Wonderfully Heartfelt Alfred Pennyworth. Need I Say More?"
Why? "She Brought to life two Iconic Disney Villains."
Why? "The Sensitive Heart Behind Mr Brisby"
Why? "His 'Powerful' Performance as Cole MacGrath."
Why? "Luna Lovegood"
Why? "Her soft, yet spirited Welsh accented voice."
Why? "Her great Lara and Lady Shiva voices."
Why? "Sirius Black, Commissioner Gordon, Jean-Baptiste Emanuel Zorg and Ignitus. Need I say More?"
Why? "One of the most Intimidating Voices I have heard."
Why? "A voice filled with passion and vitriol. I can't recommend his work enough."
Why? "Her Great Paine and Master Mold Voices. She deserves more voice work opportunities."
Why? "Her lovable Phantom Girl and Shiki voices."
Why? "One of the World's Finest Actresses."
Why? ""STUPID CURTAINS!!!!!!""
Why? "Her regal, soothing voice."
Why? "His Phenomenal performances as Galactus and Apocalypse."
Why? "His Rich And Compelling Performance as Superman."
Why? "One of The World's Finest actors."
Why? "His Versatile Acting Range."
Why? "Her Natural Comedic Talents."
Why? "One of the Most Entertaining British Actors IMO."
Why? "Mewtwo... No Other Reason...."
Why? "The Heart behind Grandma Sophie."
Why? ""I WANT SPIDER-MAN!!!!!""
Why? "A charmingly sardonic voice that's a joy to listen to."
Why? "The Best Voice For Bane IMO."
Why? "His Legacy of Great Performances."
Why? "His intelligent and distinctive delivary of his lines."
Why? "In this world, is the destiny of mankind controlled by some transcendental entity or law...? Is it like the hand of God hovering above?"
Why? "One of the best voices for young protagonists, with a special talent for superheroes."
Why? "A Shakespearian diva and a formidable voice. You can never go wrong with her."
Why? "Her Powerful Voice as Pocahontas."
Why? "A very compelling and versatile actress."
Why? "The Wide Variety of her Excellent Voice Work is Extraordinary."
Why? "Her Lovable Work As Leela."
Why? "One of the best Disney voice actresses."
Why? "His rich, charismatic voice that commands your attention with its power and Vitriol."
Why? "My Favourite Voice For Wonder Woman."
Why? ""I am Vengeance... I am The Night...... I AM BATMAN!""
Why? ""Take My Love, I'll never Ask for To Much"."
Why? "The Definitive Green Arrow Voice......"
Why? "An underrated Candian Voice actress with a solid vocal range."
Why? "An iconic Science Fiction Legend."
Why? "Mr Tumnus, Gex and The Sorting Hat."
Why? "A versatile and charismatic voice that has an excellent acting range."
Why? "Her stunning singing voice."
Why? """Keelah se'lai""
Why? "One of the Finest Actresses to arise in prominence in this Decade."
Why? "Her Great Voice work as Rapunzel."
Why? "Zoro, Young Solomon Moto and GUTS!!"
Why? "One of the Most Vocally Adaptable VA's in the Industry."
Why? "Her Sassy Latina Hawkgirl Voice."
Why? "Her phenomenal Performance as Nadia."
Why? "Raziel The Soul Reaver."
Why? "The Gravitas of his voice."
Why? "An excellent celebrity voice actor who gives all of his characters a natural , affable charm."
Why? "Porco Rosso, The Vulture, Ken and Betelgeuse....."
Why? "One of New York's Best Voice Actors and Directors."
Why? "Mulan, Jade, Doctor Aki Ross, Melinda May and Ellen Yin."
Why? "Juno Eclipse"
Why? "A Lovable and Charismatic Joss Whedon regular who is Perfect as Hal Jordan/ Green Lantern."
Why? "His Passionate and Nuanced Portrayal of Bruce Banner."
Why? "The voice of Disney's Greatest Princess. :)"
Why? "A magnificent Stage, Screen and Voice actor with a power and presence that is unmatched."
Why? "His Nuanced Performance as The Silver Surfer."
Why? "Spot On Casting for Scott Lang/ Ant Man."
Why? "His voice carries weight and power, creating memorable performance effortlessly."
Why? "An Execptional Voice for Insane Geniuses."
Why? "His voice as Gorilla Grodd was Sheer Perfection...."
Why? "One of the Most Fun and Flamboyant Voices in the world."
Why? "The perfect voice Actor for making Generic charcters sound nuanced and compelling."
Why? "His Brilliant Portrayal of Thorin Oakenshield."
Why? "His Extraordinary Vocal and Acting Range...... That and He's The Best Voice For Moon Knight."
Why? "Princess Buttercup...."
Why? "The BEST Voice For Deathstroke."
Why? "Minnie Mouse"
Why? "One of The Best Star Wars Franchise Voice Actors"
Why? "A gifted actress who gave a small girl a massive heart of Gold."
Why? "The Actress behind Star Wars' Greatest Antagonist."
Why? "One of Cyclops and Nightwing's Best Voices"
Why? "One of the best voices for Teenage characters in anime and a fantastic Broadway singer to boot."
Why? "Her Voice feels like a warm, motherly embrace."
Why? "One of the most cultured and magnificent voices in all of voice acting."
Why? "Too many entertaining roles to count."
Why? "A lovable voice with heart and vivacious charm."
Why? "Vincent Valentine, Wolverine, Vilgax, Ghostfreak, Killer Croc, Spike Spiegal, etc.... etc.... So Many Great Roles.... So Little Time..."
Why? "Her Excellent Storm Voice."
Why? "Her Fantastic Wonder Woman voice work."
Why? ""Well I'm going to send you a love letter, my dear. Do you know what that is? It's a bullet straight from my gun to your heart.""
Why? "One of the most versatile and talented 4Kids voice actors."
Why? "One of the Most Entertainly Hammy Actors in the World."
Why? "Dobby The House Elf and Armin Zola."
Why? "The Elder God, Baron Mordo, Galactus, Shere Khan, Magneto, Anubis, The Supreme Being and.... of Course... .Judge Claude Frollo."
Why? "One of the Best Womanly Voices In The Industry....."
Why? ""I'm the chosen One..... though right now I feel more like the frozen one"."
Why? "His versatile Acting and Vocal range."
Why? "Her powerfully intimidating and Regally Beautiful Voice."
Why? "The Mickey Mouse of My Childhood."
Why? "Her Beautiful Operatic Singing Voice as Pocahontas and Sally."
#1 All Time Favorite
Yami Yugi / Atem
Why? "A passionate and charismatic leader with Dan Green's voice. How can you hate that?"
Why? "A enigmatic scientist with the voice of Sir Christopher Lee."
Why? "An Wonderfully Quotable, yet Eternally Intimidating Mutant God."
Why? "Her awesome powers, her endearing personality and Stephanie Sheh's excellent portrayal of her in the X Men Anime."
Why? "A wonderfully developed and engaging love interest."
Why? "Disney's Greatest Princess. Eccentric, Maternal, Wise Beyond her Years..... and Beautifully Voiced by Paige O'Hara."
Why? "A chilling, Yet Tragic Villain, Exceptionally Voiced by Liam O'Brien."
Why? ""When Captain America throws his Mighty shield, All those who chose to oppose his shield must yield." One of Marvel's Greatest Heroes. :)"
Why? "A Nuanced and Reletable Action Girl, brought to life beautifully by Carrie Keranen."
Why? "My Favorite FF Lead. Selfless, compassionate, forgiving and a noble king. That and he can wield Excalibur."
Why? "A malevolent and dread inducing villain, fuelled by hatred spite. The perfect nemesis for the Cooper Gang."
Why? "One of the Most Human and Compelling Superheroes."
Why? "My Favourite Yugioh villain. Regal, eloquent and yet surprisingly poignant, with his desire to make the world a better place."
Why? "An Truly EERIE Opponent for Iron Man..."
Why? ""Never Give Up and Good Luck Will always find you"."
Why? "An ecentric, intellegent and endearing woman that is a joy to watch."
Why? "A unique and memorable wizard who is a joy to watch."
Why? "One of Gaming's Most Nuanced and Compelling Video Game Characters."
Why? "The Type of Endearing Supporting Character you Need in a Dark Fantasy Series."
Why? "Cryptic, cynical, ruthless and yet sympathetic, Kreia provided a unique perspective of the force for me."
Why? "A Complex and Enigmatic Villain with an excellent performance from Minnie Driver."
Why? "A Sharp Witted and Endearing Presence in Only Five Minutes of Screen Time"
Why? "The most elegant, majestic and intimidating Disney villain ever made."
Why? "One of the Most Nuanced and Compelling Love Interests ever made."
Why? "A Lovable and Engaging Lead Character, brought to life by Chiara Zanni' Wonderful Performance."
Why? "An Insane, yet awesome Anti-Hero."
Why? "The Most charismatic, charming and entertaining member of the X Men."
Why? "The Most Charming and Charismatic member of the Bat-Family."
Why? "A nuanced and fascinating Super-heroine."
Why? "A vicious, yet eloquent anti-hero who endeavours to do good (despite numerous people manipulating him). Michael Bell's Greatest Role."
Why? "My Favourite Robin. Intelligent and Wise beyond his years, he remains the lovable nerd of the teams he works with."
Why? "Her distinctive powers and her compelling characterisations."
Why? "A spirited, quick witted Jewish Girl with a knack for computer skills and an adorable Alien dragon.... How can you top that?"
Why? "Bella Swan.....if she were a compelling and lovable character."
Why? "A complex and nuanced anti hero with the voice of Keith David? Who doesn't see the appeal of this character?"
Why? "A Complex and Nuanced FF Main Protagonist."
Why? "A red blooded, warm hearted princess with Hand Blasters and a heroic spirit. That and she is hilarious (outside of RHATO and Teen Titans Go)"
Why? "A Complex and Nuanced lead character in The Star Wars Franchise."
Why? "A Great Superhero Team Leader, with a facinating Backstory and A Wide Range of Badass Talents."
Why? "A sweetheart with a selfless disposition and a gleeful love of mechanics. Hating her is a crime."
Why? "A philosophically deep, poignant assassin with a wonderfully compelling story arc."
Why? "A gentle, compassionate soul, with a love of music and a generous heart (in spite of her circumstances)."
Why? "The most compassionate woman in the world, she fights for love and justice."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Justice League Unlimited
Why? "The Wonderfully developed cast, the fantastic writing and the sterling voice-work. What's not to love?"
Why? "A Loving and Reverent tribute to the Pre- COIE DC Continuity."
Why? "The crown jewel of the Disney Afternoons, it deserves the love for compelling characters, Gothic animation and a cadre of Star Trek. actors."
Why? "The Wonderful Character Dynamics and Excellent Voice Acting."
Why? "An intrigue Set of Companion Shorts to a Ambitious Film."
Why? "A beautiful heartfelt story of Love and hatred, one of Gonza's best series."
Why? "THE Best Superman Television show ever made... No Question about it."
Why? "The lovable characters and memorable monsters."
Why? "A wonderful mixture of Several incarnations of Spiderman and Josh Keaton's Nuanced portrayal of Peter Parker is brilliant. A must See."
Why? "My Favourite Scooby Doo show. Memorable monsters, fun humour and memorable characters.... I love it."
Why? "The first Anime Show I ever watched. Call it Sentimental Attachment."
#1 All Time Favorite
Beauty and the Beast (1991)
Why? "A fairy tale filled with enchantment and wonder. I love this film more than words can convey."
Why? "A Funny and Heartwarming Addition to the MCU with an Excellent Leading performance from Paul Rudd."
Why? "The art work and characters will always stick with me."
Why? "One of the Best Batman Films."
Why? "Atmospheric and entrancing, this is a great showing of Stop Motion animation. That and The Beldam is CREEPY."
Why? "The Comedy is Hilarious and the characters are wonderfully engaging."
Why? "An Entertaining Guilty Pleasure."
Why? "A moving and touching story of love and self discovery."
Why? "One of the More Unique and Genuinely Mature DC Animated Films."
Why? "An Inventive, Poignant Fantasy Adventure with Stunning Visuals and Stellar Voice Work."
Why? "A Phenomenal Work from Disney that Gets better and Better the More times you See it."
Why? "One of the most mature and nuanced Animated films of all time."
Why? "One of Superman's finest Depictions."
Why? "A creepy and beautiful 1980's cult classic. The Musical Score and visuals are outstanding."
Why? "The Best 'Fantastic 4' film that has never been made."
Why? "An emotionally fulfilling finale to one of My Favourite Franchises."
Why? "Nostalgic Attachment. Plain and Simple :)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Christopher Lee is in."
Why? "Yami Yugi is one of my favourite characters."
Why? "My favourite Turtle of the team."
Why? "The Greatest Disney villain ever made."
Why? "Xion deserves more love."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Kingdom Hearts II
Why? "The most epic and experimental game in the series, with some of my favourite worlds."
Why? "One of the most emotionally engaing stories I have ever played."
Why? "An Excellent HD Collection."
Why? "A Phenomenal HD collection with an excellent remastered Musical Score for Kingdom Hearts 2: Final Mix."
Why? "The characters, music and story capture my imagination. I love it."
Why? "A compelling dual character narrative with entertaining boss fights, memorable characters and Phenomenal Voice acting."
Why? "One of The best pieces of Vampire media ever made."
Why? "My Favourite Spiderman game. Solid Gameplay, Excellent Voice Acting and it's very funny at several points. A Must Play for Spider-Man Fans"
Why? "One of the darkest and most complex Star Wars stories, with memorable characters and incredibly quotable dialogue. I love it."
Why? "A unique Yugioh experience I will never forget."
#1 All Time Favorite
DC Showcase: Superman / Shazam! The Return Of Black Adam
Why? "Its Lovable Deconstruction Of Fantasy RPG tropes and Its Charming Art Style."
Why? "An Atmospheric and REALLY Unnerving DC Short, with some some Solid Dark Humour and Stunning Animation."
#1 All Time Favorite
Kingdom Hearts