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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Dee Bradley Baker
Why? "I've always loved animal characters, and Dee Bradley Baker can do that and more. He has been a true inspiration for me and my acting."
Why? "Even though he only acts in the Pixar films, his range is still great, and his roles are hilarious."
Why? "He has a wide variety of roles, which is pretty impressive."
Why? "Such an array of voices, most of which being perfect for their roles, has to be one of my favorites."
Why? "This guy co-created one of the greatest shows ever, and does a great job of acting in it!"
Why? "His range of voices and spectacular acting skills make Daran Norris one of my favorite actors."
Why? "This guy has a very wide vocal range, and I especially loves some of his accents."
Why? "The real question is; Why would he not be? Frank Welker is a legend!"
Why? "That voice of his is definately a favorite of mine. Deep or not, he's pretty good!"
Why? "He makes each of his characters funny in their own way, which is something I think all voice actors should do."
Why? "His voice is great, and his roles are hilarious. Of course he's one of my favorites!"
Why? "With such range and talent, James Arnold Taylor will always be great in my book."
Why? "His voice fits alot of the characters he voices, and he brings them to life, whether it be as a kid, or a goofy character, or both."
Why? "He's the co-creator of one of the greatest shows ever, and a pretty good voice actor as well!"
Why? "His range is spectacular, even though its usually deep. And his lines are very hilarious too."
Why? "His voice is plain out awesome. No wonder Pixar puts him in all their movies."
Why? "I love his voice - and his range is awesome too."
Why? "Mel Blanc is one of the best there is. His range and roles are amazing, and because of that, he's gained a spot on my favorites list."
Why? "His voice is iconic in my book, and I enjoy listening to his roles."
Why? "He is the voice of many memorable characters. And his voice is partly what makes them memorable!"
Why? "Such a recognizable voice, and yet, such a wide range of voices!"
Why? "The brilliant mind behind some of the greatest comics ever, and a pretty awesome voice actor, if I do say so myself!"
Why? "One of my favorite voice actresses, mostly because of her roles like Timmy Turner."
Why? "He's known as the voice for anything truly evil, and I can see why! He's a great voice actor."
Why? "His voice is hilarious, and even though his range isn't as big as I'd like, he's still one of my favorite voice actors."
Why? "I can only think of one word to discribe his voice - and that word is awesome!"
Why? "One of the most memorable people ever, even in voice acting."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "One of the coolest monster in the Scooby-Doo franchise. I especially like his voice in Scooby-Doo 2: Monsters Unleashed."
Why? "He's one goofy guy, and a great member of his show."
Why? "Fin Fang Foom is one of my favorite Marvel villains. Why? Because I love monsters, and in my opinion, Fin Fang Foom is totally awesome!"
Why? "Finn McMissile is smart, clever, and he's a spy! Trust me, he's awesome."
Why? "I love dogs, and Flax kind of reminders me of my own dog."
Why? "Though I'm not really a cat person, I love the Garfield comics. They're hilarious, and so is Garfield himself."
Why? "One of my favorite Scooby-Doo monsters, and his voice is perfect for him."
Why? "Another one of my favorite Scooby-Doo monsters. And I love how they based it off of a real myth."
Why? "He's definately my favorite superhero, and also one of my favorite characters."
Why? "It's no wonder this creepy and greedy alien is the last of Orange Lanterns. I mean, you got to save the best for last!"
Why? "He may be a evil mutant lizard, but he's one of my favorite Spider-Man villains."
Why? "He's the best minion a villain could ask for."
Why? "These little guys are just hilarious. No wonder they're so popular!"
Why? "Let's just say that this little fly has a big spot on my favorites list."
Why? "One of my favorite Pixar villains. He's just plain out awesome!"
Why? "He's Stan Lee, and he's got hot dogs for everyone, baby!"
Why? "Numbuh 4 is awesome AND funny. Is there any other reason to like him?"
Why? "Doesn't EVERYONE love Perry the Platypus? Because I know I do."
Why? "He's my favorite character in the Star Wars franchise, and he's absolutely hilarious!"
Why? "Whenever I tune in to watch Looney Tunes, I hope for a Roadrunner & Wile E. short. And this hilarious little speedster is the reason why."
Why? "An awesome dog and a true classic when it comes down to characters."
Why? "Awesome monster, and a great way to start out the series he's in."
Why? "Great character. Who doesn't love a talking car?"
Why? "Spder-Man is one of the greatest heroes ever. He slings webs and he's easy to relate to."
Why? "One of the best Kung Fu Panda villains I've seen. Plus, his voice is perfect for him."
Why? "He's a great addition to a great show, and a hilarious pig."
Why? "He's awesome, especially in Toy Story 3."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Gravity Falls
Why? "Its got great animation, I love the storyline, and its absolutely hilarious!"
Why? "It's absolutely hilarious. I love this show."
Why? "Because it's a funny show with an interesting cast and storyline."
Why? "Phineas and Ferb is amazing, with it's brilliant cast and great storyline. Need I said more?"
Why? "It's Phineas and Fern crossed with the Avengers and Spider-Man. That's all the reason I need right there!"
Why? "I love the voices for the characters, the animation, the continuality, and of course, the monsters."
Why? "Let's see . . . It's a crazy funny show with lots of action - Of course I love it!"
Why? "It has a spine-tingling story, and a horrifyingly awesome cast and characters. In my book, it's a proud addition to the Toy Story franchise!"
Why? "It's got great animation and a great cast. Plus, Spider-Man's 4th-wall-breaks keep me laughing throughout any episode I watch."
Why? "It's an absolutely hilarious show, that never fails to delight me."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "An amazing film and definately a favorite of mine. And I'm not just saying that for the great action scene at the end."
Why? "Definately my favorite princess movie. Then again, this is like the only princess movie I've ever watched . . ."
Why? "Whether you like cars, spys, comedy, or action, Cars 2 has it all. And I enjoy watching every minute of it."
Why? "Its a funny movie with a cool storyline. Of course I like it."
Why? "The best of the Ice Age films. I love the humor and the voices."
Why? "Why wouldn't I? Great movie with great dinosaurs."
Why? "I enjoy watching the action sequences and laughing at the funny moments."
Why? "This is a movie that lives up to it's TV series, and possibly goes past that."
Why? "Hands down the best of the Toy Story movies, because of many things, includung the casting and the funny escape scene."
Why? "I was actually surprised about how good this movie is. It's got a great cast, hilarious jokes, and an surprising end!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Bugs Bunny is one of the most iconic characters ever. His voice is great, so, of course, his voice compare is one of my favorites."
Why? "I'm not the biggest fan of the character himself, but his voice is hilarious - and these actors really bring it out."
Why? "Dr. Curt Connors has always been an interesting character to me, and it's great to listen to all these actors voice him."
Why? "I love Garfield's voice. It really brings out his personality, and these guys do a great job of doing it."
Why? "Iron Man is my favorite superhero, so of course, this is one of my favorite voice compares."
Why? "The Lizard is one my favorite Spider-Man villains, and it's awesome to hear his voice come from all these actors."
Why? "Yet another awesome voice compare. Props to Frank Welker and Don Messick."
Why? "Speed Buggy is hilarious, and his voice is awesome, and these two actors really bring that out."
Why? "Now I can hear my friendly neighborhood Spider-Man in a voice compare. Why not like it?"
Why? "He's my favorite character from the Toy Story franchise, so naturally, his voice compare is one of my favorites."