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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Scott McNeil
Why? "He has ridiculous range in both voice and character, played many of my favorites, and is an all-around great guy!"
Why? "This guy's voice is the epitome of cool. I find myself copying his voices when I haven't even seen their shows!"
Why? "He has one of the most distinctive and hilarious voices I've heard, but he can still be serious such as when he voiced Kyle Katarn."
Why? "He is great at voicing tough characters, but has a great sense of comedic delivery."
Why? "He is very versatile in his characters and has a cool voice."
Why? "He defined the character of Optimus Prime and was a memorable part of Toonami. (I hope that he can return for the revival someday...)"
Why? "He fills his characters with a ton of emotion without sounding forced or over-the-top. Edward Elric and Junpei Iori are two of my favorites."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "She is intelligent and philosophical without being pretentious or dark and lives a passionate yet level-headed life."
Why? "He goes up against some of comics' most insane villains and somehow always manages to work his problems out without abandoning his beliefs."
Why? "He provides a great comic foil to the serious story of Persona 3 and Vic Mignogna did an outstanding job."
Why? "Rei manages to simultaneous creep me out and warm my heart. She is also one of the best outsiders-looking-in characters I've seen."
Why? "A realistic and relatable character. Definitely one of the best depictions of teenage depression... despite what haters say."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Kino's Journey
Why? "The best show around if you want a show that makes you think without feeling nihilistic or pretentious. Kino is a great protagonist, too."
Why? "Surreal humor at its best. Adventure Time never tries to be hip, but that's what makes it so good!"
Why? "This show burns with a manly passion. The sheer awesomeness of this anime is too much for me to describe in this description!"
Why? "Created the real robot genre."
Why? "Combined postmodern existentialism and Freudian psychology while deconstructing the real robot genre."
Why? "Philosophy, great characters, a great aesthetic, a careful narrative, and genuine genius make this one of the greatest anime of all time."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3
Why? "My all-time favorite game. The characters all great, the voice acting brings them to life, and the story keeps you guessing but never lost."
Why? "Reinvigorates the space opera and provides some of the best dialogue I've ever seen in a game. The conversations are better than the fights!"
Why? "The story gets darker, the combat improves, and the characters are (mostly) worthy successors to the original cast."
Why? "Excellent voice acting, great characters, and an interesting battle system that mixes two awesome genres."
#1 All Time Favorite