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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "To the Batmobile!"
Why? "Give him a big hand! He's British!"
Why? "Unca' Scrooge! :D"
Why? "This man has one of the creepiest villain voices ever, and I love him for it! :D"
Why? "I'll always remember her as Bunnie Rabbot!"
Why? "To quote Superman: "Come on! It's Lex frigging Luthor!!""
Why? "He's a god! Even kings bow to gods!"
Why? "The Muppet Man, strong in the Force, he is."
Why? "Such a versatile voice! This man... IS GOD!"
Why? "He has the grittiest of villain voices and he portrays villainous hatred and rage so flawlessly!"
Why? "Q!"
Why? "Founder of the United States of Japan!"
Why? "He is vengeance. He is the night! HE IS BATMAN!!"
Why? "I love the way he'd rrrroll his R's when speaking."
Why? "British actors make the best villains. Maybe we're just naturally evil?"
Why? "Holds the title of 'Best Evil Laugh' (Joker) and 'Best NOOO' (Luke Skywalker). :D"
Why? "MR. WORF!! :D"
Why? "Wonderful voice! I love all her characters! ^^"
Why? "I will always remember him as Unicron, but I really want to hear his War Of The Worlds radio show."
Why? "Gwah gwah gwah! Excellent, excellent!"
Why? "Autobots, transform and roll out!"
Why? "I'll always remember him as the voice of Kato in the VHS release of Doomed Megalopolis. I love this man!"
Why? "Another one of those "super-talents" who's been in everything. :D"
Why? "You are a funny, funny man, Seth. :D"
Why? "Natural bad-ass! ;)"
Why? "Rarity...<3<3<3"
Why? "Played quite a variety of roles I was unaware of. I should pay more attention to female VAs. Shame on me. :("
Why? "The Mayor of Townsville!"
Why? "Best bad guy voice in the history of everything. We miss you, Tony."
Why? "So many awesome roles, but Joker's gotta be his best!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "The first Steve Blum role I ever saw/heard... and thoroughly enough, Blum's first role, period. :P"
Why? "His laugh sounded so ridiculous in the original series."
Why? "Can't beat a bit of evil incarnate."
Why? "My all-time favourite Sonic character and coolest mad scientist ever!"
Why? "This guy was so scary in the last episode. He snapped and killed his sister... DOUCHE-BAG! D:<"
Why? "Blum plays the best Goblin, didn't know he could laugh like that. Next time Blum plays a part in a comic cartoon, I hope he's the Joker. ^^"
Why? "Ah, old pickle-puss. The only Marvel character who can out-funny Spidey... except maybe Deadpool. :P"
Why? ""Evil is a good career choice. It has a lot to offer.""
Why? "All hail the mighty Megatron!"
Why? "You wanna rule the world, you don't punch out timeclocks."
Why? "The ultimate good guy! ^_^"
Why? "Pinkie Pie, you are so random! :D"
Why? "S'cool, as he often says."
Why? "Everyone loves the medic, it's a scientific fact. Plus, Jeffrey Combs's voice fits the character so naturally in the Prime series."
Why? "Robotnik can't love you like I can, Scratch! BUHA-HAHA!"
Why? "Best gaming hero ever! Take THAT, Mario!"
Why? "It's Spider-Man. Duh!"
Why? "Bang. ;D"
Why? "*ahem*...Superman. ;)"
Why? "Great character and nigh impossible to kill!"
Why? "It's Venom, man! C'mon!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "I remember the days waking up early in the morning to watch this before school. Now I find out it was an anime!? Whaddya know? :)"
Why? "GROOVY!"
Why? "One of my earliest anime favourites. Oh, memories... :D"
Why? "Ahh... The show that got me into anime to begin with, with all the kick-ass monsters and horrific bloody violence! :D"
Why? "Love this series, so much better than the over-censored 90s series. Yet none of my friends seem to like it much. :("
Why? "Blows all the other TF series out of the water!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Peace through tyranny!"