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Title: Aspiring Voice Actor
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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Cmon- Spiderman, Prince Eric and Greg Brady? Talent"
Why? "It was her voice on inspector Gadget that really opened my eyes to the range actors have on and off camera."
Why? "He was the first name that came up in 1986 when I asked my father about the voices on Scooby-doo"
Why? "Ed- Lion King, Catdog and my personal fave- Darkwing Duck!!"
Why? "He is the ace-in-the-hole go to guy for great character voices!"
Why? "That voice- you know it like it was an uncle that you actually look forward to seeing!"
Why? "I enjoyed him on MadTv but didn't know his range until Static Shock and Samurai Jack- such vocal range!"
Why? "he has just enough grit and pain, with a touch of compassion"
Why? "He voices my favorite character-Wolverine-nuff said, BUB"
Why? "She IS the female voice in American television!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "the four foot tall Wolverine Fathead in my Living room gives me a good reason! Been a Wolverine fan since '86!"