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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Steve Blum
Why? "Undoubtedly, in my opinion one of "the" most talented voice actors. He brings life to every role, and has an range to die for."
Why? "The guy has a normal speaking voice that can give you chills. He's one of the most intelligent actors who knows exactly what he's doing."
Why? "The sounds he can make with his voice are inconceivable. Definitely good at creatures and aliens. But still a great actor for human roles."
Why? "This guy has voiced everything. Dogs, cats, Joker and Batman. Nearly the whole cast of Transformers. You can't deny this man's talent."
Why? "Such an underrated actor. He is extremely talented and brings such realness to every role, no matter what it is."
Why? "An disgustingly talented man. His range alone is too good to be true, and his acting abilities are second to none."
Why? "He's a legend. His Joker voice is with no doubt the best and most compelling. But other than that, he's insane with the characters he voices"
Why? "My favorite female voice actor for sure. She has an amazing range that can go from Bubbles to Raven. Undeniably gifted and a true talent."
Why? "He's seen as overrated. But really...he's an outstanding actor. He may not use a wide range in roles, but really his acting is paramount."
#1 All Time Favorite
Spike Spiegel
Why? "He's voiced by my favorite voice actor of all time. Such a cool attitude and just...nothing seems wrong about him at all. Perfect."
Why? "He's a badass, simply put. So creepy and cool at the same time, and there's no fault in his character really. Just amazing..."
Why? "Such a light-hearted character. But can make such a turnaround and get serious. Such depth to his personality which makes him very unique."