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#1 All Time Favorite
Voice Actor
Why? "Love his voice. I also love versatile actors, and he's one of the most versatile I've ever heard."
Why? "Personal controversies aside, I think she's one of the most talented VAs in dubbing. It's a shame she mostly does video games nowadays."
Why? "A really cool guy, with an impressive range. I love how he's done American animation, anime, and even video games!"
Why? "One of Canada's most talented actors IMO. It's a shame there aren't more Canadian dubs so we could hear him more often."
Why? "Cutesy girl or sinister villain, she can play it all! I'm particularly fond of her villain roles, however."
Why? "One of my favorite FUNi VAs. She has such a powerful, respective voice, and she's a pretty good voice director to boot!"
Why? "One of New York's best out of their current talent pool. I hope she continues to get more roles."
Why? "One of the best actresses Odex had. I'm so happy she's started getting some work in America now. Hope to hear more from her soon."
Why? "Such a talented actor with quite a range. Loved him ever since I heard his Jonouchi. His Hisoka and Impmon are favs as well."
Why? "I love his voice. I'll always remember his amazing Seto Kaiba Nathan Seymour most of all!"
Why? "First heard him as Yuya in Arc-V, and his range and talent there blew me away. His voice is like the male version of moe - cute and likable."
Why? "Talented, and a fan just like us! Love that she enjoys cosplaying too."
Why? "I love versatility, and she delivers with how she could voice every male and female in a show, of any age. Wish she did more than games!"
Why? "She hasn't been in much unfortunately, but I love what I've heard from her. She seems like a super cool lady too!"
Why? "He always seems to give 100% to every role which I really admire. He also seems to be a pretty cool guy, and has a great voice!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Yugioh's best attempt at a female lead yet. I particularly love Ayumi Kinoshita's bone-chilling performance in the first season."
Why? "I love her personality, and her Cyber Angel deck is awesome. It made me happy to see her return for Arc V."
Why? "One of the most complex and fascinating characters in anime. I don't agree with what she does, but she doesn't deserve what she deals with."
Why? "One of the best parts about Zexal."
Why? "One of the best characters GX created. He could easily carry his own show!"
Why? "A likable character with a fantastic voice in both versions. I only wish the anime had treated him better than they did."
Why? "An awesome character with a fantastic voice. I wish I could be as fabulous as she is!"
Why? "Such a cutie! One of the most lovable characters to me. Didn't care much for him in season 2, but I loved his development in the others!"
Why? "One of my favorite Megaman characters, and earliest crushes. He was irritating in season 1 dubbed, but in the Japanese/Axcess he's great."
Why? "I love all the Amars, but Chieko's my favorite aside from Tskukimi. I love Cynthia's voice for her too!"
Why? "I think the fact I always choose to save her says a lot about how much I like this character. Susan Papa's voice is great."
Why? "One of my favorite Sailor Moon villains. I love how he manages to be both goofy AND creepy."
Why? "Such a fun change of pace this character was for Akira. Fish Eye was the most interesting and endearing of the Trio. Love his redemption."
Why? "I'm a sucker for cool, tough leader types, but Garnet is much more than that. I love that the crew took her in a different direction."
Why? "We need more badass old lady characters. She's such a cool character, and a great teacher."
Why? "My favorite Silent Hill protagonist outside of Heather. His storyline really moved me, and I liked Michael G's voice for the character."
Why? "Hands down my favorite Silent Hill protagonist. I love her sass and her vulnerability as well. Heather Morris did a great job as her."
Why? "I originally wrote her off as your typical tsundere, but she quickly proved me wrong. An interesting and lovable character."
Why? "He's the King. Need I say more?"
Why? "My second favorite protagonist after Yuya. His character arc is one of my favorites in all of Yugioh, and I love he's canonically bi too!"
Why? "I love how he's like a more mature Judai. His relationship with Judai is one of my favorite things about GX. They make a cute couple too."
Why? "He's so lovable, and his Engrish is a lot of fun. Shame he never appeared in season 4."
Why? "I'm such a sucker for the "underdog punk with a heart of gold". One of my favorite characters ever. His dub and Japanese voices are great."
Why? "Best Jojo (aside from maybe Jolyne), and I love his voice in both English and Japanese."
Why? "One of Kotono's best role, and probably my favorite character in Utena."
Why? "One of the few highlights of 02. His character arc touched me, and I loved watching him grow."
Why? "Such a badass character, and I love his character development. (especially in the '99 series) Proof looks can be deceiving!"
Why? "Love her spunk, and her character arc is great. As much as I love Aang, I appreciate the change of pace she brought as a lead."
Why? "Such a lovable personality, and his Japanese and English voices are PERFECT. He's honestly what got me to check out Tiger and Bunny."
Why? "One of the best cross-dressing characters in all of anime. Fun and lovable, and Josh's performance is FANTASTIC."
Why? "Her and her brother both are adorable. I love them both, but I like Luna a smidge more. I wish she had gotten more focus episodes."
Why? "Most fans like Yami and Kaiba best, but it was her and Jonouchi that kept me watching as a kid. One of Yugioh's best females!"
Why? "Evangelion has a lot of interesting female characters, but Misato is hands down my favorite."
Why? "One of the anime's best characters. Took a minor character from the game and did something amazing with her. Love Janyse's performance too!"
Why? "I appreciate all the love that was put into his character. I'm happy to have him as gay representation, even if he is somewhat stereotypical"
Why? "Her character arc touched me on a personal level. I love her dark sense of humor, intelligence, power, elegance and character design too!"
Why? "One of the most fascinating characters of the series. Pearl focused episodes are some of the best in the series."
Why? "Puzzles can get a bit frustrating sometimes, but the characters, storylines and music made me fall in love with the series."
Why? "I like tough guy characters, and Bon's one of the best. I love that he's smarter than these kinds of characters tend to be."
Why? "My favorite of the Inners. I love her personality in every incarnation of the series, and her DiC, Viz and Japanese voices are all great!"
Why? "My favorite as a kid, in part due to how much I related to her. (and still do) Aya is my favorite of her voices, but Kate's a close second!"
Why? "Love her elegance, affinity to the sea, relationship with Uranus, and her personality. She's surprisingly multi-faceted."
Why? "I love how she is as tough as she is vulnerable."
Why? "Sapphire is my birth stone, and I'm quite happy with the show's interpretation of it. Love her voice, design and personality."
Why? "My childhood crush growing up. He never fails to make me laugh, and I love his character development and role on the team."
Why? "Such a refreshing change of pace for a young male lead. I'm really happy the current generation is able to grow up with someone like him."
Why? "I love that Steven was willing to take a risk with a canon non-binary character. Stevonnie's awesome, both in character and in voice."
Why? "Tina never fails to crack me up, and I find her quite endearing as well."
Why? "Avatar has no shortage of fantastic female characters, but Toph is my favorite out of the original series. I love her attitude!"
Why? "One of the most well developed characters on the series. He's very endearing, and I enjoy the gratuitous Italian."
Why? "What's not to love about a non-binary yandere dragon? Truly one of Yugioh's best villains. Their Japanese voices are fantastic!"
Why? "I love how multi-faceted she is, and Veronica Taylor's performance as her endeared me to the character even more."
Why? "Yugioh's coolest protagonist since Atem. I love his voice, and his quiet and calm nature."
Why? "His character is fun in every version, but I'm partial to the Japanese."
#1 All Time Favorite
TV Show
Why? "Started off kinda rough, but really improved the more it went on. Not the best adaptation, but I enjoyed it nonetheless."
Why? "I'm actually one of the only people who never saw the movie, but I caught the series on tv as a kid and had a blast. Really fun show!"
Why? "Middle school favorite, and to this day, it's still one of the best American cartoons I've ever seen. Incredibly solid all around."
Why? "Can I really say anything that hasn't already been said? Seeing this series made me understand the appeal of comic book super heroes."
Why? "A bit of a rocky start, but it has since become my favorite family cartoon! Lovable cast, good humor, and some heartwarming moments."
Why? "A middle school fav. A repetitive premise, but one that manages to hold your interest all the while. Sparked my interest in French cartoons."
Why? "One of Cartoon Network's best ever shows. I'm still disappointed we never got an official soundtrack, or the planned future seasons!"
Why? "I've only seen this subbed, and as an adult. Impressive story and character development for a toyetic mon series."
Why? "Only seen this subbed as well. Not as good as Adventure, but I still liked it regardless. Ken and international CC were really cool."
Why? "I do miss some of the original JPN VAs, but the series is off to a promising start. The nostalgic of hearing the music again is unreal."
Why? "Fanservice can be a bit much, but it's a fun show. Over-the-top, full of delicious food, and with some surprising gravitas at times."
Why? "It may not be the best adaptation, but the early stuff was fairly well-done. It was interesting seeing the differences in how it did things."
Why? "Got off to a bit of a rough start, but a much better adaptation of the manga with a great dub. I only wish more mangas got this chance."
Why? "Don't love it quite as much as Steven Universe, but still a really good show! Reminds me of the old Disney live-action series So Weird! :)"
Why? "My favorite of the two animes. Not perfect, but a pretty good manga adaptation with fantastic atmosphere, music, and character development."
Why? "Don't love it quite as much as the 1999 anime, but an equally awesome anime all the same. Love how it's more manga-faithful to boot!"
Why? "Mostly satisfying conclusion to a great arc. Shame it was never dubbed or legally released here."
Why? "Swap to digital animation was a bit jarring at first. Starts off a bit too slow, but really starts to pick up by the end."
Why? "A lot better than the first Greed Island OVA. Bittersweet due to being the last release of the original anime and '99 voice cast."
Why? "Had a bit of a slow start for me, but starting picking up with the introduction of Hamon. Then Joseph and Part 2 sold me for life."
Why? "First Jojo I followed as it aired in Japan, and it quickly became a favorite."
Why? "The most popular Jojo with American audiences, and after watching it, it's easy to see why. One of the best Parts, but not quite my fav."
Why? "One of the best Lupin series ever, and a great entry point for any beginner too."
Why? "A middle school fav. I love the dub cast as well."
Why? "I liked the first season, but I LOVE the second. A bit step up both in terms of writing and dubbing."
Why? "Hasn't lived up to its full potential yet, but a handful of episodes make me think there's lots of promise. Enjoying the ride nonetheless."
Why? "I'm not as crazy about the movies, but I really enjoyed the series. Worth a watch if only for the risks it takes."
Why? "One of the only long running shonens worth a damn. Funi's dub is great, and the show itself is great. Fun, quirky and endearing all at once!"
Why? "A bit much for me at times, but plenty of raunchy fun. It's neat seeing an anime use such a cartoony style too!"
Why? "Truly a visual feast of a show, and as usual with Ikuhara, one of the most bizarre, amusing and emotional titles I've ever watched."
Why? "Kanto-Advanced Battle was basically my childhood in a nutshell."
Why? "One of my all-time favorite magical girl anime. It honestly makes me sad how underappreciated it is, by both genre fans and in general."
Why? "I love seeing the Sailor Moon manga finally brought to life in anime form. I really hope they're able to adapt all 5 arcs."
Why? "A little overrated, but still an amazing title that offers a fresh spin on the magical girl genre."
Why? "One of the most interesting shonen titles at the moment. (that has gotten an anime, anyway) A great universe with cool characters."
Why? "One of my favorite shows growing up. Still stands out among the crowd as far as Disney's animated tv series go, IMO."
Why? "I was enjoying the show, but then the Burrito episode sold me for good. Pretty fun watch, and occasionally even moving."
Why? "An unusually action-packed shojo that even non-shojo fans could enjoy. I enjoyed it a lot and really hope it gets a second season!"
Why? "One of the most nostalgic titles from my childhood. Adore it both dubbed and subbed."
Why? "I find it overrated when compared to the much better the manga, but is is neat seeing an adaptation of the non-card game part of the manga."
Why? "My least favorite Yugioh series so far, but I enjoyed it more than most seemed to. There's still some good stuff here!"
Why? "A return to form for Ikuhara. My favorite of his newer series."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Talk about not pulling any punches! It's amazing how many emotions this series put me through. I highly recommend it and the manga."
Why? "A childhood classic, and it still holds up no matter how many times I've seen it."
Why? "Mom has been wanting to check out more 70s anime, so I've been watching it alongside her. We both really love it!"
Why? "The best of the movies."
Why? "Don't like it quite as much as the R movie, but it's a close second. Eager to hear Viz's redub of it."
Why? "My least favorite of the movies, but it's charming enough. I like it better than the SuperS season proper in some ways."
Why? "I wish it would have been longer, but it was nice to see all 3 protagonists get to interact with each other."
#1 All Time Favorite
Video Game
Why? "Really fun fighting game. I do miss the Japanese music greatly though, as someone who's only watched the series subbed."
Why? "I actually don't like this game as much as previous games in the series, but play-wise it's one of the most fun. Love it's dual-audio too!"
Why? "The English voice acting is a mixed bag, but I enjoyed seeing the first game with more modern graphics. Shame game 2 didn't get a remake!"
Why? "My first Klonoa game, and I've been obsessed ever since."
Why? "Not the best of book-to-movie adaptations, but a childhood fav nonetheless. Also responsible for getting me into the series to begin with!"
Why? "One of my favorite Battle Network games. I particularly love Protoman version."
Why? "A middle school favorite. Not as good as the 2nd game, but still lots of fun."
Why? "First ever visual novel series. Such a perfect mix of great characters, comedy, mystery, and moving stories."
Why? "Loved the addiction of animated scenes, and a fairly solid game. Do have sort of mixed feelings about the direction it's led us in though."
Why? "Not as good as the first game, but I still enjoyed it. Franziska is an AMAZING addition to the game cast IMO."
Why? "Huge improvement over the second game, and a fantastic (originally planned) ending to the series. Torn between it and 1 as my fav."
Why? "Incredibly nostalgic game, and it was great seeing the series brought to life like this. Wish they made more Stadium games."
Why? "I did find this game a bit lacking story/character wise, but still fun to play. I LOVE the aesthetic of the region, music and mons too."
Why? "One of my first Pokemon games, and I loved seeing the anime characters in the game too. Looking forward to the Virtual Console re-release."
Why? "Not the biggest puzzle fan, but the music, story and characters have sold me on this series. Currently playing through the others now."
Why? "Two series I enjoy cross over into a fairly solid game. I really love all the VAs for everyone too, including the AA characters!"
Why? "No Silent Hill, but I'm enjoying this series so far. I even enjoy the campy voice acting, hahaha."
Why? "Such a wonderful and underappreciated game. Love the New York voice cast too. Maddie Blaustein as Margarete was especially impressive!"
Why? "Sort of mixed on this compared to the first 3 games, but it's still nice to see the main series getting newer games."
Why? "Not crazy about the character designs, but everything else is pretty solid. I love the strategy RPG take on the series!"
Why? "An under appreciatedly good start to a great series. Just wish there was an option to retain the original soundtrack on the PSP release!"
Why? "While all the Persona games are great, it makes me sad P1-2 aren't as popular."
Why? "I love Persona 1-4, so I'm sure I'll love this one too. Already about about the phantom thief angle, the music and the aesthetic!"
Why? "Really impressive game in pretty much every regard. And I love the voice cast!"
Why? "Nostalgic, and to this day I can spend countless hours playing this game. Hope to play more of the other games sometimes."
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Love the voice cast used for these. It's too bad they didn't keep them for the anime. (though the anime cast is nice too)"
Why? "A relaxing slice-of-life series with stunning visuals. Curious to see where all it'll go, since it has potential!"
Why? "Not as good as the Adventures manga, but a nice alternative to the main anime. Think it's even stronger than Origins too!"
#1 All Time Favorite
Why? "Avatar is a childhood favorite that still holds up today, and Korra was a nice addition to the franchise, even if it wasn't perfect."
Why? "One of my favorite mangas ever, with one of my most loved character casts."
Why? "Never watched the series growing up, but gave it a chance subtitled as an adult. Quickly grew to love it."
Why? "Have been a fan ever since I played the first GBA game released here. I will forever appreciate Super Smash Bros helping me discover it!"
Why? "A fantastic franchise. I love the books, the movies and the games."
Why? "A bit much for me at times, but truly one of the best shonens out there. I love how original and inventive it is."
Why? "A fun series. It never fails to bring a smile to my face no matter how stressed I am."
Why? "One of my childhood favorite franchises. Criminally underrated. I would love to see it get a new game someday, however unlikely that is."
Why? "One of my favorite video game franchises. I'm a huge fan of horror and cyberpunk, and I love the franchise's many different takes on that."
Why? "This franchise will always hold a special place in my heart as the first uncut dub/battle shonen I ever saw."
Why? "Not usually one for long-running shonen, but I adore this franchise. Truly the best shonen series ever, IMO."
Why? "One of my first anime titles, and I'm just as much of a fan today as I was as a kid."
Why? "One of my all time favorite anime/manga series. Chances are slim, but I would LOVE to see it finally get a second season someday."
Why? "Puzzles can get a bit frustrating sometimes, but the characters, storylines and music made me fall in love with the series."
Why? "Literally the title that got me into anime, and still a favorite to this day. The impact it hsd had on me can never be overstated."
Why? "I'm mainly a fan of the first 3 games, but this is hands down one of my favorite video game franchises of all time. I will always love it."
Why? "A childhood fandom I've never grown out of. Love every series so far, though I stick to the Japanese version with subs nowadays."