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Homura Akemi
Why? "She is so adorable"
Why? "She is a lot like me"
Why? "She takes her business seriously but is friendly(in the games) and will give info for free every now and than"
Why? "I love every moment he is on screen.He's funny,hyper and there is a smile on his face most of the time"
Why? "Play Integral Factor(don't know if it's canon) and you'll see why."
Why? "He is so adorable.>.< I just want to hug him!"
Why? "She's kind,caring and her smile is so adorable (The anime stopped before she comes into the story beside that one flashback)"
Why? "I love every moment she is on screen (beside that one time in DR3)"
Why? "His personality,his dark sense of humor and his design.I love this guy (I'm usually annoyed by people or characters that act like him btw)"
Why? "She's been my favorite every since she first interacted with Steven when she was in the mirror"
Why? "Didn't have an opinion of him till after (spoiler).He is now one of my favorite characters"
Why? "135 characters can't describe how much I like her.Just read girls ops and you'll see why she is one of my favorite SAO characters"
Why? "She is a lot like me"
Why? "It's Mickey! Who don't like him?"
Why? "i loved her even before the game released"
Why? "Favorite fusion"
Why? "Despite what he did to Subaru in Ep 17(Let's not go there)He actually is a pretty good guy and I like his broship with Subaru ft Garfiel"
Why? "Originally I was kind of annoyed by her cause of her "fanbase".But after ep 11 she won me over.I just want to hug her.She's just so awesome!"
Why? "I didn't have an opinion on her till after episode 17 after that she became one of my favorite characters"
Why? "I can relate a lot to her and I love her talent I think it's pretty cool also she did not deserve what happened to her"
Why? "She is hilarious and I love every moment she is on screen"
Why? "I really didn't have an opinion on her but after despair girls she became one of my favorites"
Why? "He is so adorable!!!"
Why? "Vampire knight to vampire knight ep 7 was when she was one of my favorites afterwards she got my nervous a little to easily.."
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TV Show
Why? "Still makes me laugh to this day"
Why? "Though the manga/anime aren't aimed toward me,I love both! I love the story,characters,character designs and humor"
Why? "It has comedy,romance and it's about cats.My kind of show"
Why? "I don't care what people say,this show is amazing but I will admit it has flaws"
Why? "I love this season(Don't care for the Calibur arc but I did like it)"
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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Compare
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "I love the cast and every moment of this game(beside the executions...)"
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#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Nostalgia"
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#1 All Time Favorite