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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Billy West
Why? "Favorite voice actor, and my hero."
Why? "8 Crazy Nights!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Scrooge McDuck"
Why? "Thomas and Friends"
Why? "Pokémon"
Why? "Pokemon."
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "A good actor."
Why? "Favorite video game voice actor."
Why? "Cars"
Why? "The Simpsons"
Why? "Little Mermaid"
Why? "SpongeBob"
Why? "Big Hero 6"
Why? "GTA 5"
Why? "Kuzco"
Why? "Eggman!"
Why? "A Bug's Life"
Why? "Inspector Gadget"
Why? "Scooby Doo!"
Why? "Favorite Comedian!"
Why? "Drake & Josh"
Why? "Toy Story"
Why? "Captain Scarlet!"
Why? "Another favorite"
Why? "Blue Falcon"
Why? "My favorite stand-up comedian."
Why? "Favorite comedians!"
Why? "Favorite singers"
Why? "Cool actor!"
Why? "Donkey Kong"
Why? "Grim"
Why? "Garfield!"
Why? "The Simpsons!"
Why? "Bug's Life"
Why? "Zootopia"
Why? "Angry Birds"
Why? "Zootopia"
Why? "Favorite voice actor"
Why? "The voice of Ralph"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Another favorite actor"
Why? "Aladdin"
Why? "Drake and Josh"
Why? "Belle"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Sonic"
Why? "My favorite wrestler."
Why? "Mortimer Mouse"
Why? "Po, Disney and others!"
Why? "Best voice for Fox in the Star Fox games."
Why? "Silver"
Why? "Wallace and Gromit"
Why? "Jiminy Cricket"
Why? "A Bug's Life"
Why? "One of my favorite comedians"
Why? "Mr. Incredible"
Why? "Billy and Mandy"
Why? "Beast"
Why? "Lion King"
Why? "Favorite wrestler."
Why? "SpongeBob"
Why? "Pokemon!"
Why? "Roy Hess in Dinosaurs"
Why? "Frozone"
Why? "Sonic!"
Why? "Aladdin"
Why? "Buck"
Why? "Pokemon!"
Why? "Favorite line he does for Wario. "D'oh, I Missed!""
Why? "Luigi"
Why? "Another favorite actor"
Why? "The best first ever voice for Mickey."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "My favorite video game character"
Why? "WWE"
Why? "Cool deep voice."
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Favorite pokemon trainer"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Disney."
Why? "Pixar/Disney!"
Why? "Awesome cat."
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Nintendo!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Funniest character ever in this show!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "One of my favorite Sesame Street characters!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Funniest character ever! XD"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Funny Pokemon character."
Why? "Disney"
Why? "He's a freaking awesome Hawk!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Cool character."
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Another favorite Mario character"
Why? "Nintendo"
Why? "Favorite pokemon girl character"
Why? "Favorite Female Pokémon character!"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Funny character."
Why? "Garfield!"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Favorite Spongebob Character!"
Why? "Funny character!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Favorite Ren and Stimpy character"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "One of my other favorite characters."
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Wallace and Gromit"
Why? "Another favorite game character."
Why? "Another favorite Mario Character."
Why? "Animaniacs"
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
The Super Mario Bros. Super Show!
Why? "I'm a Big Fan of Mario!"
Why? "Favorite comedy show!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Brings back my childhood memories."
Why? "Very funny show!"
Why? "Classic"
Why? "Childhood show."
Why? "favorite nickelodeon comedy show."
Why? "Favorite christmas movie."
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Another favorite t.v. show!"
Why? "Favorite comedy show."
Why? "My favorite t.v. show as a child."
#1 All Time Favorite
Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers
Why? "Favorite Disney Movie!"
Why? "Pixar"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Another favorite pixar movie!"
Why? "Favorite Adam Sandler movie!"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Best Sequel ever!"
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Favorite Garfield movie."
Why? "It's a Better film than the sequels."
Why? "Favorite movie as a child"
Why? "Favorite Pokemon movie."
Why? "Another favorite Pokemon movie."
Why? "Great Mario movie ever."
Why? "Disney!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Favorite christmas movie!"
Why? "Favorite Pixar movie!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
Why? "Favorite, because it's Mario!"
Why? "Pokemon!"
Why? "Mario"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "pokemon"
Why? "Nintnedo!"
Why? "Pokemon!"
Why? "Disney"
Why? "Funniest character ever!"
Why? "Funny villan character"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Super Mario Bros Series
Why? "Favorite video game series!"
Why? "Racing games are one of favorites."
Why? "Classic game I use to play when I was little."
Why? "Favorite game!"
Why? "Mario and Sonic my favorite characters."
Why? "Favorite Mario Golf game for N64."
Why? "Another favorite game!"
Why? "Second favorite Mario Party game."
Why? "Another favorite Mario Party game."
Why? "My favorite Pinball game."
Why? "Best Mario vs. Donkey Kong game ever."
Why? "SEGA"
Why? "Best Sonic racing game ever."
Why? "Funniest game ever!"
Why? "Best 3DS Game Ever!!!"
Why? "Favorite N64 game."
Why? "Mario!"
Why? "Favorite fighting game!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Mickey Mouse (2013)
Why? "Mickey Mouse Fan!"
Why? "Pokemon fan!"
Why? "Childhood show!"
#1 All Time Favorite
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Favorite snack food."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Favorite video game franchise"