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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Liam O'Brien
Why? "An intense, deep, epic voice with earth-shaking screams and stunning emotion. He never ceases to amaze me."
Why? "His Alphonse is the best performance by a child actor I've ever seen. His current rols are great too."
Why? "Flawless performance as Shinichi."
Why? "The Canadian Aaron Dismuke."
Why? "She does such a huge variety of characters, it's hard to keep track."
Why? "He's every bit as talented as his late Father."
Why? "The Japanese Todd Haberkorn. Good as Gaara, too."
Why? "The definitive voice of L. His voice is so smooth and silky. Downright hypnotic."
Why? "Adorable but terrifying as Flare, but hilarious and lovable as Mitsuba."
Why? "He sounds like a younger Crispin Freeman. Such a smooth, silky voice."
Why? "Excellent performance as Lockon."
Why? "Her voice is so spunky and cute!"
Why? "Her voice is absolutely adorable!"
Why? "Absolutely stunning work in Fate Apocrypha. Her voice is seductive and beautiful."
Why? "Awesome voice for tough, badass females."
Why? "Her singing is absolutely beautiful and she sounds adorable as Puddin."
Why? "Her Yukiko is beautiful."
Why? "Absolutely fantastic performance as Nozomi. It's great to see how far she's come."
Why? "Japanese Karen Strassman. Her Ryuko is great as well."
Why? "Good for tomboyish girls."
Why? "Beautiful voice for strong and/or seductive females."
Why? "His Cooler is awesome."
Why? "Nice, smooth surfer sounding voice."
Why? "Perfect for villainous middle-aged men."
Why? "Deep, badass voice."
Why? "Madoka, Diane and Yuuki."
Why? "Great voice for young boys."
Why? "She sounded cute, spunky but also very emotional as Ahsoka."
Why? "Perfect as Sasha and Sakura."
Why? "Awesome performance as Sato, Accelerator and Karma. Looking forward to his Kaneki."
Why? "Lucy, Haruhi, Misa and Dende."
Why? "Her Saber in unmatched. Fantastic screaming."
Why? "Great for flamboyant characters."
Why? "His voice is so deep and unique."
Why? "He nailed Freed. He made him sound like the lunatic he is."
Why? "Great voice for honorable, manly men and amazing as Siegfried."
Why? "His Takarada is hilarious and he does both anime and cartoons. Awesome VA."
Why? "Such a deep, rich and fatherly voice."
Why? "My favorite Houston VA. He was amazing as Akito/Agito and Otonashi."
Why? "The perfect Shao Kahn."
Why? "Great narration for Fairy Tail. RIP."
Why? "A true legend. May he RIP. At least his son is continuing his legacy."
Why? "Oscar worthy performances as Light Yagami, Rock and Kuro. My favorite Canadian VA."
Why? "Great work in Fate Apocrypha."
Why? "Awesome as Shanks."
Why? "I'm no fan of Blue Water, but he was great as Hisoka."
Why? "Gruff voice with plenty of presence to it."
Why? "A fellow Black Knight. Love his pompous voice for Yumichika."
Why? "His deep, Italian gangster like voice is so epic."
Why? "Great range and awesome as Ryuk."
Why? "Such a soft, lovely and motherly voice."
Why? "Her Chopper is adorable and her female voices are badass."
Why? "Her voice is so spunky and beautiful."
Why? "He sounds like Wayne Knight."
Why? "It's a shame how little love he gets. He's a great guy and a skilled VA."
Why? "Very cute voice."
Why? "The new breakout Houston VA. Can't wait to hear more of his work."
Why? "Amazing as Winry, Vivi and Petra."
Why? "The Queen of Lolis."
Why? "Amazing as Kageroza."
Why? "Perfect for strong, young female characters."
Why? "Her Maiya, Mami, Casca and especially her Satsuki are all awesome."
Why? "One of the most adorable voices I've ever heard in my life."
Why? "Her voice is so cute and sassy. She was also incredible as Suguha."
Why? "His Bee is flawless."
Why? "The Canadian Mona Marshall. Perfect voice for young boys."
Why? "Very cute voice for sweet and/or sassy teen girls."
Why? "Fantastic performance as the Chairman in Prison School."
Why? "Cute, nasally voice and awesome as Lucy and Asuna."
Why? "He was a true legend and an amazing VA. May he RIP. The world has lost an amazing man."
Why? "Amazing, deep and very fatherly voice. He was fantastic as Chief Yagami."
Why? "Good as Gluttony and Hanbei."
Why? "He's been doing some great work as Illumi and I'm excited to see where he goes in the future."
Why? "He was amazing as Grisha."
Why? "Badass as Esidisi."
Why? "His Turles and Greed were great."
Why? "Love his gruff, Hulk Hogan sounding voice."
Why? "Solid work as Avdol. Hope he reprises the role. His voice has such a presence to it."
Why? "Amazing as Izumi and Esdeath."
Why? "The second Stephanie Sheh and her voice is just as adorable."
Why? "The perfect English Frieza and a great ADR director."
Why? "Japan, Joe and Nagamasa."
Why? "Excellent voice for pompous douchebags and awesome screams."
Why? "One of my favorite TFS VA's. His voice is just golden. And his Moriah is spot on."
Why? "Very solid as Judeau. He should get more work."
Why? "He was an amazing talent with such an amzazing voice. RIP to this legend."
Why? "A passionate VO fan turned VA. He's really living the dream. Very insightful and admirable person too."
Why? "He went from being an ameteur to a great actor. His Vegeta especially,"
Why? "He sounds like a combination of Matthew Mercer and Crispin Freeman."
Why? "Epic voice for mad scientists and incredible screaming."
Why? "Her voice is so sultry and seductive and her Amy is underrated."
Why? "Would you like to sample Chinese tasty treat?"
Why? "The Texas Yuri Lowenthal."
Why? "Amazing emotion as Akihito. Great voice fr young boys, as well."
Why? "Great Blackbeard."
Why? "Perfect as Shinpachi. He's going places."
Why? "Deep, booming and authoritative voice."
Why? "My second favorite Female VA. Love her low, sultry voice for females and her unbelievable screaming."
Why? "Very cute, spunky voice."
Why? "The Canadian Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. Amazing as Rem."
Why? "Excellent work in Towa No Quon and Akame Ga Kill."
Why? "Deep, silky smooth voice and great emotion. Who doesn't love this man's vocal chords?"
Why? "Love her Homura, Morgiana, Riruka and pretty much everything else about her."
Why? "He always was an amazing talent. From TFS to real VAing."
Why? "Amazing as Chichi and Botan."
Why? "Excellent voice for crazy, but cute girls."
Why? "Izuku is his first big role and he did a great job. Hopefully, he gets more lead roles."
Why? "Kakyoin, Rei and Harklight."
Why? "Loke, Cabba, Jeice, Hanzo and Steely Dan."
Why? "So amazing as Ulquiorra, Jellal and Yu Narukami."
Why? "The Japanese Matthew Mercer and J Michael Tatum. He does both pretty boys and badass brawlers."
Why? "Shinpachi, Leo, Kota and Yuki."
Why? "Amazing range and his Cell was always fantastic. Truly one of Funi's absolute best."
Why? "Such a deep, powerful voice and awesomely hammy acting."
Why? "Calm and prideful as Byakuya and delightfully crazy and flamboyant as Caster."
Why? "His Mikado and Amaimon are decent and his Hakuryuu is great."
Why? "Fabulous as Pegasus."
Why? "His Anti-Spiral was amazing."
Why? "His Kakashi is perfect. So smooth and laid back."
Why? "His Snake is so iconic."
Why? "He is the Ultimate Life Form!"
Why? "The Canadian Roger Craig Smith."
Why? "How can I not love this ball of hammy greatness?"
Why? "Love his Jiraiya, Kenpachi and just about everything else he does."
Why? "Relaxed, laid-back voice."
Why? "His Grimmjow, Gilgamesh and Senketsu are all awesome."
Why? "Such a gruff, manly voice."
Why? "A smooth, charming but also diabolical voice. Perfect for love-to-hate villains."
Why? "The Canadian Keith David. Such a deep, booming voice."
Why? "Sexy voice. She isn't too hard on the eyes herself."
Why? "His gruff, hard-boiled accent for the clone troopers matches Temuera Morrison very well."
Why? "Very solid as Uryu, Shino and Shiratori."
Why? "Like his unique, high-pitched voice."
Why? "Her Konan is awesome."
Why? "Love his pompous, smooth voice and I can't get enough of his evil laugh."
Why? "Very strong range and great as Babidi."
Why? "A deep, intense voice. Perfect for big, tough guys."
Why? "Fantastic performance as Jiren."
Why? "Great as Jenny and Ymir."
Why? "Fellow Black Knight with an adorable voice and great emotion."
Why? "He was great as Kaiba."
Why? "His voice is the perfect middle ground between teenager and adult, and his screams are awesome."
Why? "Amazing performance in Your Lie in April."
Why? "Love her gruff, tomboyish voice and intense screaming as Ryuko."
Why? "Gorgeous voice."
Why? "The English Yuki Kaji. Amazing screaming and very unique voice."
Why? "Her voice can be both motherly and sassy."
Why? "Her Chie is perfect and very likable."
Why? "Smooth, spirited voice for pretty boy characters."
Why? "Cute, spunky voice and perfect as Astolfo."
Why? "Cute voice."
Why? "The God of monster voices. His other voices are badass too."
Why? "Great work as Kanan, James and Bull."
Why? "Watari."
Why? "Kenpachi and Akainu."
Why? "Awesome job as both Rogue and Future Rogue."
Why? "Favorite British VA. His voice is as smooth as butter."
Why? "Very cute, sassy voice."
Why? "Cool, confident voice with amazing emotion as Lancer and Gilgamesh."
Why? "A former Black Knight and a great Raphael."
Why? "Great emotion and an excellent young boy voice."
Why? "A smooth, calming voice with an intoxicating presence to it."
Why? "Fantastic work in Devilman Crybaby. Can't wait to hear more of him."
Why? "Awesome as Kabuto."
Why? "Such a smooth, intense voice."
Why? "His Lancer, Tien and Marth are all great."
Why? "Her voice cannot possibly get any more adorable."
Why? "Connie, Yo Sato, Aoba and Naki."
Why? "Very unique and gruff voice."
Why? "Deep, badass voice."
Why? "Levi, Izaya and Law."
Why? "Kimblee, Inumta, Doug, Genthru and Allelujah."
Why? "Great voice for sophisticated villains."
Why? "Solid Goku and most of his other roles are good."
Why? "The second Travis Willingham. Great as Brook and Dandy."
Why? "We all grew up with her Pikachu and her other roles are good too. Adorable voice."
Why? "Very solid as Shidou."
Why? "Can't get enough of his deep, booming, echoing voice."
Why? "The Texas Crispin Freeman. His voice is so smooth and suave."
Why? "Such a cute voice."
Why? "A regal, smooth voice. Can’t wait to hear him as Vanilla Ice."
Why? "His performance as Obi-Wan is absolutely stunning. Flawless impression of Ewan McGregor."
Why? "Such an entertaining, nasally voice."
Why? "Darth Vader himself. One of the greatest, if not the absolute greatest villain voice of all time. I could listen to him talk all day."
Why? "Sounds great as Zamasu so far. Can't wait to hear more."
Why? "Attractive, sultry voice."
Why? "Quite possibly the most badass, powerful and ground-shaking voice I've ever heard. This man has the voice of a God."
Why? "Adorable voice and perfect for sassy characters."
Why? "Such a lovely, seductive voice."
Why? "His Cobra is so raspy and badass."
Why? "Love his deep, velvety voice. His Beerus in particular was great."
Why? "His Sonic voices are okay, but where he truly shines is his work in Zetman and Kurokami."
Why? "His voice is so gruff but young sounding and his screaming is top notch."
Why? "Perfect as Kondo."
Why? "Very unique, intense voice."
Why? "His voice is so rich and smooth. I never get tired of listening to that chocolaty voice."
Why? "His Bane is amazing and his anime roles are great too."
Why? "A soft, beautiful voice."
Why? "Intense, commanding voice."
Why? "Soft, flamboyant voice."
Why? "He was a great actor for wise old men. RIP."
Why? "Amazing emotion as Rei."
Why? "Love her hyperactive voice for Hange."
Why? "She broke my heart as Carla. Amazing, beautiful performance."
Why? "Great work as Sonico."
Why? "Her voice is so seductive."
Why? "Her Shippo is adorable."
Why? "Beautiful, sultry voice."
Why? "The Canadian Stephanie Sheh."
Why? "Great performance as Zeppeli."
Why? "Great, hot-blooded performance as Achilles."
Why? "A fantastic ADR director and a very underrated VA."
Why? "His voice can fit a huge variety of characters and his screaming is awesome."
Why? "Amazing job as Kars. Can't wait to see what else he has in store."
Why? "Awesome as Mihawk."
Why? "His voice fits Netero to a T. Can't wait to hear more."
Why? "Love his gruff, fatherly but villainous voice."
Why? "Do I even need a reason? Lelouch. That is all."
Why? "Such a deep, poweful, bone-chilling voice. Easily my favorite Japanese VA."
Why? "His voice is so deep, powerful and regal. He's basically the new Tony Jay."
Why? "Hilarious as foxy and Prussia."
Why? "The NY Todd Haberkorn."
Why? "The only good Odex VA."
Why? "This man's acting is beyond Oscar Worthy. Can't praise his Armin enough."
Why? "The perfect Spider Man."
Why? "Awesome, deep and smooth voice."
Why? "Like her sultry, playful voice."
Why? "The Japanese Johnny Yong Bosch. What more need be said?"
Why? "My second favorite Japanese VA. Such a deep, suave voice that anyone, man or woman, would love listening to."
Why? "I love her Naruto as much as Flanagan's."
Why? "Cool, deep voice."
Why? "Solid work as Mikaela. Can't wait to hear him in MHA."
Why? "Love his crazy, heavy metal sounding voice."
Why? "Such a great, gravely voice for Tsumugu."
Why? "The Japanese Monica Rial."
Why? "The Japanese Mela Lee."
Why? "The Japanese Richard Ian Cox. Great VA."
Why? "Cute voice for Goten and she's easy on the eyes. ;)"
Why? "Lovely voice."
Why? "Her voice is so gorgeous and her emotion is always top notch."
Why? "Lovely voice and amazing as Saber."
Why? "Such a beautiful voice and my favorite English Saber."
Why? "Great work in Psycho Pass."
Why? "Just who the hell do you think he is?!?!?!"
Why? "His voice is so unique and nasally."
Why? "His variety of characters is insane."
Why? "A voice so smooth, silky and intense. The perfect Spawn."
Why? "Such a smooth, silky voice. Love his Mikoto."
Why? "Very attractive voice."
Why? "Shinn, Rogue, Shingo and Utakata."
Why? "Slaine, Mikaela and of course, Kuroko."
Why? "Such a soothing, regal and commanding voice with great screams."
Why? "He looks so young but his voice is so epic!"
Why? "Such a deep, delightfully evil voice."
Why? "His Batman is just flawless in every way."
Why? "A great VA and an amaizng director. RIP."
Why? "Beautiful, seductive voice."
Why? "His voice is so gruff and charismatic. Too bad he retired."
Why? "Spunky, attractive voice."
Why? "Her Lucy is sooooo sexy!"
Why? "His Mikami and Miroku are amazing."
Why? "Great range and very unique, gruff voice."
Why? "Great voice for Teens and young men."
Why? "He looks like a frail, old man but sounds like an absolute boss."
Why? "Amazing as Meruem."
Why? "Sailor Moon, Hancock and Misato."
Why? "The Canadian Josh Grelle."
Why? "Adorable voice and an amazing woman. God knows how much respect I have for her."
Why? "Love his smooth, young sounding but resonant voice."
Why? "Solid ADR Director and excellent job as Takasugi."
Why? "He's excellent as Aoba. Can't wait to see his future roles."
Why? "Beautiful, motherly voice."
Why? "Her voice is cuteness incarnate!"
Why? "My favorite Female VA. Her voice is drop dead gorgeous."
Why? "Her Ragyo is so seductive and sinister. She's absolutely amazing."
Why? "Such a sexy, sultry voice."
Why? "Very cute, likable voice."
Why? "Great range and I'm looking forward to his Frieza."
Why? "Fellow Black Knight with awesome screams and great performance as Takashi."
Why? "Awesome, deep voice and amazing acting."
Why? "Great as Genkai and very powerful performance in Attack On Titan."
Why? "Adorable as Ruby."
Why? "The second Luci Christian. She can do both young boys and little girls."
Why? "Such a soft, seductive voice."
Why? "The NY equivalent of Stephanie Sheh. Adorable voice."
Why? "Intense screaming and a voice that just oozes coolness. The definitive Zero."
Why? "She can do seductive women, sassy young ladies and adorable little girls all with stunning emotion."
Why? "His voice can fit both intelligent and wimpy young men perfectly."
Why? "Very soft, beautiful and seductive voice."
Why? "Ciel, Rip Van Winkle and Haruhi."
Why? "She was a great talent. RIP."
Why? "Favorite Houston actress. Incredible emotion and screaming."
Why? "The voice of my childhood icon."
Why? "One PUUUUUUUUNCH!!!!!"
Why? "The Japanese Brad Swaile. Love this guy's awesomely hammy acting."
Why? "His Gerald Robotnik gave me chills as a kid and still does to this day."
Why? "Love his gruff but suave voice and his unbelieveable emoion as Guts. Great VA."
Why? "Casey Jones is on the job!"
Why? "Great voice for rough, badass characters."
Why? "LittleKuriboh's wife and a great young boy voice."
Why? "Cute, sassy voice perfect for spunky teen girls."
Why? "Good for cute girls and young boys."
Why? "His voice is so deep and epic. He should get more work."
Why? "His voice is so deep and badass."
Why? "No one can play the Joker like he can."
Why? "Very unique, gruff but suave voice."
Why? "His Shepard is very underrated."
Why? "The Texas Dave Mallow."
Why? "He was very good as Hirano in HOTD."
Why? "Very sexy voice."
Why? "The Father of anime abridging and a top notch VA in his own right."
Why? "Her voice is so low, seductive and sexy!"
Why? "Her Revy can never be matched. It's irreplaceable."
Why? "Great voice for tough young men."
Why? "He was so awesomely insane as Hidan."
Why? "An excellent performance as Katsura."
Why? "Great as Ed and his anime roles are very nice. Unique, young sounding voice."
Why? "The perfect Anakin Skywalker. Cool, heroic but also angry and bitter when needed."
Why? "Good for laid-back, cool characters."
Why? "Smooth voice with amazing emotion as Kiritsugu."
Why? "The English Natsuki Hanae."
Why? "A voice that's both beautiful and masculine at the same time."
Why? "Awesome as Luffy."
Why? "Sexy, sultry voice."
Why? "Fellow Black Knight and the perfect Rin Tohsaka."
Why? "Such a cute, feisty voice."
Why? "The English Nobuhiko Okamoo and the Texas Johnny Yong Bosch. Great VA."
Why? "If the anime is dubbed by Ocean, and a character wields a sword, odds are this guy will voice him."
Why? "A flawless sound-alike to David Kaye. You'd think Kaye never stopped voicing Sesshomaru."
Why? "Awesome, commanding and regal voice."
Why? "His Grey Hulk is awesome and his Zouken is very sinister."
Why? "So happy to see how far he's come. A hilarious man and talented VA."
Why? "Excellent voice for regal, wise villains."
Why? "He was great as Urahara and Kankuro. Shame he retired."
Why? "Can't get enough of his deep, authoritative voice."
Why? "Founder of NYAV Post and a great Leonardo and Nnoitra."
Why? "Great monster voice and flawless British accent."
Why? "Hilarious as Tobi and underrated as Obito."
Why? "Lovely voice and great screams."
Why? "My favorite ADR director and awesome as Jean and Master Roshi."
Why? "He is the Eggman!"
Why? "Sinon."
Why? "Awesome job as Akame. Soft, attractive voice. Perfect for strong female characters."
Why? "The perfect voice for young, preteen boys."
Why? "The Texas Stephanie Sheh. Such an adorable voice."
Why? "The Texas Tara Platt."
Why? "Hinata, Moka and Lan Fan."
Why? "One of the best singers on YT and a great VA on top of that."
Why? "Awesome as Kaneki."
Why? "His Madara is amazing and he's great at doing badass old men voices."
Why? "Solid work as Gray."
Why? "His deep, smooth voice has so much presence and authority."
Why? "One of TFS's best VA's."
Why? "No Japanese VA can match this guy when it comes to voicing psychos."
Why? "Haru, Shinichi, Shido and Koichi."
Why? "Great for hot blooded characters."
Why? "The Link we all grew up with and awesome hammy acting to boot."
Why? "The God of Video Game VAing."
Why? "He has an awesome growl to his voice which adds to his screaming."
Why? "The god of Japanese villain voices."
Why? "Deep, gruff epic voice that would make anyone stand at attention."
Why? "My favorite Dobson Brother. Love his deep, sinister and villainous voice."
Why? "Such a deep, resonant and powerful voice."
Why? "No one else on this planet can play Optimus Prime like he did."
Why? "Decent Goku and great Rolf."
Why? "A very unique and charismatic voice."
Why? "Goddammit, Nappa."
Why? "Great, gruff voice for villains and wise fatherly figures."
Why? "Badass as Raiden and hilarious as Kon."
Why? "He was amazing as Pixis. Great grandfatherly voice."
Why? "Great work in Durarara, Magi and Secen Deadly Sins. I can tell he's going places. Can't wait to hear him in Charlotte."
Why? "Great for both young men and tough guys. He matches Yoshimasa Hosoya very well."
Why? "Love his villainous booming voice!"
Why? "His Inuyasha is great and I look forward to his Goku."
Why? "Great voice for badass old men."
Why? "The Goddess of Tsundere voices."
Why? "Awesome as Kiritsugu. Deep, badass voice."
Why? "Adorable as Mirai and beautiful as Xenovia and Kaori."
Why? "An amazing YouTuber, intellectual and a talented VA."
Why? "The Texas Fred Tatasciore."
Why? "He keeps impressing me with great performance after great performance. Every time I think I've found my favorite role, he does it again."
Why? "A voice that's gruff and smooth at the same time combined with fantastic screaming. What's not to love?"
Why? "My second favorite Batman. Awesome as Deidara and Shinji too."
Why? "My favorite Female Japanese VA. Fantastic range and strong acting."
Why? "A truly sinister, evil voice."
Why? "Great as Clockwerk."
Why? "Love his Berserker, Byakuya and many others."
Why? "Great VA for young boys and her Shenhua accent is hilarious."
Why? "Unique, nasally voice and strong delivery. Great Shirou Emiya too. Even if that character is a piece of @$&/:"
Why? "His voice is so smooth and his range is amazing."
Why? "Legendary voice for loud, foul-mouthed characters. How could I not add this badass?"
Why? "Her voice is so cute and sweet that it can melt anyone's heart."
Why? "Perfect nasally voice for sassy female characters. She just nailed Nonon."
Why? "Her voice is so beautiful and motherly."
Why? "His young but gritty voice is awesome and his performance as Issei and Masakai were both fantastic."
Why? "KaiserNeko has quite a smooth voice."
Why? "Amazing performance in NGNL."
Why? "Great as Luo Lang, Shiki, Piccolo, Koga and so many others."
Why? "His Shredder is so perfect."
Why? "Absolutely amazing as Kassim."
Why? "Great voice for wise old men."
Why? "The definitive voice of Goku. No VA in this world can scream like this man."
Why? "Great voice for young boys and fits Koenma like a glove."
Why? "Decent VA."
Why? "Her voice is so cute and spunky!"
Why? "Such a beautiful and motherly voice."
Why? "Kisuke, Lockon, Mikisugi and Assassin."
Why? "His voice is smooth as silk."
Why? "Yosuke and Shikamaru."
Why? "His Shoyo is Fatherly and soothing, while his Utsuro is sinister and chilling."
Why? "Such a gruff, charismatic voice. Perfect for anti-villains like Loghain."
Why? "Love his over the top Might Guy and his gravely, menacing Vicious."
Why? "Love his Krillin, Usopp, Hughes and Korosensei."
Why? "He may have started off bad, but his Shinji has improved quite a bit. Sorry, everyone. I promised to be honest with my favorites."
Why? "One of the most adorable voices I've eve heard in my entire life."
Why? "The Texas Mary Elizabeth McGlynn. She also amazed me as Robin."
Why? "A VAing legend that deserves all the praise he gets. How could anyone not have him as a favorite?"
Why? "Great voice for grandfatherly figures."
Why? "Fellow Black Knight. such a smooth, intelligent sounding voice."
Why? "My favorite Canadian actress. Great as Shana, Roberta and many others."
Why? "The Japanese Yuri Lowenthal. Great as Sting and Masakaki."
Why? "If it's a pompous douchebag, odds are this guy will voice him."
Why? "Amazing, gruff voice and an awesome ADR director."
Why? "Her voice is as sexy as she is. How I envy Yuri Lowenthal."
Why? "Ban, Noctis, Naoshi and Makoto."
Why? "Such a lovely, beautiful voice."
Why? "Very smooth, regal voice."
Why? "His Bakura was delightfully villainous."
Why? "He can be good with proper direction."
Why? "Very deep and authoritative voice."
Why? "Amazing screams."
Why? "Very underrated as Happy."
Why? "Amazing screaming and great emotion. Love this guy."
Why? "His range is incredible and he plays such an insane variety of characters. Can't help but be impressed."
Why? "This guy's Shikamaru is not a drag."
Why? "Great fit for cold, serious characters."
Why? "His voice just oozes arrogance. He was born to play Gilgamesh."
Why? "Such a great voice and monumental range."
Why? "Excellent ADR director and a great VA for Minato and Ulquiorra. Love his Spanish too."
Why? "His Eddy was fantastic. Wish he was still working."
Why? "Great voice for tough guys and anti-villains."
Why? "Awesome Senketsu, Iruka and Duo Maxwell."
Why? "Piccolo, Ace and Kageroza."
Why? "This man's voice destroyed a mic. It was too weak to handle his awesomeness."
Why? "A deep, epic, godlike voice with fantastic emotion and screaming."
Why? "The Canadian Wally Wingert."
Why? "Perfect voice for badass females and she blew my mind as Mikasa."
Why? "Do I seriously need a reason? His voice oozes badass. Pain especially."
Why? "The Texas Brad Swaile."
Why? "His screaming is great."
Why? "The ultimate Japanese narrator voice."
Why? "Such a sexy voice."
Why? "Her Ash was very good for a 4kids dub."
Why? "His fanbrats can be annoying, but his Edward Elric is just fantastic."
Why? "He was so likable as Matsuda."
Why? "The perfect Riddler and great as Renji."
Why? "Awesome voice for mad scientists."
Why? "His Michelangelo is hilarious."
Why? "Lovely, sultry voice and great emotion."
Why? "Very nice, grandfatherly voice."
Why? "Her Kikyo is so beautiful."
Why? "His voice is so smooth and calming. Hope he continues to have more work in anime."
Why? "A beautiful, soft and very endearing and calming voice."
Why? "Speedwagon, Adabashi and Gamakichi."
Why? "Sousuke, Reiner and Orga."
Why? "The best screamer I've seen from Japan."
Why? "She is as gorgeous as her voice is."
Why? "Very cute and beautiful voice."
Why? "His Hazama is delightfully evil."
Why? "Beautiful voice, often for equally beautiful characters like CC."
Why? "Her Nui is just amazing."
Why? "Just listen to him scream. That's all the reason I need."
Why? "Amazing voice for teenagers, but I'd say his best skill is screaming like a maniac!"
Why? "Awesome as Slaine. Can't wait to hear more of his work."
Why? "Solid director and decent VA."
#1 All Time Favorite
Lelouch Lamperouge / Lelouch vi Britannia / Zero
Why? "Johnny Yong Bosch's best performance by far and a brilliant anti-hero protaginist."
Why? "Look up badass in the dictionary and you will see this guy's pic."
Why? "A criminally underrated and very tragic hero who became one of Sci-Fi's greatest villains."
Why? "Father of the year and the role that made Liam O'Brien my favorite VA."
Why? "I don't need a reason. He's Batman."
Why? "His complex struggle with his emotions is very powerful. Alex Organ just nailed the role."
Why? "A terrifying villain and later, a well written hero. As well as one of Liam O'Brien's best roles."
Why? "He's a cold-hearted, ruthless monster..but that's what makes him such an entertaining character. Classic love to hate villain."
Why? "One of the most hilarious anime characters of all time. Who couldn't love this perverted devil?"
Why? "An amazing backstory and philosophy combined witn such a tragic character. One of the best anime protagonists I've ever seen."
Why? "One of the most complex, sympathetic and well developed villains in the history of fiction."
Why? "My childhood hero. I would not be the man I am today if I never heard of this character."
Why? "One of the deepest, most complex and tragic villains in all of anime."
Why? "A stone-faced badass who you don't want to mess with."
Why? "A complex villain with a great chemistry towards the main characters and one Hell of an amazing final fight."
Why? "Beautiful, badass and an amazing performance from Cristina Vee. What's not to love?"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "The anime that introduced me to my favorite character. Perfect dub and very addictive."
Why? "One of the most poignant, emotional and heart-wrenching series's I've ever seen."
Why? "A dark, emotional and fantastic series."
Why? "Despite a week ending, it was a very unique and rather poignant series. Manglobe may be gone, but they went out with a bang."
Why? "It's stupid but that's what makes it so entertaining."
Why? "So crazy, over the top and badass. Love this show so much."
Why? "The characters are well-developed and their philosophy is very compelling."
Why? "An endearing, intense thrill ride with a very likable protagonist."
Why? "Unique, visceral animation, lovabale characters and dark, mature story. This series also adds a lot to the Prequels."
Why? "A powerul, tear-jerking masterpiece that had me enthralled from start to finish. Amazing dub cast too."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Amazing story, unforgettable characters and Liam O'Brien's best work yet. This game made him my favorite VA."
Why? "An addictive, compelling and thought provoking masterpiece that had me captivated from start to finish. 10/10"