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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Has done a lot of things that I like,"
Why? "She's done a lot of stuff that I like and she has a really lovely voice, along with a great personality."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Just an overall character that I liked."
Why? "A bit of a badass without even trying to or meaning to be."
Why? "Ummmm...............good character design? Plus the whole nice body and charming voice is nice."
Why? "Has a great story as to how he became an assassin and how he gets more skilled."
Why? "Quite possibly my most hated character in the first game, and now one of my favorite characters in both. He had great magic and personality."
Why? "I like how she's caring towards everyone, but really fights well in the first one."
Why? "Not sure why, just really liked her attitude."
Why? "She has a good heart, the voice is done well, and she looks great."
Why? "So funny and cute."
Why? "She did always seem happy, plus the voice was nice."
Why? "Has a nice voice, and I like her attitude."
Why? "She's so happy all the time, her voice actor does a lot of work I like, and she just looks amazing. =)"
Why? "Seems to be the most reasonable in they story, plus he's really funny."
Why? "Like her voice and personality."
Why? "While I initially hated his attitude, I grew to like him."
Why? "Fun character and nice story."
Why? "Liked his attitude throughout the game."
Why? "Really nice character, voice is done well, and I had a bit of a crush on her for a while. =)"
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Big part of my childhood."
Why? "Game was a great way to follow the previous one."
Why? "Game was really fun with friends."
Why? "Liked the puzzles, and the story is fantastic."
Why? "One of my top games of all time."
Why? "While it was a bit linear, the overall experience was enjoyable and the story kept me interested."