4th Annual BTVA Voice Acting Awards - Movies


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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Mark Hamill
Why? "As Malefor, he definitely shows how evil villains should truly be. Especially with "Welcome to the end of the world!" line."
Why? "The best Cynder there ever has been! Long live Cynder!"
Why? "He is good as The Red Hood/Jason Todd and also on Supernatural as Dean Winchester. Long live Jensen Ackles and long live Supernatural!!!!!!!"
Why? "He was awesome as Spiderman and is great as Spyro!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Batman: Under the Red Hood
Why? "Jensen Ackles rocks! Though I still like him the most as Dean Winchester on Supernatural! My favorite line here is "If you do, you're dead.""
    #1 All Time Favorite
    Voice Compare
    Why? "I love Cynder."