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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Charles Nelson Reilly
Why? "What a wonderful voice and laugh! Seemed like a nice guy, too."
Why? "I'm kind of in love with her."
Why? "Her voice just sends me."
Why? "He had a very good range. I really like his Smee/White Rabbit voice."
Why? "Such a witch! And I mean that in the best way possible."
Why? "His gruff voice is awesome!"
Why? "GREAT voice! Sexy yet sweet."
Why? "His deep voice sends shivers down my spine."
Why? "Talented voice actor AND songwriter!"
Why? "He's just got one of those great voices. Admittedly, he always played the same character, but that's not a bad thing."
Why? "He's just amazing!"
Why? "Such a distinctive voice! And a darn good one at that! Funny, funny guy!"
Why? "He made a pretry good Pooh and a good Owl. Also, I loved his Goofy in Mickey's Christmas Carol."
Why? "Such a great voice! I like to imagine that the golden/silver age Lex Luthor sounded like Hans."
Why? "Great range, great voice!"
Why? "Love him in everything he's been in. Yes, I even loved him in Hunchback."
Why? "She has a voice that's just so awesome and recognizable. I love it!"
Why? "He's my hero, too!"
Why? "Her voice is one of the most beautiful I've ever heard! Huge crush on this woman."
Why? "As a nerd, it's my duty to put him on my list."
Why? "Such a pure and innocent voice!"
Why? "Loved the Critic and Toaster's Radio."
Why? "Boogie and BLAM!"
Why? "Did a wonderful job as Triton."
Why? "May she RIP. I wish I had gotten to meet her, it sounded like we had a lot in common. I hope she's happy wherever she is now."
Why? "Easily one of the most talented voice actors ever. I think he should be on everyone's list."
Why? "Very talented man. Love all of his voice acting."
Why? "DOUBLE D!!!"
Why? "I've gotten to talk to her--she's very nice!"
Why? "Such an awesomely deep voice! Plus, he's a great singer!"
Why? "Ohh, that wonderful, wonderful voice!"
Why? "Best Mickey voice ever. Yes, even better than Walt himself."
Why? "He has a great range! I loved his work in "Mickey's Christmas Carol" and "Land Before Time.""
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "This guy really stole the show. I want a lamp just like him! Of course, he'd have to talk and all..."
Why? "He's a plant and a ham. Gotta love it!"
Why? "Hilarious and adorable. Just look at the little guy!"
Why? "Such a sinister the first film, at least."
Why? "Made an even better villain that Warren!"
Why? "It's a freaking CATBUS!!!"
Why? "He's adorable and a psycho. What's not to love?"
Why? "Can't help but love the poor little guy, always getting abused and thrown around. Also, I love his character design."
Why? "Despite having less than five minutes of screentime, I can't help but love this little guy."
Why? "Let's face it, he's way funnier than Mickey."
Why? "How adorable is he? He's got a great voice, too!"
Why? "I don't need a reason. The Genie speaks for himself."
Why? "I still want one of him, as long as he didn't turn into a monster or multiply and stuff."
Why? "Such a sad, sad character...Serkis played him wonderfully!"
Why? "He may be a scrappy little pest, but I love him, anyway."
Why? "Hilarious villain!"
Why? "Despite everyone else hating this guy, I happen to like him. Blame the catchy musical number."
Why? "I tend to love the minion characters, and Iago is a ton of fun! Plush, it's Gilbert Gottfried."
Why? "Killer was so adorable! Plus, he got his hero moment at the end."
Why? "Such a fun, goofy character!"
Why? "I got to play him in high school!"
Why? "They're actually kinda cute, and they have great character designs!"
Why? "Let's face it, Hatter gets all the love and poor Hare is always left in the dark. I want to right this wrong."
Why? "Yes, he's a tad bland, but he's gone on some great adventures and he's the face of Disney!"
Why? "I've got a thing for owls, and I happen to find this guy to be very cool."
Why? "Pretty darn cute!"
Why? "Too adorable!"
Why? "He makes a great villain! Also, he's the oldest Disney character that's still being used."
Why? "Piglet is us at our most vulnerable. It's hard not to love him."
Why? "Who knew a warthog could be so cute?"
Why? "Best. Radio. Ever."
Why? "I used to (actually still do) have a stuffed Rex that I would take everywhere. Lots of fond memories of this guy."
Why? "He's got the best scenes in the movie and the best songs in the musical."
Why? "Coolest Sharptooth in the whole series."
Why? "I love bunnies."
Why? "He had a great musical number in the first film. He got annoying in the sequels and the TV series, but I'm just countin' the first two films"
Why? "He/She is the bravest toaster ever."
Why? "He made a good villain and was a lot of fun to watch and listen to."
Why? "Pooh represents us at out most innocent. I love that."
Why? "'Allo!"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Brave Little Toaster
Why? "Possibly my favorite movie of all time. So many great memories, and a really underrated film."
Why? "Easily my favorite Disney film. There's so much to love, from the characters to the music to the art...everything!!!"
Why? "There are so many fun characters, and it has a fantastic soundtrack!"
Why? "Yes, it has a lot of flaws, but it also has a lot of heart and some wonderful animation."
Why? "My favorite Don Bluth film. I like to watch it on Thanksgiving."
Why? "Probably one of the best scores in an animated feature. Ever. Also, I love Chula."
Why? "Possibly one of the greatest Disney films of all time."
Why? "Such a sweet, sad the Trio!"
Why? "A movie that manages to both be innocent and have an edge."
Why? "First version of A Christmas Carol I ever saw! Now it's my favorite story!"
Why? "The funniest Muppet movie yet!"
Why? "Great movie! It's so sweet!"
Why? "Tons of fun!"
Why? "What can I say? It's a guilty pleasure."
Why? "Such a beautiful film! James Horner writes a great score, as well."
Why? "First movie I saw in theaters."
Why? "Every Burton geek is required to like this film."