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Tom Kenny
Why? "My favorite voice actor. Has be in most of my favorite childhood cartoons."
Why? "Was in alot of my favorite childhood cartoons."
Why? "One of the most talented and unique voice actors in the business."
Why? "A living legend"
Why? "My favorite anime voice actor. We also have the same agent!"
Why? "Does awesome deep voice characters. The best!"
Why? "The best voice actor to ever live"
Why? "Very versatile and in pretty much every video game. The voice of video games."
Why? "The most successful African American voice actor. An inspiration."
Why? "Awesome and versatile voice actor!"
Why? "One of the best and versatile voice actress"
Why? "Awesome anime voice actor. In most of my favorite anime series."
Why? "One of the best in anime voice acting! Loved his role as Ed in FMA."
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