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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Trey Parker
Why? "My #1 Favorite Voice Actor Of All Time!!! He always makes me laugh and it is one of my dreams to be able to meet him and Matt Stone."
Why? "Token Black"
Why? "Skeletor"
Why? "An incredible range of voices!! He would definitely be in my Top 5 Favorite VA's!!"
Why? "Love his voice for Kanetsugu."
Why? "My favorite Actress."
Why? "Pinkie Pie"
Why? "Rainbow Dash."
Why? "She is hysterical!!"
Why? "How did I not have this guy in my favorites already!?"
Why? "Zhang Fei. R.I.P. Mr. Papenbrook."
Why? "He has such a distinctive voice and is a good actor on screen as well."
Why? "Skeletor"
Why? "Flying Dutchman"
Why? "Princess Cadence"
Why? "Cobra Commander"
Why? "Beautiful"
Why? "Glass Joe"
Why? "One of the best Bond villains ever!!"
Why? "I can do a decent impression of him."
Why? "He is Agent freaking Coulson!"
Why? "Love his take on the Scarecrow!!"
Why? "Your face looks like a butt crack!"
Why? "One of his favorite shows is South Park!!!"
Why? "One of my favorite comedians."
Why? "Luigi"
Why? "My favorite character in Chicago Fire."
Why? "I don't see it listed but he was Fu Xi in Warriors Orochi 2."
Why? "Though it has already been said by many others before me, I shall say it again, he is the BEST Smash Announcer!!""
Why? "Orgazmo."
Why? "Disco Kid"
Why? "The ONLY Cao Cao."
Why? "Lucky"
Why? "Meta Knight"
Why? "Bald Bull"
Why? "THE GOD OF VOICE ACTING! (after Mel Blanc)"
Why? "That voice man!!"
Why? "Hello neighbor."
Why? "He gave Gutsman the all brawn and no brain approach"
Why? "Tom Matthews on Dexter."
Why? "Balthier"
Why? "Iroh"
Why? "He is in a 3 way tie for my Favorite Actor along with Kevin Spacey & Mark Wahlberg."
Why? "Von Kaiser"
Why? "His Sea Clamp is creepy as hell, which is why I LOVE IT!!!"
Why? "Soda Popinski"
Why? "Soundwave"
Why? "Obi-Wan"
Why? "The Shredder"
Why? "Black Panther"
Why? "Best choice for Ultron ever!!!"
Why? "Hades."
Why? "Detective Voight on Chicago P.D."
Why? "Bebe Stevens"
Why? "Matt Casey on Chicago Fire"
Why? "Flame Princess"
Why? "My favorite comedian"
Why? "Discord"
Why? "Hamm"
Why? "Don Flamenco"
Why? "John Bender."
Why? "He was in both Star Wars & Indiana Jones!!"
Why? "Dexter"
Why? "Trixie Lulamoon"
Why? "Yoshi"
Why? "I love this guy!!"
Why? "Piston Honda"
Why? "SPLEE!"
Why? "He is in a 3 way tie for my Favorite Actor along with Harrison Ford & Mark Wahlberg."
Why? "'Why do they even bother?'"
Why? "The voice of one of my favorite Dynasty Warriors characters."
Why? "My #1 All Time Favorite Female Voice Actor"
Why? "She just sounds so innocent as Scootaloo"
Why? "Uncle Iroh"
Why? "Matt Cantrell from Dallas."
Why? "He was awesome as Kid Muscle!"
Why? "Little Mac"
Why? "Chad Vader."
Why? "My 2nd Favorite Voice Actor of All Time. I can do a voice similar to his Jimbo Kern. It is one of my dreams to meet him and Trey Parker."
Why? "Shredder."
Why? "Zhang Liao"
Why? "Super Macho Man"
Why? "Hank Hill"
Why? "Link"
Why? "Deadpool & Dr. N. Gin"
Why? "Best Unicron EVER!!"
Why? "Bobby Ewing on Dallas."
Why? "This IS and forever WILL be Optimus Prime!"
Why? "Whiplash"
Why? "Bear Hugger"
Why? "Doc Louis & Mr. Sandman"
Why? "Just about everything that I watched as a kid this guy was in."
Why? "R.I.P. Mr. Williams you are a comedic legend and you will be forever missed and forever in our hearts."
Why? "Dat range!!"
Why? "Toad"
Why? "King Hippo"
Why? "He's Dr. F***ING Wily!!!"
Why? "Sun Quan"
Why? "Aran Ryan"
Why? "Great Tiger"
Why? "Donkey Kong"
Why? "Kratos"
Why? "You'll get nothing and like it!!"
Why? "The one the ONLY Zhao Yun."
Why? "Skipper"
Why? "TBH I think his Keldeo voice is better than his Arceus."
Why? "Dark Mantis"
Why? "Incredible range of voices!"
Why? "He is a funny actor."
#1 All Time Favorite
Cobra Commander
Why? "He has made me always want to join Cobra."
Why? "He is voiced by Alan Tudyk!"
Why? "My wife in Fire Emblem"
Why? "I am the great Cornholio. I need T.P. for my bunghole."
Why? "MY FAVORITE POKEMON EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Best Star Wars Character EVER!"
Why? "Cows voiced by the best! What's not to love?"
Why? "Everyone that voiced him have done a very job well done."
Why? "Personally I would prefer a Giant Douche as my school's mascot over a Turd Sandwich."
Why? "My favorite character of James Woods!!"
Why? "My favorite Koopaling."
Why? "My favorite Marvel superhero"
Why? "My waifu"
Why? "BEST LOONEY TUNE CHARACTER EVER!! His voice is just awesome!! He sounds geeky but he tries to act tough and menacing!!"
Why? "Very catchy song."
Why? "Very relatable, minus the criminal activity that is."
Why? "Because Rob Paulsen."
Why? "Remember you can legally kill anything in self defense."
Why? "Personally I like Daran's take on him better. His sounded more heroic. Keith's reminds me too much of Zasalamel."
Why? "So you command. So it shall be done."
Why? "The psychopath of the MLP FiM universe."
Why? "Princess Cadence is best pony."
Why? "2nd best pony"
Why? "Because he is a living firetruck"
Why? "Get them Shulk! SMASH POW!!"
Why? "Rosalina is best princess!!"
Why? "My one true Fire Emblem wife!"
Why? "The Final Evolution Of My Favorite Starter!!"
Why? "3rd Best Pony"
Why? "It is a poo inside a sandwich. Who didn't think of that as a child!?"
Why? "My favorite Dynasty Warriors character"
Why? "My 2nd Favorite DW character and I love how Christopher Corey Smith voices him!"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
South Park
Why? "I absolutely love this show! No show makes me laugh as hard as when I watch this! Plus Trey Parker and Matt Stone are amazing!"
Why? "So twisted yet so hilarious."
Why? "It is not what I was expecting (although I don't know WHAT I was expecting), I like it regardless."
Why? "Loved this as a kid!"
Why? "How G.I. Joe was meant to be."
Why? "This was actually a pretty good show from what I remember."
Why? "Norm MacDonald"
Why? "My Guilty Pleasure"
Why? "Gotta love Perry!"
Why? "I'm bummed that they don't air reruns anymore, I really liked this show."
Why? "What ShadowHarvester said."
#1 All Time Favorite
Space Jam
Why? "Probably my favorite movie ever!"
Why? "My 2nd favorite Pixar movie, just after Toy Story 3."
Why? "Laura Bailey FTW!"
Why? "I don't care what anyone says, but I LOVE this movie!!!"
Why? "Very good book and movie."
Why? "A part of my childhood that shall never be forgotten."
Why? "One of the best movies I have ever seen."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Cobra Commander
Why? "How can you not love the guy?!"
Why? "It is completely unlike any of Rob's other roles."
Why? "My favorite Looney Tune!!"
Why? "Peter Cullen"
Why? "Alan Tudyk at his best!!!"
Why? "I love Rosalina so much! She is my favorite female Mario character ever!!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
South Park: The Stick of Truth
Why? "BEST F**KING GAME EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!"
Why? "Kirk Thornton & Laura Bailey!?!? This is gonna be great!!"
Why? "It combines my two favorite video game series! However, I like the sequel better."
#1 All Time Favorite
Road Runner and Coyote
Why? "I always wanted him to catch the Roadrunner"
    #1 All Time Favorite