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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Billy West
Why? "My father introduced me to my first cartoon with Ren & Stimpy, and today his versatility as showcased in Futurama continues to stun me."
Why? "She's only done one voice? Okay, true - but like the rest of the cast of Archer she did a stunning job at it."
Why? "Dodd will always be THE Wolverine to me, there's no doubt about it."
Why? "Homer. Simpson. Not to put down his other work - especially his versatility on The Simpsons, but it has to be said. Homer. Simpson."
Why? "He has one of those voices you can pick out anywhere - his characters sound relatively the same, but dammit, they work."
Why? "Versatile and under-appreciated when it comes to his wide range of work."
Why? "Do I really have to give a reason? Welker is a living legend."
Why? "Benjamin sounds just about the exact same in everything he does - and it works on every level. The range of characters covered is amazing."
Why? "While they've done their best in the new Sam & Max series of games - there will never be a better Sam the Dog than Atkin."
Why? "Malory Archer is equal to Lucielle Bluth - and that is absolutely amazing."
Why? "Regular Show has quickly become one of my favorite shows of all time - and while it flows so naturally, Mordecai is expertly voiced."
Why? "You can almost always hear a little bit of DiMaggio in all of his roles - his work as Bender is absolutely iconic. Not a bad Joker either."
Why? "There's been little reason for Julie Kavner to stray from the voice that made her famous - she defined what Marge Simpson is, after all."
Why? "One of those instances where someone's voice comes to define a character - Leela could never be replaced."
Why? "The Joker has had many, many amazing renditions throughout the character's history. Hamill created the hands down through voicework alone."
Why? "The guy voices damn near everyone on the absolutely amazing Homestar Runner internet series, and has a VERY broad range in doing so."
Why? "LaMarche voiced a good chunk of my childhood, straight through to my teen years and to this very day. And he's been a legend the whole time."
Why? "His voice is too unique for him to NOT be doing voice work."
Why? "Just the same as his counterpart on the animated series, there will never be a better voice for Max the Rabbit."
Why? "If his work on the Regular Show is any indication - he has a bright future."
Why? "With a voice like his, I am surprised Mr. Colbert doesn't do more voice work."
Why? "It'd be damn hard for me to have a Tress MacNeille-less night if I were to sit down and watch some great episodes from all my fav. series."
Why? "It seems odd to favorite someone based off a single voice - but Rigby is a great start."
Why? "Even more so than Julie Kavner, she has taken the art of defining a character through voice to its simplest form with Lisa Simpson."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Homestar Runner has the breakout distinction of being one of my favorite shows - that wasn't a show and wasn't on television. One of a kind."
Why? "A perfect counterpart for Sam, and by all accounts, a great voice to boot."
Why? "God we hate Pam."
Why? "Not only has voicework for Sam been excellent, the character is absolutely amazing as well."
Why? "It's friggin' Strong Bad! Where do you think I got the name, aha."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Simpsons
Why? "The Simpsons is practically a language between myself, my family, my friends and girlfriend. I grew up on the show, and it helped shape me."
Why? "A perfect counterpart for the Regular Show - both feature top quality simplistic animation, surrealist humor and above average voice acting."
Why? "Master Shake makes the shows for me, but the utter randomness is top notch."
Why? "James Bond meets.. something far more sarcastic than James Bond and we get Archer, one of the best modern animated shows out there today."
Why? "Forget 'kids show' or 'teenagers show' the fact that this airs on a kid focused network is beside the point. RS is amazing top to bottom."
Why? "South Park has pretty much aged with me - hell, its take on social commentary is so good I wish they'd do more episodes a season."
Why? "A show that came before its time, canceled before its time."