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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "He is Light Yagami, Dearka, and Roc and he's Candian gotta support my friends here in canada! and he honestly should be in so much more!"
Why? "she sick what can I say, awesome voice actor! Love he as Mimiko and Hawkeye"
Why? "He is so passionate about anime that is make my heart happy! I love how dedicated he is to anime and I hope he never stops & hes a sweet VA!"
Why? "I love his voice it sounds so sneaky, like he is always hiding something, which I love! and in interviews he pretty damn funny! :D"
Why? "Berry the chopper.. I swear he is in everything he just terns up where you least expect! he is really good and 1 of my favorite's! =]"
Why? "Shigure! :)"
Why? "He has so many main roles which I love him all of them, and he can be serious Lelouch to funny Ichigo! he's really awesome!"
Why? "She was the first anime female voice that i notice and loved (Tohru Honda) She is defiantly in the right career cause she is AWWWEEESOME!"
Why? "So he has what is the most welcoming voice I don't know how he does it but wow it just seems so nice! I love Ukitaki!"
Why? "She is Rangiku!! like wow now that is what you call a fun character to play and she has such a fun voice! :)"
Why? "he's my brothers Favorite and he is really awesome, I had no idea he was Isshin Kurosaki! nicely done! he's really good!"
Why? "I love his voice :)"
Why? "He's freaking awesome, I don't know I love him as Athrun Zala! :D and he lives in Canada got to support!"
Why? "she has the cutest voice haha it so funny when she orihime! :P"
Why? "Wow she has such a sultry voice! like my goodness she is awesome in every role Ive ever seen her in!"
Why? "I mean come on he Toshiro! or should I say captain Hitsugaya! hhaha gosh imma nerd... anyways yea hes sick!"
Why? "Hahaha, "you little pervert" ( bleach) love it!"
Why? "Ling is one of my favorite characters, lyou can't go wrong with todd, like his voice is so funny and convincing!"
Why? "haha hes a good character fits the military voice perfectly, hes so funny in interviews! :D"
Why? "He has so many amazing roles, and his voice can change so much from edward to Tamaki to Ikkaku! he's very good at what he does!"
Why? "I love his voice! nuff said! :D"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "super cute! chaos! ;)"
Why? "It's the only game I can beat my brother at, which is kinda sad, but it's fun winning for a change!"