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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
David Kaye
Why? "As a lifelong Transformers fan. He has played both Megatron and Optimus Prime and did a great job. Easily my all time favourite voice actor."
Why? "Alphonse Elric, and now he's all grown up. Now he needs to find that role that will define him in his adulthood."
Why? "He was TV's Batman. He has this great sauve and heroic voice that also works well as a cloudcuckoolander like his persona on Family Guy."
Why? "The Teenage Tony Stark. I hope he gets more roles down the line. If Ocean were dubbing more anime he easily could be a leading man VA."
Why? "The best weatherman in the entire world. I actually once shook his hand."
Why? "Even though i dislike He-Man. I think he's great as Skeletor."
Why? "He is Hans Gruber and Marvin."
Why? "This guy's awesome. He's Wash, Dutch, Green Arrow and King Candy!"
Why? "He gave Tarantulas the creepiness that no other VA could have accomplished."
Why? "He created Gravity Falls and voices Grunkle Stan, Soos, Old Man McGucket and Quentin Trembley."
Why? "Lockon Stratos, the guy is a bro."
Why? "He was Demolisher and now he's Flutterguy. Awesome."
Why? "Ryuko Matoi, one of the most hot blooded shonen ladies around."
Why? "Pinkie Pie and Fluttershy. *Squee*"
Why? "He was great as Jaller, Megaman, Shining Armour and Iceman."
Why? "He's C-3P0."
Why? "He is another great voice for Batman."
Why? "One of the greatest action movie stars, his role as the Terminator is one of my favourite performances. Hasta La Vista Baby!"
Why? "Rainbow Dash and Applejack."
Why? "He was Scourge."
Why? "Jet Black."
Why? "His Randy Cunnigham is the cheese, yo!"
Why? "She's Betty White. One of America's national treasures."
Why? "Hey! Hey! Hey! also Jell-O Pudding, Pokeymon and Kodak Film."
Why? "Patrick Star is best Spongebob charecter."
Why? "Why Not Billy West?"
Why? "I love his deep voice. His Tigatron was great and it was genius that he got to voice Flutterguy."
Why? "A talented villain actor from the old Hollywood era, His performance as the Frankenstein is iconic and classic, plus he was good as Grinch."
Why? "He made eating potato chips epic as Light. He was also good as Rock, Lan, Gohan and Nightcrawler."
Why? "Captain America"
Why? "Col. William Stryker from X-2. He's a great underrated actor."
Why? "He's the Flying Dutchman."
Why? "Nobody does OVER 9000! better than him. aside from Vegeta he also played as Ryuk, Jetstorm, Jetfire, Benny and he's even Carrot Cake!"
Why? "It's his voice, this very monotone nerdy voice that works so well in any role he's portrayed thus far."
Why? "Cadence also she sang This Day Aria and it was awesome."
Why? "He's John McClane Yippee Ki Yay! Always badass in all of his movies."
Why? "His Masaomi Kida was fun and well acted."
Why? "Dirge."
Why? "He has a lot range. He's played Bumblebee, Blitzwing, Dwight, Rook and Cyborg."
Why? "Holy______ Batman! the original boy wonder."
Why? "She has a great amount of emotional range as Winry Rockbell."
Why? "He has a great vocal range and he just plays his characters real cool."
Why? "Let's see she's played Madame Foster, Cheese and voiced Dexter as well. Also she has a great spanish accent."
Why? "There is no voice better for the Martian Manhunter than his."
Why? "Apollo Creed from Rocky and he's also Combat Carl. Hmm Danza much?"
Why? "He's Shaggy and Cliffjumper, and a cool radio dj."
Why? "Blossom"
Why? "She's great at voicing boys like Spike, Near and Trunks but she's also awesome as action chick Cybersix and the wacky Buttercream Sundae."
Why? "Roger Rabbit. Seriously why is he not casted in more roles."
Why? "Who knew that Mario could also voiced Paarthurnax?"
Why? "He was Mermaidman and Barnacle Boy's archnemesis The Dirty Bubble."
Why? "So Funny and So Scary."
Why? "CHARLIE!!!!!!!"
Why? "Hit Girl, need I say more."
Why? "He always hits the target as Hawkeye and Deadshot."
Why? "He's the best live action Captain America we could have asked for."
Why? "He was amazing as Bright Noa, giving him a great young commanding voice. It's just a shame he hasn't done any voice work since."
Why? "He had the screechiest high pitch voice for Cobra Commander and Starscream and made them memorable. I wish he were alive today."
Why? "Xever/Fishface."
Why? "She was simply adorable as Madoka."
Why? "Christopher Ayres has redefined the charecter of Frieza. Thank You for the performance."
Why? "Luke Cage"
Why? "GeneralIvan is friggin hilarious as TFS's DBZA Dr. Gero and Cooler...I was so shocked when i heard him on Fairy Tail!"
Why? "This man is a legend. His deep booming voice is so iconic and so memorable. Their is too many characters on his resume to list."
Why? "I WAS FROZEN TODAY! He's Doc Brown, Uncle Fester and Judge Doom. He adds so much energy and wackiness to his roles."
Why? "McLovin was easily the highlight of Superbad."
Why? "So Many Dragonball Z Charecters....SO MANY!"
Why? "I love his movies."
Why? "He's Funimation's go to guy for the mad doctor. Shou Tucker (FMA) and Stein (Soul Eater) also he's Android 17."
Why? "He's Chuck Norris."
Why? "What an empowering Voice. Great for Wise Authorative Heroes or Cunning Villains."
Why? "Agent Coulson, the greatest SHIELD agent ever."
Why? "Doctor Doom and Emperor Palpatine. He is best at playing Evil."
Why? "Erza Scarlet, Riza Hawkeye, Marie Mjolnir, Android 18 and Gohan. She is one of FUNimation's best for sure."
Why? "He is the Shockwave: Despite being a G1 Voice actor he is the definitive voice proven once again by his peformance in Transformers Animated"
Why? "Penny from Inspector Gadget."
Why? "Jeremiah Gottwald, Red Arrow, Electro and most of all he has the greatest knowledge of all things anime."
Why? "Her performance as Homura Akemi is phenomenal."
Why? "He is Cell and is the Glad Kitchen Guy. He even reprised orle as the Glad guy on Corner Gas."
Why? "His Cell and Handsome Jack are Ultimate Perfection."
Why? "Homer Simpson and half of the Simpsons charecters. He is awesome."
Why? "This man is a brilliant songwriter and composer for MLP FIM. I hope to see him more on more projects in the future."
Why? "Who doesn't love Danny Devito? Frank Reynolds from Sunny is my favourite role of his, he also wasn't half bad as the Penguin either."
Why? "His portrayal of Zuko is phenomenal, one of the best performances I've heard in western animation."
Why? "He gives a knock out performance as Knock Out."
Why? "Generator Rex, and I remember him from Spy Kids."
Why? "Not only he sounds like Michael J. Fox but he kinda looks like him."
Why? "Ducky"
Why? "Depthcharge, Tatsurion the Unchained/Bob and he does a mean Shockwave."
Why? "So Many Hanna-Barbara charecter, so many. RIP Daws, you are a legend."
Why? "It didn't take me long for me to become a fan of him, his voice just has this rich quality to it. I like his Chase and Albert Wesker."
Why? "Dutch"
Why? "Let's see he's Klaus, Squilliam, Mr. Fantastic, Tarrlock, Perry and all the Clones. Plus every animal in the Avatar series."
Why? "I like the All-State Guy. It almost makes me want to get All State Insurance."
Why? "He's Batman, darling!"
Why? "Boy Arkham's Scarecrow sure was creepy and chilling."
Why? "He was great as the clueless Inspector Gadget."
Why? "A great voice acting legend. He voices Scooby-Doo, Boo Boo, Ranger Smith, Papa Smurf, Ratchet, Hampton J. Pig and many more."
Why? "He was Dr. Loomis."
Why? "Dr. Silberman from The Terminator series."
Why? "The Grumpiest Old Man I've ever seen. He's played Carl Fredricksen in Up and played both J. Jonah Jameson and Uncle Ben."
Why? "Hail Fuhrer King Bradley!"
Why? "Al Bundy and Jay Pritchett."
Why? "Who doesn't love Eddie Murphy? especially as Donkey."
Why? "Cody Burns"
Why? "Fantastic actress best playing as AI's like GlaDOS and Gypsy Danger's system, also she's Helen the Administrator."
Why? "Ezekiel Stane, and his range is impressive as seen in Ben 10: Omniverse."
Why? "It's uncanny how his regular voice sounds so much like RDJ."
Why? "The Guy voiced Brock, James and Kaiba. He played some of the best characters out of the shows 4Kids did."
Why? "RIP Mermaid Man. Ernest Borgnine was truly a great actor in every way possible."
Why? "He is Winston Zeddmore and Agent Fowler."
Why? "His work with Muppets and he is a great director however I like him best as Yoda."
Why? "Billy West is right to called him the voice god."
Why? "Great actor who has appeared in many things, I think his best voice role is Swindle."
Why? "He's funny and fluffy."
Why? "Even though Peter Cullen originated the role of Optimus Prime, I grew up with Garry Chalk as my Optimus Prime and is still my favourite."
Why? "Gary Busey is a scary little filly. He defiantly looks and can laugh like a maniacal mad man."
Why? "He off course is Harvey Birdman: Attorney at Law but how can you forget him as Bill Lumbergh in Office Space."
Why? "He's Commissioner Gordon and was also the bad guy in Air Force One. Definitely one of the best actors right now."
Why? "How does this guy get so little recognition and roles. He plays Heavy Weapons Guy and Demoman and they both sound so distinct and different."
Why? "Oh My It's George Takei!"
Why? "The Engineer, one of my favourite classes to play in TF2."
Why? "He plays surfer dudes best. I like his Beast Boy, Michelangelo and Kevin."
Why? "One of my favourite stand up comedians. His impressions of Star Wars are amazing and funny too."
Why? "It's not so much for his voice work but the fact he created Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice."
Why? "He's going to come back as Grimlock for Fall of Cybertron."
Why? "Azula, Catwoman, Frankie Foster, Daphne....Need I go on...."
Why? "Domino"
Why? "Jorge, the King of Wakanda."
Why? "Moe, Apu, Chief Wiggum, Comic Book Guy, Cletus, Carl, Frink, Dr. Nick, Bumblebee Man, Frank Grimes also he was Eddie Brock/Venom as well."
Why? "RIP Egon, Harold was a pretty funny comedy writer and actor. He will be missed."
Why? "Mr. Burns, Smithers, Flanders, Skinner, Lovejoy, Dr. Hibbert, Kent Brockman, Lenny, Otto, Jasper, McBain, Scratchy and George H.W Bush."
Why? "RIP Henry Polic II, the first voice of the DCAU Scarecrow."
Why? "He doesn't have to be at his a-game to pull of solid performances."
Why? "Starfire, Nia, Princess Bubblegum Her voice is cute as the charecters she plays."
Why? "He was great as both Palpatine and Ganthet. He will be missed."
Why? "Cheetor, his daughter is now Sweetie Belle."
Why? "Loved her deadpan stoic delivery for Maud Pie."
Why? "Oh hey it's the old spice guy."
Why? "She gave Tomoko Kuroki a cute yet pitiful voice which made her hilarious, she's also Rainbow Dash."
Why? "I liked him as Zarbon, Giriko and Sir Hammerlock."
Why? "Black Panther and War Machine."
Why? "Darth Vader and Mufasa. He has such a deep booming voice."
Why? "Initially I wasn't a fan of his Wheeljack but it's grown on me. Plus he does a good Jeremy Irons impersonation."
Why? "Great Actor who's dabbled in both live action and voice work. He's Harry Morgan, Tonraq, Silver Monkey and Sideswipe."
Why? "Hilarious as the egotistical Dr. Rusty Venture."
Why? "Deep imposing voice perfect for Lordgenome and then he played WARPATH.....KA-BLAM!"
Why? "She has the voice perfect for authoritative badass ladies like Calhoun."
Why? "Avatar Korra"
Why? "Really Did a great job as Duke in GI Joe: Renegades."
Why? "Dipper in Gravity Falls. His dad would have been proud."
Why? "Razer and Kid Flash."
Why? "Johnny Bravo Baby! Also he's Soundwave, Prowl, Ultra Magnus, Mixmaster, Red Tornado, Shocker, Kowalski and the Joker."
Why? "OH Please he goes through everyone's trash."
Why? "Cortana"
Why? "Damn awesome as Red Hood/Jason Todd."
Why? "One of my all time favourite actors. He can play sophisticated and refined villains like Scar or be hammy like in Dungeons and Dragons."
Why? "Fantastic as Finn."
Why? "Flame Princess."
Why? "The 2nd best voice for Deathstroke."
Why? "Created Regular Show and voices Mordecai."
Why? "What can I say I love Winnie the Pooh and Tigger Too."
Why? "He's not insane, his mother had him tested"
Why? "Slinky Dog and Ernest. RIP."
Why? "He plays the best Angry Guys. See J.Jonah Jameson and Cave Johnson."
Why? "She's cute, she voices Penny Ling and Gretel."
Why? "He's played two characters on the opposite sides of the law. Fat Tony and David Rossi."
Why? "Wreck-It Ralph. The best villain protagonist ever."
Why? "He plays tricksters best."
Why? "He's great as comical tough guys and villains like Bender, Jake the Dog, Dr. Drakken, Rath, Rico, Brother Blood, Sandman and Aquaman."
Why? "He was Piglet. RIP"
Why? "I love his shrill voice he uses for The Cryptkeeper."
Why? "Fastest Talker Alive."
Why? "I personally think he's even better as Unicron than Orson Welles. He makes Unicron sound like a god."
Why? "He's really funny correspondent at the Daily Show and on Community."
Why? "Pixar's good luck charm."
Why? "Death has a really funny high pitched voice. this guy has range for sure. also he's Dodoria."
Why? "The Spirit Coyote on The Simpsons. That was pretty far out man."
Why? "Lelouch Vi Britannia is by far my favourite charecter he's done. Lelouch's evil laugh is hammy and is epic."
Why? "This guy is so underrated. He did a great job as the Winter Soldier."
Why? "Great performances as Jay Sherman and Artie Ziff from The Critic and The Simpsons."
Why? "Without the Daily Show, their would be no Colbert Report."
Why? "Kang the Conqueror, Atrocitus, Dormammu and Galactus. He's played many elite comic book villians."
Why? "My favourite Spider-Man and i'm amazed he's the new voice of Spyro too."
Why? "He's Joss Whedon. Need I say more."
Why? "He's everyone's favourite turbo revving young punk."
Why? "Yukio Okumura as well as Lelouch Vi Britannia, Roy and the Japanese voice of Jack Darby."
Why? "The oldest voice actress from the golden era, the voice of Granny."
Why? "It's not because of Naruto, It's because of Red in Pokemon Origins."
Why? "Kallen, that's why."
Why? "THE GREAT AND POWERFUL TRIXIE! as well as Queen Crysalis."
Why? "Her voice for Jessica Rabbit was as alluring as she was gorgeous."
Why? "Such a deep and embracing voice."
Why? "Laserbeak and Mr. Freeze are some of his most chilling performances."
Why? "She plays evil ninja ladies quite well. She's Cheshire and Karai."
Why? "Everybody's favourite Wonderbolt Spitfire."
Why? "Sango, Greenback Jane, Diana and Scarlet Witch. She really needs a role in MLP FiM now."
Why? "Magnificently voices the diabolical Sideshow Bob."
Why? "Senor Chang and Leslie Chow. This guy is a friggin riot. hard to believe that he was originally just a doctor."
Why? "He was Rabbit and Hound."
Why? "Man what a voice."
Why? "The best Cyborg....BOOYAH!"
Why? "Rina-Chan finally went pro. Her Kuroyukihime is simply wonderful."
Why? "His voice is the rule of cool which is perfect for characters like Hot Shot, Miroku, Trowa Barton, Billy Katagiri, Teru Mikami and Cyclops."
Why? "He's shown a tremendous amount of his range over the years His Tongpu, Adam Warlock and Shadow are great."
Why? "Mabel"
Why? "Raj"
Why? "He's one of my favorite actors. Best known as Red Forman, Clarence Bodderick and now Commissioner Gordon."
Why? "Lockdown and Bishop."
Why? "She's got range alright. Maka and Lust."
Why? "Blair."
Why? "He's great as Makuta, I can't wait to see how he'll pull of Frieza in Dragonabll Z Kai."
Why? "He is a legend for his role as Mr. Spock and now in his old age his gravely voice gave way to a great performance as Sentinel Prime."
Why? "He is serious and do not call him shirley."
Why? "A good stand up comedian."
Why? ""I will find you, and I will kill you.""
Why? "Sarah Connor, it's amazing to see how far the character changes between the first and second film."
Why? "Override."
Why? "This is Garfield, your doorman."
Why? "The Original Incredible Hulk. It was cool that they were able to get him to reprise his role in the Avengers."
Why? "Ink Suit Actor much as he looks uncannily like Obadiah Stane plus he recently appeared in Man of Steel as Jax-Ur."
Why? "Uncle Iroh. He simply was the greatest."
Why? "Don't F**k with Mara Wilson!"
Why? "One of the more underrated voices of Iron Man."
Why? "He's the best voice of Sabretooth and also was Crumplezone."
Why? "Best Joker Voice Ever. Also Luke Skywalker is one of my favourite movie charecters too. I'm glad he pursued voice acting instead."
Why? "Heero Yuy, he honestly delivered the lines for him very well."
Why? "We've finally got the Bruce Banner we've always needed on the big screen."
Why? "I absolutely adore her as Revy and Thunderblast."
Why? "He knows how design and make good games man. Pretty cool that he created and voices King Dedede."
Why? "The only guy to ever make Anakin Skywalker cool."
Why? "A worthy successor to Casey Kasem as Shaggy."
Why? "I find it cool that out of all the auditions they had for General Grevious. the winner was a sound editor at Skywalker Ranch."
Why? "The Brain, Morbo, Toucan Sam, Inspector Gadget, Egon, Mr. Freeze and even Orson Welles. He's one helluva of a voice actor."
Why? "Chrona is by far her best role however her Dende's quite good as well."
Why? "Gwen Tennyson."
Why? "She brings a lot of energy into her roles. Her singing is great for the openings to Slayers."
Why? "The Original Man of a Thousand Voices."
Why? "Honestly I had no idea that a woman voiced Pazuzu when I watched the Exorcist. Seriously it sounded convincing it was a man."
Why? "It's uncanny how much he sounds like Johnny Yong Bosch. He played Soul and did a great job."
Why? "The best Alfred ever."
Why? "He was a gentle giant that could play any kind of character. He was a great as Kilowog."
Why? "He voiced some of the better characters in the Unicron Trilogy and succeeds David Kaye where he left off."
Why? "Armada Starscream, he did a fantastic job breaking the archetype that the character's namesake created."
Why? "I just love his voice."
Why? "The go-to guy for a badass military man or villian which includes Sam Fisher, Ultra Magnus and Darkseid."
Why? "I like him best as Marty McFly, but just don't call him a chicken."
Why? "He plays two pilots. Char Aznable and Roger Baxter."
Why? "A smooth charismatic voice he has. Really shines as Charles Zi Britannia and Tracks."
Why? "There's a reason why she's not only Apple Bloom but the singing voice of Sweetie Belle because she sings amazingly."
Why? "Yoko Littner - Best Chick in Anime."
Why? "He makes Vandal Savage awesome. also liked him as Death and Silvermane."
Why? "Hank Hill, Boomhauer, Beavis and Butt-Head and off course is the creator of King of the Hill and Beavis and Butt-Head"
Why? "Chief Lin Bei Fong, and Frau Farbissina."
Why? "Alexis."
Why? "It's Morgan Freeman. He is one of the best actor of all time and has a cool voice."
Why? "Mr. T pitys the fools."
Why? "She's Bart Simpsons, Nelson Muntz and most of all my favorite Simpsons character Ralph Wiggum."
Why? "He's Mal Reynolds, Hal Jordan, Richard Castle and the champion of nerds everywhere."
Why? "This is Scout, Rainbows make me cry."
Why? "Watch out we got a badass over here."
Why? "He's Neil Patrick Harris. He is probably the coolest man on the planet right now. His persona in Harold and Kumar is classic."
Why? "He's crazy awesome scary insane in almost all of his movies."
Why? "Dear Princess Celestia...."
Why? "Shego, Drew Saturday and she was a riot back on MadTV."
Why? "I mean his screaming his does for Link are incredible, also he's the Japanese voice of Viral."
Why? "I love the energy and charisma he brings into roles like Deadpool, Smokescreen, Space Core, Penguin, Merasmus and the Kraang."
Why? "All Hail Emperor Wakamoto."
Why? "Marceline the Vampire Queen, nuff said."
Why? "She's Balalaika and Strika."
Why? "He is one of the greatest and most charismatic actors ever."
Why? "He's a kickass guy. That's why."
Why? "Stark's trusty AI system J.A.R.V.I.S."
Why? "He's able to go from villains like Naraku, Sideways and Doctor Doom to tough guys like Juggernaut and Landmine to rivals like Graham Aker."
Why? "Hard to imagine that Perceptor is also both Col. Campbell and Max Tennyson."
Why? "Pee-Wee Herman, the original manchild."
Why? "Oh man he plays the quirkiest character ever like Dick Dastardly, Gargamel and off course Tigger."
Why? "Optimus Prime and Eeyore."
Why? "Columbo!"
Why? "Ranger Gord"
Why? "Chewbacca...*inserts his trademark roar*"
Why? "Predaking and the Messenger from 300."
Why? "Eeyup he's Big Mac alright."
Why? "SKY-BYTE!!!!"
Why? "He's Robocop and The Dark Knight Returns Batman. Gritty is a word to best describe him as."
Why? "Hi I'm Troy McClure....and Lionel Hutz."
Why? "Probably the most versitile voice actor in the industry right now."
Why? "I love the Minions."
Why? "He is the go to guy for a grumpy drill sargent...probably helps that he once was one."
Why? "I'm amazed that she was both Misty and Jessie."
Why? "I can forgive him for ROTF. I really like his fast talking and funny attitude. I actually like him as Carl in the show Mike and Molly."
Why? "Rhinox and Vector Prime and oh um M. Bison. THIS IS DELICIOUS!!!!"
Why? "He is the Mighty Thor! oh and the AMC Annoucer."
Why? "One of the best voice actors ever, he's great at comedy with roles such as Yakko, Pinky, Donatello, Carl Wheezer and Major Glory."
Why? ""I am Iron Man", truer words have never been spoken. RDJ has so much charisma and puts his all in to his roles."
Why? "Freddy Krueger but voice wise he was great as The Vulture and the Riddler."
Why? "His Jellal and Mystogan are excellent. He was able to portray these same characters in many different ways."
Why? "The T-1000 from T2. One of the best villains in the history of movies."
Why? "He's Elliot Ness, Ultra Magnus and the host of unsolvable mysteries."
Why? "TF2 Medic, Baron Zemo, Travis Touchdown and Mumm-Ra!"
Why? "Squidward, the grumpiest sod that ever lived."
Why? "Slade is one of my favourite villains."
Why? "The best voice of the Kingpin. He had a soothing voice perfect for narrating Babe. RIP."
Why? "Cake the Cat."
Why? "Captain Falcon and Vegeta. Imagine a Falcon Punch with a power level over 9000!!!!!!"
Why? "Her Lady Satsuki is not to be trifled with, i can't believe she is also Japanese Airachnid, who's a boy crazy yandere in the dub of Prime."
Why? "Benson, Pops and Muscle Man. He sure has range."
Why? "*inserts Nikopol*"
Why? "He's played everybody in Star Wars. I love his Darth Maul best."
Why? "He really has an impressive range including Edd, Tieria Erde, Russell, Coby, Martin Mystery, Billy and Flim Skim."
Why? "I absolutely love her as Vanellope von Schweetz."
Why? "She has this really cute energetic voice that works amazingly as Sayaka Miki and Nico."
Why? "Scott is the greatest voice actor in Canada. Dinobot, Waspinator, Rattrap and Silverbolt in Beast Wars damn."
Why? "The best voice of Robin. His voice is great for the reason he still sounds so young."
Why? "He's one of Canada's best comedians, he always either hams it up or dishes out laughs and for that we thank you."
Why? "The best voice of Goku. also he voiced Colress and Hugh in Pokemon Black/White 2's anime trailers."
Why? "Scott Evil and he also created and voices on Robot Chicken."
Why? "Not at all a fan of his cartoons but he has some of the best range and is able to talk to himself no sweat. I wish he freelanced voice wise."
Why? "SHAQ FU!"
Why? "One of the best onscreen actresses ever. Ellen Ripley and Dana Barrett."
Why? "Doctor Doom"
Why? "Stan is the man. Excelsior!"
Why? "She's Kate Beckett and does a pretty great Talia Al Ghul and Lois Lane."
Why? "Stephen Colbert for President. I trust him with the news more than anyone else."
Why? "His voice is one of a kind, perfect as Spike Spiegel, Starscream, Wolverine, Amon and fabulously played against the type as Leeron."
Why? "Master Cheif and Star Lord. Respect Him!"
Why? "He's the Krusty Krab Training Video Narrator. I've always assumed it was Mr. Lawrence. I'm pleasantly surprised."
Why? "She plays action girls like Arcee and Katana very well."
Why? "Stallone is a badass, he will always be remembered for being Rocky and Rambo."
Why? "The Definitive Canadian Voice Actress and man does she have good range."
Why? "Donkey Kong, Ganondorf and the Japanese voices of Patrick Star and Bulkhead."
Why? "Even though Miko is the scrappy in her show, i must say she atleast has a lot of energy."
Why? "Twilight Sparkle, Sari Sumdac, Raven, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Timmy Turner, Ben Tennyson, Bubbles. Do I go on...."
Why? "Biff."
Why? "His performance as Flapjack and Lil Gideon are so well played that it's creepy and somewhat scary."
Why? "He's so underrated. I mean how can you not love his performances as Johnny 5, Frank the Pug, Ben Urich and the Goofy Goober."
Why? "Barnacle Boy."
Why? "His voice is smexy. He has played villains like Hexxus, Dr. Morocco and Palpatine but he is also Nigel Thornberry who is simply smashing!"
Why? "He was able demonstrate some great range on King of the Hill as Kahn and Cotton Hill."
Why? "He is great at playing hot blooded and comedic roles such as Natsu Dragneel, Death the Kid and Ling Yao."
Why? "One of my all time favourite actors. My favorite roles of his are Forrest Gump and Woody."
Why? "There is no one else who could have played Loki as well as he in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. He's so delightfully charming."
Why? "ULTRON!!!!!!!"
Why? "Tom Kenny was always a fav growing up. Spongebob Squarepants was and still is one of my favourite cartoons to this date. He's the best."
Why? "He did the voices for so many villianous characters. Frollo, Shere Khan, Megabyte and Lickboot. RIP your voice will be missed."
Why? "He's Adrian Monk."
Why? "I love his deep booming voice, it works well for scary supernatural beings like the Candyman, as well as noble villains like Dreadwing."
Why? "Ever since he voiced Senketsu he became my favorite seiyu. He just delivers one awesome performance after another."
Why? "Roy Mustang, Cell, Sideswipe, Thor, Guile and Mastermind. He's got a really cool voice."
Why? "Our Intrepid Host. He's the voice of Scourge, Iron Will, Hoity Toity, Fancy Pants, Patrick Colasaur, Mr. Chang, Leigharch and Pyro."
Why? "Oh where do we begin....Schneizel, Van Kliess, Jetfire, Excalibur, Loki, Two Face, Lego Batman and half of the Avengers cast."
Why? "Phil Dunphy is one of the many reasons that make Modern Family one of the best comedies ever."
Why? "She is my favourite voice for Black Widow, alluring as Mary Jane Watson and she's also Irwin too."
Why? "She is Ash Ketchum and voiced him back in the day when the Pokemon anime was actually awesome."
Why? "Edward Elric sure can sing."
Why? "It is the year 2005......"
Why? "While I am no fan of the Fast and Furious franchise, I really love the Iron Giant."
Why? "He left an everlasting impression when he did the evil laugh at the end of Michael Jackson's Thriller."
Why? "Wally was born to voice in superhero stuff, like Kotetsu, Ant-Man, The Riddler, MODOK and he's pretty cool as Renji Abarai."
Why? "Fantastic as Terry McGinnis the Batman of Batman Beyond."
Why? "DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH I'VE SACRIFICED! He was an amazing live action Norman Osborn/Green Goblin and Gill from Finding Nemo."
Why? "Great Actor as seen in movies like Fargo, Air Force One and on shows like Shameless."
Why? "Rigby!"
Why? "I think he's finally hit it big as Steven Universe."
#1 All Time Favorite
Dale Gribble
Why? "He's a government fearing conspiracy theorist and he's got pocket sand that he's not afraid to use."
Why? "His first name is Agent!, also he's a Captain America fanboy."
Why? "He's a government agent with a heart of gold, and delivers a lot of great comedic material. Ernie Hudson rocked this role."
Why? "The manliest thing to ever sparkle."
Why? "World's Greatest Butler."
Why? "Got to love a villian shrowed in mystery."
Why? "I never thought I'd like Anakin Skywalker but after the Clone Wars cartoon I sure do now."
Why? "She's Dependable, Honest and she makes me want to eat apples."
Why? "He is so not useless. He's a large ham."
Why? "Finally in Prime. She's the tough cookie i've been waiting for."
Why? "A Rage filled monster of hate. I love him for that."
Why? "Forget Picard....Forget Professor Xavier....Bullock Man....Bullock."
Why? "Coolest A.I system ever. Grey Delisle sounds adorable as her."
Why? "The best Yugi-Oh character......In America!"
Why? "He's a big guy, FOR YOU!"
Why? "Mermaid Man's ward and voice of reason."
Why? "I am Vengence. I am the Night. I AM BATMAN!"
Why? "Bill is the saddest sack i've ever seen. If i have a bad day remember it can be worse. You could be Bill."
Why? "Oh boy what a tease she is. *nose bleeds* definitely one of the funniest fan service characters."
Why? "Seriously a lego based hero...that's..that's so awesome."
Why? "The highway rampage scene in the 2007 movie was awesome."
Why? "He's best described as a Swedish Murder Machine, easily my favourite character in the show."
Why? "What's up doc?"
Why? "Not going to lie I've never really been a fan of the character since I grew up with Hot Shot but towards the end of Prime he was great."
Why? "Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnyyyyyyyyywhooooooooooooooooooooo."
Why? "The greatest space ranger who ever lived."
Why? "Forget Boba Fett. Cad Bane is the greatest bounty hunter in the galaxy."
Why? "Best Soap Opera actor ever."
Why? "My favourite Ben 10 alien, all the way back since the original series."
Why? "FALCON PUNCH!!!!!!"
Why? "Serious, Law-Abiding and straight laced...he's comically seriousness at its finest."
Why? "He's Pony Weird Al, need I say more?"
Why? "The only terrorist leader i'll ever like."
Why? "He killed fitty men."
Why? "He was the only reason I watched Class of the Titans and thus became my favourite of the Greek Gods."
Why? "I have a confession to make. I like Daredevil because of the Ben Affleck movie. I like the idea of a blind superhero vigilante."
Why? "Good comic relief duo along with Sky Lynx."
Why? "Perhaps one of the greatest villains in the history of villians."
Why? "The Merc with the Mouth."
Why? "Who knew Death would be a goofy manchild at heart."
Why? "Having OCD never looked so cool before."
Why? "He died to ensure the survival of the human race."
Why? "He's trying to figure out what's up with Gravity Falls."
Why? ""Death comes to he who crosses me.""
Why? "He's the reason why FIM is a great show. They never had a villianous troll before."
Why? "He can duplicate himself. He's also vastly underused. I'm glad Omniverse brought him back."
Why? "One of the funniest mad scientists."
Why? "DO NOT CALL HIM SHORT! He is the Fullmetal Alchemist."
Why? "She's a hottie but i wonder why she ends up with Cyclops?"
Why? "She is a tough swordswoman with armor and outfits for any occasion. she got great character development in the Tower of Heaven arc."
Why? "FOOL!"
Why? "He's a nice good guy. I can fix it!"
Why? "I already love you Fluttershy. I can't love you anymore than I already could."
Why? "Frieza is such a cool villian."
Why? "SIEG ZEON! while he is a complete monsters who wants to be just like Hitler. that speech was amazing."
Why? "A hero with a pure heart."
Why? "In brightest day in blackest night No evil shall escape my sight Let those who worship evils might Beware my power, Green Lanterns light!"
Why? "He sells propane and propane accessories."
Why? "Hawkeye's sarcasm is definitely a highlight from the Avengers."
Why? "He's one hot hero. Definatley one of the best aliens from the original series. Steve Blum is still the best for Heatblast."
Why? "What was that, Sandvich? "Kill them all"? Good idea! Hahahaha!"
Why? "The only good thing about Ferngully was Hexxus and the song Toxic Love. hmm yeah!"
Why? "Yabba-Dabba-Do! Simpson, Homer Simpson, he's the greatest guy in history! From the town of Springfield he's about to hit a chestnut tree!"
Why? "She is the girl in Madoka's dream, emotionally distant and stoic but we later find out she only wishes to save her best friend at all costs."
Why? "He was built for speed."
Why? "This guy is one of my fav tv dads. he has the stereotypical 50's dad look but he's a cloudcuckoolander who loves pies and ducks."
Why? "The Strongest Their Is."
Why? "He is the best uncle you could ever want."
Why? "Didn't we all at one point in our childhoods wish that we were pals with a big robot like the Iron Giant because I sure did."
Why? "He's a genius billionaire playboy philanthropist."
Why? "After playing Iron Will. Trevor Devall must voice Hercule in the Ocean dub of Dragonball Z Kai."
Why? "Jake is reason why dogs are man's best friend."
Why? "He's dang ol' Boomhauer man. He's wise, insightful and he's a texas ranger too."
Why? "Orange Boy."
Why? "The Saving Grace of Beast Machines."
Why? "Why so serious?"
Why? "Kahn isn't just only Kirk's enemy he's also Hank's jerkass neighbour."
Why? "Let's see what this badass mother can do?"
Why? "I love her in Beware the Batman being Batman's sidekick. she has a great attitude. DC needs to use Katana more often."
Why? "Who doesn't love the hair guy. ATTENTION DUELISTS!!!!!!"
Why? "I don't know what it is with Derrick J. Wyatt creating villainous hunters but he's a great intimidating new threat."
Why? "He's so escentric."
Why? "She fills the shoes of the Avatar left by Aang very nicely."
Why? "He is the strongest human in the universe and yet is still not given any respect. Atleast he gets 18 as a wife."
Why? "She is the Black King and Haru's Senpai. She changed Haruyuki's life by introducing him to Brain Burst. I absolutely love this character."
Why? "Another awesome fiery anime red head, a little axe-crazy, she eats a lot and she's even good at DDR."
Why? "Ahahahahaha. He's the funniest camp gay character. Bye Bye Bitches!"
Why? "The Noblest of Demons."
Why? "Barry Yendell emulates Mark Hamill's Joker and man does he sound great."
Why? "The Norse God of Mischief. He's so cool that I'd let him conquer the Earth any day of the week."
Why? "Like OMG, she's like a totally funny charecter."
Why? "She's my fav character in Gravity Falls."
Why? "Madoka is so adorable and just wants to help people and do good regardless of what it could cost her."
Why? "He's the greatest family man in all of anime."
Why? "He's not evil he's just a extremist in his views."
Why? "An anime cutie who is more intelligent, badass and kind. Really loved how she befriended Chrona."
Why? "She's a nasty piece of work and despite what she did to Chrona i really like her personality especially when she wore bloomers. heh."
Why? "Peace Through Tyranny!"
Why? "I can't believe that was Nolan North as Merasmus. He sounded so much more like Dwight Schultz. Merasmus is a great antagonist for TF2."
Why? "He's a superhero that wears a bra and shouts EVIL!!!!! How is that not the greatest."
Why? "It's not every day that we have a perverted monk with a black hole embedded in the palm of his right hand. WIND TUNNEL!!!!!"
Why? "The best Marvel superheroine."
Why? "You know who else likes Muscle Man? MY MOM!"
Why? "She's just so sweet. She's perfect for Simon."
Why? "Smashing!"
Why? "A Cool Catholic dude who can teleport. How is that not cool."
Why? "It's Prime Time."
Why? "Is Mayonaise an Instrument?"
Why? "The reason we all watch Phineas and Ferb."
Why? "We all wonder what the future would be like but he gets to actually live his dream. He may not be bright but he's a real hero."
Why? "He's tough, gruff and rough but the friendship between him and Gohan is what showed us and himself that we all can have a heart of gold."
Why? "She just wants to make you Smile Smile! Smile!"
Why? "He just wants the krabby patty formula. He became way more sympathetic in later season due to him becoming more pathetic."
Why? "Who doesn't love poking this guy."
Why? "Good Show! Jolly Good Show!"
Why? "Where's my money honey?"
Why? "Good News Everyone!"
Why? "He's got a crapload of middle names."
Why? "He completes Chrona. He's the jerkass (sometimes with a heart of gold) aspect of Chrona and in sense is the big brother figure."
Why? "20% cooler in 10 seconds flat."
Why? "He's just so loveable."
Why? "My favourite Disney Princess."
Why? "But I thought you wanted whining?"
Why? "The Autobot's trusty medic."
Why? "One of the coolest goth sorceresses I've ever seen. Season 4 really gave Raven a lot of good episode in the spotlight."
Why? "Poor Razer, man he keeps losing the women in his life. Razer's rage is a force to reckoned with."
Why? "Roberta is easily one the best ruthless characters ever. She's pretty much a terminator that happens to be a maid."
Why? "Watch out he's wielding a knife and he's not afraid to stab anyone."
Why? "He's got that huge banhammer."
Why? "Ben's new partner and voice of reason. He's humble and naive when it comes to Earth culture and sayings. One of the best new characters."
Why? "I support the miniskirt army. Roy Mustang for Fhurer."
Why? "She's the best demon slayer I've ever seen. just don't let her catch you as a peeping tom."
Why? "He's got the fear toxin that can make you fear anything."
Why? "Seriously that was Brian Drummond. Holy Crap! I thought it was Tabitha."
Why? "Inuyasha's older and cooler brother."
Why? "Jane Lynch as a space marine. sign me up. :D"
Why? "Too cool to the last. He was Rin and Yukio's father and the damn coolest priest that ever existed."
Why? "In TFA he was the double agent, in Prime he's a badass scientist with logic becoming his verbal tick."
Why? "He is the defining comming of age charecter in anime."
Why? "How can anyone not love his arrogance."
Why? "He calls everyone dudes."
Why? "He's a cool dude who totally rocks the piano."
Why? "Watch out for the quiet ones."
Why? "Easily rivals Ben Stein and Al Gore in best boring monotone voice. He's not called sour for nothing."
Why? "The most relatable superhero ever created."
Why? "Who lives in a pineapple under the sea?"
Why? "The Teen Titans version is just so cute and bubbly."
Why? "All Hail Starscream!"
Why? "Only because of MTMTE. I hope we get the chance to see him in the next Transformers cartoon."
Why? "He's a child's wish come true....and then he grows up and becomes a crude and crass jerk with a heart of gold. I surprisingly like him."
Why? "The Joe's snarker."
Why? "She's just so adorkable when it comes to her friends and her studies."
Why? "He's Skynet in a Iron Man body created by Hank Pym. Hopefully he gets to be in the movies at some point."
Why? "Oh my god i just love her so much. Sarah Silverman did such a fantastic job voicing her. My favourite character in the movie."
Why? "Haha! this guy he's hilarious. We need more of this guy."
Why? "His rage knows no bounds. as the Prince of all Saiyans, he wants to surpass Kakarot in every way possible."
Why? "He's a wicked warrior with shark teeth."
Why? "Universe hates Waspinator but the fans love him."
Why? "The Leader of Andy's toys. Tom Hanks did a great job voicing him."
Why? "The most lovable Disney villian yet. Ralph's just a big gentle giant. Gotta love his catchphrase. "I'm gonna wreck it!""
Why? "He's a parody of Frank Nelson. '"Eeeh-Ye-e-e-es?""
Why? "Hottest Anime Chick Ever. Also gotta love her charecter too."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Transformers: Beast Wars
Why? "It took the Transformers franchise and brought it to a whole other level. Great Writing, Animation, voice acting and characters."
Why? "Despite the fact I disliked SAO, I found Accel World to be a much better show mostly because of Haruyuki and Kuroyukihime's relationship."
Why? "You know what time it is? ADVENTURE TIME!!!!!"
Why? "A western animation with an anime twist. A great story of war, great animation,characters, humor and culture. This show ended on a high note"
Why? "Kickstarted the DCAU and left a everlasting impression on kids of the 90's that cartoons can be dark and the epicness of Batman."
Why? "Initially I was put off by it's campy tone but I came around when I realized it paid homage to the Silver Age comics & Aquaman is OUTRAGEOUS"
Why? "This show was classic back in its heyday. Too bad Alien Force and Ultimate Alien don't live up to this show. However Omniverse does."
Why? "A great revamp for the Ben 10 franchise. Derrick J. Wyatt should work on every show ever made from now on."
Why? "It has a ongoing storyline that makes use of the lesser known villains in Batman's rogue galley. I love Katana, Anarky and Magpie in this."
Why? "JIBUN WOOOO! What can I say I love magnificent bastard villain protagonists."
Why? "The beginning to R2 is awkward and a lot of executive meddling occurred but Zero Requiem made up for almost all of it."
Why? "Took one of the most inflentual anime ever made, condensed it and added better dialouge and voice acting and removed the filler."
Why? "What makes Durarara! great is just how much the crazy stuff that happens in Ikebukuro all intertwines with one another."
Why? "One of the best animes I've seen. Natsu, Erza, Lucy and the rest of the gang have a great dynamic and a real sense of comradery."
Why? "Impossible a prequel that's better than the original series? Fate/Zero is far more sophisticated and mature than Stay/Night in every way."
Why? "A good friend of mine recommended me this show, oh boy this show is hilarious. I love Sosuke and Kaname's relationship. Tessa was cute too."
Why? "I wish I had watched this back when it was on tv in 2004, recently watched it and loved it. My fav character is either Hughes or Armstrong."
Why? "A more faithful telling of the manga that exceeds the original anime in every way on a grander scale, Brotherhood is a masterpiece anime."
Why? "I love pretty much everything about this show. Especially Bender. also this show just generates meme after meme."
Why? "Mabel is the best reason to watch this show."
Why? "The Green Lantern Corps are my second favourite DC Heroes after Batman. I'm glad they finally have their own show."
Why? "Gainax has made one of the most epic animes ever made. Kamina is a inspiration to us all and Simon is the definative comming of age hero."
Why? "Despite the de-aging of the character, this is probably the best I've seen anyone handle Iron Man's rogues galleries."
Why? "Kill La Kill is balls of the wall crazy good, i wouldn't expect any less from the folks at Trigger. Easily the best original anime of 2013."
Why? "This show is great I tell you what!"
Why? "A great SoL anime that's about friends having overcome bizarre situations that puts their friendships to the tests."
Why? "The original Gundam series, it was the start of not only a great franchise but also redefined the real robot genre & Char Aznable nuff said."
Why? "My favourite instalment of the Gundam franchise. 00 I think carries the anti-war message better as our main heroes goal is to eliminate war."
Why? "It was the first Gundam series to come to the West. The Gundam designs are awesome and Duo is all sorts of cool and Trieze was magnificent."
Why? ""I never thought I'd ever like a show about ponys but Lauren Faust has proved me wrong. Thanks Lauren for the show.""
Why? "This had to have been my first anime, from the first series to D/P it was pretty solid all things considered, I just Ash wasn't stupid now."
Why? "This isn't your average ordinary magical girls anime that's for sure."
Why? "You know who else likes this show. MY MOM!"
Why? "This anime is great. I really came to love Maka, Soul, Kid and Excalibur. I hope they could continue the show at some point."
Why? "The defining cartoon from my childhood. even though the new episodes aren't that great the old ones are simply the best."
Why? "Totally redeems the prequel trilogy. I mean who knew Anakin Skywalker could actually be cool."
Why? "Steins;Gate is a masterpiece in everyway from its lovable quirky cast to its unique take on time travel & its use of real world references."
Why? "Starts off with mostly silly comedic humor and then it gradually builded itself up to its darker storylines."
Why? "This is my favourite TMNT series, it has a really nice balance between comedy, action, a good overarching story arc and fun."
Why? "ALWAYS WE WILL FIGHT AS ONE, UNTIL THE BATTLE'S WON! Plus Hulk, Cap, Iron Man, Hawkeye, Ms. Marvel and Wasp are great in the show."
Why? "A great time skip continuation to Avatar. It has a really cool steampunk vibe and Korra is a great protagonist."
Why? "It's Winnie the Pooh. Him and the rest of the gang are a swell bunch of chaps."
Why? "The most badass little girls ever made."
Why? "This show brought animation back to the adults. Plus how can anyone not love Homer Simpson and the town of Springfield."
Why? "This was the best Spider-Man series I could have asked for? It's a shame it was cancelled this deserved to go on longer. Josh Keaton FTW!"
Why? "It's a medieval, sci-fi fantasy romance anime. It's the ultimate combination of every genre in anime."
Why? "A Superhero Anime? Sign me up for some of that, It has a lot of fresh ideas for the genre like the entirety of HeroTV."
Why? "I honestly loved this show as soon as I saw the character designs and it proved itself to be a well written show with great characters."
Why? "I know the Unicron Trilogy isn't the greatest but I grew up with the show and it has a good story and cool worlds they visit."
Why? "While the show is flawed, it still is worth the watch as it had great characters like Ratchet, Arcee, Knockout, Soundwave and Agent Fowler."
Why? "A fun show that's great for kids and even adults, even without the Decepticon their is a lot of charm with the Rescue Bots and Burns Family."
Why? "I'm looking forward to this, fingers crossed if it will be any good."
Why? "This show should have been called Nightcrawler and The X-Men IMO. It wasn't by any means bad but it isn't the greatest show either."
Why? "This was my introduction to the X-Men series and despite making them teens and the drama, this show's take on Apocolypse was really awesome"
Why? "It's a show about a children's card game that ties into Egyptian mythology. It seems silly today but I still like it and the 4Kids dub of it"
#1 All Time Favorite
The Avengers
Why? "One of the best superheroes films of all time. This is how action films are to be done. great action and great characters. Best Marvel film."
Why? "A dark and harsh DC animated film with perhaps one of the sickest Jokers ever shown on screen, and Red Hood is badass."
Why? "RDJ made his great comeback as Tony Stark/Iron Man."
Why? "So far it's the best DC animated film i've seen. It's got a great story, great animation and great voice acting. Also its got Cyborg."
Why? "Best Film of 2013. Kaiju came back with a vengeance, the Jaeger's look amazing fighting in the rain and the characters were great."
Why? "Even though I was content with Deadlock as Prime's finale Predacons Rising is a good epilogue to end the series, Knockout steals the show."
Why? "This was my introduction to the Avengers. While the voice cast isn't as great as say EMH's they still did a good job in there own right."
Why? "This was better than the first Ultimate Avengers, It also serves as a good Black Panther origins film."
Why? "After watching this I got a huge sugar rush. A Sugar Rush of awesome. Also it's the best video game film ever made."
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "If their's one charecter that's was truly original to come out of Transformers It must be Starscream."
Why? "The World's Greatest Dectective, The Caped Crusader and is the Dark Knight. Need I go on."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Team Fortress 2
Why? "The best game ever made. Their's so much fun in this game and the classes are so distinct in abilities and personality."
Why? "Pokemon successfully made the transition to 3D very nicely."