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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Kelly Sheridan
Why? "Sal was probably where I first heard her, and I also really like her as Ukyo and Starlight."
Why? "Rika"
Why? "She did good work as Serenity."
Why? "Shelia and QT"
Why? "Harumi Kiyama"
Why? "Her voice for Rose. Also Pinkie, Sweetie Drops, Emmy, and Fleetfoot."
Why? "I enjoyed his work on Yu-Gi-Oh!"
Why? "The Book of Mormon and his work on Pokémon and Yugioh"
Why? "Chazz it Up!"
Why? "Mao and Yukimura"
Why? "Mr. 2 is one of my favorite One Piece characters, and I really like how Barry voices him"
Why? "He was just awesome as Marco Ikusaba."
Why? "Her work on MLP."
Why? "Rin"
Why? "Double Diamond and the original OVER 9000!"
Why? "Harold's sweet beatboxing"
Why? "Kido"
Why? "Ruiko "
Why? "Liked her as Baby Lola. Love Lyra Heartstrings!"
Why? "Lightning Dust "
Why? "Maylu, Sissy, and Sandy"
Why? "Kirito."
Why? "Ryouko Kusakabe and Hinata Hino"
Why? "Astraea! "
Why? "Crocker AND Lazlo!!!"
Why? "Sandy and Cindy"
Why? "Lisanna, Kaya and Chaos"
Why? "Loved her as Leo and Luna and while I haven't seen it yet I'm eager to hear her as Leafa."
Why? "Blossom :)"
Why? "Coco Pommel"
Why? "Bijou, Diamond Tiara, Cassie. So many awesome characters!"
Why? "Hamtaro"
Why? "Jude and Chris"
Why? "She was a lot of cool characters. Respect."
Why? "Silica"
Why? "Vegeta"
Why? "Sweetie Belle"
Why? "Mr Flea, Count Zap, and many others"
Why? "Ino Yamanaka, Tails, I could go on."
Why? "Only his Zatch Bell roles, but he does phenomenal in them! Especially Wonrei!"
Why? "Her voice for Darcy on Bunsen is a Beast is cute"
Why? "She has a beautiful voice"
Why? "Awesome guy with such a powerful voice"
Why? "Ayame"
Why? "Jack Spicer"
Why? "Fairly Oddparents"
Why? "His voices for Pegasus, Ojin, and Mr. Tanaka are simply awesome."
Why? "ProtoMan, Seshomaru, and Soun Tendo!"
Why? "He's Elliot. Also, he's a super nice guy who I had the plessure to meet in 2014."
Why? "She voiced Gash, Nergal Jr, Jimmy Neutron, and so many others!"
Why? "KEN!"
Why? "Camp Lazlo and Spongebob"
Why? "Duncan"
Why? "hitomi"
Why? "Courtney"
Why? "Minene Uryu :)"
Why? "He was the reason I loved James and Kaiba!"
Why? "I really liked her as Blaze and Lyserg."
Why? "Sings the We Bare Bears theme song"
Why? "so many reasons"
Why? "Tsunoda"
Why? "He voiced Yusei."
Why? "Grim"
Why? "Lana from Loud House and Yumi Yoshimura from HiHi Puffy Ami Yumi"
Why? "Kafk Sunbeam."
Why? "Hitomi "
Why? "Silver Shill, Zits, and Mr. Test"
Why? "Marble, Maud, but especially Limestone!"
Why? "Ai"
Why? "Muramasa and Jelly Jiggler"
Why? "I've yet to hear her in InuYasha or Ranma, but she's been in other stuff I like."
Why? "Kiyo Takemine! :D"
Why? "Everything about her is BEAUTIFUL!!!"
Why? "Penny Ling! I also like her as Yai."
Why? "Nymph :)"
Why? "Tina Armstrong, Karin, Kolulu, and Laila"
Why? "She has the perfect nerd voice, I love her as Jovie"
Why? "Love her work"
Why? "Trixie, Marie, Kevin, and Primadona."
Why? "Octavia and Moondancer :)"
Why? "Joker/Rascal, Stark, Hisoka, Vector, ..."
Why? "Sugar Sprinkles, Sayu, Buttercup, Spitfire, ect."
Why? "Kacey on Pokemon"
Why? "Teen Titans"
Why? "Minka"
Why? "ElecMan and others."
Why? "Real nice girl. Hope she gets more work."
Why? ""Tacky" Music Video"
Why? "Little Bear and Bridgette, but mostly Bridgette."
Why? "Erika's my favorite Pokémon character!"
Why? "Digimon, Zatch Bell, ect."
Why? "Awesome voice!"
Why? "She makes a good Nio"
Why? "ERIKA!!!!! "
Why? "Amy Rose and Serenity Wheeler"
Why? "Ai Mori from Law of Ueki "
Why? "Nami and Kirino ♡"
Why? "Scootaloo"
Why? "Kalin Kesser!"
Why? "Tirek"
Why? "Sonata :)"
Why? "Soarin and Ed"
Why? "I really like her voice."
Why? "Mia Valentine"
Why? "kurumi"
Why? "Tia :)"
Why? "mizuki"
Why? "Mr. Greenrind, El Ray, Prof. T-Bird, and Ryoga (Hibiki) Kounji!!!!"
Why? "Amethyst"
Why? "Elie"
Why? "Shizuka"
Why? "Chiteru in Riddle Story of Devil"
Why? "I just know she'll do amazing as Azuma :)"
Why? "He's Captain Hammer"
Why? "Zoe Trent, Spitfire, Mrs. Hikari, and Cheerilee"
Why? "I really love hearing his voice in stuff."
Why? "Rolf."
Why? "Big Mac and he was also in MegaMan NT Warrior!"
Why? "Cody on TDI"
Why? "Wilt"
Why? "Hayley"
Why? "MINUETTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "
Why? "The most important thing in life isn't money... It's money!!! -Bobobo"
Why? "Yukimi, Mifune, and Kurusu xD"
Why? "Squidward"
Why? "Double D and so many others"
Why? "Live action Scooby Doo movies."
Why? "Nicole on Konjiki No Gash Bell."
Why? "Probably my favorite Knuckles"
Why? "Robin and Eshros"
Why? "Kurama"
Why? "Mostly Quagmire and Stewie"
Why? "Silver Spoon mainly, but I also love the Smile Song :3"
Why? "Nazuna, Pepper, Scary Godmother, Nazz, and Penny Plutonium."
Why? "Awesome voice. Love her as Mokuba and Ritchie."
Why? "Tatewaki Kuno, Glyde, and Boss!"
Why? "Great with accents. Plus, he makes Bakura even more awesome!"
Why? "Virgo"
Why? "Yoshino :3"
Why? "The Mastermind, Forte, Ben Ravencroft, El Malefico. Need I go on?"
Why? "Shikamaru Nara"
Why? "He's voiced so many funny characters, my favorites being on Camp Lazlo, PPG, and MGPaM"
Why? "Ed, Edd, n Eddy"
Why? "Fang and Am the Cat."
Why? "So many of my favorite characters!"
Why? "Beautiful. I hope to hear her in more stuff."
Why? "Kasumi Tendo."
#1 All Time Favorite
Serenity Wheeler
Why? "Such a sweetheart. She was really awesome in Season 3."
Why? "I really enjoyed her story and teared up at the end when she died."
Why? "So cute :3"
Why? "Southern accent and just a really cool character Also my favorite pony"
Why? "Teen Titans/Go"
Why? "Favorite character in HLP. She's really funny and pretty!"
Why? "Best character in Guilty Crown!"
Why? "He was a scumbag. But he was a cool scumbag. Also he had some of the strongest monsters of Season 1."
Why? "Ro and Kelly Sheridan's voice for her"
Why? "Secret Agent Sweetie Drops! Best friend of Lyra"
Why? "Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaapleloosa!"
Why? "2nd fave female on TDI"
Why? "Probably my favorite character in 'Canterlot Botique'"
Why? "The Chazz"
Why? "He sounds like my old weight instructor :)"
Why? "Should have won in Season 1!"
Why? "He's funny."
Why? "ADORABLE :3"
Why? "FAIRIES!!!!!"
Why? "He's British. Well he's going to be anyway."
Why? "He's really cool :) "Feel like a airdrop?""
Why? "Hilarious :D"
Why? "He was just badass. Season 3 especially."
Why? "She's just perfect"
Why? "Second favorite character Lisa voices other than Serenity."
Why? "I consider her raspy voice kind of cute :) More Fleetfoot!"
Why? "Favorite minor character on Naruto. Wish he got more screentime. Plus he's kinda handsome."
Why? "Sean Schemmel's best character other than Black Doom or Ojama Yellow."
Why? "i wish she was shown more. She's really cute and strong"
Why? "Third favorite Pokémon character behind Erika (S1) and James."
Why? "Beatboxing."
Why? "I actually felt bad for him, plus he's handsome and super strong"
Why? "Beautiful and nice. Also, love her laugh "
Why? "Hiyori Chan ♡"
Why? "How I was introduced to Gilbert's voice"
Why? "He's pretty cool. Peter New does his voice to absolute perfection"
Why? "She's adorable!"
Why? "hot, strong, smart, nice"
Why? "Best Disney villain"
Why? "Best Pokemon character! Eueueueueueueueueue (his signature sound) :3"
Why? "Awesome character."
Why? "From the third episode on I really started caring about Joey. His devotion to Serenity is amazing."
Why? "I wish I looked like him"
Why? "Do You Wanna Go With Juvia?"
Why? "tragic character, and damn awesome"
Why? "I gravitate towards sweet female characters like her :3"
Why? "She's so cute and sweet"
Why? "Favorite Bleach character"
Why? "Badass and a nice guy deep down. Favorite Nabari character!"
Why? "His story is so sad."
Why? "I love Lazlo!"
Why? "Favorite character on Loud House"
Why? "Her and Switzerland were so cute together"
Why? "She's awesome."
Why? ":)"
Why? "He's powerful and kind of awesome. Plus I ship him and Starlight Glimmer "
Why? "Badass."
Why? "She's awesome!"
Why? "She's crazy!!!"
Why? "SHE'S SO ADOWABLE!!!!!!!"
Why? "He's a good guy and really badass."
Why? "One of my favorite anime villains. His most evil to me will always be when he controlled Joey at the Domino Pier."
Why? "Best gecko ever!"
Why? "So. Many. Reasons. :)"
Why? "Probably where my love of foxes came from. He's just so awesome and cute!"
Why? "She's cute and awesome!"
Why? "I really felt for him in S1 and 3."
Why? "She looks like a long darker haired version of a character I created for a manga that I write with my brother. "
Why? "badass."
Why? "His accent is just awesome!"
Why? "SO CUTE and AWESOME! "
Why? "Favorite KND character and second favorite character voiced by Rachael MacFarlane."
Why? "Class, not... oh never mind. She's cool!"
Why? "Cute :3"
Why? "Pepper Clark is funny, she's my favorite character on LPS."
Why? "Favorite Peanuts character"
Why? "U's for Uranium... Bombs!"
Why? "Adorable"
Why? "She's AWESOME!"
Why? "He and Weevil are just plain badass."
Why? "just so cute and kind."
Why? "Specifically the Teen Titans and TT Go versions where Scott Menville voices him."
Why? "Pretty much every episode with him in it never failed to make me laugh."
Why? "So cute! I love whenever she appears. :3"
Why? "Sexy and smart"
Why? "His (almost) noble sacrifice in Season 1."
Why? "Hot and really funny"
Why? "Awesome character. 2nd only to Mr. Match imo"
Why? "A fighting cook with a Brooklyn accent. That's just badass!"
Why? "She's just really awesome."
Why? "He's calm, badass, and clearly loves Rin."
Why? "One of the best anime characters ever. He's impossible to truly hate."
Why? ""I'm going to destroy this damn planet! THIS is who I am!""
Why? "Oh Yo ho ho"
Why? "A cute innocent giantess."
Why? "I rather like him and hope he comes back in S5."
Why? "Wish she had her own episode or atleast an episode focusing on her and DT's friendship. Would "
Why? "I love her ditziness! :)"
Why? "I think he's really cool. Plus that stache is SICK!!!"
Why? "Equality. And the song she sang :)"
Why? "I love this little kitty :3 "Someday were gonna laugh about all this""
Why? "Favorite Superhero ever!!!"
Why? "He's pretty awesome and extremely powerful"
Why? "Second favorite DOA chick behind Hitomi"
Why? "Such a cool mamodo with a tragic story"
Why? "Cool singing voice"
Why? "My favorite AC character"
Why? "Badass."
Why? "Nicole Oliver voices a hippie? Righteous!"
Why? "I love show-offs."
Why? "Kind of a bitch, but she's pretty. I just wish she had more character development."
Why? "So cute :3"
Why? "Whats not to love about Uni-Kitty?"
Why? "Best character in Yu-Gi-Oh! Plus I love his Australlian accent."
Why? "He's just so awesome!"
Why? "Virgo"
Why? "He's kind of a non-stereotypical nerd. He's pretty cool, too."
Why? "SO CUTE "
Why? "Season 2 was just awesome because of him. His deck was always really cool."
Why? "SO CUTE!!!!!!!!! "
Why? "Freakin awesome!"
Why? "Chimeratech Overdragon!"
Why? "Just cuz. He's epic."
Why? "2nd favorite LPS character. She's so cute!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Zatch Bell
Why? "Best ANIME EVER!!!! Wish it got finished in English."
Why? "The theme song may have something to do with it :)"
Why? "Really funny :)"
Why? "That theme song :3"
Why? "Shoulda been an actual show."
Why? "The most important thing in life isn't money... IT'S MONEY!!!"
Why? "My favorite show when it was on"
Why? "One of the best shows ever!"
Why? "cute show with important lessons"
Why? "Good fun show :)"
Why? "My childhood."
Why? "Wendy :3"
Why? "A great way to start my summer last year :D"
Why? "I love this show!"
Why? "I miss this fun show so much"
Why? "Just getting into it today."
Why? "This show was awesome! Fun plot, fun characters, I love it!"
Why? "Good life lessons, and really good art work too"
Why? "I enjoy the fights."
Why? "The first Funimation I enjoyed. Its a good show"
Why? "The theme song!"
Why? "First anime I ever watched"
Why? "Funny and charming with the animation stlyle I love."
Why? "Sadie and Amethyst are awesome"
Why? "I enjoy this show :)"
Why? "Still hilarious :D"
Why? "Really good show, almost like a sci-fi version of Zatch Bell."
Why? "So funny!"
Why? "Great show! One of Cartoon Network's best in my opinion."
Why? "Dark, awesome action"
Why? "Awesome show, especially Season 4!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Scooby Doo!!!"
Why? "Best Disney movie with the best hero and best villain"
Why? "Good movie :) I really like the songs and Kelly Sheridan's work"
Why? "AMAZING MOVIE!!!!!! "
Why? "Amazing fun song! Though it can be tedious to sit through the shorts, some of them made me laugh."
Why? "Such a good movie! Gimme the wa~~~~~nd"
Why? "Fairly OddParents+ a musical!"
Why? "All around fun and EVERYTHING IS AWESOME!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Ukyo Kuonji
Why? "Ukyo is awesome!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3
Why? "Best DBZ video game"
#1 All Time Favorite